My Niece, The Cleaning Lady

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My niece is an attractive girl. Actually quite pretty. Trim with long legs and a nice body. Brown hair to her shoulders and a pretty face.

I was helping her move from one apartment to another a while back and while waiting for her to arrive with another load of stuff I was moving some boxes. I inadvertently dropped a box with books causing a small diary to fall open. I picked it up and happened to notice the words “my uncle was sitting there” which piqued my interest. I really didn’t intend to read her diary but had to see what it was I was doing. To my surprise, here’s what it said…

Feb 12

I went over to my uncles place to clean as I have been doing once a week. He’s been there lately because he works from home sometimes and that was the case today.

I went in the front door as usual and put my stuff down heading toward the bathroom which is where I usually start. Came around the corner and my uncle was sitting there in his office in his PJs with his cock sticking straight out of the pee-hole as big as could be! He didn’t see me. He seemed to have dozed off sitting there at the computer. I was startled and started to turn away and not look but I couldn’t.

It was big and hard and looked so good. I wasn’t expecting to see that! I was halfway across the room but I could see it well enough to see the purple on the tip and slight curve in it. Oh my god! I couldn’t look away! I stood there and suddenly felt blood rush to my head while my pussy tingled at the same time. I involuntarily squeezed my tits between my arms and felt the rush of desire sweep over me.

I stood there for a couple of minutes tingling and couldn’t help but run my hand between fulya escort my legs while I looked.

Then I realized. What if he wakes up and I’m standing here staring! I shook all over and tried to think what to do. I decided that if I made some noise when I came in he would know I was there.

That’s what I did. I went into the kitchen first this time and sure enough, he appeared, greeting me as usual except for a definite bulge in his pants. I’m sure he didn’t see me looking and he didn’t notice my shaking, I think.

I finished and left but I can’t stop thinking about that firm shaft and what it would feel like in my hand.

Feb 13

Oh my god! I dreamed about my uncle last night. I woke up in the middle of the night so wet I thought I’d peed myself. I dreamed that I had walked into the room and put my hand around that big hard shaft. It felt so good, so hard, and he didn’t wake up. I stroked it slowly, feeling the muscle react to my touch. I couldn’t help it. I had to feel that purple knob on my lips.

I turned the chair toward me and knelt down in front of him. Lowered my head and began to kiss the end. Felt it on my lips and my tongue. I dreamed it tasted salty and creamy. I stroked it and licked it and then all of a sudden his whole body started to jerk and he spurted all over the place! There was cum everywhere…and I woke up.

My pussy was so hot and wet I plunged my fingers deep into it and began pumping as hard as I could. Barely awake I shook and came harder than I ever have. In no time I was groaning and shaking for what seemed like ten minutes. I fell back asleep exhausted and woke up an hour later so wet. gebze escort

I can’t stop thinking about it.

Feb 16

Went over to my uncles to clean today. I figured he’d be home so I decided to dress a little different. I usually just wear jeans and whatever is comfortable but today I put on the tightest, skimpiest pair of shorts I have. When I wear them without panties my pussy is clearly outlined with a marked cameltoe. My butt is barely covered. I like the way my cheeks look busting out of the bottom. I have a pretty nice ass and I catch guys checking it out often. I put a pair of sweats over it and wore a white button up shirt with no bra. My coat kept me warm and covered on the way but I shed that and the sweats as soon as I got in the door.

He was there as I expected and I saw his eyes when he saw me pull off the sweats and noticed the partially buttoned blouse. I went about my business but kept an eye on him. He was definitely checking me out! He’s a pretty decent looking man and only about 10 years older than me so it’s not gross or anything. I came vacuuming in his area and when I bent over toward him I could see him looking down my blouse. I’m not so big that you don’t get a pretty good view of the goods down the shirt when I bend over. I made sure he got a good look at my ass and stood close to him while dusting so he had a pretty much eye level view of my cunt.

It was so hot! I saw that same bulge I had seen before and I just wanted to grab it. Oh god I can’t stop thinking about it!

About that time I heard the truck pull up and it was back to work. I stashed the book back in the box and pretended not to know gültepe escort about it. I was hard though and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She’s a couple of years older now and has really matured.

I remember that day she first came over and got me turned on so much I had to go in the bathroom and relieve myself to keep from grabbing her. I didn’t realize she was doing it on purpose.

Since that time she always dresses like that when she comes over and it makes me imagine having her sitting on my cock just pumping her with her sweet firm tits in my face. I want to taste her so bad.

She still comes over once a week and I’ve flashed her a couple of times. I wear short gym shorts with no underwear and make sure my cock is visible when she comes into the room. I can tell she notices and always bends over so I can see down her blouse. At some point I have to make an excuse to get dressed or there’ll be no hiding my excitement.

I took a shower once and left the door open. I have a clear glass shower door and from the bedroom you can see into the shower. I don’t think she knew but I saw her there watching so I lathered up good and started stroking. I wanted to give her a good show.

My cock grew quickly knowing that I was being watched though I couldn’t look closely to see what she was doing for fear of getting caught in my intentional flash. I stroked harder as my cock grew to full size and enjoyed the feeling of it throbbing in my hand. It’s indescribable the feeling of stroking that thing both in your hand and your cock. Soon I was at the peak and I let out an explosion of cum and my whole body convulsed. I couldn’t help but let out a long groan as my body trembled and my cock pulsed.

I caught a quick glance at her and she had her hand between her legs. I gathered myself together, finished my shower and got dressed.

I’d have to say we’re closer these days than we used to be.

One of these days, maybe…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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