My Cousin Tara, The Amateur Stripper

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As a disc jockey, I have opportunities galore for sex. I work several different clubs per week, and most are recurring gigs. Gratuitous nudity is something I truly love, and it’s a rare week when I don’t get to see an ass or a pair of fine breasts bared for my viewing pleasures while I’m working (and that doesn’t include the ones that come home with me for some after-hours fun). Several places are actual dance clubs, but I also work smaller bars as well. One bar I work at is in a small Podunk town that just happens to be where I went to high school, Washington Tigers territory. Yippee ki-yi-yay. For those of you who aren’t familiar with these small rural towns, it’s a place where everybody knows everybody. You wave to cars driving by, the town gossips (that town has several) keep everyone informed of everyone else’s business, and a large percentage of the population is related in some way. I come from a big family, and there are a lot of ’em living in and around that town. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me then, really, when my cousin Tara got hired on there as a bartender.

Tara was one of those girls that, growing up, were always Little Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes. Never drank, never partied, she just studied and did the things a good girl does (whatever they may be). Nowadays, however, she had become one of the hottest commodities this little town had to offer. Wavy chestnut brown hair, a beautiful smiling innocence that was betrayed by her tight, tight jeans and her half-shirts exposing that pierced belly button and flat tummy. I was elated to learn that she was now working at this particular bar. Tara was a rather distant cousin (my mom and her dad are first cousins, whatever that makes us), and since she was about six or seven years younger than I, we’d never really known each other very well growing up. Over the course of several months I began to get re-acquainted with this cousin that I’d never really known in the first place, and I came to realize that this was a young woman whose company I truly enjoyed. I began coming by on my nights off on occasion when she was working, playing some pool with the guys, chatting with the owner, but I could admit to myself (if not anyone else) that I was really going there because of Tara. There was just something about her, this impish naivety that somehow made her even more alluring. Oh, and the fact that she had a body that could make a saint weep with lust. The odd thing was the fact that she seemed totally unaware of her own sensuality, or so I thought….

It came about on just a regular Thursday night gig. I’d brought all my equipment in and was busy setting up when I overheard the conversation that Tara was having with one of the other bartenders (he was off that night, I think he hung out there for the same reason I did). The place was quiet, only a few people were there that early, so their voices carried over to me clearly. I listened in amazed silence as Tara told of a pair of drunken customers the night before offering her a twenty to show them her boobs, but what shocked me was the fact that she said she’d gone ahead and flashed them! You could have knocked me over with a feather. Where had this come from? I had thought of Tara as the same person she’d been back in high school, but obviously something had changed since then. I decided it was a good time to go grab a beer, I left the remaining setup work undone as I slipped behind the bar and cracked open a bottle, taking a long swig as I eased my way over next to Tara and into their conversation. Tim was griping good-naturedly about the fact that he’d missed her little show, and joking about pulling out a twenty right there on the spot so he could get some of that action. Tara’s next words caught the total attention of both Tim and I.

“What I’d really like to do is go to the Lion’s Den (a strip club about an hour away) on amateur night!” she giggled.

That mental picture had both Tim and I speechless for a moment, there was a long pause before either of us found our tongues again, then we both started babbling our approval of that splendid idea! Tara just laughed it off, saying she’d be too embarrassed to show herself off like that, and we let it go for the moment. I went back to my work, finishing off the last bit of my setup, but my mind kept wandering back to the thought of Tara on a stage slowly, seductively pulling off her clothes to show that incredibly hot body of hers. My cock stirred in my jeans as my imagination went wild, picturing her bending over above me, her ass pointed right at me as she slipped a pair of g-string panties down over her tight buns, exposing herself to my gaze, just for me.

I snapped out of my daydream, realizing I was standing stock-still with a forgotten speaker cable in my hand. I finished up as quickly as I could, hampered by my now-straining erection.

The show kicked off, and I was thankfully distracted from my thoughts about my cousin for a few hours as people yabancı escort started dancing, requesting music, and all the other normalcy of one of my gigs. At one point I even had the distinct pleasure of autographing a young woman’s bare breast (not that I’m famous or anything, I think she was just wanting the attention), copping an easy feel as I signed just above her nipple. The gleam in her eye as she walked away told me that she’d definitely enjoyed it, and I made a mental note to make a play for her sometime, the sooner the better.

Aside from that, however, it was a pretty dull night and I was more than happy to make the announcement for last call at the end of the evening’s festivities. The young lady that I’d felt up had already latched onto some guy she’d apparently been waiting for (he showed up not ten minutes after I’d scribbled on her breast with a pen, wonder what he was going to think of that when he saw it?) and I’d gotten a name and email address from another cutie. All in all, not a bad night.

I was just finished packing up, the last patrons long gone when Tim brought up the twenty dollar bill again. We all laughed about it as I collected my pay from Tara, two hundred bucks cash was handed to me in (you guessed it) twenty-dollar bills. Tara turned away, counting her tip money and I peeled the top bill off and held it between two fingers as I grinned at Tim behind Tara’s back. He raised an eyebrow at me, looked at Tara and back at me, a puzzled look on his face. I tossed the bill onto the bar in front of him and understanding dawned on his face as he scooped it up.

“So…. How did you do tonight?” Tim asked Tara as she finished her counting.

“Not so hot, only forty-three bucks for the whole night,” she said, turning around. Her eyes widened when she spotted the twenty in Tim’s hand and the grin on his face. She looked at him then me, her eyes wide, wondering if he was serious.

“Oh, like I’m going to flash my tits when my cousin is here,” she laughed, trying to play it off.

“Hey, do what you wanna do,” I quipped, thinking fast. “It’s not like I haven’t seen any before. Besides, if you were serious about the stripping thing then Tim and I would be happy to critique your dancing, lord knows we’ve spent enough money at strip clubs.” At this point I lightly kicked Tim in the ankle, hoping he’d play along, and sure enough he came through for me.

“Yeah, I’ve bumped into Rick up there several times,” Tim lied, “I guess you could say we’d make pretty good judges of what’s hot and what’s not.”

It took us at least fifteen minutes of cajoling and promises not to breathe a word of this to anyone (and a stiff shot for all three of us) before Tara finally caved. I did my best not to skip for joy as I hurried over to lock the front door, and Tara turned on the jukebox and began looking through it for something she could dance to.

“My pants aren’t coming off, guys,” she said in a slightly quavering voice as she pressed the buttons and a song came on. Both Tim and I readily agreed to that rule as we sat on our barstools, beers in hand, waiting for Tara to begin her little private show for us.

“I don’t know if I can do this, guys,” she said quietly. “I’m a little embarrassed here.”

“What are you embarrassed about? You are incredible!” Tim and I both nearly shouted. “You’re beautiful, you’ve got one helluva sexy body, and every guy that was in here tonight wanted you,” I blurted out.

Tara gave me a funny look then said, “You really think I’m sexy?”

“Oh yeah,” Tim and I both affirmed.

A small, secret smile appeared on Tara’s face as Tim and I kept blathering on about her beauty, our words tapering off as she began to move her hips to the music. Enthralled, we both just sat there, our bottles of beer forgotten as Tara danced right there by the bar in the dim light of the neon signs that weren’t yet turned off. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, the hottest babe in this town (who happened to be my cousin) was giving a pretty good bump and grind just for us two guys.

“How’s this?” she asked, pausing for a moment. We both quickly assured her that she was doing just fine and she resumed dancing, turning her back to us and arching her back, her perfect ass jutting toward us in a lewd pose as she locked her knees, bending at the waist and rotating her hips in small circles, looking at us over her shoulder, gauging her performance by our reactions. I honestly can’t say what Tim’s reaction was, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her. My cock was already straining for release, and I hadn’t even seen any skin yet! I just nodded dumbly, praying that she wouldn’t chicken out on us. She bent further at the waist, her ass sticking up as she looked back at us between her legs, her hands grabbing her ankles, the most beautiful upside-down smile on her face. She stood quickly, turning around and placing both hands on her stomach, yeni escort her little top catching between her splayed fingers as she rubbed her own stomach, teasing us with glimpses of her tanned and taut stomach as she brought her hands to the underside of her breasts, her fingertips gliding along the crease under her tits but keeping them hidden under her tight shirt. Her nipples were beginning to poke through her top and I couldn’t help it, I licked my lips as I stared at them, wanting to see, wanting to taste her succulent skin. Her eyes kept watching Tim, then me, switching back and forth between us as she began to gyrate more wildly, bringing her hands to her temples, raking her fingers through her hair and tossing her head seductively.

I came out of it just a bit, realizing that I was leaned so far forward on my barstool that I was about to fall off. I leaned back once again, closed my mouth (it had been hanging open for some time), and tried to get comfortable in my chair. My prominent bulge was plain to see, and she made sure to get a good look as she continued to strut her wares for us.

I don’t know if it was my hard cock, the thought of that twenty, or just what that made her suddenly decide to grab the bottom of her shirt and suddenly whip it up over her head, but I didn’t care. This was a moment that would never be forgotten, those magnificent breasts bared for us for the first time, the areolas about the size of a quarter and her nipples standing very proudly atop two mounds that looked very close to a C-cup in size, seeming to defy gravity as they bobbled in front of us. I sucked in a weak breath as she pulled off her top, smiling at us.

“Wasn’t something said about a twenty?” she teased as Tim quickly produced the bill I’d slipped him. She walked seductively forward, her smile a predator’s now as she brought her arms together, smashing her breasts together, her hands just inches from Tim’s legs. Tim slowly reached up and slid the folded bill into her front pocket, his fingers moving inside the denim in a futile search for bare skin. Tim’s fingers pressed into her, his hand nowhere near an erogenous zone, but Tara’s gasp made it apparent that she was excited by the touch nonetheless. She placed her hands on his shoulders, running them down his chest as she leaned forward and whispered something I couldn’t make out into his ear. Tim nodded weakly as she stepped back, her eyes moving to me.

When she saw the twenty that I was holding, she hesitated only a moment before moving away from Tim and stepping between my knees, her thighs pushing mine outward. My cock was now as hard as it could be, crammed into my jeans. It was very obviously pointing straight down my left leg, and it was so stiff that the head could be plainly seen even through the denim. Tara’s eyes seemed to be locked on it as she shook her gorgeous breasts in my face, then leaned close like she had for Tim.

“Did I make you that hard?” she whispered in my ear. I, like Tim, could only nod dumbly as she smiled that predatory smile once more. She stood back up and, to my shock and delight, unbuttoned her jeans, pulling apart the fly to allow me a glimpse of something pale blue and satiny down low. She slid a hand into the front of her jeans, moving it along sideways to her hip, and pulled that hand back out to reveal her thumb hooked under the side of her panties. I slid my twenty under the waistband, her skin hot against my knuckles. She let go of the panties with a loud snap as she stepped back, that hungry leer still on her face.

“So that’s a twenty from each of you. You know, if you each had one more I think I could be convinced to step out of these jeans,” she quietly said.

Tim and I immediately began digging in our pockets; we didn’t even need to look at each other. I had another bill in hand in nothing flat, but Tim was still searching.

“Oh god, I don’t have a twenty!” Tim moaned. I stared incredulously at him, unbelieving. I whipped a second bill out, muttered “you owe me,” and slapped it into his hand. Tara’s smile had faded for a moment when Tim turned out his empty pockets, but when I produced the two twenties it returned full-force. She stepped close to Tim, slowly lifting her right foot to his crotch before resting it on the barstool between his legs.

“Wanna help me with that shoe?” she breathed as she stood there, balanced on one foot yet somehow retaining a dignity about her. Tim immediately pulled off her tennis shoe and she stepped over to me to repeat the same maneuver with her left foot. I slipped the shoe off, savoring the feel of her foot pressing into my groin.

Tara took a step back to give herself some room and to make sure we both had a clear shot as she turned around, her thumbs pulling her tight jeans down. Her back arched again, returning to the same pose she’d held earlier as she bent at the waist and slid the denim over her hips, exposing yenibosna escort her small, satiny blue panties and that well-defined ass that they couldn’t hide. She stepped out of her jeans and kicked them aside as she turned around, her little white ankle socks and panties the only clothing left now as she moved forward to stand between Tim’s wide-spread knees. I could only watch, mute, as she began gyrating her hips, Tim’s hands inching forward before finally giving in and moving down to cup and squeeze her cheeks. I looked at Tara’s face, surprised to say the least when she didn’t object. Instead, she gave a loud gasp and closed her eyes as Tim’s hands started to slide under the silky fabric, trying to pull it down off her ass. She didn’t say a word, just brought her hands to his shoulders as he brought a hand around to the front, hanging onto him as he pushed the panties aside and pushed a finger into her. She clutched at him, moaning loudly, as he began to saw his finger in and out, her excitement plainly heard even over the music.

Tara seemed to come to her senses a bit and suddenly pushed away, breaking contact with Tim, her light blue panties still pushed to the side and baring her most secret charms to my lustful gaze. She quickly adjusted herself, much to my disappointment, and stepped back toward Tim with a finger in the waistband of her panties. She pulled the side out, baring her hipbone and inviting Tim to put the bill in her skimpy undies. He slipped the twenty into her panties and she quickly took a step back, doubt warring with desire on her face. I held up the twenty between two fingers as I gave her my best smile, mischief written all over my face. She moved forward, sliding her thumb under the other side of her panties, then hesitated. Staring at the huge bulge in my jeans, she said quietly, “Since you’re the one that’s actually paying for this, I guess I’d better give you a show too, huh?” When I didn’t answer immediately, she tore her gaze away from my crotch to look me in the eye.

“Worried?” I asked softly. When she nodded, I motioned her to come close so I could whisper in her ear. As she came within my reach, I slid a hand around her waist as I leaned in and said, “I told you honey, anything that happens here tonight will strictly stay between us. Just relax and go with it.” She flashed a relieved smile at me as she wrapped her arms around my neck, her breasts staring me in the eye. I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from those bobbling beauties until, without warning, Tara grabbed the back of my head and buried my face in the valley between those luscious tits. I could actually feel her giggle as I tried to turn my head and capture a nipple in my mouth. She somehow kept my head where she wanted it though, and it was only then, while straining to move my head, that I realized that my hands were on her ass.

I spread my fingers and gave a good squeeze, hoping she wouldn’t back away, and sure enough she moaned loudly once again. I stopped trying to turn my head and settled for backing away to look at her face. She loosened her grip and looked down at me, wanton lust written all over her face. I kept my eyes locked on hers as I slowly turned my head, moving closer, my mouth opening. She sucked in a deep breath as I closed my lips over her nipple, my eyes still focused on hers as she let out that deep breath in a loud groan. My hands began exploring at the same time, one dipping down low between her thighs to trace a fingertip along her panty-covered seam. When I received no objections, I took my turn pushing my fingers under the last bit of cloth hiding her treasures and sliding them into her very wet pussy. Tara was turned on enough at this point that all she could do was whimper, spreading her knees wider as I fingered her skillfully.

We both suddenly felt Tara’s panties sliding down and realized that Tim had gotten tired of watching and wanted to join in the fun, slipping her undies down over her hips to fall at her feet. I withdrew my fingers from her sex as she leaned back against Tim, her hands coming up to grab him by the sides of his head and turn his face to hers as they kissed hungrily. I could only stare at the body before me, her arms raised, her knees parted, the brown triangle of neatly trimmed hair above her open pussy. I knew what I wanted next as I brought my fingers to my mouth for a taste of her honey, dropping to my knees to worship at my cousin’s sex. As I pushed my head between her thighs I glanced up to see Tim’s hands cupping her breasts, squeezing and toying with her nipples. When Tara felt me moving between her legs she drew in a loud gasp, but I gave her no time to object as I plunged my tongue into her, sucking on her clit, my fingers digging into her well-toned thighs. Tara shrieked with pleasure from my ministrations, almost collapsing in Tim’s arms as he kissed her once again, taking her hand and placing it on his bulging cock. She pressed her palm flat against him, rubbing up and down his erection as he fumbled to get his jeans unfastened. As soon as his fly was open her hand shot through the opening to grasp his cock in her fist, his groan loud in the now-quiet bar. When had the music stopped? I don’t think any of us had noticed.

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