My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 14.1

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I was on my back, watching Cara aggressively ride me. Her 40DDD’s bounced and jiggled along with her, a sight that I loved so much. They worked in reverse of each other. Cara raised up, her tits went down. She’d slide down my cock, her tits went up. I didn’t try to constrain them from their natural motion. Cara liked watching me watch them as she fucked me. As she brought me ever so close to another orgasm, I couldn’t help but dream about her giant breasts.

The Triple D’s, as I liked to call them, could also be classified as 38F’s or 42DD’s (as I had found out) if you wanted them to sound either more exotic or larger. Every guy knows A through D and maybe Double D, but when you throw in an F, you enter a whole new ballpark.

Cara and I hadn’t been able to get together for some time. And with the added excitement of everything that had recently transpired, Cara and I both longed to reunite.

With Jessica’s embargo on me for almost a month, the tension between Cara and I when we were around each other had to be apparent. When it was their aunt Janet that broke through that embargo, and not Cara, made this weekend what it was.

It helped a lot that Damon had been called out of town for work a few days ago.

Cara hadn’t been home since.

“It’s been WAY to long since Thumper’s been inside of me,” Cara had growled the first time she had taken me on Friday. She had literally stepped through the front door and, in under ten minutes, was stripped down and fucking me.

Cara smiled down at me now and moaned. “Do you like that baby?” She was taking everything I had to give and grinding back and forth. She had told us the night before that she’d had more orgasms in 48 hours than her husband had given her in 48 days. Jessica and I had both beamed with pride.

Sex with Cara was always amazing, no matter the position we were in. Being a larger woman, somewhere past 190 pounds, Cara had the curves to make me drool constantly. I was beginning to think my favorite position was doing her from behind while she was in between another girl’s legs, eating her out. We’d gotten into that position a surprisingly amount of times. With Aunt Janet. I moaned at the memory. And of course there was with Jessica. I had cum more times inside Cara this weekend while she ate out her sister.

But nothing beat where I was now.

Cara’s weight made the bed work as she fucked me. She took my cock with vigor, as if it were going to disappear and she would be left empty.

Well, that part was kind of true. Her husband was due back home tomorrow so her reckless fucking abandon ended when the clock struck 12.

I held on to Cara’s thick waist and let my arms move freely with her. I licked my lips wanting to devour her bouncing flesh above me. This made her smile and giggle as she worked herself closer to another orgasm.

“I don’t know why this cock makes me cum so much,” she had said the night before. Her sarcasm made Jessica laugh while she sat on her sister’s face.

“You’re welcome sister,” Jessica moaned.

Cara bent forward towards me, her breasts playing with physics as they hung further away from her body. I couldn’t help myself as I went to feast. It’s what she wanted me to do anyways. I took her left nipple into my mouth as my left found her right and my right hand played and squeezed her ass.

Cara moaned a little as I sucked, her body involuntarily jerking forward, grinding against the base of my cock. When she rocked backwards, forcing me to follow to keep her nipple in my mouth, Cara got what she wanted as my cock pressed tightly against her g-spot.

“Like a magnet,” Cara had said. “It always finds it.”

She pushed me back down so she could continue her ride. Cara placed her hands on my chest as she began to slowly pull up and fall back down. With me constantly hitting her spot, it wasn’t long before the speed picked up.

“Right there!” Cara moaned to no one in particular. She had full control over what and where she was getting. “FUCK!”

Cara threw her head back and moaned at the same time as the bedroom door latch popped and began to open. Neither of us turned to see who was coming in. But we both knew whom it was and it only made our fucking hotter.

“Jesus! Do you ever stop?” Jessica asked quickly shutting the door. She was holding a shopping bag in one hand while the other clutched her waist.

“I couldn’t help it,” Cara moaned. “I was laying on the bed and your boyfriend jumped between my legs.”

Jessica laughed at her sister. “And how did you get into this position? Roll over and accidentally fall on Thumper?” She emptied the contents of the bag onto the night stand as Cara continued to fuck me.

“I had to get in one last ride before I had to go home,” Cara said. “Come here and I’ll thank you for a great weekend.”

I watched as Jess came to her sister and they kissed. For a second I thought Cara forgot where she was was while her lips pressed against Jess’. But then she ground back and forth against me and I knew otherwise.

Jessica watched çatalca escort as her sister picked herself up and then dropped back down my cock. Cara’s bouncing breasts hypnotized us both but then Jess said, “You’re lucky no one heard you two while I was gone.”

Again, Cara took everything I had inside of her while she turned to her sister and smiled. “Everyone in this room knows that they are too busy to worry about the fucking noises coming out of your room.”

What Cara was talking about quickly revved up both her and Jess’ sexual engines. The bed we were currently fucking in, and had been all weekend, was located in Jessica’s old room at her dad’s house. Cara and I had done a quickie earlier yesterday in her old room, but that was beside the point.

“I still cannot believe it,” Jessica said shaking her head.

Cara had stretched out her right hand and had begun to feel up her sister through Jess’ yoga pants. Jess obediently shuffled forward to make it easier on Cara.

“I wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes,” Cara said as she gently rubbed her sister’s pussy.

Jessica sighed softly as her pussy got stroked. She placed a hand on Cara’s naked breast, either in support or as a returned thank you. I watched as she gently pinched and pulled at Cara’s nipple before she tried supporting and squeezing the entire breast.

“And then you make me your errand girl so you can keep fucking my boyfriend,” Jessica said with a fake pout. “I got your birth control by the way. We wouldn’t want you skipping too many days.”

Cara shook her head and laughed. “With as much cum as your boyfriend has been pumping into me this weekend, I’d better double the dose!”

Soon Jessica was as naked as Cara was. I was about to finish when Jess crawled above me and lowered herself onto my face. It was the third different pussy that I’d gotten to eat this weekend as I feasted hungrily.

“God he’s so good at that,” Jessica moaned.

“I haven’t heard any complaints from any of us this weekend,” Cara returned. “And look what he started back up with them.”

As I felt my balls begin to tighten and my fuse about gone, I swept my tongue up to Jessica’s asshole as our weekend long signal that I was coming. Cara felt my initial release as she picked up her fucking pace. She rode me through my orgasm and only stopped when she no longer felt my volcano erupting. I moaned and grunted into my girlfriend’s ass as my tongue continued it’s assault.

Cara kept fucking herself while I slowly deflated. As soon as I felt the rare cold air outside of her pussy, Jessica was also gone and I could once again see the ceiling.

In a move that had happened all weekend long, Cara quickly dismounted me and was on her knees with her ass in the air. I watched as Jessica crawled underneath her sister’s big ass and began catching my dripping cum. More times than not, the sight of my bare chested girlfriend’s hands playing over her sister’s ass while she drank from the tap, only caused me to get hard again.

And having Cara cleaning off her juices from my cock with her mouth didn’t help either.

As Jessica brought Cara to another hard earned orgasm, I relished on the weekend that was. Jessica and I had decided to make it a long one and stay at her dad’s and take off of work Thursday and Friday. Cara had joined us Friday afternoon. Before Cara had arrived, Jessica had offered me to their aunt Kim, who had announced more than once that she had an itch that only a man could scratch.

Jessica had jumped at the chance, but no one knew that Kimmy actually had a man in mind.

What Cara and I had seen Friday night fueled the sex for everyone for the rest of the weekend, and probably even further in the future.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Jessica and I had said goodbye and left her dad’s Sunday after breakfast, but not after Jess had promised her aunt Kim that we’d stay over the following weekend too. We had all had a great time hanging out, so why not keep the party going, right?

“We should take Thursday and Friday off and make it a long weekend,” Jessica said from our bed Monday morning. “Do you think you could do that?”

I ran some things through my head and told her I had plenty of vacation coming so I didn’t see why I couldn’t.

“Do you think Thumper can handle four days off?” Jessica purred. “Or four days of getting off?”

I had no idea what she had going through her head, but it had the normal affect on my groin. I took a step towards her, making her smile but shaking her head.

“I think I’ll have Diane take care of that today,” Jessica said while an evil grin spread across her face.

I spent most of the day wondering what Jess had in store for me. Every time Diane passed by or came into my office, I thought for sure she had just gotten off the phone or had just received a text from Jessica and we’d be soon playing grab ass, or maybe even more.

I love my girlfriend and I loved the fact that I walked esenyurt escort around aroused all day because of her. What other man could possibly say that?

My sexy, get in trouble with me, down for everything assistant Diane fluttered in just after lunch and I knew we were on. Since last week when Jessica told Dye to remove her underwear and let me grab her bare ass, we could both sense and feel the sexual tension that revved up every time we were in the same room. And it only got worse the closer we were to each other.

We both commented that we hoped no one else picked up on the vibes we were sending each other.

“There’s no way,” I said shaking my head. “Drew would totally bag me if he thought you and I had something going on.”

“Totally?” Diane laughed. “Are you 16 again?”

Diane is the hottest almost 50 year old or around there that I had ever encountered. How she was single I never understood. The only thing I could come up with was her dominant, take charge personality that a lesser man couldn’t handle. Attractive, with a smoking body, smart as hell and very loyal. Those traits endeared her to me.

I couldn’t get enough of her.

I found myself always trying to be close to her when we were in the office. I’d find an excuse to be somewhere where I didn’t need to be. I’d go up in the same elevator as her just to be side by side with her in an enclosed box.

“You’re driving me crazy,” Dye smirking a tiny bit as she whispered to me.

We hadn’t been able to do the shake of the day like we had planned to do mid-morning. Thanks to Jessica, deep inside of my desk stashed next to paper clips and other office supplies, were the three dice, two purple and one pink. Her tease of a game had Diane and I on edge, and we’d only been playing for a few days.

A card with the rules was in Dye’s possession. We thought it a good idea if we kept the two naughty entities separated, like the Gate Keeper and the Key Master.

We weren’t allowed to do anything else with each other, other than what we rolled. It soon became an ending tradition to our morning meetings that we’d give the dice a roll. It forced us to work and to get through that work as we sat dangerously close and alone together. It actually proved to be a concentrating force and not a distraction.

Only because of Diane though, I was a hard, drooling mess most of the time.

But this morning we weren’t able to roll because Stephanie had to sit in the meeting with us so we could go over an account that she was currently heading. As I sat between them, a point in a triangle that all blood flowing men would give an arm to be in, I couldn’t help but think of all the sorts of trouble I could get myself into with the two.

“Were you thinking about Stephanie and me this morning?” Dye grinned as she stood in front of me. Dye was wearing her auburn hair done up in a high pony tail today. More than once I had imagined grabbing hold of it while I did her from behind. Her one size too small, zipper in the back, black business skirt didn’t help with that fantasy either. It literally hugged her greatest asset like I’d never seen before. How she got into the thing was anyone’s guess.

“I can’t lie and say no,” I said with a wicked grin. “Every man in the world would not forgive me.”

Diane shook her head while her hands were on her hips. “Roll the dice Casanova.”

I took the three dice in my hand without taking my eyes off of her. Her amazing breasts were there for the taking just as her ass was. God had given this woman everything. I was pretty amazed when, with her shirt on, Diane had stood in front of me without a bra on. With how big they were and her age, they had held up perfectly.

My cock stirred a little bit as the dice hit my desk with an audible clink.

Diane gave an audible gasp as two out of three landed.

Touch on one and Thump on the other.

Then the third dropped. Elevator.

I grew harder as my eyes traveled up from my desk to Diane. Her mouth gaped open as her eyes bore into my desktop.

“Wow!” is all that Dye could manage.

“Wow what? Did you get to see it DD?” Stephanie’s voice suddenly cut through the heavy air of my office. Dye jumped at the sudden intruder while I scrambled to sweep the dice into a drawer. Luckily Steph had spoken before she’d really gotten inside the door, which gave me a few extra seconds.

Diane half snarled, half growled, “What could you possibly be talking about Stephanie?” But she quickly regained her composure and sent me to the moon. “I’ll get a hold of her and let her know the results. I can’t wait.”

I watched as Dye left, her ass swaying with extra effort, possibly for Steph’s benefit as much as mine. When she was out of sight, I turned my focus to Stephanie. “You are such trouble!” I said with a laugh.

“You have no idea, Tony,” she said with a grin. “Want to go find out?”

I shook my head and smiled. The trouble with Stephanie was that she reminded me so much of Jessica’s cousin Nikki. etiler escort With the perfect legs and butt, gorgeous face, Steph was a head turner as much as Nikki was. Stephanie liked wearing tall heals that accentuated her legs, making them seem longer. Occasionally she’d wear skirts that ended above her knees and when she did, not a whole lot got done in the office that day. But for the most part she dressed business appropriate.

“What can I help you with?” I asked. I was staring and she knew I was staring. She gave a giggle and laid a folder down on my desk.

“I need this looked over and signed,” she said.

I opened it up and looked at what was inside. “Dye could have done that for you.”

Steph shrugged. “But then I wouldn’t be in here talking to you.” Her eyes were filled with evil. “And I got to chase DD out of here. It’s like a sport for me.”

She turned on her heel and went towards the door. “I don’t want her to have you before me.”

And then she was gone.

Just before 5 o’clock, my phone buzzed. I had been eagerly waiting the entire afternoon for Diane to come back and to hear what Jessica had to say about our shake of the day. If it held up, Dye would get to touch my cock in the elevator. The mere thought made me want to play with myself. And then thoughts about how long she got to feel me and if I should get myself hard before she did.

Of course you’ll be hard before, dumb fuck, my inner devil conscience screamed. This gorgeous goddess gets to cop a feel of your prick.

“Can you get away tomorrow? I need you.” The text was from Jessica’s aunt Daniella. My heart started racing.

I fumbled through my response, my thumbs suddenly like rolls of quarters as blood drained southward. As I hit send, Diane walked into my office.

“Ready to head out, Boss?”

I waited for her to tell me about her conversation with Jess, but she didn’t. I studied her for tells as I gathered my things. She seemed eager to get to the elevators so I took that as a good sign. The fact that we were the last two on our floor to leave seemed to bode well too.

“Did you have a good day, Boss?”

I turned to Dye, who faced towards the elevator and wasn’t looking at me. I started to grow with anticipation of either great joy or a tremendous let down. “Yeah, I guess. Decent for a Monday.”

I was still curious about what could possibly happen when the elevator doors opened with three people already in the car.

An uptight Diane twitched and quickly said, “Whoops, I forgot something. We’ll take the next one, sorry.” Purely for show, Dye turned around as if she was heading back towards the office as the doors began closing. I watched as every set of eyes on that car gravitated towards Dye’s ass until the elevator continued down.

There had been two guys and one girl on the elevator.

“What the hell?” I asked with a laugh.

“Just shut up and hit the button again,” she snapped. “I got nervous.”

“About what?”

“You’re about to find out.” The elevator bell dinged, signaling it’s arrival.

This time it was empty.

Diane pulled me into the car. “Through the pants only.”

“Huh?” I questioned, wondering if she had misspoken or if she wasn’t talking to me at all.

I stepped into the elevator, away from the control panel and turned around when I got to the back wall. As I did, Diane was on me. Facing me and less than a foot apart, her eyes guided her right hand to the front of my pants. I stood watching, my eyes moving from her face, down to her hand.

Her concentration was purely on what she was about to do. And when her hand touched down and I felt her first contact with my curious cock, I watched her gasp. She had my whole package in her hand as she began rubbing and grabbing at it. I felt myself getting harder with her touch and I knew she was feeling it too.

“Oh,” Diane breathed quickly. The pad of her hand pressed against my growing shaft as she followed the indent of my penis.

Her pawing became more aggressive, forcing me to back up until my back hit the wall. She was feverishly groping me when I asked, “Should one of us press the button?” The doors of the elevator were closed, but with no one else demanding it’s service, the car remained on our floor.

But Dye wasn’t listening. Her fingers were playing along my shaft, exploring their way down towards the tip. Her eyes never left what she was feeling up.

“Oh my God!” she murmured to no one.

Thoughts of freeing myself and letting her grab me without my pants there to be a barrier raced through my head. But then Diane’s words finally registered to my brain. Jessica wanted her to feel me, but only through my pants. She hadn’t given Diane permission to truly feel me.

By now, my cock wanted out as it pressed against my pants, not liking the constriction. I placed my right hand on the small of Diane’s back. I let it creep down to her ass as I watched her enjoy herself.

“Jesus Christ, you’re huge!” Diane said as her fingers played around with the mushroom head. Her thumb and fore finger pinched and played with it as my size began registering in her mind. She went back to the shaft, traveling back down, pressing my cock against me. She was getting a good assessment of my girth and I could tell she was beginning to get ideas.

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