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Big Dicks

Jack was a popular student in high school. At 6’2 … 200lbs ….. crystal blue eyes and wavy blonde hair he was every girl’s fantasy. So naturally, when he announced that he was having a graduation party at his house, everyone and their cousin wanted to be there. Jack’s mother wasn’t too thrilled about having 300+ teenagers running through her house, but she loved Jack and knew this would make him happy.

Jack’s mother, Ruby, had raised him on her own since her husband died in a car accident when Jack was still in diapers. She had always tried to give her son the best, which wasn’t easy on a single mom’s pay. But now, here he was, her grown son, 18 and out of high school. She had done it, she had raised him to be a mature, responsible man. And if he wanted a party to kick off his freedom, so be it.

Ruby was not your typical mom. She had Jack very early in life so she was not far from his age. Many times Jack’s friends would come over to just hang out with Ruby if he wasn’t home. She was like the older sister that handed out advice about life. At 37 she was still a very beautiful woman. She was 5’5 … 129 lbs …. she too had blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. She was the fantasy of many of Jack’s friends, from what he had been told.

Most of that Saturday was spent getting the house ready for the huge explosion of teen hormones that would be overrunning it in just a few hours. It was a muggy afternoon in June, the kind of day where you would rather be skinny dipping then filling a gutted watermelon with spiked punch. Jack was running around the house in just a pair of black boxers. And Ruby had on extremely short shorts, with a sweat soaked white tank top, no bra so her nipples stood at attention most of the day.

Once in awhile the two would catch each other’s glances and just smile. After all, they were mother and son.

That night the drive way and house filled up quickly. Hundreds of party goers swamped the house, music was blasting and people were grinding each other in the living room. Jack was in heaven. He had his friends, a party and had finally earned the right to tell high school to kiss his ass.

After about an hour or so, someone istanbul rus escort suggested the game, Sex in the Closet. Which for those of you not familiar with this game, it’s actually very simple. You put everyone’s name in a hat and draw names. Everyone is blindfolded, except for the person in charge of passing around the hat. He or she walks around, handing each person a slip of paper with a name on it. When you are tapped on the shoulder, the one non-blindfolded person will look at your slip of paper. He or she will then tap that person on the shoulder and you will both be led into the closet where you will have 20 minutes to make your move.

A small crowd gathered in the living room while others spread out into the house and in the yard. Ruby was on her way upstairs when a few of Jack’s friends insisted she stay, hoping against hope that they would pick her name.

So the game began. The first few people went into the closet, did their thing and came out, no big deal.

Then came Jack’s turn. All the girls wanted him, but only one lucky girl would be chosen. He was tapped on the shoulder. He gave his slip of paper to the person behind him and stood up. He was led into the closet. His heart was pounding, cause after all, in this game, you run the risk of being in the closet for 20 minutes with another guy. Within seconds, he heard the door open, then shut again.

He knew his mystery conquest was a female cause he could smell her perfume. It smelled friendly and familiar. And whoever she was, she had wonderful tits.

The two wasted no time. Immediately they began kissing and fondling each other. His hands went up her shirt and her hand went down his jeans. Their heavy breaths bounced off the walls of the tiny closet as their tongues played tug of war. Whoever this woman was, she really knew how to rub a cock and Jack was hard within just a couple minutes.

Before he realized what was going on next she had broken the kiss and was on her knees. Forcefully she took his young, stiff member into her mouth, licking and sucking his cock tip.

“Oh Godddd,” he moaned in a whisper.

Her kadıköy escort hands wandered around to his ass, rubbing his firm, muscular cheeks. This drove him wild as he reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, moving her head up and down his shaft. His hips began bucking, slowly at first, but then quickly moving in a rapid motion, pumping her gifted mouth.

Her muffled moans made him pump even faster. Gripping her hair tighter, skull fucking his mystery lover. Within seconds, he moaned, “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

She sucked harder, sliding her mouth up and down faster. He could no longer control himself. One final thrust and he shot his load deep into her throat. He could feel her sucking his tip, trying desperately to get every last drop from his throbbing cock.

He reached down and pulled her up, kissing her hard, feeling her nipples poke thru her shirt into his chest.

“Lay down,” he whispered.

It was a tight fit, but his mystery girl had managed to lie down on the small floor of the closet.

Jack wasted no time feeling her body. He located her skirt and panties and in no time, was lying between her legs. His masculine hands raised her skirt and slid her panties over. Mmmm, he could smell her sex, it made him rock hard again. Quickly he buried his face into her slippery cunt. Diving his tongue in and out of her tight little hole while his thumb massaged her clit.

He could feel her spread her legs and wrap them around his neck, pushing him deeper. Her hips began bucking and she started moaning again.

“Mmmm, suck my clit baby,” she whispered, “Make me cum, please!”

Jack wanted to please her just as she had pleased him so he planted his mouth right on her engorged clit. It was hard, ready to squirt any second. He slid 2 fingers in her pussy, pumping them in and out as he devoured her hard little button. He could feel her hand reach down, pushing on top of his skull, urging him to suck harder. His tongue teasing her clit with fast little flickers.

“Oh shit!!,” she moaned, “I’m fucking cumming.”

Within seconds, she came all over Jack’s face, squirting her sticky, kartal escort sweet juices all over his mouth and chin. He lapped up every drop like a hungry animal, the slurping sounds were intoxicating.

“Roll over,” he demanded.

Jack knew their time was almost over and he was not about to let her leave the closet without fucking the hell out of her.

“Get on your hands and knees baby,” he whispered.

He got on his knees behind her, one hand on his cock, the other on her hip. Slowly, he worked his cock into her tight hole. He wasn’t sure which hole he had gotten since he was still blindfolded, but all questions were answered when he felt her pussy walls begin tightening around his cock.

Her cunt was still contracting from her orgasm and it felt so good wrapped around him. He wasted no time, with a few thrusts, he was completely inside her. Both hands on her hips, pumping this wonderful hot, tight pussy. He slapped her ass a couple times as he pumped her, making her moan in extasy.

“Mmmmm, you like that baby?”, he whispered, “You like this huge cock in your pussy?”

“Yes babyyyyy,” she moaned, “Fuck me!”

He began pumping her harder. The only sounds were his balls slapping her ass and their breathless moans.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit again. Jack knew what she was doing and that turned him on even more.

“Yeah baby, rub that pussy for Jack,” he moaned.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again, I’m gonna fill you up baby, here it cums!!”, he said.

She immediately begin tightening around his shaft, milking him.

Her rubbing became more feverish, her moans became screams.

One more thrust and he unloaded again, filling her pussy to the hilt. She screamed in a glass shattering tone when she came.

“OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!! OH FUCK YES!!! YES!!! YESSS!!,” she screamed.

Then there was silence, nothing but their breathing. Then came a knock on the door.

“One minute left you two horndogs,” announced the voice on the other side.

Quickly they both stood up, straightening their clothes, giggling to themselves.

“I know this is against the rules,” Jack whispered, “But I have to know who you are, you’re fucking amazing.”

“Okay,” she answered, “On the count of three ….. 1 ….. 2 …… 3”

They both removed their blindfolds. A small bit of light shown in from the crack under the door.

“FUCK!!!!,” Jack whispered, “MOM?!?!?!?!?!!?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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