My Daughter’s Garter Belt

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This one’s for the ever delectable Nikki M., who has her own reasons for liking this kind of story……………

I’m a realtor, a job I never imagined myself having when I was young but which has turned into something that I really enjoy. I get to meet lots of different people and set my own hours. I make plenty of money, which seems to mostly get spent on my wife Judy and my daughter Andrea. Not that I mind, because I love them both dearly.

One of my responsibilities as a realtor is to take videos of my clients’ homes. We post them on our website so that potential customers can take a virtual tour of the house they are considering buying. I also keep stills from the videos on my laptop so that I can show those off, too.

I own a fancy digital video camera, one with all of the bells and whistles. It was pretty expensive, but if it helps me sell houses I’m all for it. It uses several different batteries, and I was on the way out the door to meet a new client when I discovered that one of them was bad.

At this point, I figured that I had two choices. I could stop by the store on the way to my appointment and pick up a new battery. But I’d be a few minutes late to meet my client, and that wasn’t exactly the first impression I liked to give.

My other choice was to run upstairs and see if I could find the spare battery in Andrea’s room. My daughter has an MP3 player that uses the same battery, and I knew that she had one because I’d bought it for her just last week. I thought I was doing her a favor, but when I gave it to her she said, “Hey, I don’t need this but thanks anyway.” I said, “Keep it. You’ll need it someday.” I didn’t know that I was going to need it before she did.

If I could find the battery in her room quickly enough than I wouldn’t be late for my appointment. I decided that I’d gamble on looking in her room rather than the certain delay of running to the store.

I looked in the obvious place first – her desk. I was kind of uncomfortable going through it. She’s almost grown, and I felt that at her age she deserved her privacy. On the other hand, I was her father. I compromised by making as quick a search as I could. But I didn’t find the battery.

I moved my search over to her shelves. I looked under her colorful Beanie Babies and by her stereo. Behind her collection of pictures of herself and her friends through the years. I went through her assortment of costume jewelry. After a minute or two I concluded that the battery was not on her shelves.

The only place left was her dresser. I figured that it was unlikely that the battery was in with her clothes and I was jout going to skip it and run to the store. But then I remembered that I kept a drawer full of junk in my dresser. Maybe my daughter did too.

I went through her dresser quickly, just giving the clothes in each drawer a quick toss to look underneath. Of course the battery was in the last drawer I looked in. It was in a pile of assorted junk in the bottom left drawer, along with her underwear. I couldn’t help myself as I glanced at her panty collection. She had panties with bunnies, panties in silk and cotton, thong panties and satin panties. Panties in pinks and blues and lavenders. I drew my eyes away and grabbed the battery. I was about to close the drawer when I noticed it.

Almost hidden under a pair of silky cream colored panties was a garterbelt. It was black and lacy, and when I moved the panties to see it better I also saw a pair of shiny nylon stockings in a dark smoke color. Even though my eyes were drawn to it in a kind of “isn’t that sexy” way I really didn’t give it much thought. I mean, Andrea had always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

My daughter had never been one to dress up at all. She didn’t wear makeup and it seemed like she hardly ever even combed her short dark hair. Last Christmas it was like pulling teeth to get her to wear a dress to our family party. When she’d reluctantly put it on, Judy and I had complimented her on how pretty she looked, but our opinion must not have counted for much because she wouldn’t wear one again. But I guess that since she was an almost grown woman I assumed that she’d come to own some of that kind of stuff, even if she never wore it.

I took the battery and got to my appointment on time. We made a walkthrough video and I was on my way to another sale. Afterwards I stopped by the camera store and picked up another battery. By the time I got back it was almost time for Andrea to be home from school. My wife had rush hour to contend with and wouldn’t be home for a little bit yet. I sat down at my desk to work on editing my video into the perfect sales pitch.

Andrea came in a little later. She had on her usual pair of faded jeans, torn sneakers and a t-shirt. Her book laden backpack was slung over her shoulder. “Hey Dad.” That was her usual greeting as she bounced up the stairs to her room. I was working on my presentation and I figured that I could tell her about beşiktaş anal yapan escort borrowing her battery and give her the new one when she came back down.

I was trying to make my clients’ hopeless backyard look a little greener when Andrea waltzed through the living room again, obviously on her way out. She was still dressed in her jeans and t-shirt and her ever present backpack was still on her shoulder.

“Gotta split,” she said, bending over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Where’re you going?”

“Keith’s taking me to see the new Mandy Moore movie. It’s a sequel to that other one. It’s called ‘Night to Remember.’ It’s supposed to be really good, and I told you and Mom I was going last week.”

I vaguely remembered that conversation. I punched a key on my computer, saving my newly created video. By the time I looked up, Andrea was walking out the door, tossing a “Bye Dad,” over her shoulder.

She was already gone, and I hadn’t had the chance to give her her battery back. Oh well, I thought. If I put it back now she’d never know I’d been in there at all. I fetched the battery and went upstairs and tossed it into her dresser drawer. I had it almost closed when something struck me amiss. I still don’t know exactly why, but I pulled the drawer back open to take a look.

It took me a moment to realize what I’d seen. The garterbelt and nylons were gone. I took a quick shuffle through the panties in the drawer, but the sexy black underthings were definitely not there.

Now that was interesting. I mean, Andrea still had on her jeans and t-shirt when she left. She looked just like she always did. And she certainly hadn’t had time to put them on under her other clothes. My curiosity got the better of me and I took a quick look through the rest of her room like I had earlier, but this time looking for the missing underthings. They were nowhere to be found.

The nagging little question of what she might have done with the garterbelt tickled my curiosity as I went back downstairs to watch the news. The best explanation I could come up with was that maybe one of her girlfriends had left it here after a sleepover and Andrea was going to take it back. But that didn’t exactly make sense. Andrea had said that she was going to a movie with Keith. I may not know everything about my daughter, but I do know one thing – she never lies to me. Oh, she may stretch the truth here and there. And she’s not above leaving something out of an explanation if she thinks I shouldn’t know about it. But she’s never actually told me a lie.

I was contemplating my possible choices of action, and had settled on casually sharing my discovery with my wife. But I didn’t get the chance. I met her at the door when she got home, and I took her in my arms and gave her an appreciative hug and a warm kiss. Thoughts of Andrea’s garterbelt flew from my head as I held Judy. She looked delicious in her work clothes, and I didn’t get to take her out of them too often. As we kissed I was starting to think that maybe I was going to get my chance tonight. Andrea wasn’t home and we had the place to ourselves, at least for a couple of hours.

I leaned back as I held her and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Oh no you don’t,” she murmured.

“Why not?”

“Tonight’s girl’s night out.” She said this with that long suffering patient voice that all women seem to develop towards their husbands. She went out with a bunch of her friends once a month or so, and apparently it was tonight. “I told you about it last week.”

“Mmm,” I said, nuzzling her neck. “Sure you won’t change your mind?”

“Not this time, tiger. But hold on to those thoughts until I get home. I only stopped by ‘cause it’s on the way and to bring you a kiss.”

Judy delivered her kiss, and my head swam. “And to remind you that Andrea’s going to the movie tonight. You didn’t forget, did you?”

“Of course not! She’s already come and gone. ‘Night to Remember,’ with Mandy Moore, right?”

“Right.” She said this with a curious mixture of disbelief and confirmation. “But now I’m late and I have to get going. Looks like you get the house all to yourself for a change. Hope you enjoy it!” Judy pushed my hand away, buttoned her blouse, gave me a quick peck on the lips and left.

I don’t know why my wife thought I’d look forward to an evening alone. Fact is, I love both of the girls in my life, and I’m happiest when they’re around. I opened a can of beef stew for dinner and settled into the living room to try and watch some TV. I tried not to think about my daughter’s garterbelt.

But it was difficult. I found myself wondering if my daughter had some kind of secret sex life going on. What was she doing with that stuff anyhow? Where did she get it? I realized with a start that my dick was starting to get hard as I pondered my daughter’s garterbelt. Now I’m a leg guy from way back, and nothing can get beşiktaş bdsm escort me going faster than a pair of shapely legs in shiny nylon, even if it’s only in my imagination. But I felt more than a little guilty this time, because I was imagining my daughter’s legs.

Why on earth would she take stockings with her when she was going to the movies dressed in jeans? If she just liked to dress up and imagine her future sex life, why would she take them with her to the movies? I tried to ignore the image of Andrea in stockings, but I couldn’t do it. What could she be doing? In the end I convinced myself that it was my fatherly duty to try and figure out what was going on. For her own protection.

I got on my computer and looked up the local movie times to find out where the movies was showing. If it was nearby, then I probably had a good chance of catching them there. I found that it was playing at a movieplex about a mile away. That had to be the one they were going to. The movie was going to be over in just a little bit.

I got into my car and drove to the movie theatre, which was built into the corner of the parking lot of a large shopping mall. I drove around until I found a parking spot where I could see the front door of the theatre as the people came out, but wasn’t too visible. If I was going to play detective and follow my little girl around, it wouldn’t do to have her spot me.

I didn’t have long to wait. A couple of minutes after the movie ended a gush of people came out of the theatre. I almost didn’t see them, and a kind of shock went through me when I realized that I’d spotted my daughter. Andrea and Keith came out, giggling and with their arms wrapped around each other. But I’d never seen Andrea like this before.

My daughter was wearing the dark nylon stockings from her drawer and a pair of black high heeled sandals that just screamed “fuck me.” She had on a short skirt that hugged her girlish hips but flowed looser as it went down her legs. Her sexy blouse was unbuttoned enough to see her cleavage, and her tits were obviously unencumbered with a bra. I noticed a little stirring in my cock as I watched this vivacious girl bounce and giggle down the sidewalk. I wished that I was a teenager again with a girl like that on my arm.

I was in stunned. Where was my little girl? What had happened to my blue-jeaned daughter who didn’t care about how she looked? Who was this effervescent fox who was attracting the eye of every guy outside the theatre? Most of all, why had she kept this part of her life a secret? I made my mind up right then to follow her. As every parent knows, if your child has something she doesn’t want you to know about, than that’s the one thing you need to know about. And there was obviously some secret-keeping going on.

Andrea and Keith got into his car and started to drive home. I started my car and followed them as they drove through the mall parking lot. But at the bottom of the hill they turned left instead of right and drove to Montbello City Park. It’s is a pretty large grassy park with curvy roads, lots of trees and secluded places to pull over and neck, so it was pretty popular with the teenage crowd. I’d even taken Judy there a few times.

There weren’t many cars there, and I kept quite a ways back so that they wouldn’t see me as I followed them down the winding road. Keith parked the car under some trees at a sheltered curve in the street and turned it off. I figured that they were going to do some necking, and I parked where I was and turned my car off too.

From my position I could see the passenger window pretty clearly, and I watched as Andrea leaned over and started kissing Keith. They were obviously practiced, and I was about to fire up my car and go home. I didn’t know what I was going to do about Andrea. Maybe even nothing. My daughter obviously just liked to dress up sexy for her dates and for some reason didn’t want her mother and me to know about it. I figured that I’d better get home before she did so that I wouldn’t have to come up with an explanation about where I’d been if Andrea got home before me.

I was actually reaching for the key when Andrea’s head disappeared down into Keith’s lap. I couldn’t believe it. I sat there stunned, hoping that her head would reappear. This couldn’t be. Not my little girl. When her head came back up I relaxed a little, but my relief was very short lived. I watched as the top of her head began bobbing up and down. Obviously my daughter was giving her boyfriend a blowjob.

Keith’s head dropped back and he closed his eyes in ecstasy. I was filled with an immediate rage that this asshole was getting a blowjob from my little girl. As I sat there trying to decide whether or not to go over and yank him from the car and pound his face in I suddenly realized that another emotion was burbling up from my subconscious. I was jealous. Now where did that thought come from? I’d never had those beşiktaş elit escort kind of thoughts about my little girl before, but I was sure having them now. I felt guilty and aroused all at the same time.

As I sat there and watched a thousand emotions went through me before one surfaced and took hold. And I finally had to admit it to myself. I wanted to see. There’s no excuse. It was just plain lust on my part. There was a gorgeous little girl with long legs in dark stockings and a fuck-me outfit giving a blowjob to some lucky guy just a little ways from me, and I wanted a better look. Even if it was my daughter.

I got out of my car, not shutting the door so that I wouldn’t make any noise. Keeping some of the trees between me and Keith’s car, I approached the lovers as quietly as I could. When I go to the tree nearest them, I peered around. I was in for an even bigger erotic shock than I’d imagined. While I’d been out of sight Andrea had gotten up on her knees on the passenger seat, and her head was still bobbing up and down on Keith’s dick. I watched as his hand wandered familiarly over my daughter’s ass, and then began to lift her skirt out of the way. I wasn’t surprised to see the garterbelt holding up the dark stockings. But when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties I had to adjust my pants to allow room for growing dick.

My daughter’s bare buns were plainly visible through the window of the car as she blew her boyfriend. Her ass was taut and bouncing against the glass with the rhythm of her efforts. I’d never realized just what a wonderful ass she had. After all, I’d never seen it in anything but baggy jeans. I could see the pale pink rosebud of her asshole, and she spread her legs a little bit to allow Keith’s wandering hand better access to her pussy. She was obviously wet, and I thought I could hear her moan when he rubbed her clit.

Keith began sliding her cum around her bottom, making it all shiny and wet. He fondled her butt, occasionally sliding his hand to her slit to gather more of her cum. Once when his hand was out of the way and she arched her back I thought I caught a glimpse of her pussy. I couldn’t tell for sure but it looked like maybe it had been shaved. I guess that I’d always assumed that she had dark thick hair between her legs that matched the hair on her head.

I was debating grabbing my own cock and doing myself in the bushes. I hadn’t been this aroused in years. That tight little ass and wet pussy were every man’s wet dream. My cock was actually aching. Then Andrea’s bobbing slowed and became more deliberate. I knew that Keith was about to cum when his hand froze on her naked butt and he moaned loudly enough that I could hear it. His back arched as he thrust himself into my daughter’s mouth. Andrea didn’t withdraw her head. It dropped down even further into his lap, and I was sure that she was swallowing his load as he thrust and spasmed into her.

They were done, and it was time for me to go if I didn’t want to get caught. I went back the way I’d come, keeping the trees between me and Keith’s car. I got back into my car and kind of hunched down just in case one of them looked my way. I peered over the top of my dashboard, watching. After a minute or two the car started up and they began to drive away. I started my car and followed them.

This time they drove to our house. I parked unseen a few houses down, curious about what their routine was. I mean, Andie had never come back from a date dressed like this before.

Andrea got out of the car, backpack in hand. She leaned in the open door, obviously saying goodbye. Then she turned to walk up to the house, a kind of satisfied wiggle in her walk. Keith started up his car and drove away. Andie didn’t go to the front door, but walked around to the side of the house. There’s a large lilac bush there next to a maple tree, and if she was in the right spot she couldn’t be seen from either our windows or the neighbors. I figured that she was going to hide there and change back into her jeans, and I wanted to catch her in the act. A ‘Night to Remember?’ I’d give her a night to remember.

I got out of my car and hurried to surprise her. When I came up behind her, Andrea had already removed her high heels. She held them in one hand while she rummaged with the other in her backpack, pulling out her jeans. When I grabbed her arm she was so startled that she almost pulled free. Then she saw it was me.


I didn’t answer. I walked towards the front door, half shoving and half pulling my daughter along. She’d always been a little small for her age, and I had no trouble pushing her around. “Daddy! What are you doing! Stop it!” Andrea got madder as we went along, but she had no idea how much I knew about her activities or she would have been more frightened and less angry.

When I got her inside I let her jerk away from me. She dropped her backpack on the floor, but she still held her black high heels in her hand. Andie knew she was in trouble. She just didn’t know how big it was. She looked so fetching as she waited for my inquisition that I almost decided to just let it go. But no parent worth his salt backs away from a confrontation just because it’s going to be uncomfortable. I folded my arms as I stood in front of my daughter, using my ‘mad daddy’ pose.

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