My Sister Cassie Ch. 03

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Two days of torture followed on from my little adventure licking my sister’s pussy. We’d been interrupted immediately after she came. An early-summer storm kept us away from the beach, stuck inside. Mum insisted on taking Cassie clothes-shopping when it passed. I read a book, watched TV, and ached for my sister’s body. But I was sure then that we could have lots of fun without breaking that final taboo. So thus comforted, I bided my time until an opportunity arose.

That opportunity came at the place where it all started — our lovely little beach.

The secluded part was occupied so Cassie and I found ourselves floating about in the open parts, amongst maybe thirty other swimmers but none were very close to us. We played about and wrestled as usual, except this time I made every effort to touch her tits, pussy and bum without it being obvious to other people.

We were floating and hugging when Cassie whispered in my ear: “I bet I can wank you off, right here, and nobody would know.”

“Jesus, what if we got caught?”

“We won’t. Get your cock out and just stand there.”

We were in belly-high calm water, so I did. Cassie stood on my left side, reached over with her right hand and gripped my dick gently, stroking slowly.

“See? It’s as if we were just standing here looking at the cliffs or birds or something.”

“Except my sister is holding my cock.”

“Yes, she is. And a very nice cock my brother has too.”

“Cass? I’m not gonna cum. It’s nice though.”

“Not gonna cum? OK, think about this. Focus. Close your eyes. We’re back in the TV room. I’m naked, on my back and you’re licking my pussy. I’m playing with my tits. Can you see?”


“Good. I’m about to cum. Remember what that sounded like? Looked – tasted like?”


“It’s sweet, isn’t it? No don’t answer, concentrate. See my wet pussy in your mind. It’s wet because I’m hot, and because of your tongue. See it.”

I was replaying it in my mind. I thought I could even taste my sister’s cunt juices again. Her hand on my cock changed angle but I was oblivious. Then the feeling changed. It was warm, wet, close around my knob. I opened my eyes and looked down. All I could see was Cassie’s lovely long hair like a mermaid’s swirling in the water: she had bobbed under and was sucking my cock.

I looked around in alarm. There was nobody near. She came back up when her breath ran out, smiling, and said: “Now we’re even, we’ve used our mouths on each other.”

She checked around us and bobbed down again. It was heaven. Cold water around the shaft was replaced for a second by her hot wet mouth, then cold again. She had instinctively begun gently squeezing my balls. My sexy sister had brought me from “I’m not gonna cum” to “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” in about forty seconds. Up she bobbed again, then back down.

I tried to warn her, but she brushed my hand away. Her meaning was clear. My sister was going to take my cum in her mouth. I went over the edge, squirting my incestuous load onto her throat. She gagged but held firm, and I spent in her mouth feverishly twitching and jerking.

This time it was she who looked up triumphantly as she spluttered back to the surface. I smiled back, dazed at the intensity and speed of my ejaculation. I assume she swallowed it — I didn’t see her spit it out. She stood, pulled up my shorts and grinned.

“I won the bet. You owe me.”


“Good. You can do the dishes for a week.”

She saw my dismay. “Joking! Jeez you’re gullible. I’ll think about my reward and let you know.”

We went ‘inland’ the next day. There is a lot of thin scrub in our area which is one reason most people go to the other four beaches 5 şişli grup yapan escort minutes apart around there — all are much easier to get to, bigger, wider — and more sand.

We had taken a picnic. Mum thought it was sweet, but I doubt if Cassie was thinking much about the contents of the basket. For my part I was thinking only about the contents of her bra and panties.

We tried to have a normal time together, sitting on a little mound of grass-covered sand in an alcove looking down towards the beach. But we were young and full of new-found lust for each other. I’d found myself getting hard just looking at her in shorts and a t-shirt.

“Oh hell Cass. If you were wrapped in a potato sack you’d still turn me on.”

“Thanks! I wasn’t even thinking about you, you know.”

I must have looked disappointed. “Really?”

“Hahaha got you. Of course I am! Look, Mikey. Let’s be honest. We both want to…go all the way but we won’t. But we can give each other so much fun! It’s so natural with you. It’s just easy. Know what I mean?”

“Yeah. Yes I do. And I can just enjoy being with you and giving you pleasure without hangups. Same for you?”

“Yes. I haven’t thought why it doesn’t freak me out, but it doesn’t so that’s OK.”

“Yeah! I know!” I leaned closer and whispered as if sharing the world’s rarest secret: “You wanted a reward, remember?”

“Mmm, I do remember.” She was looking at me in a way I recognised. It was her ‘I don’t know if I can tell you this’ look.

“OK, share! What were you thinking?”

“Oh heck Mikey. Maybe this one will freak you out.”

“Not whips, chains and rotten cabbages again is it?”

She laughed freely. “Rotten cabbages? How does your mind work bro?” Then she became serious again. “OK here goes. I have a little game I play sometimes. Um, I like… No. Forget that. My secret. Have a sandwich or something.”

She was blushing and looking sideways at me so I knew she wanted me to drag it out of her.

“Ropes? Vegetables? Stuff with batteries in it? What?”

“Stop! Where do you get these ideas?”




“Haha. No.”

“I know. Custard and ice cream.”


“What? Um, oh. Er, OK. Um, you floored me.”

She looked away, clearly scared that she’d turned me off. I had to reassure her.

“Look, Cass. I hadn’t even thought about that, but…well it’s you. There’s nothing about you that could gross me out. OK?”

She actually had watery eyes when she smiled back weakly at me. I continued: “You mentioned a game?”


“No horses or custard involved?”

“Dickhead! No. OK it’s this. I like to pee myself. I’ve been doing it for ages, first it was an accident in my panties but it turned me on and I do it on purpose now. For fun.”

“Oh..Kay! I swear you’ll always surprise me. I’m not sure if I should ask. Where do I come in?”

She giggled and replied: “I want to wet myself sitting on your lap.”

“Why? Oh, forget that. I guess I should say ‘why not?’ after all you earned a reward!”

She beamed at me, I could see she’d had her heart in her throat telling me but was relieved at my open reaction. I reassured her some more. Even though I knew there was no-one about, I crooked my finger to get her nearer. She cocked her head to the side again, leaned closer smiling, and I whispered in her ear: “I licked my sister’s pussy. If I’m up for that, I’m up for getting wet shorts, OK?”

She kissed me quickly on the lips but having agreed on the game we had no idea how to start. I wondered if the moment had gone in our awkwardness, while we gazed at each other. I broke şişli masöz escort the silence: “You wanna do that now?”

“Um, no I don’t need to go. Maybe it’d be better when I really need to go?”

“Sure. Makes sense.”

And having got the awkwardness out of the way, we actually sat there and enjoyed our picnic as if we were thinking about something other than incest.

Late in the afternoon, back at the near-deserted beach, the humidity had risen. It felt like a storm was coming. It was common at this time of the year to have evening storms and humid nights — in the full of summer it tended to be hotter but drier.

Mum and dad were in the water splashing about like teenagers. We had the whole family beach gear — umbrellas, fold-up seats, a hamper, a cooler with drinks, and so on. As the sky darkened, mum and dad dried off and announced they were going home to get dinner ready. Dad grabbed some of the gear as they left and warned us of the storm, we promised to be careful. We volunteered to take the cooler and chairs back with us.

Cassie had an impish look on her face. She blushed as she said: “If I drink a lot of lemonade I might pee myself.”

“The thought had crossed my mind…”

“You still up for it?”

“Hell yes.”

She looked at the new tent in my bermudas: “So’s he.” She sipped, then gulped down her drink. Laughing at herself she almost gagged and spluttered some all over her t-shirt and shorts.

“Shit!” she said. Then she peeled them off and I was delighted to see she had the yellow one-piece on underneath. The one that barely covered the sides of her tits and didn’t properly cover her pussy.

“Oh you fox! You wore that for me?”

“Yeah. And for me. I realised that if I get the crotch just…so” (she adjusted it to fit snugly in her slit) “…it, um, pleasures me.”

“It ‘pleasures you’ does it milady? Well. It pleases me to see it too.”

I looked between her slightly-parted thighs. With the fabric tight in there, it puffed her pussy lips out. I couldn’t resist. Looking around at an empty beach, I told her: “Sit on my lap.”

She did. The chairs were the type with a seat just a few centimetres from the sand, a small back, and no arms. Cassie sat sideways, put her arms around my neck and allowed my hand easy access to her pussy. I stroked her through the fabric at first, then simply levered it aside with stiff fingers before bending them inside her. She squirmed a little to help get the angle right, then I was slowly finger-fucking her.

With my other hand I reached around her back inside the top of her suit and tweaked her tiny nipple. As her breathing quickened, I was aware of how wet she was inside. My erection pushed up at her bum and nestled there and I realised that except for a single layer of fabric, my cockhead would be at her puckered asshole. I imagined it there, flesh on flesh, and it sent electric shivers through my cock. Perhaps she felt them. She wriggled a little and then I was sure I was actually pressing her asshole through my bermudas with my cock. How I wished it were for real. I didn’t really care where — I just wanted my cock inside my sister.

I maintained steady thrusts with my fingers. There was juice all over them oozing into the palm of my hand. A couple of times I felt her tense. I thought she was going to cum, but after maybe the fourth time I realised she was trying to play her game — she was trying to pee on my lap.

“Just relax Cass. If it comes, it comes. Focus on my fingers.”

“Mmm. It’s good.”

“I love the feel of your cunt.”

Breathlessly: “Oooh. I’ve never heard you say that word before.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

“No! It’s hot! şişli otele gelen escort It’s OK. My… C-cunt likes the f-feel of your fingers.”

When I heard her say the word my cock pulsed and I impulsively pushed my hips up. My cockhead slid off the thin flesh dividing her ass and pussy and I knew I had pushed the tip inside her pussy, even though it was encased in the cotton of my swimmers.

“Oooohhh. Oh shit that’s good. Oh my darling Mikey!”

Cassie’s hips moved slowly. The backs of my fingers rubbed the top of my cock as they invaded my sister. They ached, but I didn’t care. I so wanted her to cum while I was there, in her without being inside her. Part of my mind wondered whether she could get pregnant if I came like that, but as I pondered the question I was aware she was writhing quite forcefully now. I held my hips firm to maintain the pussy contact while I fucked her with one finger as well.

As her breath became panting and her belly twitched, she clenched her thighs and tensed up entirely. Being so proud of myself for bringing on this climax, at first I didn’t notice the warm wetness on the tip, then along the length of my cock. My mind processed the feeling and realised what was happening.

My sister peed and came at the same time. My bermudas soaked rapidly with hot liquid. I could even hear a faint hiss despite Cassie’s stifled climactic squeal, as my thighs took her piss and it ran through them to disappear in the sand underneath us.

I don’t know how long her orgasm went, but she peed long and hard. My finger slipped out of her to be replaced with my covered cock, still she peed. She had stopped grinding on me, perhaps revelling in the afterglow and the bladder release. I wanted to cum, but fear of pregnancy somehow made me lift her slightly before the first spurt. I came in my bermudas as the now-unrestricted stream of her pee hissed all over my lower belly.

A half-minute later, as we laughed at our taboo game, the skies opened and we were quickly drenched with big droplets of warm summer rain. Cassie giggled through the drips on her face: “Perfect timing! It’ll wash us off!”

“Yeah. Maybe. I came in my shorts, you know.”

“Did you? Oh Mikey, thanks. For being in the game, and for, well, enjoying it so much. We should get back. Mum and dad will worry.”

“Not yet. Swap around.”

I made her sit on the seat with me on her lap, facing her and straddling her legs. I fished my cock out of its prison, still mostly hard. “Your turn” I said, and waited to make sure she realised my meaning, and that I had her permission. She gave it by smirking at me: “You dirty boy! OK, go on…”

It took me a few seconds to relax but the heavy rain cooling my bodyhelped, and after two false starts I too pissed a full stream, up into the air at first then all over her chest and belly. She grasped her tits through the swimsuit and pushed them together to make a little valley where I aimed. We were drenched in rain but now she was wetter still.

I sputtered and finished, looking down at the pool of piss between her thighs. She opened them and it ran over her still-naked pussy before it disappeared. We watched it together, then after getting properly dressed we hugged and played in the rain like little kids, splashing in puddles and giggling.

Then I stood her on the seat and pulled my little sister towards me, put my hands on her bum, and held her there. She offered me her lips, and I kissed them hungrily.



“Did you want to, um, put it in me just then?”

“Oh yes. But we can’t.”

“Yeah. No. I mean, not right in my pussy. But it felt kinda nice just sitting in me a little way.”

I pulled her close again. “Oh, Cassie darling. I want to fuck you properly sooo much it…it actually hurts.”

“I know. I know. I want it too.”

Our foreheads touched together as we gazed in each other’s eyes, silently cursing that our greatest desire had to remain out of reach. We gathered the stuff and walked home as the rain eased to a steady shower.

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