My Sister, My Savior

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This story required some time to develop the plot. It is not a fuck story, but sex does arrive late in the game. Sorry! All characters involved in sexual situations are over the age of 18.

Characters:Jim (James Phillip) Williams

Julie (Julia Ann) Martin (Jim’s twin sister)

Amber Martin (Julie’s 11yo daughter)

Dave (David) Martin (Julie’s 8yo son)

Charles Williams (Jim’s and Julie’s father)

Beverly Williams (Jim’s and Julie’s mother)

Eddy Martin (Julie’s errant husband)


Plot:Jim and Julie have always been very close siblings. Eddy tricked Julie into pregnancy and marriage. He has been a total waste as a husband, making Julie’s life a living Hell. Amber and Dave are great kids, in spite of their father’s behaviors. Eddy has been drinking in increasing amounts over the years, and has threatened Julie with bodily harm. Jim has just finished twelve years in the military, but no one in his family knows his history there.

I was in the process of mustering out of the United States Marine Corp, looking forward to a civilian life at last. My enlistment at eighteen was only partly planned, and also spur of the moment. I’d spent little time as a marine. I was one of a group of 32 that showed great promise in basic training, and had been inducted into clandestine operations for the CIA. I ended up partnered with another guy, Bill Newsom, a farm boy from Iowa. We became immediate solid friends, a fact that served us well in the coming years. I’ll talk more of this later.

The spur of the moment for my enlistment was Julie’s fuck up in letting Eddy Martin, a misfit if there ever was one, impregnate her. I was stunned and depressed. I had long loved, adored and respected her, and held a tight secret. I secretly wanted to marry her and raise a family. That was not an easy task in our family. I had occasionally kissed her ruby lips falling more in love each time. She never complained, even seeming to be a part of it as time went on.

Our parents were quite religious, not fanatics, but intent on raising their two children as God fearing Christians. Julie and I tried, but we had similar attitudes. We believed in God, wanted to follow his precepts, but also wanted to savor some of the ‘forbidden fruits’ offered by life. We were not terrors, but we both sampled alcohol in eighth grade and throughout high school, but neither of us ever became drunk until that night. I cautioned Julie to watch herself. She was such a pretty and trusting young lady, I did not want her to get high and let some guy take her virginity. (Secretly, I wanted to be the one!).

She met Eddy, and he seemed to win her over very quickly. I was so involved in participating in math contests over the country that I was not around to police things. One night shortly after they met, Eddy took her to an adult party. He convinced her to drink vodka and Seven Up, promising to keep her safe. Instead, he led her to a bedroom and seduced her young intoxicated self. When she awoke and found what had occurred, she was much too ashamed to go home. She had Eddy drop her at a friend’s house, where she hid out for a couple of days. She called our parents, told them she had gone to a neighboring town with the friend, and apologized for not calling earlier. She went home that day, planning to forget the event. She spurned Eddy’s calls, not giving him the chance to repeat his actions.

Six weeks later, Julie was horrified to find she was over due for her period for a second time. She called her friend, and wept her heart out. She spent a week with the friend, worrying whether she was pregnant or just late. The next period also did not appear. DAMN! She thought, I AM pregnant! She was at a loss for a plan. She feared our parents would kick her out. A pregnancy test indicated ‘positive’; she was carrying a fetus! Her friend confided to a couple of other girls, and one let Eddy know. He was ecstatic. Here was a chance to marry a beautiful babe and get close to her family, since he thought they were wealthy. He talked Julie into marrying him since she was eighteen years old. In her befuddled mind, she figured that was the only option available. They had no honeymoon, as Eddy was practically broke, so they stayed with his stepmother for a few days. Julie told our parents that she attended a band contest in the next state so they were not suspicious. Then, Eddy talked her into telling them of her ‘condition’. He insisted she go alone. He wanted her to get some money from them so they could get an apartment. She declined, figuring that would make a sorry situation worse.

Julie went home and prepared to reveal the truth. She looked like a disaster when she walked in and went to her mother.

“Julie! What’s wrong?” her mother gasped. Julie collapsed in a river of tears, sobs, spasms. She was still in this mode when our father walked in. He joined them, also wondering what was going on. He steered them to the couch, and retrieved a towel for her tears. Finally, she settled enough to speak. She went through every detail of her evening, maltepe escort the act, and her actions in the following days. She then revealed her recent marriage. Our mother dropped her face into her hands. Dad just stared, trying to process this information. Mom raised her head and wailed,

“Our baby! What’ll we do?” She never took crises as well as Dad. He cleared his throat and spoke.

“Well, we can’t undo what has occurred. Let’s take some time to reflect on this, then plan what we’ll do”.

Julie had collapsed again, sobbing even more. Our parents went to her and enveloped her in their arms. The future would certainly be different than they had thought! Julie spent the night there. She begged Eddy to come get her the next evening in order to meet our parents. About an hour before he was due, I arrived home. Seeing my favorite sister there raised my spirits, then I saw her face. She turned and ran upstairs, crying. I was mystified, standing there holding my bag and staring up the staircase. Mom took me to the family room and described the sad story. I was so much in shock. My little Julie, her virginity stolen and her womb impregnated by a creep I knew to be an asshole jerk. Over the years, we were to learn just how much an asshole he could be.

A little later, the doorbell rang, and Mom opened the door to see a real loser standing there. She introduced herself, then stood aside for him to enter. Dad also introduced himself. I walked out of the kitchen as Eddy turned to me.

“Well!” he began “I see sissy Bro is here to defend little sis’s honor! Sorry, pal, I got her before you could, and I made her into a real woman. And if you get to be a problem, I’ll kick your ass good!”.

I knew he stood no chance, but I would certainly give him the opportunity to try.

Dad calmed the atmosphere, inviting us all into the family room. Mom had gone up to get Julie, and they walked in. Julie, out of habit, moved to sit next to me, but Eddy grabbed her wrist, making her wince.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re my woman now, you sit here with me!”

He threw her to the love seat, then dropped next to her. He put an arm about her shoulders and sneered at the rest of us. I seethed. I wanted to kill the son of a bitch.

“This is how it’s gonna be!” he snarled. “Pops, you and the Mrs. are gonna provide us the money to get a little apartment I saw today! If you don’t, you’ll never see your honey again!”

Dad looked at him with a steady gaze that I had long ago learned was his precursor to making somebody sorry they had spoken.

“Eddy, you’ll not get a dime from us. We’ll not abandon our daughter, but any funds we provide will go to her. I can get a restraining order that will prevent you from getting access to her and the child. And as for keeping us from her, I am very familiar with the kidnapping laws, and we will rake your sorry ass over the coals!”

I knew he could and would, and I also think Eddy was beginning to squirm.

Dad continued, “And if you raise a hand against her, my good friend, Chief of Police Micheals will be on you in a moment!” Eddy was silent. Dad must have surprised him. Eddy looked at Julie and ordered her to leave with him. As she stood, both Dad and I stood. Eddy’s eyes flashed.

“Don’t worry, guys, she’s safe with me!”, then grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the car. We all stood on the porch and felt agony for our little girl. They roared away, then we went to the kitchen. While Mom brewed coffee, Dad and I sat at the table. Dad looked at me.

“Son, what did the jerk mean when he said he got her before you could?” I inspected the table for a bit, then raised my head.

“Dad, Julie and I have always been so close. I have worshipped her for as long as I can remember. I feel she is a part of me, not a separate person. What I’m about to say may anger you so much I may sleep under the stars tonight. I’ve long fantasized of being with her forever. Marry her, raise a family, be gloriously happy. I made the mistake of revealing a small part of this to Dan Evans, swearing him to secrecy. Well, I found he couldn’t keep a secret, and told his then girlfriend. She mentioned it to Eddy’s girl friend, and of course she told Eddy. I don’t think many other people know it. I know all that goes against your religious principles, but I could not avoid it. I did not wake up one morning and decide to fall deeply in love with my precious sister. It just grew over time. That’s all I have to say.”

Dad also studied the table for a while, then took a sip of his coffee. I glanced at Mom. She was studying his face.

Finally, he raised his eyes to mine. I saw a tear form in each eye. That surprised me. He did not seem about to kill me, yet. Finally, he spoke.

“Son, by all that I believe, I should be so angry with you that I feel like destroying you! But I cannot. For one, you apparently made no move to commit the sin of incest with your sister. For another, I have become aware how much you adore her, and she you. I would have been mecidiyeköy escort less surprised if it were you and Julie telling us you had gotten married, and she was carrying your child.” Mom gasped. I spoke, my voice firm.

“Dad, I’d have never approached Julie for sex! I love her way too much! However, if she’d approached me in that manner, I can’t guarantee that I would’ve acted responsibly. I was serious about wanting to marry her; I love her so very much!” Now it was my turn to grow tears.

Dad raised his head. I was dreading his next words. After all, I had admitted to lusting after his little girl, and wanting to steal her away.

“There’s another reason I can’t feel the least bit angry.” He now had the tears. Some family!

“The reason I cannot is that when I was your age, I felt about my sister, your Aunt Betty, as you do about our Julie.” Mom gasped again. He continued.

“My sister was the most important person in my life until I met your mother and fell deeply in love”.

“Charles!” Mom shouted, “I didn’t know this! Why didn’t you tell me? Why keep a secret?” Dad looked at her, the tears now slipping down his cheeks.

“I loved you too much to reveal something that could never be; let a sleeping dog lie”. Mom jumped into his lap and kissed him. I rose, letting them have their time, and went to bed. My mind and body were dead. I lay awake for hours, tumbling thoughts torturing my mind. I had lost my only reason for happiness; never again would I smile. I could see Julie’s smiling face and laughing charm. I cried for a long time, then slipped into uneasy sleep.

The next day was our HS graduation ceremony. I attended; Julie did not. My heart was crushed even more. I spoke to a few of her friends. They all knew of the wedding and pregnancy, and shared their grief with me. Julie’s best friend, Alice Moore, took me aside.

“Jimmy, I’ve been around Julie a lot for twelve years. I know her as well as anyone except possibly you. I’ve long suspected you two were more than siblings. Guess I’m surprised she gave up in a weak moment. I know she wanted you to be her first. Maybe the second and last and all in between! She really loves you!”.

The dam broke; my tears and sobs rolled out. Alice grabbed me in a big hug, squeezed tightly, and held me as I cried it out. I gulped and apologized for doing that. Alice rubbed my shoulders and let me know she expected something like that, given my adoration for my sister.

We didn’t see Julie often; a few visits, short and contrite. I was suffering. I lost my appetite and twenty pounds. Mom was concerned. We had many talks, and she became aware of just how much Julie meant to me. She finally convinced me to find an outlet; I had decided against college, my mind would not focus.

Finally, on July 4, I attended the town parade, and was drawn to the Marines marching in dress uniforms, rifles at their shoulders, their demeanor so promising of doing their all to protect their country. I dwelled on this then made a decision. I went to the recruiting station and enlisted. At supper that evening I told my parents. They looked sad, then stated they understood. I left two days later for Camp LeJeune, North Carolina.

Basic training should have been tough, but I was well prepared for the rigors, thanks to football and track. I was the only recruit in my platoon that could run over ten miles with full gear. I made twenty miles, with the first ten being over four minutes faster than anyone ever had. I was sort of a hero for a while. We were formed into units of ten and given orders. No leaders were appointed; we were on our own. Due to my past as football captain, and leader in church groups, I was a natural. I sort of took over, and no one complained. That fact was a positive later on.

In basic, I met a farm boy from Iowa. Bill Newsom was a quiet man, packed with muscle and energy, and assumed the attitude of a poorly educated hick. We fell into a friendship that continues still. I soon learned he was anything other than his assumed role. We helped each other over the rough spots, made light of many things and ‘graduated’ together.

A week before basic was completed, Bill and I and 30 others were assembled and given orders that we had qualified for a secret program. We were to be assigned to the CIA, and perform ‘tasks’ for them. We both were thrilled; we wanted something out of the ordinary. After basic, we were separated from the brigade and shipped to a secret camp in Virginia. There we were assigned our roles. Bill and I had shown we could work well together so were offered the chance to be a team. The job? We would be trained in Black Ops. That meant being ‘injected’ into an unfriendly country and creating mayhem. This might involve explosives, electronic surveillance, but the primary task was to assassinate military and political leaders. For this, we were to utilize the new .50 caliber, semi-automatic sniper rifle.

We were given a last chance to call family, then a shield would fall over us. Our nişantaşı escort families would be kept current on our health, but no information given on our roles, location, or activities. I called the folks on a Sunday, when I was sure they would be home.

Sure enough, Mom answered the telephone.

“Hi Beautiful!” I announced.

“Jim!” she shrieked, “When can we see you?”

My heart fell. “Well, it’s like this. I am well and raring to go. They have assigned us to a special task that is quite secret. You may not hear from me again for a spell, but they’ll will keep you informed of my well-being.” I heard her gasp.

“When will we see you, Son?” I heard Dad ask her the question.

“Mom, I have no idea. Just know that I will be there as soon as I can. Please have faith, and pray for me!”

Dad spoke, “Jim, we understand your situation, and we’ll pray every day. Be assured we’ll be here when you can return.”

There was a small silence. “Dad” I asked, “How is Julie?” I was afraid to hear the answer. My ears roared.

“Well, Son” he began. My insides were in turmoil.

“She’s making the best of it. You know how special she is about making pigs’ ears into silk purses! She makes it over here nearly every week, and we do have a good time. We did give them some money for an apartment. And she talked Eddy into getting a job. I’ve no idea how often he goes to work. He’s drinking some, but it’s not yet a problem. Julie is getting round in the midsection. Her ob/gyn says she and the little one are doing fine. She asks what we have heard from you. Eddy has forbidden her to try to contact you in any way. She has let us know how she loves and adores you, and asked us to apologize for her mistakes. She needs you, Son.” My voice was choking up.

“Thanks Dad. I love you and Mom. And please tell Julie I’ll always love her, no matter what”.

“I’ll certainly do that. We all love you, too. Bye for now, Jim”

I hung up and sank to the floor sobbing as a child. Bill was there, and grabbed me and steered me to a chair. He held me until I got myself together.

“Life’s so unfair!” he drawled.

After that, we were too busy to think of much else. We had a lot of body building work, running, time on the shooting range. I had regained the weight I lost at home, but now it was muscle. We also were deeply into martial arts. Not the kind to defeat an opponent on the floor. No, we were taught how to disarm, disable and overcome a person…then kill them. Bill and I both achieved high grades in that.

Turns out I had the superior abilities on the range. I was commended for my rifle accuracy, especially when we were assigned the sniper weapon. My marksmanship was substantially ahead of any one else. Bill, on the other hand, had superior vision. That set our assignments; I as sniper, Bill as spotter. I was concerned he might feel put out, but he let me know he was not keen on shooting strangers, so was happy to tell me where they were so I could kill them.

After training, we were shipped to another base. We flew in at night, and had no idea where we were. There were eight sniper-spotter teams of the original sixteen. We had some further training, but nothing like Virginia. We did have a lot of shooting time, then went into the field for our final training. Our assignment was twofold; find and terminate the target, but even more importantly, avoid detection. Bill and I were caught the first three times in training, the third only because both observers were very well trained. After that, we got away Scot free. We later learned the observers had money on us; anyone who blew our cover got the pot. It grew to over $5,000, but no one took it. It was donated to the Marine children whose fathers fell in duty. Bill and I knew we were good, but we were able to prevent over confidence. In our business, that was sure death.

After we finished this training, we were supposed to get leave, but we and two other teams were picked to carry out our first assignment. We flew to SE Asia, and landed in the Philippines. Two days later we choppered into god knows where, and were dropped to begin earning our keep. Bill and I were given the assignment of taking out the five top military officers of the country; we had no idea where we were. I won’t go into all the details, but with intelligence we were given, and our wiles, we completed the task. We had one experience that solidified our reputation.

We had killed two of the leaders without incident. Then, intel was received that the other three were to attend a meeting. Bill and I spent two weeks getting into position. On the second day, Bill identified the three, leaving a meeting. They were standing near their car, smoking and talking. I factored in the distance and wind estimate. I loaded the weapon and aimed through the scope.

This weapon has an effective range of 2,500 yards. That means that up to about 1 1/2 miles the bullet can strike a target the size of a human head, provided all variables have been correctly measured. I settled myself, lay the cross hairs on the farthest left target, and squeezed. I immediately swung to the center, aimed, squeezed. One more time and we were ready to go home. As soon as the third round left the barrel, we began crawling out. Two days later, we were at the prearranged drop site, and were hoisted into the copter.

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