My Sister’s Lotion Pt. 02

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“Jack get out of the hallway!”

My buddy’s voice boomed through my headphones a second too late. The next thing I knew my avatar was face down, bullet wounds spraying blood from my face onto the digital carpeting.

“Jeeze dude what’s gotten into you!”

I just couldn’t get my head into the game lately. Too many distractions I supposed. I glanced over at the empty bottles on my desk as I awaited re-spawn, a slight stirring in my boxers as I briefly imagined how violently I would be defiling them later that night.

I was distracted by a rapping at my door.

“Jack lemme in. I need to talk to you.”

It was Jenn… My asshole sister. She probably wanted to tease me about staying in on Saturday and gaming. I wanted to just ignore her, but she might be wearing one of those tight tank tops with no bra on… or maybe her tight yoga pants that stretched almost transparently over her big, round ass.

“What do you want!” I hollered back through the door.

“Just let me in, fucker!”

She always knew how to charm a guy.

I rolled my chair back and lazily flipped open the lock on the door handle open. She quickly slipped into my room and shut the door behind her. I pretended to ignore her entrance and rolled back over to my computer desk. I flicked my sights over the empty bottles on my desk, somewhat uncomfortable of their presence while in such close proximity to my sister.

“Hey whats up dude” She awkwardly made her way over to my bed and plopped down, attempting to appear casual. I didn’t know what her angle was yet, but she always had one.

“Nothing ‘dude'” I mocked. She was rarely this chummy.

A few moments of awkward silence ensued. Her smell wafted through my room. I breathed it in quietly, savoring the sweet, sensual smell. I worked to maintain my focus on the game and not on her.

“Watcha playin’?” She inquired… unusually interested in what I was doing.

“What the fuck do you want, Jenn?” I mumbled with irritation.

“Dude, relax.” I heard her shift on my bed uncomfortably and used it as an excuse to look over. I was exceedingly irritated that she was invading my privacy with no apparent reason, but I also wanted to look at her. To see what she was wearing. To use her as material for the ‘session’ I would undoubtedly undergo later to quench the veritable thirst of those bottles.

I was not displeased. She looked as slutty as I had hoped. She was wearing an unnecessarily tight-fitting tee which blatantly showed off her braless state. Her big fleshy tits were hanging ever-so-slightly, nipples hard and upturned pushing fiercely against the stretched fabric. The letters “OMG” were printed largely in black across her chest and one hard nipple was pushing right through the middle of the “O”. Her big, dark areola was slightly visible through the taut material and was practically begging to have a wet tongue dragged around it. Her tight, metallic red daisy dukes didn’t class her up much either. Her fat pussy lips were split by the middle seam and appeared to be sucking in the material whorishly.

“Sorry. How can I help you, Miss?” I said mockingly, rolling my eyes but also taking every brief moment I could to glance down and drink in her beautiful body.

“I gotta talk to you about something” She said carefully.

She was having problems keeping direct eye contact with me and I believed one of her sideways glances traveled over the empty bottles on my desk. Based on her tone and uncomfortable body language, I supposed I should at least be taking this interaction a tiny bit more seriously.

“Okay. What’s up?” I resigned to a normal conversation, free of our usual brother-sister verbal hatred. She glanced again to my side and I was sure she was looking at the bottles this time. I was beginning to become intrigued. I’d never seen her so awkward and non self-interested around me.

“So I was talking Connie the other day…” She began trailing off.

Connie was one of her “customers”. I was tasked with providing some “Skincare product” for Connie and Jessica the night before. Connie and Jessica were Jenn’s school buddies. Equally as self-absorbed and bitchy around me at school as Jenn, but just about as bangin’ hot. They were not quite as stacked as my sister, but still the fuel of many sock-filling evenings.

“…And they said before they buy, they want to see-“

“Hold up. What do you mean ‘buy'” I interrupted her mid-sentence.

She looked up at me with an instant ‘oh shit’ face and sat silently for a moment.

“What do you mean ‘buy’ Jenn?” I repeated a second time, this time a bit more fiercely.

“Shit Jack…” She began stuttering. “It’s just… I didn’t intend to-“

“You’re selling it?” I whispered, glancing at my closed door. This conversation was going south quickly and I didn’t want the parental units catching on to what was going on.

“Jesus Jenn what the fuck” I was more ashamed of her than mad. “You’re planning on selling my cum to girls at school and you weren’t even halkalı escort going to tell me?”

“Hold up dude I was gonna tell you… I was just waiting for a good time” She quickly began back-pedaling. “Really I was”.

“And did you have any inclination to split the money with me?” I asked the obvious question. I turned my chair fully toward her. Challenging her.

“Uh.. Well yeah!” She stammered, probably lying. She was gonna use me for her own gain. That bitch. I guess she wasn’t as stupid as I thought, but she was still a stupid bitch.

“Man fuck you… Is that why you came in here? To tell me you were using me for your personal profiteering? Jeeze Jenn…” I trailed off.

If I had to be honest with myself, it didn’t bother me too bad. I mean it wasn’t like I was going out of my way to provide her “product”, and the idea of her hot-ass friends spreading it on their bodies was payment enough. But it was a good piece of leverage that I may need later, so I was playing into it.

“Sorry dude” She averted her eyes downward. That was probably the first time I had ever heard those words exit her mouth. It was very uncharacteristic of her and took me off my guard a bit.

“That’s not why I came in here…” She kept her eyes averted.

I waited a few moments for her to continue. She seemed to be looking for the words she needed.

“They said before they … buy…” She hesitantly continued her earlier sentence. “They wanted some… Proof” She glanced up at me on the last word, seemingly hoping I understood without further explanation.

I shrugged “Just tell me what the fuck you’re talking about, Jenn.”

She pursed her lips in thought briefly. I was intrigued. I could tell her mind was battling itself.

“Just take this..” She finally began. Her words and movements obviously chosen carefully “and record yourself… doing it”

She leaned forward, reached back to the tiny back pocket in her daisy dukes and flipped her pink, rhinestone-encrusted cell phone onto my bed next to my pillow.

At first, I was confused. I glanced at the phone, then back to her. Her phone was her most treasured material possession. I caught her gaze once again flick past the bottles on my desk and at that point, it immediately became apparent what she wanted. A wave of confusion, but also excitement washed over me. I opened my mouth in preparation to break the quickly thickening tension in the room, but no words came out. She took the initiative.

“I know it’s weird as fuck, but yes, I’ll split the money with you.” She spoke tentatively.

I hadn’t actually considered yet whether I was going to fulfill her request or not, but I quickly supposed I’d do it whether I was being paid or not. Why not? Also, the thought of having a video of my dick shooting cum into a bottle on my sister’s phone had me tingling already.

A few more moments of silence passed after her last sentence and she looked up at me with raised eyebrows.

“It’s $100” she continued, apparently assuming I was going to turn her offer down, but that last sentence snapped me out of my confusion.

“Jesus dude… They’re paying $100?” I responded with incredulity.

“Yeah $100 each. $200. I’ll split it with you 50/50”

Holy shit… She had a racket going on… I woulda done it for free, but I could always use $100.

“It doesn’t hafta be weird…” She looked down at her phone again. “I’ll just leave this in here for a couple of hours. You know how to used it… Your phone is basically the same… And I’ll come back later and get it. Just leave it on your bed. Cool?”

I looked over to see that the phone was already in camera mode and ready for action.

I still couldn’t believe it. I had more questions. The whole situation had me on my heels.

“So just record the whole thing? Like start to finish?” I hesitated slightly “…and are you gonna… watch it?”

“I hadn’t really thought of that… I mean… Why would I” She quickly corrected herself.

“I guess I don’t really care” I mumbled. It was a lie. I did care. At that instant I secretly weighed the possibilities in my head and decided I very much wanted my sister to watch me cum on video. Her friend, Amber, gave me a ton of new-found confidence due to the events that transpired last night. She was borderline obsessed with my cock. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it and she came all over herself just watching me play with it. I hoped my sister would have the same reaction to it.

Still, the notion was weird. I appreciated how up-front she was being about it, but still weird. I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

“…And yeah, the whole thing… Start to finish.” She dropped eye contact again, hesitantly glancing down at my crotch. I followed her glance down and quickly adjusted myself. I had unknowingly acquired a slight chubby. The “trapdoor” in the front of my boxers was barely split, revealing just the slightest bit of pink skin at the side of my cock.

At that sight she harbiye escort quickly stood up and started awkwardly making her way to the door, leaving her phone behind.

“So yeah just… let me know when I can come get my phone…” She stammered, slipping through my door quickly and closing it behind her.

I was stunned. I sat slack-jawed and staring at her phone. I still had so many questions.

I reached over to my bed and carefully picked her pink-cased phone up, fingering the extruded mirror-like rhinestones and internally mocking her girlishness. It was a generation newer than mine, but still the same basic operating system. Besides, she already had it on video mode. I toyed with the notion briefly, but reluctantly decided I would respect her privacy and not go through her texts, as juicy as they may be. I could probably drag up all kinds of dirt on her with their contents, but I somehow felt our relationship was taking a turn. With the brief conversation we just had, we basically went into business together. We virtually signed a verbal contract, and I planned to adhere to the associated business acumen that was inherently attached.

After several minutes of internal discussion, weighing all possibilities, pros, cons, outcomes and consequences, I decided I had to come to a conclusion. I was entirely sure that whoever viewed this video would know it was me, as I was sure Amber bragged to their entire circle of friends that she made my “horse cock” (as she coined it) shoot all over the place without even touching it. A week ago I was sure she would have told the story laden with mockery and insults, but I felt as though she gained a newfound respect for me after those few minutes in my sister’s room with her. I felt like I was somehow gradually becoming remotely indoctrinated into their circle of friends. Even though they were only using my “Product” as a skincare supplement, they clearly knew where it was coming from, and as Amber so affectionately put it: They needed me. Also, it made sense. If I was spending $100 on something, I’d like to know it was authentic.

The thought of these bangin’ bitches rubbing my cum all over their faces and bodies also served to push my decision making process in the right direction. I imagined my sister showing the video to Connie and Jessica. They moaned and mewled, grinding their thighs together as they watched me stroke my veiny cock through Jenn’s phone screen. I imagined Connie spilling the contents of a warm bottle over Jessica’s face and smearing it into her skin. Then Jenn sexily lapping up the thick liquid from Jessica’s face with her tongue. Ok that part was unrealistic, but I figured Jenn needed her phone back soon and I needed my imagination to get me into the mood.

I looked down. My cock was slowly snaking its way down my boxer leg, gradually swelling at the thought of my sister licking cum off of her friends faces. I absentmindedly reached down and grazed my finger across the sensitive underside gently. It throbbed at the feeling and continued to reach down my thigh. I glanced over at the phone in my other hand. It was still in video mode.

I pretended Jenn hadn’t left the room after all. That she stayed. That she wanted to help. I imagined her leaning over, her tits hanging heavily in her tight shirt, straining the material, and slid her finger across the underside of my cock. She petted it gently, coaxing it to hardness so I could fulfill her task. I moaned softly, relishing the feeling of my sister’s delicate fingers toying my swelling cock shaft. It continued to grow with my quickening heartbeat until the throbbing tip grew past the leg of my boxers and peeked from under the hem. It was already beginning to leak. One warm drop of precum was welling up at the slit in the tip. I wanted to squeeze it and milk a big drop of precum from the shaft and let it drip onto my thigh, but I wanted Jenn’s friends to see too. I looked over at the phone and prepared to hit the record button.

Shit. It went into standby mode. I waited too long to activate the video. I quickly hit the button on the bottom to wake it back up, but was presented with a lock screen.

“Fuck me” I cursed myself quietly. I let the screen lock. What the fuck could I do at that point other than…

“Jenn!” I yelled through the wall, hoping she could hear me. “Jenn come here real quick!”

A moment later my door slowly clicked open and my sister’s head popped around the edge hesitantly.

“What’s up?” She squeaked cutely.

“Your phone locked” I said as I held the phone out to her.

“oh shit” She snaked in past the door and clicked it behind her.

She reached out and took the phone from me, glancing down at my obscene tent. The shape of my engorged shaft was very apparent through my boxers and the tip was barely visible poking out of the bottom of the left leg. A string of precum connected the slit in the tip to the forming puddle on my thigh.

Her gaze lingered only a moment too long to hide her furtive glance, ikitelli escort but I pretended not to notice. What usually takes 2 seconds ended up taking much longer than usual as she stumbled through unlocking her phone. Her first attempt failed, she fat fingered it. Her fingers were trembling. I heard a quiet *click* as apparently the code went through finally. She hesitated with phone in hand.

“Is it unlocked?” I inquired tentatively.


She had the phone pointed straight at my now-dripping and swollen cock head, throbbing against the material of my boxers. She just stood, fixated on it with a glossed over expression. I took her silence as reluctance to acknowledge what was happening. I supposed as long as she was looking at my cock through the vision of the phone camera only, her mind could reject the gravity of what she was actually looking at.

I was also attempting to rationalize the situation. I was still staring at the phone, almost convincing myself that I was still waiting for her to unlock it. After several seconds of silence, I glanced up into her eyes, inquiring her intentions. She remained fixated on her phone, refusing to look back at me as if it would break the invisible boundary formed between us by the high-res screen of her cell phone.

The tension in the room should have served to deflate my patient member, but it continued to strain down my boxer leg. As my cock grew further, the hem of my boxers rolled back over the large ridge of the circumcised tip, revealing the entire dripping head to my sister’s viewfinder. It was visibly throbbing and twitching to my beautiful sister’s gaze. I could just barely hear her breath catch as it drooled a fresh flow of precum onto my thigh.

It was aching. I needed to do something. I wasn’t sure how far she would let this go, so I was careful with my actions. I reached down and seized the boxer-clad shaft with the tips of my fingers and very slowly slid my hand up and down the length, bumping my fingers into the defined ridge at the base of the head at each stroke. A few moments of this and my sister remained statuesque and fixated on her phone. I took it as an invitation to continue. On my next upstroke, I squeezed gently at the top of my shaft causing a thick, copious bead of precum to irrupt from the slit and run down my thigh. My eyes were still on my sister’s face, hoping she would meet my gaze eventually. As my precum began overflowing down the side of my thigh, threatening to drip onto my hardwood floor, I caught my sister’s wet tongue slither from her lips and drag luxuriously across her bottom lip, wetting it with her saliva.

I took this as further invitation to continue, although a quiet understanding was made between us. She was merely looking at her phone. What she was looking at, I would pretend not to care and I would inquire further no more except to be met by silent denial.

I gripped the hem of my boxers with both hands on either side of my oozing cock and slowly began dragging the material back, exposing more of my blood-engorged shaft to my sister’s phone. It twitched repeatedly as the dragging material sent delicate sensations up the shaft and into my aching groin. I stopped when the material was bunched up at the top of my thigh as high as it would go and my balls lazily fell from the pant leg onto my cold leather chair. I listened intently as my sister’s breath quickened. Her phone quivered. She was having trouble maintaining a grip on it.

Without the confines of my boxers, my taut shaft raised itself up dubiously, oozing precum down it’s length which carelessly traced the paths of my extruding veins. Jenn had a nearly panicked look in her eyes as she moved the camera back a few inches in fear that the soaked head may come into contact with it and smear a streak of precum across her precious case. I looked into her eyes with pride as I displayed my obscene member to her. It bobbed and jerked at each of my labored heartbeats and her slightly alarmed expression only served to grow my boldness and confidence.

I was still careful not to break our understanding. I stayed silent as I reached my hand up slowly. I used my fingertips to spread the appalling amount of precum that was expelling from the tip across the head and around the pronounced ridge. I wet my fingers with it and gently wrapped a few dripping fingers around the shaft, just under the head, squeezing gently and milking more of the sweet liquid from the slit. Her nipples hardened shamelessly against the thin material of her tee and she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, gripping it with her teeth as she watched me expectantly.

As my gaze brazenly caressed her heaving tits and beautiful face, I began to slowly pump the head of my cock with my precum slickened hand. A faint squelching sound could be heard throughout the room with each wet pump. She gently quivered at her core as if a chill had passed through her. She was reacting to my cock just like her slutty friend Amber did, with reverence. I watched her attempt with her entire being not to display outwardly the feelings she was having towards her brother’s cock at that moment, but the autonomous actions of her trembling body made it fairly obvious what she was feeling. I became bolder, but chose my words and actions carefully as to keep the charade going.

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