My How They Grow Ch. 05

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This story has been written in several parts. While you hopefully can enjoy this portion on its own, you may want to read the previous portions in order to get the flow of the whole thing. The bottom line is, this is the story of a young daughter who has come of age, a wife who has been left alone for too long and a husband who begins to clue in to the fact that he has spent way too much time over the past several years working…Enjoy!


“So,” said Lynette between bites of her Chinese food “what were you saying about my boyfriend, Mom?” a knowing grin on her young face.

My wife Carrie looked back and laughed. “Oh, nothing much. Terri was asking me if you had one and I told her you had at least one!”

“You can say that again!” Lynette’s friend Alison chimed in, eliciting a swat across the arm from my daughter. “What? You know you do!” she laughed.

“Well…so what?” Lynette rejoined. “I’m allowed to have a little fun aren’t I? The more the merrier!” she smirked.

“Yeah, right! Not even Santa Clause is that merry!” her friend snickered.

“Shut Up!” Lynette laughed. “You should talk. You’re only seeing Ryan because of the size of his wiener!” she countered, drawing a gasp and a punch from a wide eyed Alison.

“You little bitch!” Alison yelped, her jaw thrust forward, eyes flying around the table at my wife and her friend Terri before returning to glare at my daughter. “You…you’re bad! You’re not supposed to tell anyone I said that.”

Terri cut in. “So…that’s what it is huh? He’s cute, dark and well-formed?” she teased.

Alison looked back at Terri a little dismayed. She’d only just met this woman a couple of hours ago. How dare she make that kind of comment? But then she saw the warm, friendly expression in Terri’s deep brown eyes and her sudden anger drained from her like sand through a funnel. “Who told you he was cute?” she replied, evading the main question.

Terri smiled back easily. “Your friend’s mom clued me in.” she offered, her eyes flicking over to Carrie, then back again as she took a sip from her drink.

“Mrs. Connell!” Alison chided in mock horror.

“What?” Carrie laughed, shrugging her shoulders and throwing up her hands in front of her. “All I said was he was tall, dark, big and handsome!” she continued, defending herself.

“And then I asked how big and if he was big everywhere…and now we know!” Terri snickered her eyes alight.

Alison’s jaw hung open and a blush slowly crept up her face as she looked back and forth among the other women. She stammered a few times before she finally blurted “You guys are terrible. I’m not talking about this!” With that, she formed a determined line with her pretty mouth, her jaw set, arms crossed over her pert, young breasts. She tossed her long auburn hair backwards, her steel grey eyes brimming with determination.

“Oh c’mon, Allie,” Lynette teased, “you told me you couldn’t even get your hand around it! You said…” as Alison whirled around and tried to clamp her hands over my daughter’s mouth, causing Lynette to laugh and grab her friend’s hands in an attempt to ward the other girl off. “You said you could put both hands together one in front of the other and he still stuck…” More fighting and laughter. “…out two inches!” Lynette howled with her friend practically climbing on her now as bemused shoppers started to stare from other nearby tables.

“SHUT UP!” Alison squealed, finally getting her left hand on her friend’s mouth, which was pointless anyway since my daughter was now laughing so hard she couldn’t continue. Girls.

Terri and my wife looked on in amusement, shaking their heads and smiling. Terri looked over at Carrie and raised her eyebrows conspiratorially, smiling an evil little smile. Alison plopped back down in her chair with a thud, grabbed her drink and thrust the straw into her mouth, pouting as she did. Lynette leaned back in her own chair and continued to giggle, her arms wrapped around her, hugging herself as she shook silently.

“You’re mean!” Alison shot at her, her eyes squinting, shooting darts.

“Oh c’mon Allie, I’m just teasing. You know I love you!” Lynette soothed, smiling at her friend.

“I don’t care. You’re mean!” Alison sniffed, looking away with a huff.

“She’s faking!” Lynette explained, looking back at Terri and my wife. “She’s pretending to be upset, but she loves talking about it, don’t you Allie?” she grinned, leaning toward her friend and patting her knee. Alison remained resolute.

“Oh well, Alison, don’t worry about it!” Terri offered. “Besides, Lynette’s just jealous. She needs two or three guys just to make up your one!” she added, drawing a loud “Hey!” from my daughter.

Alison looked up quickly at Terri, a gleam of warm appreciation and self-assurance in her eyes. Terri responded with her sparkling smile.

The rest of the afternoon flew by. I had returned home from my deluded pursuit of par golf, nursing my wounds after a few beers with the boys. Manwhile my wife Carrie and my daughter Lynette were dropping off their “gal-pals” at their respective homes beşiktaş masöz escort and making their way back home.

As they drove, Lynette broke the small silence. “That was fun, Mom!” she said, looking over at her mother as her right hand picked absently at a piece of thread on the leg of her jeans.

“Yeah, it was!” Carrie replied. “We don’t go out often enough anymore.” my wife added, looking over at her daughter.

“I know Mom. I’m sorry. I’m so busy with school and gymnastics and my friends and boyfriends, I never seem to have any time anymore.” Lynette replied sadly.

Carrie sat in silence for a moment. That pretty much summed up the story of her life over these past few years. For a long while, taking care of Lynette filled her days and nights. But then as time passed, I got busier at work, Lynette grew up and started going out more on her own and suddenly my wife found herself entirely alone in a big, empty house.

She had her friends and her own work during the day, of course. The evenings were lonely though, since I traveled a lot. She missed me and she missed Lynette. To ward off the “lonelies”, she’d spent a lot of time at the gym, working her body, trying to look younger again. Not that she’d ever looked old. She’d just felt that she needed to firm a few things up, so she could feel good about herself. All those nights though, working out and looking at the many beautiful men, women, young girls and guys had started to do something to her. She’d found herself becoming more…charged somehow. More aware of curves and bulges, rippling muscles and taut rear-ends. It seemed like she was in a near constant state of arousal these past months, and up until the past few weeks, there was no one to relieve it, except herself of course, which she seemed to be doing a lot lately she mused. It was almost like when she was back in high school and college, except that back then, like her daughter, she had also had a never ending stream of guys, and if she was telling the whole truth, a few sexy girls willing to help her quench her fire. And she’d quenched theirs, again and again, over and over. Carrie suddenly came back to the present, realizing her daydream was beginning to make her a bit damp between her legs.

Lynette was studying her mother. Carrie finally looked over at her daughter and smiled sheepishly. “What were you thinking about, Mom?” Lynette plied.

“Oh, just thinking about high school.” Carrie replied. “I guess being with you two today reminded me of what it was like back then.” she continued.

“What was it like?” Lynette questioned, turning toward her mom, pulling her left leg up under her on the seat.

“Well, probably not much different than it is now, I guess. But maybe a lot different too — I don’t know.” my wife responded. “It doesn’t seem all that long ago, really.”

“Did you have lots of boyfriends?” Lynette asked, brushing a stray hair out of her eyes.

Carrie sat quietly for a minute, trying to think how best to reply. “Yes — quite a few, I guess. I don’t know if that was a good thing though.” she said.

“How so?” her daughter prodded.

“Well…it was lots of fun…Lots of fun.” she chuckled, drawing a smile from Lynette. “But a lot of them were real jerks and you’ve really got to be careful, you know. I could have gotten really messed up. I had you a lot younger than I expected to.” Lynette’s face fell a little. Carrie glanced over and saw that look and quickly added “But you know what? That was the best thing that ever happened to me! But I don’t recommend having children too early. It’s tough, you know?”

Lynette studied her mother for a minute. “Yeah, I guess so.” she nodded. Another brief silence evolved. Then Lynette asked “Did you…did you have sex a lot before you met Dad?”

Carrie stared at her daughter for a second before turning quickly to look at a car stopping quickly in front of her. She stepped on the brakes firmly. It gave her a reason to pause to think about the question. Staring ahead she answered “I…I probably enjoyed myself too much back then. I don’t want to sound like a prude or imply that I was a slut either. I just…”

“So what? All that means is that you liked sex, Mom!” Lynette finished for her. “It’s OK. I do too. A lot.” she added.

Carrie turned to gaze at her daughter, who sat there, a sexy little grin on her pretty face. She at once felt a little queasy while at the same time a little shiver went up her back. She broke the mutual eye-lock with her daughter and looked forward again, saying nothing.

Lynette paused, sizing up the situation. “I’m sorry about earlier today when we were talking about Alison’s boyfriend. I was just teasing her, you know? I didn’t mean to shock you or anything if I did. I hope that didn’t bother you too much.” she blurted.

“I…I wouldn’t say it bothered me. Maybe surprised me a bit.” Carrie returned.

“Yeah, I probably went too far. I was just digging at her.” Lynette replied. “It is big though!” she confided with a devious little smile on her face.

My wife looked at our daughter, not sure beşiktaş otele gelen escort what to say. “And how would you know that?” she ventured.

Lynette looked down at her hands as she twisted a ring back and forth on one of her fingers. “I…might have seen it…” she muttered leadingly.

“Oh, I see.” my wife laughed. “You might have seen it, huh? Alison’s your friend, Lynette. You’d better think hard about messing around with her friendship.”

My daughter sat in silence for a few moments, feeling chastised. “Nothing has ever really happened. We just…we flirt with each other sometimes.” she said.

Carrie cast a skeptical glance at her daughter, who just smirked. “Uh huh. Just flirt huh? How did ‘just flirting’ lead to you knowing about the size of his ding-dong?”

Lynette smiled wickedly and shrugged her shoulders slightly. “Well, he might have E-mailed some pictures of it to me!”

Carrie opened her mouth in dismay. “Lynette!” she laughed. “That’s terrible! That’s your best friend’s boyfriend, hun!”

My daughter giggled and sat forward, body turned towards my wife, her eyes gleaming with mischief. “I know! That’s why it’s sooo hot, Mom! The thought that Ali doesn’t even know that I’ve seen them together!”

My wife shook her head but prodded a little more. “Them?” The truth is, my lovely spouse was more interested than she was letting on. Even though the story had just begun, she was starting to get a little aroused just listening to it. “What do you mean ‘Them’?”

“Well, he might have sent me some pictures and stuff of both of them!” my daughter laughed as she watched the shocked expression on my wife’s face.

“And stuff? What kind of ‘stuff’?” Carrie drilled.

“You know, pics and…and movies and stuff.” my daughter shrugged.

“You shouldn’t encourage guys like that hun, you don’t know what can happen!” her mom said.

“I know but didn’t you ever tease, Mom?” Lynette replied.

“Well — this is not about me this is about you!” Carrie rejoined, her lip twitching at the edges.

“Oh come on, Mom! You’re being hypocritical! You did, didn’t you? You did and you know it! Don’t give me that!” my daughter laughed, seeing the betraying smirk on my wife’s face. “You were probably every bit as bad weren’t you?”

My wife chuckled. “Well, maybe so but you still have to be careful, Lynnie.” Carrie chided, feigning a cavalier interest.

Lynette studied her mother with astute eyes. Her mother was more interested than she was letting on and my daughter could tell. “I’ve got them at home on my computer. I could show them to you when we get there if you want.” she hinted.

Carrie glanced over at her daughter and swallowed thickly. “Oh really?” she responded dryly but also a bit tensely. “And what makes you think I’d like to see that?” she continued, her voice cracking slightly. She hoped it wasn’t evident.

Lynette went back to focusing on her rings. “I dunno. Have you ever looked at…that kind of stuff?” she answered casually, sneaking a look at her mother’s blanched face.

Carrie’s head snapped back to look out the windshield. She could hear the “thud-thud” of the tires over the pavement below. Her heart was pounding almost in unison, she noticed with wry amusement.

“Well…sure…sometimes. This isn’t the kind of stuff we should be talking about, Lynn!” my wife creaked and then cleared her throat.

Lynette leaned forward. “Unh-huh! You do don’t you? I knew it!” she blurted triumphantly.

“Don’t be so smug!” my wife stammered, filling in the pause while wondering where this was going and why she was allowing it. “Your Dad’s away a lot and…” she tried.

“And you like to look at hot guys and touch yourself! So what? That’s hot, Mom! Lots of women do it nowadays! It’s no big deal. C’mon Mom! You’ve GOT to see these. It’s so big and thick and…veiny!” Lynette cooed, her eyes rolling upwards as she gushed. “He like, pulls on the skin and really stretches it tight so his…his, you know, head gets real big and purple. God it’s so fat and hard and shiny and he just stretches it and then she…!” my daughter responded in a rush. “Phew! Oh wow, Mom, I’d…I need to stop. I’m getting all…weird from telling you about this!” Lynette laughed, fanning herself with her hand.

Carrie’s face flushed as the pale glow from the passing street lamps illuminated her again and again, now more slowly as they rounded the last curve before our driveway. My wife’s pussy was beginning to weep.

My daughter stared hard at her mother, her eyes narrowing. “C’mon Mom. You know you want to.” she whispered, smiling devilishly as she placed her hand casually on her mother’s thigh.

As the car came to a stop and Carrie shut the engine off, she sat stone-faced and flushed in the throbbing stillness, the blood from her heart pulsing in her ears and in her sex. Lynette had lapsed into silence, quietly assessing the minutiae of her mother’s reactions. Suddenly Carrie reached over and yanked on the chrome door handle, pushed open the heavy car door and quickly got out of beşiktaş rus escort the car. She slammed the door closed and then opened the trunk, collected their bags and made her way to the front door of our house. With my daughter quietly trailing behind, my wife fumbled with her keys and finally after what seemed to her to be an embarrassing eternity, she opened the door and they both came inside.

I heard them enter and turned around on the couch to wave and say hello to them. My wife’s face carried an odd expression that I couldn’t quite place and she nearly ran up the stairs towards our bedroom. Lynette followed casually behind her, her hips swinging seductively as she climbed upwards after her mother.

“What…is there something wrong?” I ventured, a bit taken aback.

“Nope!” my daughter replied, smiling. “Mom just needs to go to the bathroom I think!” she added, disappearing around the corner of the upper level.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued clicking through the basketball games on TV.

As Carrie virtually ran down the hallway to our bedroom, Lynette said “Hang on Mom. I want to show you something!” before she turned into her own bedroom. Carrie stood in the mouth of our room facing inward, almost shaking. ‘This is not right, this is not right, this is not right.’ her mind raged. She reached up to her face and covered it on both sides with her hands, feeling their coolness on her hot cheeks. ‘I can’t go in there.’ her inner voice cried. ‘Please don’t go in there!’ it wailed, as she dropped her bags and felt her feet turn her around to carry her towards her daughter’s voice.

A few seconds later my wife found herself at her daughter’s bedroom door. Lynette was sitting in the chair in front of her desk and her computer monitor, the screen casting a dim glow on her excited face. She looked up at her mother and smiled. “C’mon Mom…just come here for a second. This is what I wanted you to see.” she coaxed, absently waving her mother in with her left hand.

My wife responded in a jittery attempt at command “Lynette, this needs to stop right here, right now. This was wrong. I need for us to never, ever have this conversation again!”

My daughter looked back at my wife as she got up and walked sensually towards her and smiled sardonically. “OK Mom, whatever — I’ll just leave the pictures and files up, though. You go ahead and look through them and I’ll go have a shower. No one ever has to know.” She brushed by her mother and began to leave the room.

“I am NOT going to be looking at anything!” Carrie retorted, her voice rising.

Lynette paused and turned. “Sure Mom. But I think you will. Because you’re just…like…me!” she smiled as she reached forward to squeeze her mother’s hand to punctuate each word. She then leaned forward and kissed her mother on the cheek. Carrie watched as her pretty daughter crossed the hallway to her bathroom, her ass swaying perfectly in her tight, tight jeans. Lynette looked back over her shoulder and catching the direction of her mother’s gaze, tilted her head and smiled innocently before slowly closing the door on my wife.

Carrie stood motionless, confused and shaken. The strains of the commentary from the TV drifted up the stairs from the family room below. Meanwhile, she could hear the soft buzzes and clicks from the hard drive of the computer on her daughter’s desk. Somewhere beyond those sounds she heard the whish of the shower as it came to life behind the closed door of her daughter’s bathroom.

My wife walked into her daughter’s room and sat down in the chair in front of the glowing monitor.

The picture on the screen was of a huge, hard, fat, olive-skinned cock with a fat, purplish mushroom head. My sexy wife still gasped a bit even though she’d seen many pictures like this before. She could see a tongue and a pair of soft, pink lips just beyond the tip of the phallus. The tongue was protruding and curling upward slightly, just barely touching the underside of the enormous, glistening cock-head. The resolution of the picture was outstanding, really, my wife thought crazily.

Carrie could feel her throat going dry. She cleared it quietly and swallowed the saliva that paradoxically was rapidly building in her mouth. She watched as her hand reached out and maneuvered the large, two-toned mouse that was connected to the desktop computer. She clicked.

The next picture has been taken from a little further out. It showed the same large, throbbing penis rising from a nest of tight, brown curls and a flat, taut male abdomen with its own tuft of soft, downy chestnut hairs. The guy clearly had a beautifully chiseled six-pack to go with that beer-bong of an instrument, Carrie thought, giggling silently in sudden near-hysteria. My God, what was she doing here?

The face from which the tongue extended was clear now. My wife swallowed hard as she realized that it was, in fact, the pretty auburn-haired Alison, with whom she had just spent over four hours at the mall. Alison was smiling prettily, grey eyes looking up submissively at her boyfriend, satiny, shimmering hair tucked back over her shoulder. Her lovely tongue was now firmly pressed under the fat head of the cock before her. From the mischievous sparkle in her eye and the sexy look on her young face, it was clear that Alison enjoyed teasing and sucking this enormous prick. “The little slut loves to do this!” my wife mused, the thought making her hornier yet. Carrie’s hand dropped into her lap.

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