My Mother’s 40th

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Big Ass

It was the early eighties, a rare, long and hot English summer as we made our way from the stuffy airless mining village into the cool clean air of the countryside in our tiny Fiat 500.

I was wedged into the back seat of the small white box with the bags, booze and presents ready for my Mum’s 40th birthday. She and her twin, Aunt Tina, were celebrating at their new place deep in the Dales. Her husband, Uncle Dave, had done well under the new government and had been a part of a, then new fangled, management buyout and hit the big time.

They had moved away from the small town we, and my mother’s other sister, Aunt Jane, called home. Aunt Tina had bought into the countryside lifestyle big time and was more than a bit snobby. She tended to rub our noses in it a bit with the girls going to public school, you know, and, to me, the large and modern house looked like a mansion.

Uncle Dave worked in London during the week, my Mum and Aunt Jane were both single parents this meant that I was going to be the only male in the house for at least the rest of the day. The twins, Tina’s daughters, Joanne and Julia, a pair of identical twins, unusual in our family and Aunt Jane’s oldest, Chloe, would be there for the height of decadence in the 1980’s – a pool party.

We could never tell the twins apart so we nicknamed them Twin 1 and Twin 2, depending on whichever appeared first. Our nickname for Chloe was Mundy, a jest on the daughter in the Addams family, her name of course being Wednesday, but she was the same – dark, straight and long black hair, petite, pale skinned and demure.

The twins had been, until around 18 months ago, at the same school as the rest of us and had a reputation for being a bit slutty, having “worked” their way through most of the boys in my class. They had been in the same year group as Wendy, my twin, and I. Mundy was a couple of years above us and was by then in her early 20s.

We were going to be joined by Uncle Dave and by my grandparents the next day. Saturday was the main event, a garden party and BBQ. Aunt Jane’s other two daughters and Tina’s youngest, already married with a baby girl, would be joining us, together with around 50 carefully invited guests.

Mum and Wendy had badgered me all day about joining in. I was a bit shy and preferred my own company. I was to be paraded like some kind of a prize bull but I was used to this being the only male offspring in this branch of the family. The gatherings were infrequent but the families were quite competitive, coming from a small council semi there were few things that we could compete on.

Ever since I was a young boy I had been paraded to the family. Both aunts had always been all over me, making me sit on their knees and cuddling me incessantly. I had also begun to notice that, particularly older, women would give me longing looks as I wandered around the town.

I was under developed for my age, below average height and rather scrawny. My sister was a couple of inches taller than me and rather chunky in appearance – big boned it was termed in those days. I did, however, have one aspect of my body that was well developed – something perhaps to brag about.

My name is Billy Wadsworth, my friends call me Wad, but this is not necessarily a shortening of my name. My cock is, and was then, rather large, almost 9 inches when flaccid and growing to a thick snake a few inches longer when fully erect. It is a feature of it that even when flaccid it makes my package look rather full, which is why I still receive flattering glances from the ladies. At that time I was yet to fully blossom but had lost my virginity during a skiing holiday earlier in the year.

I’d had a couple of non serious girlfriends since and had a few gropes that had only managed to make them run for the hills when my size became apparent.

The car coasted down the long gravel drive and my mum beeped the horn as we swung around to a stop outside the double colonnade that famed the large white front door, Dallas style. We sat in a momentary silence as we waited for the door to swing open, I half hoped that we had the wrong house and that Aunt Tina could not possibly be that posh.

We were greeted by a line at the door as we piled out of the small and stuffy car. Tina at first gave an exaggerated air kiss but soon melted into a genuine sisterly hug for my Mum, followed by Wendy as the twins then welcomed her. Aunt Jane and Mundy were next as I dived into the back seat and grabbed the luggage.

Aunt Tina beckoned me, her posh accent slipping as she demanded a hug and a kiss. As she squeezed the life from me I looked over her shoulder at the twins, resplendent and elegant in their silk wraps. They had indeed blossomed. They had always been a bit lanky, tall and lean but their boobs had now developed as had their overall shape, they looked really good. They in turn had noticed me and recoiled timidly at the bulge in my denim shorts. They were beautiful, tall, long legged and blonde, ortaköy escort until they opened their mouths, then the commonest of accents betrayed their true lineage in spite of their mother’s best efforts at correction.

After the ubiquitous tour I was ushered to my room to prepare. The house was big and posh, 5 bedrooms, a big kitchen and of course an outdoor pool surrounded by a large courtyard and patio area. They had televisions everywhere, 2 video recorders and even a professional looking camera, it had lights and everything.

My room, the study, had been kitted out with a canvas camp bed. It wasn’t too bad, a bit small but cosy. Essentially it was a corridor with a small double seat green leather sofa on one side and a desk, with a PC computer on it, opposite. The metal framed camp bed lay in the narrow space between. At least the French doors at the far end opened directly on to the patio area with the pool. The other end joined to the dining room. With thick curtains at either end it seemed private enough as I slipped into my swim shorts.

The table where the “oldies” had camped out on was directly outside of my room and I had the clear sound of their conversation as I pulled back the curtain and gently opened the door to the patio. Aunt Jane stopped in mid sentence as my pale frame emerged into the bright sunshine. The girls playing in the pool all stopped too, Mundy even glanced up as she lay flat out on the brickwork in her black one piece. But none of them seemed to be looking at my face.

Shyly I made my way to the pool and jumped in as the conversations sparked up over the bottles of wine stacked in the centre of the wooden table set. After a while the girls suggested a game of volleyball in the pool. We had no proper ball so a blow up beach ball would have to suffice.

They took the deep end and Wendy and I the shallow. The pool wasn’t huge, around 15 yards long and about 10 wide. At its deepest it was up to my neck, about 5 foot and it sloped to broad steps at the far and shallow end. There was an imaginary net and the game started gently and non-competitively.

I noticed that if I bashed the ball into the air the twins had to stretch to return it. Each time they leapt their boobs would almost pop out from under their matching, and quite skimpy, yellow bikini tops.

“That’s enough of that.” Wendy said in threatening tone as she stood waist deep in the water and had caught on to my game.

The twins didn’t seem to mind as their splashing grew and their dives became quite exaggerated. At last Twin 1’s small and firm right boob popped out from below the thin material. With false modesty she covered up as I returned the ball to her sister and lo and behold, exactly the same thing happened! By this time we were having almost our own private game, I would lob the ball high in the air and watch, as by now, both sets of pert boobs would “accidentally” spring free.

“What the hell!” Twin 1 exclaimed as she tore her top all the way off. “You’ve seen it all now anyway.”

It was obvious by the lack of any pale outline that they wouldn’t normally have covered their tits up. Her sister took her lead and exposed her 2 pert and brown breasts fully. They were small but compact with pink and dainty nipples protruding from small round centres. This was a game I was enjoying! I looked behind and saw Wendy peeling her top off and letting her larger but pale white tits fall free as if in competition with the twins.

Once the cat was out of the bag it was like a wave, before long every one of them was topless, Mum included. It was only Mundy laying prone on a towel that covered her modesty. I was trying not to look but being a young male my gaze couldn’t help but dart from one set to another, my member, of course, had other ideas and started to stir within the confines of my baggy union jack swim shorts.

The twins changed tack. Instead of returning the ball to me they started to volley it out of the pool, “accidentally” of course. Each time I would haul myself up and on to the side, walk past the prone Mundy and bat the ball back before diving into the pool. Not that I minded as I could cop a letch at all the bare flesh as I spun around.

This happened three or four times before Wendy had a brain wave. As I hauled myself up and whilst I was balanced on the edge of the pool she yanked my shorts down and completely off. I was committed to pulling myself up and out and sprang up, fully naked, in front of Mundy. It wouldn’t have been too bad but with all the flesh on view my cock wasn’t exactly fully relaxed. Even if it had been so it would have been big enough, but as it was sticking out at 90 degrees and half erect, it bought an audible gasp from Mundy just a couple of feet away.

I raised myself from my knees not knowing what I was going to do next. Wendy’s hysterical chuckles were silenced as I turned in profile and decided to collect the ball as if nothing had happened. All conversations stopped otele gelen escort as the women at the table noticed my predicament. I caught the expression on the twin’s faces, Twin 1 was waist deep in the pool, with her tits out, standing stock still and open mouthed. Her sister, a few feet away, audibly caught her breath and raised her hand to her mouth as she followed my progress across the warm patio floor. I glanced left to see Tina and Jane grinning as their eye line was firmly fixed on my semi rigid cock. My mother’s expression wasn’t the look of horror or shame that I would have imagined, rather a smug look – “that’s my boy”, was written all over her face. Even Wendy wore an expression of superiority, a look of “beat that if you can” as family pride had clearly been re-established.

It was the look on Mundy’s face that caught me most by surprise. She was normally such a demure and shy creature but her pale blue eyes shone and a deep look of lust radiated at my thick tool. She sprang up and sat erect as if in a trance, studying every vein and tracking every joggle of my cock as I moved to collect the ball. Noticing her clear and undivided attention I made no attempt to cover myself as I swung slowly around, allowing her a full view as I did so. I glanced around, noting that all eyes were seemly following every sway of my swelling cock. I couldn’t help a huge and involuntary twitch as all of the attention made it lurch to more generous proportions.

“My, my.” Was stage whispered by either Jane or Tina as I took the two or three steps to the pool edge. I paused, threw the beach ball back and jumped in, making directly for my floating shorts.

Next came the game of piggy in the middle. Twin 1 just beat me to the punch as I neared the centre of the pool. She grabbed my shorts and lobbed them back to her sister in the deep end with me wading desperately after them.

Back and forth two or three times they went before I decided to take direct action. When the shorts were with Twin 2 at the shallower side of the pool, I dove full length at her. I grabbed her hips and yanked her bikini bottoms down in revenge as she attempted to get away. She fell and I managed to slip them over and off her kicking legs and feet. I looked at her taut and naked backside wobbling sexily as she stood and made good her get away. She threw my shorts high as she stumbled and fell head long into the water.

The shorts fell short but Twin 1 made it to them just before me. I repeated my assault, but this time on her bikini bottoms, ducking down and under the water as I pulled them sharply down. I sprang up and back, clutching both pairs of the skimpy material in my right fist, defiantly and with a victorious cheer.

I paused with my midriff only half covered by the water and looked at the fully naked and stunned twin before me. She stared back at me, but again not at my face. I looked down to see my dick end, now almost fully hard, jutting out above the waterline and peeping out from its thin sheath of foreskin.

I studied her in turn, moving my eyes down her dripping and bronzed stomach to the pale patch that marked her pubic area. A thick mat of blonde pubes stood proud of the water and hinted at a pink and open slit beneath. This sumptuous view simply served to stiffen my cock yet further.

I heard a splash from behind me. I swung around only to be flattened by Twin 2. She had jumped up and bowled me over and under the water. She stood over my head and prevented me from coming up for air. I began to kick the water behind her as she clamped my head between her thighs to prevent my escape. I did the only thing I could think of to do. I grabbed her hips and planted my mouth up and on to her exposed gash. I pulled her down and on to my tongue as I darted it into the soft folds of her slit. For a split second she pushed her hips down to meet my probing muscle but instead released me from her grip and glanced back in embarrassment as she moved aside. She looked down, her chest heaved, but she wore a curious expression – an almost wicked glint in her eyes. Wendy, trying to diffuse the now obvious sexual tension, made for a towel and beckoned me out of the pool. Nothing was said bar Wendy’s cheerful,

“Aw Billy, give them back their bottoms.”

That broke the ice and both chuckled nervously as threw the skimpy bottoms over my shoulder. I waded to Wendy opening a towel before me, grabbed it, ran up the steps and hastily made for the study, leaving the door ajar behind me but closing the curtain whilst I changed into my denim shorts.

It was getting late and soon after the girls left the poolside to watch a video in the lounge. I joined them but was unimpressed with the choice, a girlie flick and I soon got bored and returned to my room, mainly with a wank in mind.

It was still hot in the room and so I decided not to close the door as I lay naked on the bed. The women were still outside and the wine fuelled conversation had otele gelen escort gotten rather more bawdy but I could only hear half the conversation from who I assumed to be Tina.

“My God, I had no idea he was that big. You must be very proud. Where did he get it from?”

“He was how big? No wonder you had such a smile on your face back then.”

“You want to see it do what? That is very wrong, you naughty girl!”

“How often? Well I do suppose he is a teenage boy. Dave told me that he used to do it two or three times every day.”

“That’s cruel. Poor lad. I bet he does it in the middle of the night. And you say Wendy tries to catch him at it too – poor lad, he gets no peace.”

“I doubt if it would fit.”

“Oh you can, can you? I would like to see that too.”

“I know where I could fit something like that….. it could be arranged you know.”

I lay back, my cock hard and in my fist as I listened to the tone of the conversation. After all it had been a day full of tits and flashes of my cousins snatches.

After a few minutes things went quiet outside. A security light came on and shone directly through the crack in the curtains facing the pool. At that moment a loud click indicated that the door behind me was being opened.

I felt a cool breeze against the top of my head as someone came in. I realised that I was bollock naked with my rock hard cock in full view. The light dazzled me as I looked up to see a figure stand astride my head, with one leg each side of the narrow canvass camp bed. Without a word the figure bent down and took the tip of my cock between her warm and soft lips. I looked up to see the dark outline of a swimsuit and the fuller figure of one of the older women, but which one?

She smelled heavily of cheap wine as I felt her hot breath tumble over my exposed and sweaty midriff.

She sank down to obscure any other view as she slid her mouth further over my now straining shaft. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, after all I had been wanking madly moments before. I lay motionless, staring at the ceiling, with a mixture of horror, guilt and pleasure as her soft lips clamped tight over my engorged phallus. Further and further she sank her hot mouth down until I could feel the back of her throat against my bell end. With a gag, and to my surprise, she sank yet further until I could feel her tonsils flex against the underside of my purple helmet. She stroked at the remainder of my length, about a half, yet to be drawn into the hot and moist void with her hand and moved down to knead and cup my aching balls.

She was expert at giving head and knew, possibly before I did, that the point of no return had been reached. My hips bucked up as my cock pulsed the first gush of a salty load down her throat. She jumped back, women always seem to be surprised when I cum, and allowed me to spurt the second thick jet over her face. Two or three more strong pulses followed and pumped my hot cum up and arcing out of my twitching dick.

She leant back and lapped at my end, making it jump and jerk uncontrollably, as she licked the final drop of cum from the eye at the end of my tip.

The bed collapsed as I thrust upwards again in search of her hallowed orifice. She sprang up and in the light thrown into the room I saw her cum covered and bespectacled face – it was Aunt Jane! She wiped my dripping cum from her cheek before removing her smeared glasses and smiling down at me.

“Billy, you have got a big cock there. You’re not going to be short of girlfriends with that thing aren’t you?” With that she put her finger, still with a large white glob of cum on it, to her lips and made for the open patio door.

Stunned and in disbelief, I lay back and closed my eyes with a mixture of shame and satisfaction. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there. It had been a long and unusual day to say the least and I soon drifted into a fitful sleep. It was too quiet and all too soon, or so it seemed, I was awoken, this time by splashes coming from the pool. I opened my eyes to the daylight but it was early, I groped for my watch and noted the time – 6.15 am!

I leant forward and parted the curtain to see who was in the pool. I looked out into the bright morning light to see, standing on the edge of the pool, the naked shape of Aunt Tina. For a near 40 year old she had quite a figure, her tits were a little saggy but quite suckable. Although not as tall as the twins she was a good few inches taller than me, slim with long and flowing fair hair – not at all similar to my Mum who had much the same shape as Wendy. Her pink nipples stood proud and erect and her ample chest allowed the drops of water to be channelled down her bronzed body towards her bald and perfectly shaven cunt. My eyes were drawn in and studied every fold of her ample and puffy inner flesh.

My cock immediately leapt to attention. She dived into the water and splashed to a few widths of the small pool. I stood back as she stepped out, grabbed her towel from the side and made her way into the kitchen. I looked at her ample arse wobble delightfully as she walked bare foot across the brick surface.

Cock in hand again I started to stroke it rhythmically – after all I was a teenage boy and it was a quiet country morning!

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