Natasha Needs to Taste Ch. 01

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The first clues came from a conversation I overheard in the girl’s locker room at school. The coolest clique of ultra-girls were huddled around a locker, wearing only their panties and giggling as one of them relayed experiences from the teenage sex battlefield. They always wandered around the locker room wearing only their panties. They were proud of their developed bodies and flaunted them at every opportunity.

Those of us who were lagging behind in the estrogen race, myself one of them despite being 18, were always more insecure and rarely showed any skin, for fear of teasing.

I was quickly changing into my clothes as I tried to catch tidbits of conversation from the more experienced girls. The ones who were way ahead in their sexual development. The ones who knew about ‘things’.

“No WAY!”, said one of the girls.

“Seriously! It shot about ten feet in the air…”, replied the proud storyteller.

“Did you get any on you?”

“Duh! Of course! That’s what he wanted. ‘All over your tits.’ That’s what he said. And who am I to say no to Todd…”

“He is like so gorgeous…”

“So he just sorta sprayed you with it?”

Giggles. Snorts. But they all quieted down to hear the reply. I was now dressed but taking my time tying my shoelaces. I wanted to hear as well.

“All over… it was pretty cool.”

“Then what?”

“He wanted me to lick it clean…”

“No WAY! Did you?”

“Mmm. He said he wanted me to taste him. And since he tasted me…”

“Well!? What did it taste like?”

I waited for the reply. I didn’t really know what they were talking about. I mean, I had some idea, but this was more educational that sex ed class.

“Hey, toothpick!”

That would be me. I jumped and looked over at the group, all of whom were staring viciously at me.

“She is like totally eavesdropping…”

“Beat it, toothpick. This is out of your league.”

I didn’t reply. You never replied. You just did what I did; gathered your things in a hurry and got the hell outta there.

I stood in front of the mirror in my room and regarded my figure. Toothpick, sure, compared to their zeppelin tits, but my figure wasn’t that bad, I reasoned. I had a waist, after all. One that flowed out into my hips. I had tits, didn’t I? I cupped them in my hands, pushing them out a little. They didn’t reach the next time zone, but they were firm and… pert. Yeah, I had pert tits. That sounded cool.

My ass was firm, too and I had learned one thing from the ultra-girls, shaving your pubic hair was a must. I copied their habit and shaved my pussy clean.

Not that it served much purpose when nobody ever saw it, but it made me feel a little bit cool keeping it constantly smooth.

I ran my fingers down the sides of my pussy, to check if I needed to shave, but it was still smooth from this morning.

I kept rubbing when I felt that nice, tingling feeling start flowing through my body. My mouth dropped open as I watched myself rub my fingers along the sides of my hairless pussy. It felt so good.

I lay down on my bed and let a finger glide up and down my lips and felt them moisten. But I couldn’t concentrate. I kept wondering what the ultra-girls were talking about. I pieced together the snippets: ‘shot ten feet in the air’, ‘he sprayed you with it’, ‘she tasted it like he tasted her…’

Okay, I knew that guys, when they had an orgasm, shot sperm out of their dicks. I wasn’t that stupid. I had just never seen it and had no idea what it looked like. And all that tasting stuff. Did she mean she tasted it? Like he tasted her? Was that what I thought it was?

Boy, I needed a date, I thought as I reached up and put my hands behind my head, staring up at the ceiling. I knew I was too shy, but there must be a way to figure all these things out.

There wasn’t really anyone I could ask. None of my sorry friends had any idea and while my dad and I had a great relationship, I couldn’t really approach him with sexual questions.

Mom left years ago and we didn’t know where she was so I was pretty much alone with the mystery. Dad had various girlfriends, but nothing regular. Some nights on weekends I could hear him fooling around with his latest fling in his bedroom. All sorts of sexy sounds could be heard. I couldn’t help but touch myself when I heard them. The sounds of people of having sex was… well… sexy.

Even if it was my dad. He’s a good-looking man and keeps himself well-trained. I never really thought of him being good-looking before, but… I guess he is.

My dad had a date that night and wouldn’t be home until late so I just crashed on the sofa and watched TV. I was surprised when he came home way too early. He was grumpy when he told me he was stood up. That after dinner, the girl wanted to go home. Alone.

He looked kinda upset about it.

“Why did she want to go home?”

He looked at me, considering how to reply. We didn’t really talk about personal stuff.

“Well… sometimes you think pendik escort the evening is going to last… uh… all night. Because of signals the girl sends you. So you’re pretty surprised when she cuts it short…”

His big blue eyes couldn’t really look at me as he tried to explain. I guessed that he was hoping to get laid, but didn’t. The ultra-girls are always talking about being cockteases, as they call it.

“What kind of signals does the girl send?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it. I’m going to take a shower and go to bed, okay?”

I nodded and watched him sulk all the way up the stairs.

When I went up to my room a little while later, the shower was still running and a crack of light sliced across the hallway floor.

Then I heard it. A low, throaty moan. I recognized it instantly. Without knowing why, I stole over to the doorway and peered in from the darkness of the hall. My breath caught in my throat when I saw my dad sitting on the edge of the bathtub, naked, with his cock firmly in his hand. He was rubbing it slowly up and down as the shower sprayed down on him.

I was riveted by the sight. But I snapped out of it and promptly turned on a dime and went into my room. This was too weird. I sat on the edge of my bed and tried to come to terms with what I had just seen.

I loved my dad, he was cool, he was a good father. But from one second to the next, he was suddenly a man, jerking his cock in the bathroom, horny after getting stood up by some cocktease. He sort of fell off the pedestal right then and there. From father to man. Regular man.

I stood up. I had a mystery to solve. All that squirting cum stuff.

I went back out into the hall and peered into the bathroom again. He hadn’t moved but his hand was now moving faster over his cock. I had never seen a cock in the flesh before. It was big, bigger than I ever had imagined a cock would be. My dad’s eyes were closed as he continued jacking off. He groaned quietly and mumbled some things. I could make out, “yeah, suck it…” and “taste it…” and “I love your tits, I want to cum on them…”

Suddenly, he stood up in the bath and I was ready to bolt back to my room. But he just placed one hand on the wall and leaned over, really jacking his cock now. His hand was a blur across the thick veins and the mushroom head.

I felt my nipples rub against my T-shirt and realized they were hard as nails. And my pussy was wet, no doubt about it. I stood there against the doorframe, squirming, rubbing my thighs together, moving my chest around to rub my nipple against the fabric – all as I watched my handsome father masturbating.

His groaning increased and suddenly I saw it. His legs twitched, his butt muscles clenched and I saw it. He squeezed his cock hard and he came. A little spurt of whitish cum splashed down into the bath but that was followed by a long, roping stream of his sperm that leapt out of his cock and slapped onto the white tiled wall. He kept cumming and long streams of cum kept shooting out and sprayed against the wall. I was amazed at the quantity of it – it just kept shooting and shooting until he finally hunched together with a final quiver and a long moan and he was done.

We he straightened up I scurried back to my room.

I sat there on my bed, taking stock of what I just witnessed. My first cock, my first vision of a man cumming – shooting and spurting, just the ultra-girls said. But this was way too weird… this was my dad.

Fuck it, I thought. It was sexy. And my body told no lies. I spread my legs and my hand slid up under my T-shirt and I was shocked to feel how hot my little, shaved pussy was. Two fingers slid inside, deep inside and I started to fuck my little hole. I pinched a nipple hard with my other hand and convulsed at the sensation.

I could still hear my dad moving about in the bathroom. The shower stopped and, after a short while, he came out and went into his room, closing the door behind him.

It took only a second to decide. I hurried out into the hall, down to the bathroom. I closed and locked the door behind me and stood there in the hot, damp air.

I went over to the bathtub and leaned over, studying the tiled wall. It looked like he had wiped his cum off and cleaned up. But there, just there, up high, there was a little wad of his sperm, almost invisible. I swallowed hard at the next thought that came into my head. I tentatively reached out and scooped it up with one finger. It stuck to my skin and hung there, thick and sticky.

I stood up and went back to my room, careful not to let it slide off my finger.

I lay on my bed and studied my dad’s cum on my finger. My other hand sensuously danced over my swollen pussy lips and clit. It was slowly dripping off my finger, dangling precariously in mid-air. I did it… my tongue glided over my lips and I lowered my finger to my mouth. The smell hit me first. Salty and sweet. Pungent and powerful.

My tongue met the dangling cum and sefaköy escort I sucked some of it into my mouth. It felt both wrong and right as my dad’s cum rested on my tongue like a glob of marmalade. Slowly, I began to move my tongue around, squishing his cum around my mouth and triggering all my taste buds. It tasted like it smelled; thick and salty-sweet and it was strangely cold.

I moved it all around my mouth as I stared at the rest of his cum on my finger. I was rubbing myself more and more and I got an idea that turned me on even more. My cum finger flew down to my little cunt and I started masturbating myself, rubbing my clit and using my dad’s cum as a lubricant as I warmed his cum in my mouth.

I held his cum in my mouth until I felt my orgasm building, rising from deep within my pussy and then exploding outwards as the pleasure surged through my body. As I peaked, I swallowed my dad’s cum, tasting him all the way down my throat.

The orgasm was waning when I lifted my hand to my mouth. It was white and foamy – I had whipped up his cum into foam. I sucked hungrily on my fingers and the sudden, unexpected taste of my own juices mixed with his sent me reeling and I shivered as a secondary, mini-orgasm ravaged my body.

I lay panting on my bed, staring up at the ceiling, my finger lightly teasing my hard nipples as the scenes I had witnessed flashed before my eyes.

When I awoke, I knew it wasn’t enough. I wanted to taste more. The following days I began masturbating several times a day, eagerly licking my fingers clean every time. My own pussy juice was a fantastic aphrodisiac. Sweet and subtle after a bath, vibrant and pungent after a day at school in tight panties, with a hint of piss thrown in.

I spent the next couple of weeks eagerly awaiting the next time my dad would take a bath and jerk off onto the wall. When he did, I would scoop it up and hustle back to my room to suck it off my fingers as I fucked myself to orgasm.

It was quickly becoming an obsession. I was a cum junkie. I was irritated and pissed off if he showered without cumming. I was on a high the rest of the day if he did feed me, inadvertently, with his cum on the wall.

I started to get tired of tasting his cold cum, even if I did warm it up in my mouth. I wanted to taste it right from the source. This was, I realized, an impossible task. Even though I tried to send signals, like women did, but they were never interpreted right. I wasn’t very good at it. I didn’t have a flair for fashion and long t-shirts were the extent of my sexy attire. Dad didn’t suspect a thing.

Then things began to look up. My dad got a girlfriend, Janet, and they started to spend a lot of time together. Janet was cool. She was a feisty little blonde with a tight, slim figure. She knew all about dressing sexy and I never saw her without a short skirt or super-tight jeans. She never wore a bra – her tits were pert like mine, a bit bigger, but nice and firm. Her nipples were always hard, it seemed.

Janet stayed over at weekends and I was treated to louder sounds from the bedroom. Janet was vocal and my dad sounded louder as well. This was a turn on and I lay in my bed, rubbing myself, as I listened to them fucking for hours.

But Janet was a problem, too. Sure, my dad was happy and always in a great mood, but he didn’t need to jerk off as much any more. Only a couple of times mid-week, and that wasn’t enough for me. He saved his cum for Janet’s pussy.

I got more daring as the weeks passed. I started to listen at the bedroom door and could hear many more details. Janet was a talker, that was for sure. She had a filthy mouth when they were fucking and she encouraged my dad to talk dirty, too.

I had never experienced anything like it. It drove me mad. “Yeah, fuck me with your fat cock…. oh, god, cum on my face/tits/asshole…” All manner of dirty talk.

I started masturbating in the hallway as I eavesdropped, cumming hard on shaking legs.

One Saturday night, I needed more. I carefully and quietly opened the door. Just enough to see the bed. Janet and my dad were really turned on that night. I gasped when I saw her lithe body splayed across my dad’s, in a 69. She was facing me and her ass wiggled around on my dad’s hidden face. She gripped his cock hard in one hand and was moaning loudly on his cock, which was sliding in and out of her mouth.

I slid three fingers into my hot, sucking cunt as I watched Janet take all my dad’s cock in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down in variating tempos. Stroking his shaft all the while. She moaned constantly onto his cock as he licked her cunt. I wished I could see both ends of the action, but Janet’s blowjob was enough. I was so close to cumming, but I wanted to wait until one of them came, so I could orgasm with them.

I closed my eyes and tried to hold back an orgasm. When I opened them I was utterly shocked to see Janet looking directly at me. She could see me in the dark of the hall. I wanted to run but silivri escort was frozen to the spot. Mostly because Janet hadn’t stopped sucked my dad’s cock. When she winked at me, I knew two things: she could, indeed, see me and she didn’t mind me watching.

She took my dad’s cock out of her mouth, as though she was showing me how magnificent it was, and ran her tongue lightly over the cockhead, jacking him in long, slow strokes. She knew he couldn’t me with his face buried in her cunt so she milked the moment. It seemed to turn her on, seeing his daughter watching.

Her eyes glanced down and my immobile hand, with three fingers in my pussy. I was still frozen, but her eyes indicated that I should continue. Which I did. Without hesitation. I started fucking my pussy and pinching my nipples as Janet started sucking my dad harder.

She really went to work on him now. Her cheeks hollowed and she sucked him hard and long. I could hear my dad increase his moaning. I knew his sounds now and I knew he was getting close to cumming. Janet knew it, too.

She pumped him hard with one hand as she sucked and, before long, my dad was twitching under her little body. Janet’s eyes widened suddenly and her bobbing motioned slowed and I knew what was happening. My dad was cumming.

I saw Janet hold his cock steady as he shot his sperm into her mouth. She swallowed a couple of times but otherwise just kept sucking and jacking lightly.

My dad’s body calmed as the orgasm faded. Janet’s eyes had never left mine. Her mouth popped off his cock and her eyes twinkled to me as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. My body quivered as I saw my dad’s cum slide off her tongue onto the head of his cock. She smiled and winked and then started sucking him clean.

I came there, in the doorway, and Janet’s eyes were wild as she watched my body writhe.

When my orgasm faded, my dad was started to lift Janet off of him, ready for more action. In a flash, I was gone, back to me bedroom.

The next day, I was a little embarrassed. I hope that they would both be out all day, shopping or whatever. It was first when I heard my dad’s car start and drive off that I dared go downstairs for breakfast.

To my shock and surprise, Janet was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee. She was wearing a short, silky nightgown. Her eyes twinkled as she smiled at me. I blushed all the way down to my toes and considered turning on my heels and heading back to my room, never to emerge again.

“Don’t be embarrassed. It was sexy. Don’t you think?”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t speak.

“I thought it was sexy, anyway. And you seemed to enjoy it…”

She laughed a little, playful laugh. It made me smile.

“Yeah, I guess so…”

She motioned for me to sit down at the table and I did. Still uncomfortable and shy, but Janet put me at ease.

“It turned you on, didn’t it?”

I shrugged.

“Listen, your dad tells me you haven’t had a woman around the house for years. You can talk to me if you want.”

“Yeah, it turned me on… a lot…”

“Have you watched before? Your dad with other women?”

I didn’t answer right away. I thought about what to say. About all the stuff I wanted to ask about. She was right, it was nice to have a woman to talk to. I took a deep breath and told her. I told her everything. About the things I had picked up from overhearing the ultra-girls’ conversations, about watching my dad jerking off, about wanting to taste his cum, about everything. We talked for two hours. My dad had some work at the office and Janet answered all my questions and taught me loads.

It was so cool. Like a weight being lifted off my shoulders talking to such an experienced, relaxed woman. Having her understand my tasting obsession.

When I told Janet about my frustration at not being able to taste my dad’s fresh cum, she went quiet. She was thinking. She told me that she would work something out.

That night, laying on my bed, Janet’s words were ringing in my ears. Especially about ‘working something out’. I didn’t know what she meant and didn’t dare to think about what it could be.

I heard my dad and Janet come upstairs, heading for bed. When my dad went into the bathroom, Janet popped her head in my room and winked.

She whispered, “I’ll leave the door ajar, okay?”

I nodded dumbly.

It wasn’t long before they were at it. I pulled myself together and sat up. For some strange reason, I took off my t-shirt. I stood up, naked and hesitant, and went out into the hall to peer into the bedroom.

What a sight. My dad was tied to the bed in a spread-eagle position. He was blindfolded with a black, silk scarf and he had headphones on his ears. I could hear faint classical music coming out of them.

Janet was between his legs, sucking his big cock. She turned her head and saw me in the doorway. Her eyes were wide when she saw I was naked. She was in the middle of her blowjob. My dad was talking loud – too loud because of the loud music in the headphones.

“Fuck, yeah… suck it, baby… suck my fat cock…”

His words were tiny bullets that triggered my nerve endings. Janet motioned for me to sit down on a chair at the edge of the bed and I did so, riveted to the sight of her sucking his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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