My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 03

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Note: This story is basically true with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years.


The next morning as we were eating breakfast my father got back from a weeklong trip to assist one of his customers in starting up a new milling machine.

He looked tired and worn out. He said that he had had six days of over fifteen hour per day average trying to get this stupid machine operational. There was still many problem and he was going to have to go back with another technician on Tuesday of the following week for maybe ten days.

Mother hugged him and said to sit down, as breakfast was just about ready. Sherry poured us all a cup of coffee. He asked how everything was going and we all said “FINE.”

He asked how my jobs for the different “families” of the church was working out. I told him that I had only been over to Mr. Nelson’s and was going to go see what Miss Lund needed done this morning. He said that he remembered the day that Mr. Nelson passed away. He was one of the first upon the car accident. Both Mr. Nelson and dad were ushers in the church and sang in the men’s choir.

Mother grabbed the phone on the second ring, hoping it was not for dad, as she did not want him to be bothered for the rest of the week. It was Miss Lund, and she asked to talk to me.

She was coming to town to do some shopping and wondered if I wanted her to pick me up and save someone the long drive to get me to her house, which used to be her parents farm. (My car was having transmission problems and mother or Sherry was going to have to drive me) I said that would be great and I would be ready when she got here.

I sat and talked to dad for a while about his work and then went up to my room to get ready. Mother came in just as I was getting my shirt and pants on and stood watching me. She licked her lips and told me to not to work to hard, as it was to get very hot this afternoon. I told her I would watch it and stay cool. She also suggested that I take an extra set of clothes with, as I might need to change of clothes my dirty/ sweaty work clothes for the ride home.

I was just getting back down stairs when Miss Lund drove up into the driveway. She got out of the car quicker then I could get out to meet her. She said that she wanted to talk to my parents about something.

She can back out of the house and told me to get into the car as I was waiting for her to come back out of the house and we headed off across town to her place in the country.

As she was driving and we were talking, I keep calling her Miss Lund. She told me to call he Mary Jean, Jean for short.

I asked her what she had planned for me to do today. She said that the small barn behind the house needed to have a couple of things done to it and said that maybe even work in the garden.

On the way to her house she pulled into the drug store parking lot and said she need to get something and would be right back out. When she was inside, I sneaked a peek at some of the stuff she had bought at the ladies dress shop before picking me up.

She had a couple of blouses and pant set. In a separate bag she had three new bras. I looked at them and notice that they were 38 D’s. They were very thin material that I did not think could support her wonderful looking large breasts. Just as I was putting them back she walked up unnoticed to me and got into the car. She looked at me and asked if I thought her choice of bras was a good one? I told her that with only seeing them as I did I could only say maybe. I needed to see her in then to fully give her a good answer. I suggested that she model them for me later in the day. She smiled and said that she might just do that.

I said I was sorry for snooping and yes they were very sexy.

When we got to her house I carried her packages into the parlor and headed for the barn.

Now before I go any further let me describe Mary Jean Lund for you. She is and “OLD MAID” of forty-three years of age with the most red hair that you have ever seen. She is about five feet eight inches tall and like I said before, she has a set of 36 D breasts that seem not to have any sag to them. BUT remember, at this point in the story, I have only seen her with a bra on. Her waist is not that skinny, BUT not heavy either. Her ass is something to die for. I have seen her in church and never notice her body before this morning. In church she always has these fancy dress on that conceal the body beneath.

Jean had asked me to start painting the trim on the barn and that the paint was in the small shed out back of the house. I was just getting the tools and paint out of the shed when she walked up behind me and spoke. I jumped almost out of my skin when she did that. She just chuckled and said that she was hoping to help me with the trim painting of the windows in the barn.

I turned to see a gal that had changed into a set of old faded worn out shorts and a halter-top that did just kağıthane escort barely covered the bottom of her breasts.

I said that her help would be greatly appreciated, as I did not do a good job trim painting. I said that my mother always complained that I got to must paint on the window glass when I trimmed. Jean took a small brush and started to trim the lower windows. As she reached up to do the tops of the windows I got and eye full of the bottom of the pink see thru bra she had on as I was sitting on the ground, painting the bottom boards of the barn.

As we were painting, I got to talking about things and she mentioned that she had been talking to Dr. Johnson further about “my PERSONNEL manhood situation”. She asked me if I had any stories to tell about the “WORK” program that had been worked out for all concerned. I said that I did not think that it was my place to tell stories and with that she agreed.

I was later up on the ladder; painting the top boards, when she walked up to me and as I looked down her face was eye level with my cock. She looked up at me and with a big smile kissed my crotch. My cock jumped up and twitched in my pants. She reached up and took the paintbrush out of my hand and told me to get down off the ladder before I fell in the excitement.

When I got on the ground she walked over to me and kissed my lips and said that was enough work for today. I said I needed to clean the brushes, out so they would not get as hard as my cock was hard.

She winked at me and said that she was glad something else was getting hard at the moment and to forget the brushes, as she could always buy new ones.

With that she took my arm and led me into the hayloft of the barn. She pushed me down on to a blanket that she had spread out on the hay and jumped on top of me. Her breasts popped out the bottom of that short halter-top she had on and the pink bra stared me in the face. I reached up and firmly grabbed her breasts and cupped them. She wiggled her ass on top of my cock and pushed her chest into my face.

With that I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her tits fell forward out from her bra and hung directly in my face. I opened my mouth and started licking her nipples. They were very pale pink compared to my mothers and sisters. I have later been told that red heads do not have dark features.

Jean reached up and pulled her top over her head and with that her bra fell off also. She reached down and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off me. With her sitting on top of me bare naked from the waist up, I reached down and grabbed her waist and hooked my fingers in her waistband. I pushed down and her pants slid down. She rose up and with one hand flung them off. She took hold of my belt and told me to get my pants off so she could see that prize cock she had been told so much about.

I said that you have been rubbing your crotch on it for the last five minutes and should know how big it is by now. She said she needed to see if and feel it in her hands to believe what she was feeling. I took off my pants and slide my underwear off at the same time.

She sat back on my legs pinning them to the hay and reached and put her hands around my cock squeezing it so the head got even purpler. She could not get just one hand around it took both of them to rub up and down its length.

Jean started to salivate as her tongue licked her lips above my face. She said she had never seen a cock quite that huge. In face it was massive in both length and girth and she needed to get a better grip on it. She stroked it with vigor and I notice her nipples getting hard and pointed.

My cock was now leaking pre-cum all over the place and was falling right in front of Jeans pussy in a steady stream making a small puddle on the blanket that was on top of the hay. She reached one of her hands down and with her finger tips scooped some of it up and put it back on my cock head and got it good and soaked with his pre-cum, which she then used as a lubricant for stroking the rest of his cock.

I told her to turn around and put her pussy over my face so I could lick her pussy as she stroked my cock. She swung her leg over my body rubbing her leg on the head of my cock. When she put her legs on each side of my face the precum she had rubbed against smeared on my check.

She lowered her body down so I could get my tongue deep into her pussy. She started licking the head of my cock as I was sucking on her “love lips.” She started to tighten her legs around my face and I knew she was going to explode any minute. All of a sudden I got a mouth full of this sweet and salty juice that was running out of her cunt.

I licked her clit and with that she lower her head further and took the larger purple head of my cock into her mouth. Her one hand was stroking my shaft, while the other was cupping my balls. All of a sudden I felt my balls contract and I shot a load of cum into her mouth. She gagged and released my cock kartal escort from her mouth and the cum hit her in the face and hair. Once I stopped shooting cum in her face she again started licking my cock.

I manage to turn her around and kissed her and told her that was better then painting any day.

Jean laughed and pushed herself up on one arm. Her tits were right along side my face and I could not help but lick her tender nipples. They were still standing hard on end and when I started sucking on one she moaned and turned over and told me to do her doggie style right there in the hay.

I got behind her and reaching between her legs playing with her “love lips” while inserting three fingers into her pussy.

She told me to quite the foreplay and just stick my massive cock into her. I worked it back and forth a couple of times and on about the forth push she took all of me. I could not believe that she could take all fourteen inches of him. I keep running it in and out of her while reaching around and trying to grab her breasts. She was bucking so much they were swing and slapping her, I could not get hold of them. She pushed back against me and exploded with so much force that she had my ball pressed against her pussy lips and was playing with them with one hand while holding her self up with the other.

She rubbed my balls and with that and her cunts tightly wrapped around my shaft I felt the surge of cum coming all the way from my balls. As she felt it coming into my cock, she started working her muscles and sliding back and froth on my cock. We both exploded at the same time and she fell forward with me still buried to the hilt on top of her.

We lay there for a good long time before she asked me to pull out and get off her so she could get some of the hay off our sweaty bodies.

We ran out of the barn naked and into the house. As we left the barn Jean reached down and put her hand around my flaccid cock and lead me to the house like she was leading a dog by it leash.

Once inside the house I grabbed her and hugged her to me, smashing my cock into her stomach. She put her hands on the back and kissed me, sticking her tongue half way down my throat. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue. We got into a shower together and let the cool water flow over our bodies as we stood there holding and kissing each other.

I was washing her back and she was reaching behind herself holding my semi hard cock. She told me to lather it up and rub it in-between has as cheeks. With her height and my height my soapy cock just thrust between her legs and against her pussie.

She bent over and told me to try again. When she did that I was able to find he and pushed firmly against it. She pushed back but even with the soap and all my cock would not slip into her rear end hole

She turned around and had me stroke it between he leg against her pussy. She raised one leg up and I slid my cock into her cunt with ease. She leaned back against the wall and I worked my cock in and out of her. She was playing with her nipples and I just stroked in and out watching the show. After about five minutes her legs went weak and I could feel her juices running down my legs into the drain. We finished our shower and after drying each other off with large fluffy towels that we throw in the clothes hamper and went naked into the kitchen to see what we could fix for lunch.

As we were sitting across form each other eating lunch, I noticed there was a difference between Jeans and my sisters about the pussy lips. (My sisters had thin lips that were closed. Jean had generous, puffy lips and sometimes they were slightly parted and pink folds showed.)

I was very curious about the difference and asked her why they looked different. Jean said that it was most likely my sister were not a “broke in” as she was and laughed.

My cock already swelling, as I looked at those lubricious wet lips, as Jean spread her legs for me to get a better view. It was occasions like this that I wished that I had one of them new instant cameras that made pictures in one minute that they had just brought out for sale.

I got up and went over to her and kneeled down in from of her. I spread her legs even further with my hands and placed my head between her legs. I stuck my tongue out and started licking that sex-wet pussy that was right there in front of my face.

Jean slid her butt forward on the chair so I could stick my tongue as far into her hole as I could. I flicked my tongue up and down her clit to “tickles her fancy.” She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her snatch even further. I sucked on her “little man” and when I did that she cam with waves of pleasure. She held me with her hands on my ears and keep my face tight to her cunt. My face was soaked with her juices, as she crushed me head in her thighs. Holding my breath I kept up the pace of lapping up for another minute, as her sweet juice keeps flowing down my chin. She bucked a final küçükçekmece escort time and let the vice of her thighs go.

I stood up and fell back into my chair from exhaustion. She got down on her knees and reached out ever so gently to massage my cock. Jean looked up at me and told me that she was going to just lick me till I cam, as she knew she could not fit that monster into her mouth. I asked her to try to see how much would fit and as I leaned back into the chair I felt her mouth start to engulf my manhood.

I managed to stay semi hard so she could fit more of my cock into he mouth. But that did not last to long with her working her magic tongue up and down on him

I moved my hips forward, as she continued sucking my cock. I could not believe I have held out for this long. With a small gob of precum on her bottom lip she looked up at me and said, “Now its your turn to cum for me.”

Jean took hold of my balls and with one final suck on my cock, she got about 2/3 of it in her mouth. Her tongue flicked on the bottom of my cock just twice and I sent loads of cum down her throat.

Try as she could she could not swallow much of it. She released my cock from her mouth and aimed the rest on to her breasts. After I was done exploding all over her tits ahs took one hand and rubbed my cum all over her breasts. Her other hand was still on my balls, fingering them in a way that made then relax and tingle.

When all the life was out of both of us we had to clean up our mess on the kitchen floor and noticed it was only One thirty in the afternoon. Jean suggested that we lie down for a while and try to take a nap and rest if we could keep out hands off one another long enough.

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow on her bed. She laid beside me and fell asleep also.

We were awakened by the phone ringing. It was my sister wondering what time I wanted her to pick me up, as it was already six o’clock. I looked at Jean and she took the phone from my hand. She said that she would bring me home after we had supper in town at the steak house.

Jean asked my sister if she wanted to met us at the restaurant and have dinner with us. Sherry agreed to that and that would also save Jean from driving me all the way home.

When we got to the Steak house, Sherry was just pulling into the parking lot. As we were getting out of the car Jean reached over to me and rubbed my cock and said something that I id not hear that well. I smiled and got out the other door.

Jean walked around her car and said hello to my sister, and said she was happy that she could join us. Sherry looked some what confessed and said that you for asking her to dinner. Jean said it was the least she could do for all the help I had been to her today. Sherry looked at me and then with a BIG SMILE said,”I bet he assisted you.”

The three of us walked into the restaurant and were seated in a back corner as Jean requested. It was a booth and I got put in the middle of the gals. Jean ordered drinks for all of us. (Our state allows eighteen olds to have beer as long as an adult is with them)

After the first beer, Jean ordered another round and asked to be excused to go to the ladies room. Of course Sherry had to go with, as all gals have to go with someone else.

When they got back to the table the beers were just getting there and we also order dinner. After ordering Jean leaned over to me and kissed me on the cheek. Sherry moved her hand to my leg and slide closer to me. I looked at Jean and then at Sherry and had a “what the hell is happening look on my face.’

Jean placed her hand on my other leg and slide it up so it was touching my balls. (My cock was down the leg of my jeans that sherry was holding)

Sherry slide her hand up my leg till it touched the head of my now semi hard cock. She stopped as she touched it. Jean reached over and took Sherry’s hand and placed it firmly on the length of my cock. She then whispered to Sherry, This is what I have been playing with all day.

Sherry told her that she had once played with it when mother was involved. Jean looked at us both and with a look of pleasure on her face said, so what happened?

Sherry told her that mother let me play with her and rub my cock on her pussy, BUT I could not insert it and that was pleasure was for both of us later. We both told her we did not know, but hoped it happened soon, as we wanted to make love to each other. Jean looked at us and told us that there was no way the my cock would fit into Sherry’s virgin pussy without a lot of foreplay that would be needed over a couple of nights to stretch her so I could even think about sliding it into her.

Sherry smiled and told Jean about the toys that mother had that she had been using behind mothers back to work on “stretching her pussy.” She said that mother had about six “toys” of different length and girths that she had used, BUT never breaking her womanhood.

With this I had to go to the men’s room to get rid of the two beers I had had. Of course this was an excuses as my cock was now stiff as a board and hurt going down my leg. Jean noticed it and as I got up rubbed her hand on it so Sherry could see. Sherry gasped and let out this sigh. Jean said that we had better pay the bill and leave before I exploded.

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