My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 44

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This story is my true life and is mostly about my relationship with my cousin, aunt, and mother. So yes it is about lesbian incest. If that is not what you are into then I would find something else to read.

For new readers who are interested: My name is Lucy. I am a Midwestern science teacher. I stand about 5’7″ maybe 5’8″. I am a 34F cup and I am in good shape. My mother is a little taller than me and has a 37F bra size. She is just as thin as me. We live with my Aunt Jill who looks remarkably like my mom, though with lighter hair and smaller boobs (only 36D) and my cousin Kristen who is only 5’6″ and is a 34D. Her hair is lighter as well. If you haven’t read my earlier chapters they start with me coming to grips with being a lesbian and of course having a relationship with my mother and progress to where I am now.

So it’s been such a long time since the events of my last chapter. Bunches have happened so I’ll try to write as much as I can to get everyone caught up. First I’ll tell you about my fun adventure with Candice and Gabi (Gabrielle). Candice is my mom’s ex-girlfriend. She was for many years her off and on again girlfriend and I think they will always have something special. Candice has had mom and I together. It had been a fantasy of hers for many years and so we made that fantasy come true. That said she doesn’t know we are lovers. She still thinks it was all about her even though we very much enjoyed one another in front of her. Gabi, Candice’s current girlfriend, has no clue about mom and I and also as far as I know, knows nothing about Candice doing anything with me, and I’m sure thinks she hasn’t done anything with my mom in a long time.

Well at our last party I messed around with Gabi and over the last year I’ve flirted with both of them in front of the other. I basically told Gabi that I wanted to be with both of them last time we “talked”, and yet it was a week or more before I heard from either of them. It was actually Candice that called me. It was a while before Gabi had brought anything up, and she had played it cool and didn’t actually admit much to Candice, but had suggested that she thought I was interested in them both. Gabi had actually acted like she wasn’t interested, but Candice could tell she was.

So here I was wondering just how much I should tell her, but I just decided to blab it all as how angry could Candice get as she obviously had secrets about having sex with mom and I. Candice wasn’t hurt. In fact she was kind of pleasantly surprised that Gabi had been so willing to “get it on” with me as Candice put it.

So there it was, my door opened for a fun night. I of course asked my mom what she thought. Mom was totally thrilled for me, and a bit jealous I might add, but she had no actual interest in actually being with Gabi. Sort of wondered why, but I’m okay with it.

I told Kristen next, and she also seemed jealous, and I asked her if she wanted to come over with me, and she told me she might, but as it got closer to time, she decided she didn’t want to.

So I made plans with Candice to “run into” Candice and Gabi in public. I was dressed to kill. It was cold and I couldn’t be too revealing, but I had on some yoga pants and a cute, tight top that showed off my big boobs without showing any skin. I was at the mall in Fort Wayne and as they were walking into Macy’s I was walking out. I had been waiting and saw them coming. We stood and talked for a while and I flirted of course with both of them. My hair was braided, put up in a fancy bun, and Gabi told me how pretty my hair looked. I ran my hand through her long dark hair and told her how sexy hers looked.

In case you’ve forgotten, Candice is of Mexican decent, she is very attractive. She’s a little younger than my mom, with a body like my friend Jessica, probably 34D chest, but taller than Jessica. Gabi is shorter, with a 36C chest and is very cute. She actually was wearing a sexy top that was showing off her cleavage and I couldn’t stop looking.

So we started shopping together, and then we ate together. It was like a weird first date of sorts, with lots of flirting between me and both of them, and then I followed Gabi to the restroom and when I had a chance I kissed her. She seemed super tense about it, but also I could tell she wanted it to happen. I left the bathroom first and when she came back to the table I was sitting next to Candice. It was weird because for a second I thought maybe Gabi was jealous, but not for long.

Soon we were playing footsie under the table, and then I had my hands between Candice’s legs. I didn’t go crazy, but Gabi saw what I was doing and it made her horny. Finally I decided to get really crazy. When the waitress came over to ask us how everything was, I asked her, “So Emma (that was the name of our waitress), my mom here (leaning into Candice and pretending she was my mom) says she thinks if I asked you out, you’d say yes.”

Our waitress Emma’s eyes grew to twice their size. She was a cute girl, though honestly şirinevler türbanlı escort I hadn’t really thought about her much, until I decided to use her to tease Gabi. Emma sort of fumbled for words and was laughing, so I said, “So my mom was wrong, huh?”

Emma just said, “Yea, I’m taken, sorry.”

I didn’t blink and turned to Candice and said, “See mom, told you she wouldn’t be interested.”

Candice didn’t seem to know what to say to that. I think she was completely confused what I was trying to do, and to be honest I was just sort of winging it, but I did have an end goal.

Emma tried to explain like there was nothing wrong with me, but that she was straight and had a boyfriend. I didn’t care what the excuse was, in fact I was happy she had refused so that I could say to Candice, “So just let me sleep with your girlfriend so I can experiment with a girl.”

Candice’s face was turning red, and Gabi looked as shocked as Emma had when I first asked her out. Emma was still standing there listening which I liked. It made it so much more exciting. Candice just said, “Ummm, Lucy I don’t know what . . .”

I cut her off and leaned into her and put my arms around her saying, “Come on mom, please. I really want to know how you feel when you’re with Gabi.”

Gabi’s mouth was open. Candice looked so uncomfortable, and Emma was just frozen listening to us. Candice finally said, “Emma I think we’re ready for our check please.” As soon as she was gone, Candice asked me what I was doing.

I just looked at Gabi and said, “I want you to make me moan like you do mommy.” When I said it I put my hand between Candice’s legs again. Everyone was very horny at this point, especially me, LOL. I began to rub her, but was over her jeans. Both Gabi and I were looking around the restaurant to make sure no one would see, but as Emma drew closer and Gabi saw her she motioned for me to stop. I did, but part of me wanted to let Emma see me touching her.

We were paid and out soon enough, and I was hooking my arms between the two of them and saying, “You two need to get me back to your place.”

They seemed to be speaking to each other without words, just through eye contact and soon Candice said, “Do you want to follow us home, Lucy?”

Of course I wanted to, and soon I was pulling up in their drive. As soon as I walked in their front door my shirt was coming off. Now I was wearing this sexy lacy bra and Gabi’s hand went to her own breast as she looked at mine. I put my arm around Candice and said, “So mom, introduce me to your new girlfriend.”

Candice played right along and introduced me to Gabi. I kissed her hand and then said, “Well I think I’m going to get ready for bed,” as I pulled down my yoga pants. My panties matched my bra and I tried to be as sexy as I could as I removed my clothes.

Gabi said, “Maybe your daughter would like to shower before bed.” I loved how they were playing along. Soon I was in the shower and then Gabi joined me in all her nakedness. She had a pretty nice body, and my hands were all over it right away. She actually seemed to be timid at first, but once my nipple was in her mouth she was all over me.

We made out a lot and sucked each other’s nipples and fingered one another also rubbing our wet pussies, the whole while Candice actually peeked around the curtain and watched us. I would occasionally say something like, I hope mom doesn’t catch us in here together. It would make Gabi just become energized, and Candice was of course touching herself. It was a lot of fun.

Then we were all in bed together. At first I wanted Candice to pretend like she was asleep and I was sneaking in to be with Gabi, but then Candice said, “Let Gabi pretend to be your mom. I want my turn as the girlfriend.”

I was excited that she wanted me so badly, and soon I was licking Candice while Gabi watched us “pretending” to be asleep, but suddenly I felt Gabi’s hand on my ass and then I turned and pretended to be scared that she caught me. I don’t think she had that in mind, but when I did it, she played right along. She said I was naughty and needed spanked. I have never been into that sort of thing, and she didn’t spank me hard, but she did spank me. I said, “I’m sorry mommy,” while she spanked me and I stuck my butt up high. A couple of times she slapped the lips of my pussy, it was a strange sensation. I’m not saying I hated it, but not sure I liked it either. Then she started squeezing my ass, and saying, “Lucy is mommy’s naughty, naughty girl.” I almost laughed out loud, but I didn’t. If Gabi only knew how naughty I really was.

I just sat up and holding my breasts up near my mouth I said, “But mommy, who’s going to suck these big round titties.” Gabi attacked them and just for a moment I was picturing my mom sucking me and how exciting that would be for Gabi to watch us do that. Soon I was just their plaything as the two of them fingered and sucked and rubbed me şirinevler ucuz escort like crazy. I orgasmed several times before the night was over, but I didn’t spend the night with them. I kissed them both goodbye at the door.

As I left I thanked them for a fun night, and Candice said, “I hope you can join us again. Sometime.”

I just said, “I better get home before my real mom finds out just what a naughty, naughty girl I am.”

Gabi reached out and grabbed my breast and squeezed it and said, “Shit, you are such a dirty girl.”

I helped her squeeze me and then I took off.

When I came back home that night I told mom everything. Jill and Kristen were actually having sex with Carmen. I wasn’t surprised at all, but wondered why mom wasn’t joining in on the fun. Well I’ll let you guess why.

So anyway we had a great talk, but she said she definitely didn’t want to get involved with the two of them. I was cool with that and that is part of the reason why I wasn’t in any rush to go back.

Okay so Monica has come over a few times. She isn’t upset with us really, but she is upset still. That said Erin and her have spoken a few times now, though Erin is still very upset about everything. She feels like Monica betrayed her by sleeping with Lacy. I kind of get what she means, but at the same time Lacy is an adult and obviously wanted to have fun that night. It wasn’t like Lacy was drunk or was taken advantage of.

Lacy has been texting me a lot and talking to me on the phone some too. She doesn’t seem to be a lesbian, but she admits that she enjoyed the night and I honestly think if she hadn’t have gotten caught by her mom she would probably have already come over again. I’ve hinted several times that she should and although she makes a lot of excuses, I think part of her wants to. More on that later.

Carmen lately has basically become the house whore. I know that sounds really mean, but by February she was sleeping with just whoever and whenever it suited her. She still says she is my mom’s “girlfriend”, but she has sex with Jill just as much, and almost as often with Kristen and me. It’s not like we don’t like her, and it’s not like I’m complaining really, but it’s just so odd now having her here. She isn’t family and she isn’t really a girlfriend, so she is just this friend that lives with us and wants sex all the time. Not sure where that is going. She even visits Denise and Lyndsey and has sex with them from time to time. My mom knows of course and even went over there once with her. I think I’m the only one who is actually bothered at all by this and I’m not entirely sure why although it might be that I think she is just using everyone and doesn’t actually love us.

Okay so my mom and I ran into Gabi at a store. My mom was super outgoing and polite at first and Gabi actually felt a little weird I think talking to her knowing that she had sex with me the other month pretending to be my mom. Very awkward and yet I suddenly was super horny. My mom gave us a minute alone and pretended to be looking for something down the aisle. So I flirted with Gabi. I couldn’t help myself. Seeing her looking flustered I had to turn on the charm. I finally said, “My mom would be so upset with me if she knew what a dirty girl I had been over at your house. I wonder if she’d spank me like you did.”

Gabi’s eyes changed. She looked so nervous, but also so horny for me. I was standing so close to her and her hand reached out and touched my fingers. It was adorable. She barely touched me and immediately stopped and looked for my mom. So I said, “Would you want to watch my mom slap my bare butt while I bend over her bed.”

Gabi said, “Lucy someone will hear you.”

There was no one around, and I was talking super quiet, but obviously she was super uncomfortable so I stepped back from her and said, “Okay, I better not be naughty, but I tugged down on my shirt and showed off my cleavage to her.

She made this cute face, this longing face and she said, “You need to come over again.”

My mom came back and Gabi looked so red I felt bad for her. My mom stood right next to me and her shirt was low cut and Gabi looked back and forth between our huge boobs and then she suddenly became a babbling idiot. She honestly could hardly put together a complete sentence, as she tried her best to tell us she had to get going. My mom just said, “Well it was great seeing you. The two of you should come over again sometime.”

My mom told me later she just said that to be nice, but I thought it sounded fun. Mom still doesn’t want to have sex with them though.

Okay so time passed by and I have been doing my best to mend Wendy, Jasmine, and Jocelyn’s situation. I’ve actually talked to Wendy on the phone and she admitted that she wishes she hadn’t have gotten so upset, but that she does think the three of them should probably never do anything together again. Of course later in the conversation she would make şişli escort a comment about how wonderful it was so I think she is bi-polar. Jocelyn of course wants more, but Jasmine of all people was being the ice queen. Until Jocelyn and her both came home for spring break. Jocelyn said by the third night home the two of them had sex, though they did not tell Wendy. So ridiculous that they all just can’t admit how they really feel.

I really miss Jocelyn. She is so great, and I almost made plans to visit her during my spring break, but as she would be in school and she shares a dorm room, we didn’t think it would work out well.

So then I found out that she had sex with a girl down at school and I actually felt a little jealous. Isn’t that crazy. Though I was super happy for her. The girl is black like Jocelyn, taller, smaller boobs, but super cute. Probably would be even cuter, but she had sort of a butch haircut, now it was still feminine, but it was super short. She says they are more friends with benefits, but I’m not entirely sure she is telling me the truth. I also think she liked it that I got a little jealous.

So one day I came home from work and Kristen, Carmen and Jill were having sex right in the middle of the living room. My mom wasn’t home and although the three of them looked like they were having a great time, I wasn’t in the mood. I had a bad day at work and was just wanting a long hot bath. So that’s what I did.

After soaking for a while I heard a knock on the door and then in walks my mom. I smiled so big. She could have joined the girls down stairs, but instead she came up to see me, and probably see if I was okay, which just made me so happy. She sat on the edge of the tub for a while and we just talked and afterwards I felt better about my day. My mom is so reassuring and comforting.

So then mom started rubbing my breasts down in the water. I just closed my eyes and relaxed as she fondled my boobs and soon enough her hand went down between my legs. I threatened to pull her down into the water, and she joked that I would drown her cell phone. I just laid there while she rubbed my clit. She just kept looking at my body and would occasionally say something like, “So sexy.”

When she finally leaned down to kiss me was when I orgasmed. I tried to kiss her, but I barely could it felt so good. When I gathered my wits I climbed out of the tub and so soaked her clothes as I clung to her and continued making out with her.

After a bit she dried me off with lots more kissing of course and then she walked me to my bedroom. Then she pushed me down on the bed and she slowly took her clothes off while I watched. My mom is so sexy, beyond sexy. She is intoxicating. She took her time and had me reaching up for her and then she’d move out of my reach teasing me. Before she took off her panties, she stood there and pulled her nipples to her mouth and sucked her breasts. She’d lick the nipple a few times and then bite on it with her teeth and then just devour it in her mouth sucking for a while and then slowly pulling it from her mouth, stretching the hard nipple out until it yanked away from her lips.

By the time she started her second boob, I was sucking my own. That made her smile and she almost couldn’t continue, but then she got this super sexy look on her face and she began nibbling at her left one. When she was done and I was about to go insane she leaned forward and slipped her panties down. She was completely shaved. Her lips brushed my breast that was nearest my mouth and then she stepped away kicking off her underwear and we both laughed.

Then she crawled on the bed and laid on her back and with legs spread she said, “Come here, Lucy.”

I loved hearing my name come from her mouth. It sounded sexy and I just went to her without any sort of plan. I didn’t make it past her pussy. I went right in tongue first and I watched her continue to suck her own nipples as I ate her out. When I could tell she was getting close I pushed her legs back far and said, “Hold them.” She did and I moved my finger to her clit and rubbed it very lightly though quickly as my tongue lowered down and began to tickle her asshole.

She yelled, “Oh, I love this, don’t stop.”

And I didn’t and soon she was writhing in waves of pleasure. She had an amazing orgasm and she was sort of out of it for a bit, and super giddy, almost slap happy. And we both were laughing and rolling around on the bed and just cuddling for the longest time until I said, “I need fucked.”

She practically jumped out of bed and said, “Yes, you do!”

She did of course and I was noisy enough that everyone came upstairs to see what the fuss was about. She had done me on my back for a while with my legs over her shoulders, but by the time they got there, I was bent over the bed and she was fucking me doggy style with her hands squeezing my breasts.

Kristen gave me a kiss, and she stayed on the bed with us touching both of us, but Jill and Carmen went to my mom’s room and continued to make love on their own. After I had my fill, mom pulled out and fucked Kristen while I watched. At first I kissed Kristen and sucked her breasts some, but soon my mom was pounding her ass, and Kristen was just lying their moaning in a world of pleasure. She practically didn’t know I was there anymore.

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