My New Plaything Ch. 04

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My son’s attitude towards me has altered. Kyle’s hugs are getting longer and he’s holding himself closer to me than he used to. He gets very close to my lips with his kisses on my cheeks.

To my surprise I find I like it. His skin is a smooth and soft cover for the hard muscles underneath. His lips are tender but there’s an air of confidence. He isn’t being assertive, my Kyle is still mommas little boy, but now it’s like there’s another facet rather than a different relationship altogether.

He’s gone out for a while and I’m lying on the couch, stroking my pussy as I recall the events of last weekend, on this very couch.

The sight of his cum spontaneously erupting from his beautiful cock, and the way he spoke my name, gives me a thrill every time I think of it; which is often! The way he held my naked body to his and easily carried me makes my pulse quicken. I feel my pussy get moist as I recall the look of devotion on his face as he explored my body. I taste his cum everyday now, just a little. Sometimes from penny’s bottle, sometimes from tissues or his underwear.

And the photos! I’d looked for, and found them. Kyle had been quite the paparazzi! Lots of shots of me bending, dressing and nude in the shower; and videos of me working out and showering. He also videoed himself, standing next to my bed as I slept, jerking off into his hand. There were a few of him masturbating, some in his room alone, he whispers my name over and over, some in my room, rubbing his cock on my pillow. Clearly I’m not a new infatuation. Some pictures are a few years old.

There etiler bdsm escort were lots of Penny too. (God she looks like me.) Shots of his cock in every hole she has, her cunt stretched wide open. I especially liked the ones of her tied up and dildo’d.

The video that made me think, though, was one where he was fucking Penny dog style and cried My name as he came! Penny turned to suck out his cum and she had her face made up the same as mine!! I copied one video to my phone, Penny was holding the cam as Kyle stood over her stroking his cock. He had the same look as when he came over me, I tell myself he was thinking of me in the video.

I hadn’t realised how deep his feelings for me went until that day. My thoughts were in turmoil as I considered where this was going. I realised I felt more physically attracted to him than I thought I did.

So my fingers are deep in my pussy now as I imagine Kyle jerking off over my face. I’ve watched the video dozens of times. His naked body tensing as his orgasm builds then explodes. He puts his knob in my mouth for me to suck, which I do greedily. Oohhh god I’m cuming, oh oh oh oh!! I want him. I’m not going to kid myself anymore. I want to fuck my son.

So, for the past few days I have taken my teasing of Kyle up a notch. I ‘accidently’ leave doors open when I undress. I press my chest to his when he hugs me and when he kissed my cheek I moved to make our lips connect.

I’ve been doing coy cow eyes at his compliments on my body. My yoga is now done in an old etiler elit escort leotard that has got sheer with age, and no bra. Kyle walks around erect more often than ever.

I cheekily gave his bulge a squeeze as he watched me workout, he was shocked but pretty happy about it.

I started ramping it up further last night. I’d been in the the shower, I knew he was watching, his hand in his pants. I made eye contact in the mirror. “Kyle, come in here please.” He sheepishly stepped in as I came out of the cubicle, naked and dripping wet. I stood in front of him and held his eyes with mine as my hands undid his pants.

I kept his eyes locked on mine as his pants fell to the floor and I took his cock in my hand. “Kiss me” I instructed. His lips touched mine and I stroked his shaft. I rubbed the knob on my wet slit, pressing it to my clit.

Kyle wrapped me in his arms as our mouths opened and our tongues danced. My nipples hardened as he crushed me to him. He whimpered a little as I rubbed my clit hard with his pulsing rock hard knob. He tried to push into me but I held him firmly against my clit, rubbing and stroking hard and fast.

The burst of cum from Kyle’s cock triggered my own gasping orgasm. I kept rubbing my clit with his still hard member till my pussy stopped pulsing. “There’s a reason I wanted your cum on the outside, my darling” I whispered. As he watched, I brought my cum drenched hand to my mouth and slowly licked it clean.

Kyle was in a trance. I led him by the hand into the shower and kissed etiler escort him lovingly, the water cascaded over our bodies as our hands moved slowly and sensuously. We explored each other. Whispering affirmations of love and encouragement. “This will be our special secret” I murmured, as Kyle suckled on my nipples. “Yes momma” he replied. I held his head, my adoring gaze taking in the love in his eyes, “Good boy” I said, as I put my nipple in his mouth again.

I led Kyle from the shower and we dried each other off. I took his hand in mine and led him to my bed.

We lay together kissing at caressing. My pussy opened as Kyle’s fingers parted my labia. My hand stroked his young cock back to its full glory. Without any words being spoken Kyle knew it was time. I lay on my back, legs wide apart and he mounted me.

Kyle’s cock, that I created, fit like a key in a lock. He felt it too and we both cried a little as he rhythmically began pumping me. This was so much more than I ever expected; the places inside me that he touched with his cock caused me to cum again and again. He brought me to an intensity of climax I’d never known to exist. Kyle’s face was contorted with the effort of holding back his own orgasm. “In my mouth” I whispered.

He pulled out of me and held his shaft in a firm grip. Moving up my body he put the knob in my mouth and jerked on it as i sucked. Two strokes was all it needed to open the floodgates. I gulped his cum down as it filled my mouth and overflowed, it ran into my hair as he took it from my mouth and pumped cum over my face and breasts. There was so much of it! He was a spent boy when he eventually collapsed next to me.

My head was swimming. My world was changed and I liked the new horizon. I kept presence of mind enough to gently shoo Kyle back to his own room to sleep before I too fell into slumber, my hand cupping my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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