My Cousin Holly Ch. 05

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I was awakened by a light kiss on the lips and a shake of my shoulder, I opened my eyes to see mom kneeling next to the bed smiling.

“Dev come with me, I want to take a dip in the pool and we can talk.”

It was 8:45 in the morning, “Gee mom you overslept.” I said with a laugh, don’t ask me why but Mom always got up at 6:00am. Holly rolled over opened her eyes and smiled at Mom and I and said,

“Morning, what’s up?”

Mom told her “she just wanted some private time with her little boy.” Holly giggled throwing back the sheet exposing my limp cock,

“Little boy, I don’t see anything little about this” she said grabbing my cock.

Laughing mom told her “I’d always be her little boy.” Then she asked “if she could steal me away for a little while?” Holly smiled, kissed me, told mom not to wear me out and went back to sleep.

Mom led me downstairs by the hand, when I tried to head down to the basement to get my trunks she told me “not to worry about it.” When I thought about it she was right my aunt and uncles closest neighbors were almost a mile away. The pool was surrounded by a high hedge on three sides with the fourth only open to the back of the house making it quite peivate.

When we got to the pool I dove right in trying to wash the exhaustion from my body, the cool water helped but it wasn’t enough. Mom watched for a few minutes before she joined me. When she shed her robe much to my surprise she was naked underneath, the sight of her made my cock twitch. She made hardly a splash as she entered the water, Mom was an accomplished college diver and swimmer. Mom swam laps in our pool at home a few times a week till it got cold then she’d swim at the gym, she was in great shape for women half her age.

I’d had the most incredible sex with my mother just a few hours ago but I never realized how beautiful she truly was. She was built exactly like Aunt Donna the only difference’s being her short jet black hair, they could have been sisters instead of sister in-laws.

“Honey about what happened last night…I.” I quickly cut her off,

“Mom I’m ok with everything. Last night was unreal; I’ve never felt so good in my life. I’ll admit I was a little freaked out at first but I want it to happen again, if you want to I mean.”

Her face was beaming,

“Honey any time you want me I’m yours, having you and dad inside me together,I just can’t describe how it made me feel.”

She pushed me against the side kissing deeply, her hand finding my quickly stiffening member. Mom maintained the kiss and was stroking me slowly when my fingers found her clit causing her body to shudder violently,

“Dev, sit up on the side I want to suck you.”

Holly’s wakes up;

I got up a few minutes after Dev and Aunt Carol left and headed for the shower, I couldn’t find my robe so I went nude, what the hell. I got a start when I walked in; Uncle Dan was just getting out of the shower having forgotten to lock the door. “Sorry Uncle Dan I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Morning honey, you guy’s sleep well?”

“Not enough sleep, but we’re going to the beach later so we can sleep there, did Mom wear you out last night,” I said as I brushed my teeth.

“Your mother loves to fuck, just seems like she can never get enough.”

“Look who’s talking” I said as I squeezed Uncle Dan’s stiffening cock.

“I can’t help myself with all you beautiful women around, you know. You ok about last night?”

Uncle Dan was a sweetheart and I new he really was concerned. “Dev asked me the same thing…last night was excellent, I loved it all but I’m so fucking sore, you guys wore me out.” “Sorry honey.” He said as he bent and sucked my left nipple gently.

“No apologies necessary Uncle Dan, I only came about fifteen thousand times.” He was laughing, “Have you seen your Aunt Carol this morning?”

“She woke Dev up a little while ago; I think they went for a swim.” Holly looked out the window and laughed,

“Uh oh, they’re being naughty again.”

Uncle Dan came up behind me to take a look, “I guess your Aunt Carol is getting into it again. Thank god, since you guy’s moved I’ve been jerking off 5 times a day.”

“Doesn’t she like to fuck?”

“She loves it but she’s topkapı escort involved in so many things and she still works. Your Aunt’s just tired…but it’s ok, that’s why she doesn’t mind your mom and I doing it.”

“You guys really fucked grandpa and did all that stuff with him?

“Holly your grandfather still fucks his 34 year old housekeeper every day.”

“Bullshit, He’s too old.”

“I was paying her to have sex with him, an extra $100 a week, you know what she did?”

“Asked for more money,” I said laughing; Uncle Dan smacked me on the ass and continued.

“She told me he was the best lover she’d ever had and she should be paying him. Now she’s his live in maid, ask your mom if you don’t believe me.”

“Maybe I’ll find out for myself the next time we visit him, I’d like to see that 13 inch cock for myself.”

“I think he’d like that, but if you think your sore now wait till pop gets done working that little pussy of yours, OUCH!”

“Maybe I’ll just stick with you and Dev, all I know is if I were Aunt Carol with your two big cocks around the house I’d never get out of bed, she should take advantage of it.”

“Holly honey I think she will” uncle Dan went back to looking at his wife and son as did I.

Dev saw us looking and waved to us.

“Holly,look at your aunt suck that cock.” Uncle Dan was fully aroused now and he pushed his cock between my legs from behind.

“Oh god, you guys are going to kill me with those big fucking dicks.”

I grabbed the baby oil from the cabinet, coated my pussy and his cock with it, then bent over leaning on the window sill so I could watch Dev and Aunt Carol. Uncle Dan rubbed his cock up and down my slit a few times, it felt great but when he tried to enter my ass I stopped him. “Only my pussy uncle Dan ok, you really tore my asshole up last night ok?”

“Sorry honey; I get crazy sometimes but your so beautiful I couldn’t help myself, you should have told me to stop.” “I didn’t want you to stop but I’ll know better next time.”

“We can use some Anal Ease next time; it’s the stuff the porno stars use.”

“I thought they used Astro something or other.”

“Trust me honey” he said as he kissed me and slid his slick dick into my oily snatch.

Back to the pool;

I was watching Holly’s face and I new dad was fucking that tight pussy, she broke the kiss looked at me and mouthed the words “I love you” Making me crazy.

I dragged mom from the pool laid her on a lounge chair and went down on her, it was only then that I realized she was completely shaved. While I sucked mom’s pussy I kept looking up at Holly and dad, they were getting me really hot. When Mom noticed me looking up she half turned and laughed when Holly and dad waved to her while I just kept licking that sweet mommy pussy.

“Your dad loves that little girl but I hope he doesn’t hurt her with that big dick of his. Sometimes he forgets and gets a bit rough;

I told him to take it easy on her next time she’s…mmmmmmm…Oh fuck Dev that’s the spot…yes lick mommy’s clit, she’s only a kid.

Mom was getting ready to come,I could feel it.


“Uncle Dan Aunt Carol’s cumming look at her. OOOOH fuck your cock feels so good…fuck.Tell me when your gonna come I want to suck it.

Holly talking like that pushed dad over the edge.

“Holly I’m getting ready, shit your pussy so fucking tight.”

“Come on Uncle Dan show me how much you love my pussy and shhot that a big fucking load.Uncle Dan I’m cumming…fuck it harder OOOOOOOH GOD FUCK ME. DON’T STOP YOU FUCKER OOOOOOOOH GOD YES FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK..OOOOOOOH!”

Uncle Dan could fuck but I wanted that load in my mouth so I dropped to my knees and swallowed half his cock making him groan loudly. I pulled it out of my mouth and started stroking it with both hands and licking its huge head,

“Come on give it to me, you like fucking me don’t you, you love little girl pussy?”

All Uncle Dan could do was nod; men were so helpless when you had their cocks in your mouth. türbanlı escort Uncle Dan was really fucking my face hard. When his balls started to tighten I stuck my finger in his ass to see what would happen.

Uncle Dan jerked back onto my finger accidentally pulling his cock from my mouth and plastered my face with his first spurt. I quickly sucked him back into me and started milking him as hard as I could. I was swallowing as much as I could and when I was full I let him blow the rest all over my face neck.

“Oh god Holly that was great, you suck cock just like your mother.”

A second later Mom walked in smiling, she looked at me covered in her brother’s spunk and purred, “mmmmm, breakfast yummy.” Mom started hungrily licking my face and neck then suddenly dropped to her knees and swallowed Uncle Dan’s cock in one gulp.

“Gee Donna I guess your horny again huh?”

Mom just kept sucking until Uncle Dan was fully hard again then bent over wiggled her ass at him. Mom leaned on the window sill where I’d just gotten fucked and Uncle Dan shoved his big dick right up her ass in one thrust. Mom grunted loudly driving herself back in perfect time with Uncle Dan’s thrusts making it was obvious they’d been lovers for years. It took a minute before Mom Noticed Dev and Aunt Carol by the pool,

“Danny look at them go, see that look on Carol’s face. OOOOH GOD I LOVE YOUR DICK DANNY BOY, she’s loving that cock.”

“I know, I think this will get her going again” Uncle Dan said. Mom got a sad look on her face, “What about me, you won’t forget about me will you?”

I really felt bad for mom, “Mom you can fuck Dev anytime you want” I kissed her shoving my tongue into mouth and pinched her big nipples making her sigh loudly.


Mom and Uncle Danny came at the same time; this guy was like a fucking machine, he came twice in less than 10 minutes after fucking all night. Then Uncle Dan did something wild he got on his knees and sucked his cum out of mom’s ass and judging by the looks on both their faces they both loved it. Mom turned on the shower and asked if I’d like to join them,

“No thanks I’ll take one later” I answered and excused myself and quickly headed for the pool.

When I got near the pool Dev was on top of his mom fucking her hard and fast. My Aunt had her legs locked around his slim waist and she was holding on for dear life begging him not to stop.

I quietly approached never taking my eyes off them; when Dev Finally saw me he took my hand and without missing a beat sat me on Aunt Carol’s face. Aunt Carol went right for my clit, finding it quickly. Dev and I were facing each other kissing while we both fucked his mother, he in her pussy and I on her face.

When Aunt Carol came she went wild bucking and thrashing around like a wild animal never releasing my clit until I came as well, she could really lick pussy. I basically fell off and just lay on the carpet quivering while Aunt Carol begged Dev to stop saying “she couldn’t take anymore.”

Dev had an evil look in his eye and started to slowly long stroke her beautiful cunt while he talked to her.

“You don’t really want me to stop; you love your little boy’s big cock don’t you?”

Aunt Carol couldn’t talk she was at the point where Dev had made her feel so good she’d just lost control and couldn’t function. Let me tell you his cock could do that to you, he was an unbelievable lover.

“No baby I’m just I …Oh god you fuck so good just like your dad.”

He rammed his cock into her up to the hilt causing her to buck wildly while begging him to stop.

I felt bad for her so I whispered in his ear for him to be nice and he pulled out.

“Devon fuck mommy’s mouth please; shove that big fucking dick down my throat right now I need it bad.”

He climbed up on the chair and started fucking her mouth. He started slow but once he was all in he picked it up, she loved it grabbing his ass and squeezing his balls. I could see he was getting close to cumming and I was feeling kind of left out so I got behind him and started licking his asshole. tüyap escort He was really getting into it when I slid a finger then two in and started to fuck him, causing to moan,

“Oh yeah fuck my ass mmmmmm that’s good Hol…do it harder…oh god that’s fucking good!”

He was holding his moms head and fucking her mouth when he grabbed me by the hair pulling me down next to her. Dev put us face to face pulled his cock out of her mouth and blew a massive load all over us. His first shot caused him to groan almost like he was in pain but trust me when I tell you he wasn’t.

Devon shot rope after rope of his cream all over our faces, in our mouths on our tits, while calling us every foul name under the sun but I knew he loved us so what the hell.

I’d never blown a load like that before, Holly and mom’s faces were completely covered and my dick just kept pumping the stuff out without even being touched. When my cock finally stopped spurting I fell back onto the carpet and closed my eyes totally drained.

When I Finally opened my eyes Mom and Holly were kissing and licking each other passionately while rubbing cum all over each other. I heard the sliding door open and saw Dad and Aunt Donna heading our way wearing bathing suits. As I stared at Aunt Donna’s sexy body walking towards me my dick started to get hard AGAIN, It must be something in the water down here.

Aunt Donna and Dad were both grinning like idiots when Holly spoke up,

“What’s wrong with you two” she asked. Aunt Donna said,

“I got some good news and some bad news; I’ll give you the bad news first Pete just called and he’ll be home in about an hour so playtime’s over kiddies everybody clean up and get dressed ASAP!”

Ok that news wasn’t so bad, “Aunt Donna you said there was some good news.” Aunt Donna smiled at Dad,

“Well we have to go home tomorrow and.”

I was pissed, “What the hell do you mean we’re leaving tomorrow, I’m not going home…fuck that…we can’t go we just got here!”

Holly was starting to cry so Aunt Donna came over hugged us both and told me I was staying,

“I’m staying…here with Holly and Aunt Donna?” Dad Answered,

“That’s right son and Mom will be back in a few days as well.”

“What the hell’s going on” I demanded, I was really pissed as well as confused.

“Well you know that new dealership Uncle Pete was thinking about buying?” Holly was wiping the tears from her eye’s and screamed at dad,

“Somebody better get to the fucking point right now, or else!”

“Well he did buy it and he has a new partner…ME, and we also bought the house just over the hill there” dad was pointing.

Holly started crying again but this time they were tears of joy,

“You bought the Miller’s house right down the street, your going to be living next door to us?”

Mom hugged Holly, “Honey you can come over and play anytime you want.” Everybody started laughing and Holly gave dad a hug and apologized for yelling at him.

“Its ok honey, but if you really want to make it up to me,” Dad said while pulling out his cock.

“Put that thing away Danny, Pete will be home soon and we don’t want to get caught ok!”

Dad zipped it up pulled Holly close and running a finger through her pussy told her they could settle up when he got back.

Mom, Holly and I went up and showered together, I was washing moms back when Holly looked out the window and laughed at what she saw.

Dad was sitting on a lounge chair with his arms casually folded behind his head while Aunt Donna was wildly bouncing up and down on his cock.

Mom reached out with both hands one finding my cock the other Holly’s pussy and ordered us to “fuck now!” Mom sat on the floor of the shower and watched while she played with herself as I savagely pounded my sweet cousin’s cunt until she begged for mercy and fell next to mom.

I lasted about 4 minutes before I felt the my cream start to rise then grabbing them both by the hair I took turns fucking their mouths until I came. Mom ended up being the lucky recipient of my prize, swallowing as much as she could taking the rest on her face.

Holly whined in disappointment at losing but when mom kissed her deeply sharing what she had left of the load I’d given her she smiled.

I stood there watching them kiss still pumping my cock to give them every last drop I could.

As we cleaned each other I began to think how nice things were going to be from now on.

Stay tuned for more of my cousin Holly and the family.

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