My Cousin and Me

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I clearly remember the phone call from my parents, reminding me that there was a “Family” Reunion in Florida at some special resort. I was not all that keen to go, I was busy with my own life, going to school at night and working days. The one big reason I decided to attend was that my parents paid for my tickets, and I had my own Bungalow. So of course I said I would go.

I was the last to arrive at the resort due to several delays in route, so I was tired and grumpy when I finally made it to the resort and found my way to my Bungalow. It was on my way towards my Bungalow that I saw her for the first time. Her dirty blond hair was wet from having been swimming, and her yellow bikini did little to hide her beautiful youthful breasts and nipples. She was stunning, I no longer felt all that tired – in fact I felt a stirring in my pants I was grateful for my tennis racket covered my groin. She smiled a beautiful smile and vanished just like a ghost.

I hurried into my Bungalow to change and who knew maybe see that lovely vision again. True she was much younger than me, but I had to see her again. I went in search for my family and along the way I kept looking for my “Blonde Vision”.

I found my family at last. They were all by the pool chatting, and there next to my parents was the “Blonde Vision”. My heart stopped or so it seemed. My mother said “You remember your cousin Kathy, don’t you?” My cousin?

I thought. “Yes, I do” I said. I just don’t remember her looking so sexy though. I was getting that feeling again in my pants. Once again my racket sınırsız escort covered my hard on. “Do you play tennis Kath?” I asked not sure what to expect. She said yes, and headed for the courts. I could see she was not going to change out of the Bikini. That was fine with me.

We played a set or two, and I was watching her lovely body move around for the ball. After we had worked up quite a sweet and decided it was time for a swim. I told her I would meet her at the pool. I changed quickly. The water was warm and she was beautiful. We splashed around, just enjoying the water we played tag and started to wrestle each other, my hands kept “accidentally” brushing against her breasts. I know her hands “accidentally” brushed against my crotch more than once. I don’t know where the words came from, but I suddenly said “You are very beautiful Kathy.” She just smiled and left the pool. It was dinner time.

She wore denim jean shorts and her shirt was tied off above her middle, showing her lovely flat stomach and the buttons on her shirt did little to hide her breasts. I was suddenly not very hungry. I made a dash for the bar. I was so turned on by my cousin’s body I could not sit at the table anymore. I had to have a few beers and maybe I would be able to get her off my mind. It didn’t work. I kept thinking of her firm young breasts and her body nearly nude in the bikini that I found myself gently rubbing my dick, I was horny.

I could feel the dampness forming on the head of my dick, I knew I had to find some relief taksim escort or I was going to loose it here in the bar, so I headed for my room and to my surprise Kathy was waiting by the door. “Hay Kay, what’s up?” I tried not to sound nervous. She told me that she had been looking all over for me and decided to wait for me here at my doorstep. The moonlight made my cousin look even sexier if that was possible. “Care to come in for a soda and watch some TV?” I asked hoping to cover my nervousness. “Sure, why not. I would love to.” Kathy seemed a little nervous as well.

“Turn on the TV, while I get the sodas.” I said. I returned and saw her sitting on the sofa and the glow from the TV screen made her look even more inviting. I don’t really remember what was on the TV, but I sat down next to Kathy and I could smell her light touch of perfume. I could not take my eyes off her. I sat for a moment until I felt her hand on my leg. She was moving it slowly between my legs and she gently cupped my balls in her hand. “What are you doing Kath?” I managed to get out without my voice breaking in surprise. She just looked at me and continued to fondle my balls. She just looked at me and smiled at me. My cock got very hard indeed.

It was to much for me, I pulled her to me and I kissed her hard sliding my toung around hers, and reaching into her shirt I cupped her breasts in my hand. I was surprised that she did not resist she kissed me back and helped me remove her shirt and exposing here firm young breasts. I took them and kissed each one. tesettürlü escort I could hear her moan and I could feel her nipples harden as I sucked on each one. “We should stop.” I said, knowing that I did not want to stop. “No, don’t stop, I want to feel your tongue all over me.” Kathy’s voice sounded husky now. She thrust her breast towards my mouth. Her breasts felt so good and my mouth fit over each just right. Kathy undid my shorts and exposed my dick and she rubbed herself against it. I could feel the throbbing of my hard-on. I moved my hand between her legs and I could feel her shiver and open her legs a bit more so my fingers could have easy entrance. We started to explore each other with our tongues she was wet and eager and I was hard and just as eager. All care went out the window. Our passion had taken over. She thrust herself against my hand begging me to use my fingers, and I did.

I felt her hand on my cock and she said, “Put your cock inside me BJ, Now!!!” I did as she asked. It was tight. “Don’t stop, put it in deeper, I want to feel all of you.” She said. I wanted her to feel all of me also. “Fuck me now!!!,” she whispered in my ear. I started to thrust deeper and longer, our bodies moved together, her nails raked my back. She was warm and wet inside, and my cock was ready to explode. We climaxed almost together. Kathy reached down and gently took my cock in her hand and bent her head over it and started to suck it clean. “I had to taste you.” She said with a big smile on her face. She continued to lick my cock until it was all clean. I saw this look come over her face as she told me she was no longer a virgin. I was her first.

We were both satisfied and very happy. “It will be a wonderful week BJ.” She said. I agree it will be a great week. I looked forward to enjoying my beautiful cousin. There was going to be more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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