My Family Secret Ch. 03

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As the small plane approached the runway in Monterey, I thought about the last month. First there was the surprise tryst with Misty and Jim at their cabin in Utah and then the not quite so surprise last weekend with Jackie and Monique. A month ago I never would have dreamed having sex with anyone in my family and certainly not my two older sisters. And here I am touching down in the coastal ‘burb of Monterey to spend the weekend with my mother. She apparently had started this by telling my oldest sister, Jackie, about how well-endowed my father had been. Of course, they had been drinking when the storytelling began. Jackie had told Misty and she acted on the information. I could only imagine that the exploits of the past few weeks had made their way to my mother.

She had a car waiting for me after I picked up my weekend bag. Ten minutes later we were pulling into the driveway to her home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Her day butler let me inside and told me she was finishing up a business meeting and would be available shortly. I tossed my bag in my room and found a cold beer and made my way to the rear deck that overlooks the ocean. Not fifteen minutes later, mother appeared by my side. She was wearing slacks and a business suit-jacket even though it was pushing 80 degrees. We hugged warmly, I have always been close to my mother. The butler brought her a cocktail and we shared our drinks while she played twenty questions catching up on my life with work and girlfriends. Neither of us mentioned Misty or Jackie. Our drinks finished, she told me she would only be a few minutes as she wanted to get a little more casual before we left for dinner.

Twenty minutes later I had the keys to her Carrera in my hand as we went off to dinner. We cruised down Highway 1 and thankfully there was very little traffic so I was able to let the car run. I always love to drive this car. It’s so exhilarating and set the perfect tone for the weekend. The valet opened her door to the low-set Porsche and mother had to put her hand over her skirt to avoid providing the valet a show. Mother was wearing a light front-button sweater, a tight skirt that stopped a bit above her knees and four inch heels. Even at 49, she is still dazzling to see and she loves to show off her body. Her breasts are somewhere between the girls, likely a 36C. Her hair is cropped short and blonde and the rest of her body is tanned and fit from regular sessions with her personal trainer.

Mother led me to the small bar just off the main room. She’s a regular and said hello’s to everyone, introducing me to those I didn’t know. We sat watching the sunset as we drank cocktails and she held court with the regulars. It wasn’t long before I felt her bare foot rubbing inside my right calf. After the past month, I can’t say I was surprised but it was still a shock the first time I felt my mother touch me in a sexual manner. In no time, I could feel my erection growing from her touch. She chatted with men and women alike, never really looking at me directly. We even had a couple people sit down beside me and it never deterred her touch. It was all hidden under the tablecloth with everyone in the otele gelen escort room oblivious. By the time we rose for dinner, her foot had found it’s way above my knees. The first few steps to our table were very awkward.

The dining room is pretty open in style so mother had to keep her hands (and feet) to herself. “Good evening, Livia.”

“Hello Carolyn, how are you tonight?” Carolyn was a beautiful brunette and would be our server. Apparently she was always mothers server as they acted as old friends, even though Carolyn couldn’t have been more than my age. “Do you know my son, Danny?”

“I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure. He is as handsome as you described.” I rose to shake her hand hoping my raging hard-on would not be obvious.

After taking our order and bringing another round of drinks, mother leaned over to me. “I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.” It wasn’t really a question and she followed it with a devilish grin.

Dinner passed uneventfully for the most part and we soon found our way zipping home along the Coast Highway. A full moon gently illuminated the top-down passenger compartment and I could see that her skirt had ridden well up her thighs. The road was curvy and required a somewhat constant attention to the gearing but when we reached a stretch where I knew we’d be in fourth gear, I let my hand slide off the stick and onto her left inner thigh. Mother made no attempt to move so I slid a little higher. “Mmmm, feels like Danny wants dessert. I do hope you hurry home.” The curve approached and I put my hand back on the stick to downshift but it was obvious where the evening would lead. Another couple minutes and we were pulling into the garage. When I had shut off the engine, I turned to her and she to me. Leaning forward, our lips met gently for the first time. We were both filled with lust and desire but we were both shy and tentative even though our intentions were known. My tongue pushed past her lips and we kissed with more passion this time. She finally broke the kiss, “I’m too damned rich to be making out in a car!” She opened the door and stepped out with me quickly behind her.

Dinner had been the foreplay so nothing more was needed. She led me straight upstairs to her spacious bedroom, turning on only a dim light to spray shadows all around us. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. Our bodies pressed together as our lips met again. This time she crushed her lips to mine and her tongue slid past my lips. Livia, my mother, ripped the shirt from my back. She bent her neck and bit into my right nipple giving me a charge. I struggled unbuttoning her sweater with her sucking and biting my nipples but I soon had it undone. My hand found it’s way to her left breast and I squeezed it through the cup. She reached behind and unfastened and I was promptly holding her bare breast in my hand. She stood up an slipped off the sweater and bra before unzipping the skirt and sliding out of it. She stood before me in four inch heels and the slightest of g-strings. I was amazed how sexy she appeared before me having never thought of my mother in this way in my pendik escort life.

Livia dropped to her knees and just stared at my crotch. My cock was erect and she could see the outline against my slacks. Her long fingers traced along it’s length, teasing herself before unfastening my belt and lowering my zipper. I put a hand on her shoulder for support as I kicked off my loafers and stepped free of my slacks. She leaned forward and kissed my cock through the thin fabric of my boxer briefs. Slowly, almost painfully so, she pulled down my briefs to expose my manhood to her hungry eyes. Looking down at her, I could see her eyes widen at recognition. “Oh Danny! You look just like your father!” I’ve got to say that it was the most interesting comparison I’d ever had made.

Her long fingers wrapped snugly around my cock near the base and she slowly slid them toward the tip. It was as if she were remembering the textures of my father. After being with my sisters, I had shaved my crotch nearly smooth with only a patch of pubes between my cock and belly button. Mother’s hands roamed over my smooth sack as she stared at my cock. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and she quickly rubbed it into my skin. Her lips followed the palm of her hand and I quickly felt the smoothness of her lips on my tip. Her lips opened wide as they slipped around the crown and I felt her tongue slide over the taught skin on the underside of my cock. I had to fight to control my breathing as the sensation of my mother, this sexy older woman, going down on my cock with great skill. Her mouth seemed to expand to take my large cock as she pumped up and down on it. I could feel her tongue sliding on the skin while her teeth lightly raked it. She was driving me wild with lust and I could feel my cum rising.

Livia squeezed my sac and the surprise pushed me over the edge of desire. My cock, buried fully in her mouth and down her throat, shot a full load of my cum. I cried out in anguish at the feeling. Mother drank it down effortlessly and pulled back just a bit. My second load filled her awaiting mouth. Her tongue made love to my cock before she let it slip from her lips. She stood up and grabbed the back of my head as she pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue split my lips and I quickly felt the warmth and stickiness of my second load of cum being pushed into my own mouth. Mother held me tightly and we shared the sensation. It almost made me feel light-headed as we kissed.

“I haven’t gone down on another man since your father passed,” I thought I could see tears well up in her eyes at the memory. “I always loved giving head and I missed it.” She broke our embrace, turned and lowered her g-string showing me her tanned, bare ass. “Enough of memories. Be a good boy and get between momma’s thighs.” Livia pulled back the sheets of her huge bed and laid down with her head supported by the headboard. Who was I to disappoint my mother!

I crawled onto the bed and moved between her thighs. I started at her ankles and kissed my way up to her inner thighs. I kept looking up to her, as if for approval, and continued to kiss and nibble up her rus escort thighs. As I drew close to her pussy, I could smell her scent of lust. Not surprisingly, she was shaved smooth and her lips looked so full and wanting. My mouth covered her pussy and my tongue began to slide between her lips, stroking up and down the slit. My tongue probed for her clit and found it waiting for me. It was hard and extended out to me. I flattened my tongue and rubbed hard over it’s surface. “Oh Fuck Danny! There … lick me there …” I had her begging for my touch. I slid two fingers into her pussy and finger-fucked in rhythm with my tongue raking her clit. I could feel her juices coating my fingers as they slid in and out of her. Her breathing got shallow and her thighs clamped around me. My tongue, stroking side to side, electrified her nerve endings. “Oh Fuck … I’m cu-u-u-mming …” she cried out as she thrashed her pelvis against my face. I continued to tongue her clit until she finally could take no more and pushed me away from sopping pussy.

I really didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath before climbing on top of her body and aligning my body with hers. My cock was once again rock hard and I lifted my hips and positioned my cock to her pussy. I plunged myself downward, my thick cock splitting her wet pussy lips apart as I did. Livia’s nails dug into my back as I supported myself on my elbows and pistoned my cock in and out of her gaping pussy. Her muscles clenched against my cock, tugging on it as I lifted my hips. Her body felt so good under mine as we fucked in unison. Once her pussy became accustomed to my size, she wrapped her legs around mine and pulled me deeper inside of her. “Cum inside of me, my baby boy.” The sound of those words put me over the top. I thrust fast and hard into her and quickly my cock was exploding with cum. A second, was followed by a third stream of my warm cum and I could feel my cock sliding easily coated with my own juices. Livia dug her nails deeper and thrust her hips up to me, “Fuck me Danny. Give momma that big cock!” Her body shook and Livia too came with me buried inside her pussy. My body collapsed on top of her and it the only sound was our panting breaths.

After catching our breaths, we cuddled on the bed for about an hour talking about the past. Mother told me about the last couple years before my father died at 39. She told me about some of the men she had been with but that she had always missed the intimacy with my father. She said she felt it with me. When she was talked out, I took her in my arms and we fucked once more before falling asleep intertwined in one another’s arms.

We slept in the next morning then lounged around by the pool until early afternoon. The intimacy was there but we didn’t talk of the night we had just shared. She told me she was meeting a couple friends for drinks and asked if I’d take her to the restaurant. She suggested we take her new Jaguar XK since it had a trunk, “You never know when a shop will call your name!” Even though I would have loved to dry the Carrera again, I grabbed the keys to the Jag. We sat on the deck overlooking the ocean. Apparently we were a few minutes early. We had been there twenty minutes when a pair of feminine hands covered my eyes, “Guess Who?”

Laughter erupted as I turned to see my sisters Jackie and Misty standing behind us. Jackie spoke first, “I guess we’ll be having that sleep-over tonight like mom had planned …”

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