My Niece Jessica Ch. 03

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The next morning I got up at 7 and was in a very good mood for once. I came out of my room and noticed that my niece’s door was still closed. I opened the door and saw her laying on top of the sheets stomach first. I looked around the room and saw her bikini thrown across the room and assumed she was nude. I stood there for a few minutes looking at her before closing the door and going into the kitchen making some coffee and such. I was reading the paper when the phone rang about 8 in the morning. My parents said that my grandmother was doing alright but they wouldn’t be back this coming weekend as planned. We talked for a little while longer before I hung up the phone and realized that Jessica and I would be alone for an extra 2 days. Since it was only Wednesday we would be alone 5 more days now at least, I just shook my head wondering what else was going to happened. I turned around when I heard a noise and saw my niece standing there in her tank top, thong and her hair all messed from sleeping.

“That were your grandparents. They aren’t coming back this weekend but hope to get back here on Monday,” I said going toward the kitchen.

“That means we almost have 5 days to do what we want?”

“I guess so. We have to go shopping today for a few things so whenever you are ready we will go,” I said handing her a cup of coffee and sitting down.

“You aren’t going to say anything about how I am dressed out here uncle?” Jessica said sitting down with her cup of coffee.

“Well I figured if you can eat Brin’s pussy while in front of me, than I guess everything else is pretty tame,” I said while winking at her and going to read the paper.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes before Jessica decided to take a shower. I went to the kitchen to clean up some things and make a shopping list when Jessica got out of the shower and into the spare room. A few minutes later the phone rang and I picked it up just as Jessica was coming out of her room with a pair of sandals to put on.


“Hey Mike, its Brin. How is everything?”

“Oh fine. How are you doing after what happened yesterday?”

“Actually pretty good. So I was wondering…umm would you like to go out sometime?”

“Of course I would. How about if you come over for dinner tonight? I don’t think my niece would mind one bit,” I said while winking at my niece who immediately stuck her tongue out at me.

“That will be fine. We can even try a new game that I just got. Is 6 alright?”

“Sure see you then Brin.”

I hung up the phone and walked into the living room where Brin was sitting there just looking at me.

“Well Jessica, your friend is coming over tonight so you better be good. Or should I say naughty?” I said laughing as Jessica got up and hit me in the arm.

We went out shopping buying all sorts of things for dinner tonight and for the weekend. Once we got home and put everything away, we decided to go to the mall and shop for a little bit before heading home to get things ready for the evening. Once we got home, I jumped in the shower quick to get ready. A few minutes later I heard the door slowly open and felt someone join me in the shower. They immediately went to my cock and started stroking it while I was rinsing my hair in the water. Within seconds my cock was rock hard and they started stroking it faster and faster. I tried to turn around but they just pushed my head around before leaning to my ear.

“Just look straight ahead uncle. Just imagine that Brin is doing this to you,” she said kissing me on the ear and stroking me faster.

My breathing got a little faster as she stroked faster and faster until I looked down at her hand and it seemed like it was going a hundred miles an hour. I closed my eyes again losing myself in the moment as I started shooting all over the wall and my niece’s hand. She pulled her hand away after I shot my wad and got out of the shower.

“Oh by the way uncle, wear your boxing shorts tonight. It might make things easier,” she said laughing on the way out.

I had no idea what she was talking about as I got out of the shower. I got dressed wearing the boxing shorts that my niece asked to where and went into the kitchen to start making dinner. I was just wondering about Jessica when I saw her come out of her bedroom wearing a gorgeous red dress that came down about mid thigh on her. She was wearing a pair of red nylons and some red platform shoes. She went into the fridge to get a soda when I walked over to her pinning her against the open fridge.

“So I guess you have a thing for hand jobs Jessica,” I said while looking right into her eyes.

“Yeah. So much easier than anything else. I mean I can give someone that I like that, and then act like nothing happened,” she said trying to move but I wouldn’t let her.

We looked right into each other’s eyes and smiled before I lowered my face towards her but going for the neck. I took in a deep breath before walking away.

“That is some perfume you are wearing. Anything special for tonight?”

“Uh…umm…no,” Jessica said while she was trying to compose herself as I saw her etiler otele gelen escort reflection in the window.

“Just a word of warning. If you are going to wear that dress, you might want to wear it with a bra because otherwise you can poke a person’s eyes out with those,” I said laughing while cutting some vegetables.

She looked down at her chest and saw her nipples sticking straight out of her dress and then looked up and laughed. She went into the living room as I saw it was almost 6. A few seconds later I heard knocking at the door and heard Jessica getting up to open it. There was some laughing and other things going on as I heard the door close. There was a few seconds of silence which puzzled me when Jessica came into the kitchen.

“Brin is here. You better check her out now because if you don’t, there might not be anything left of her,” she said while pretending to fan herself.

I put my knife down and went to the living room where Brin was standing looking at some pictures. I thought Jessica was teasing but she wasn’t. Brin was wearing a simple blue dress that came down to her knees. She suddenly had a perm which she didn’t yesterday which made her look so much more attractive than she already was. When she turned around and smiled, I was completely speechless because she was so beautiful but it might have also been the opening in her dress showing off her cleavage. She walked over to me giving me a smile and soon she gave me a long deep kiss. Our tongues got intertwined with each other before we both backed off and smiled at each other. I heard some clapping coming from the kitchen and turned my head still holding Brin in my arms seeing Jessica clapping.

“By the looks of it, you have been dated for quite a some time and not a first date.”

We both looked at each other and blushed as we released each other from our embraces. All three of us went into the living room talking for a little while before I went back into the kitchen to finish fixing dinner. I kept hearing laughing and soft voices as I was wondering what the hell the girls were up to. I came out with the dinner and the two of them were just staring at me with smile on the faces as we all sat down to dinner. We all talked about different things during dinner including Jessica’s plans for after high school. Every so often I would feel a foot move up my leg and looked over at Brin who would just be smiling at me while keeping an interest in the conversation. After dinner we all and dessert we all went into the living room and talked for a little while. Around 10 we were all laughing and everything over what has happened in our lives when Jessica spoke up.

“Let’s do something fun.”

At this moment Brin popped up from the couch and slipping on her shoes started talking.

“I have this great game I just got. I am going to go get it from my car.”

Jessica and I just sat there before Jessica got up to go help. Within a few seconds both of them came into the room smiling and I knew something was up. Brin motioned for me to come to the kitchen which I did leaving Jessica in the living room.

“I just wanted to tell you, this game is a little over the top and I was wondering about your niece. I mean would it be alright to play it with her?”

“Brin, this is the girl who ate out your pussy yesterday in front of everyone. She is 18 years old and if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to play or anything. However we should ask her,” I said leaving the kitchen.

“Hey Jessica, Brin says this game is over the top. Do you mind playing the game at all?”

“Not at all Uncle Mike. I think I am going to enjoy it,” she said laughing so hard her face was turning red.

We all went to the living room again where the ladies all took off their shoes and Brin set up the board. As she was setting this up, I read over the directions and realized this was really a sex game almost. This is when I became a bit nervous because of Jessica playing. But I just thought back to the day before and shrugged my shoulders since I knew it wouldn’t bother her. Once the game was all set up we rolled the dice and Jessica was the one that went first. She rolled the dice again and moved the spaces before picking up a card from the pile and turning to Brin.

“What is the strangest or kinkiest thing you have done in the bedroom,” Jessica said smiling.

“The kinkiest thing I have done is tie up one of my boyfriends to the bedposts and just have my way with him,” she said and started blushing as both Jessica and I looked at each other and back to her.

Now it was Brin’s turn as she rolled the dice and picked up a card looking at me.

“Alright Mike. Have you ever watched porn with your partner?”

They both stared at me like I was going to make some huge revelation. I was taken aback for little while before smiling and looking at them both.

“No I haven’t,” I said with a smile.

Now I rolled and picked up my card to ask Jessica a question. When I saw the question it made me a little uncomfortable but I sighed and read it anyway.

“Have you etiler rus escort ever given a man a blow job in public?”

Jessica paused for a little while like she was thinking of what the answer is before saying it.

“No, but I almost did once but my phone rang so that ended the whole thing.”

“How close were you?” Brin said interested in this.

“Well I was rubbing his cock through his pants and it was getting as hard as a rock. I was just going for the zipper when my phone rang. So I had to get up and leave right after that. I probably left him with a bad case of blue balls,” Jessica said and both of them started laughing as I just sat there shaking my head.

Now it was Jessica’s turn to roll the dice. She landed on a space that said share your deepest sexual secret. Both I and Brin looked toward Jessica as I was more than a little interested in this part.

“I gave my uncle a hand job,” she said while laughing. I stared right at her not believing she was telling someone this.

“You gave Mike a hand job?” Brin asked Jessica and then looked back at me concerned.

“No silly. I gave my other uncle a handy. My uncle Stephen. It was weird. He kept moaning something about always wanting to do this then gave me $50 afterward. Weird,” she said looking at the window.

Brin rolled her turn and picked up a card.

“How many times do you masturbate a day Mike?”

My eyes grew wide as both Brin and Jessica were looking at me awaiting my answer. I licked my lips a couple of times before answering.

“I can’t believe I have to answer this, but once a day sometimes. Mostly at night,” I said when both of them started to hoot and holler about the answer.

The game continued on about this as we found out little things about each other, some things which I couldn’t believe until it was Brin who landed on a act out square. I was wondering what this was when Brin picked up a card and read it.

“Picking a partner of your choice, you must act out their fantasy of whatever they want to do in front of the other players,” she read before putting the card back into the pile.

Brin looked back and forth between us before she crawled on the couch over to Jessica who started to lean back.

“So what do you want Jessica?” Brin said slowly kissing Jessica’s neck.

“Oh you know the treatment. And perhaps he will join?” Jessica said while smiling at me as Brin was kissing Jessica’s neck.

Brin continued kissing Jessica’s neck as Jessica was moaning a little. Jessica soon moved down her chest kissing all the skin. I then saw Brin slip her hand up my niece’s dress as she opened her legs a bit more. Brin continued kissing my niece until she started playing with her nipples through the dress. My niece had her eyes closed now moaning while moving her hips around a little bit. A few more minutes later, Jessica slipped her arms out of the dress so Brin would have easy access on her breasts. Brin licked, kissed and bit both nipples while my niece bucked around a little bit. I continued to sit there watching everything as Brin continued to work over my niece’s nipples while her hand was doing its magic.

“OH SHIT MY GOD…” Jessica said shaking uncontrollably.

Brin just smiled as she raised her head watching Jessica cum all over her hand or fingers. After Jessica had settled down Brin took her hand from underneath my niece’s dress and started to lick her fingers while smiling at Jessica who was still coming down from her orgasm. A few seconds later Brin is back on her side of the couch while my niece was fixing herself up when she looked down on the couch.

“I think I made a mess Uncle Mike,” she said getting up and looking at the couch.

I got up from my chair and sure enough there was a huge wet spot on the couch.

“Quick get a towel, maybe we can do something,” I said looking around.

They got three towels and put them on the couch trying to get everything up. I finally gave up throwing the towels into the washing machine in the other room. I came out of the room seeing Jessica looking nervous while still standing.

“I guess next time that happens, we need to put towels or sheets down,” I said laughing and soon both girls were laughing as well when I sat down.

We decided to play the game still and it was Jessica’s turn as she landed on her spot and picked up her card.

“Have something happen that you want to experience,” she read aloud.

Jessica smiled before putting the card back into the case.

“I want Brin to suck your cock Uncle Mike.”

I looked around as Brin walked over to me before kneeling right in front of me. She smiled as she moved my legs apart and started to rub them.

“Oh I think he is hard enough Jessica,” Brin said massaging my member through my jeans.

Within a couple of seconds, she pulled my zipper and reached into my jeans while smiling the whole time before looking back at Jessica was smiling back. She then turned her attention back to me as she pulled my cock out of the opening of my boxer shorts and out through the zipper. She licked etiler türbanlı escort her lips before looking at me and then engulfed my cock. She went very slowly at first as it appeared she wanted me to enjoy this. I gripped the sides of the chair and closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. After a few seconds I opened my eyes when I felt Brin deep throating me. I looked down to see her nose buried in my pubic hair before pulling up and doing it again. I looked to where my niece was she wasn’t there anymore. I turned my head a little and saw her crawling on the floor to where Brin was sucking my cock. She put her finger on her lips telling me to be quiet as she raised Brin’s dress a bit. Brin didn’t stop at all but now got on her knees instead of sitting in front of me to let Jessica have better access.

Jessica pulled up the dress enough to where you could see Brin’s blue thong. Jessica pushed them aside and dove in eating Brin’s pussy. This made her moan a little bit which sent a vibration through her mouth and made me close my eyes again. This continued for a few minutes before I heard rustling and saw Jessica running into her room. I looked down at Brin who had stopped sucking and was just jacking my cock now.

“What the hell is she up to?”

“I don’t know but I really don’t care either at this point,” Brin said as she started sucking my cock again but only faster this time.

I heard Jessica’s door close and I looked in her direction. She was coming out wearing a robe which I thought was odd as Brin started to deep throat me moving faster and faster now. Jessica moved behind Brin and lifted her up again onto her knees and removed her robe. Jessica was wearing the tank top that she usually wears at night and then I looked down and saw her wearing a strap on dildo which was glistening with something. She put her finger on her mouth again as she lined up behind Brin. She pushed the thong aside and shoved the dildo right into Brin. Brin opened her eyes and looked at me before Jessica started fucking her with the dildo which made her close her eyes. I looked at Jessica who was smiling while fucking away on Brin. This lasted several minutes as Brin was moaning which gave a different sensation on my cock. Jessica started fucking her faster and faster with the strap on to where every time Brin was pushed forward her head was hitting my stomach. Brin started moaning louder and louder sending vibrations through my cock as I gripped the arms again. Jessica then leaned forward still fucking Brin and whispering to her.

“I think he is on the verge by looking at him. Pump him Brin and swallow it all. Come on and pump him,” Jessica kept saying while fucking Brin.

Brin started sucking faster and moaning onto my cock I just couldn’t last anymore and exploded into her mouth. Stream after stream went into her mouth as she just tried to swallow as much as she did before some dribbled out. Just as I finished cumming, Brin started yelling as she started to cum. I looked at Jessica who was smiling and started to slow up as Brin started shaking and grabbed my waist to keep her balance. Jessica slowly took the strap on out of Brin which made a popping sound and walked over to the couch. She turned away from us while taking off the strap on and realized she was wearing nothing from the waist down. Brin got up straightening her dress and looked at Jessica bending over getting the strap on off. Brin immediately walked over to where Jessica was and pushed her to the arm of the couch. She pushed Jessica down before getting on her knees and eating Jessica out from behind. Jessica began moaning and moving her hips around as Brin continued eating her from behind and then reached her fingers up and thrusted them into her pussy. This made Jessica scream out in pleasure as she put her head back down and moaning. Watching this for a few minutes got me hard again as I walked over to wear the girls were.

I walked up behind Brin and lifted her up a little bit as she kept attacking my niece from behind. I lifted part of her dress up and pushed her thong aside before ramming my cock in her. She started moaning as my niece looked back and saw I was fucking Brin and just closed her eyes and smiled while she was moaning. While I was fucking Brin from behind I noticed she was licking a little higher than she was before as my niece started moaning even louder now. I started to fuck Brin even faster now with her pushing into Jessica making her lean over the arm of the couch.

“Oh god Brin. Keep doing that. I haven’t had a rimming in a long time,” said Brin moaning.

I slowed down for a minute before picking up again realizing that Brin was licking Jessica’s asshole and apparently fucking her with her fingers at the same time in her pussy. Jessica started moaning louder and louder when she reached her hands back and held Brin’s head right where it was at the moment. I started fucking Brin like there was no tomorrow now which gave some extra thrusting into Jessica’s ass. Within seconds Jessica started shaking as I knew she was cumming. Brin’s pussy walls started to contract and within seconds she started cuming to which was to much for me as I started to shoot inside her. After shooting several streams into her I pulled out and pulled her thong back and put my cock back in my pants before sitting on the couch. Brin got up and smiled while wiping her mouth and sat down right next to me trying to curl up. We looked over at Jessica who was still bent over the couch arm.

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