My Sexy Dad Ch. 1

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My name is Kelly. And like most people, I have loved my father since the day I was born. And he loved me back, I knew he did. Ever since I could remember he was always kissing me and touching me, he was just such an affectionate person. And I loved the way his unshaven face felt against mine as he gave me my morning kiss. He was so masculine and good looking, and had just started getting my attention.

I would go into my room every night fantasizing my father kissing me, more than a fatherly one, but a kiss of great passion. Then I would feel my pussy get wet, and I rubbed and imagined him getting hard thinking about me, and I would moan in pleasure. I wanted him to finger me, I wanted his tongue inside of me, and OH GOD I wanted him to fuck me. I almost needed his cock to pulse in and out of me, and I would cherish the moment.

Well anyway.. let me tell you what I look like, first of all. I have long, full brown hair, a very pretty face.. ortaköy escort if I do say so myself. I have the features of a model, curves in all the right places.. and no man could keep his eyes of my breasts. I feel weird complimenting myself like this, but I’m just telling you what I’ve been hearing my whole life.

My father is gorgeous.

Curly black hair, beautiful blue eyes and face, and a great body, especially for his age.

One summer night, when my mother was away on another business trip, I walked into the living room and found my father sitting on the couch in his boxers watching T. V.

I walked timidly around the coffee table and sat next to him.

“Hey honey, ” he said with a sexy voice.

“Hey Dad…, ” I said solemnly. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“.. Oh, I just broke up with my boyfriend.. I found out the hard way that he’s the biggest jerk in the entire universe. “

My otele gelen escort dad frowned. “I’m sorry about that, Kelly. ” Then he smiled. “But you could get any guy you want with that beautiful face of yours. “

I smiled weakly. ‘If only he knew who I really wanted… ‘ I thought to myself.

He put his arm around me and I caught him looking at my cleavage. I didn’t say anything, but I think he knew I saw because his face got hot.

I was feeling very horny at the time, so without a word I laid my head in his lap.

In a matter of seconds I felt something growing underneath my head.

He started stroking my hair, and then started rubbing my waist, and I was getting really wet.

I mustered up all my courage and stuck my tongue out and slowly licked his hard on even though his boxers were over it.

He jumped a little and a heard him sigh, and he gently grabbed my shoulders and made otele gelen escort me sit up.

Looking deep into my eyes he said, “Kelly.. this is too wrong.. no matter how much I want to I can’t.. you know that… oh god, your mother… God you’re so beautiful.. “

“Dad, I love you so much and I need you right now. Please dad, help me.. i love you dad.. please fuck me..”

Then unexpectedly, he gave me that wonderful passionate kiss I’ve wanted forever.

He slowly lifted my shirt off my head and slowly, deliciously licked my breasts.

I started moaning and he slipped out of his boxers, revealing a cock I thought I only imagined. It was beautiful, 8 1/2 inches of hot, pulsing manhood I NEEDED inside of me.

I reached down and slowly massaged it and his eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned.

“Kelly, I dreamed about this day… I want to fuck your pussy so bad.. but first.. “

He kneeled on the ground and started licking my thighs. I jumped at the heavenly feeling, but eased into it as he licked around my clitoris and rubbed my juices with his strong fingers.

I started grinding his face, screaming with pleasure, as I heard his muffled grunts coming from my pussy..

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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