My College Campus Tour

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The dare my brother gave me really had four components to it. Part 1 was for me to create a profile here on this Literotica chat site. Part 2 was to insure I posted at least a recognizable form of my photo on my profile. Part 3 he is expected to chat with me and I won’t know who he is, but I’m expected to be truthful in my conversation. Part 4 I need to write and post a story involving something sexual I’ve done which he is unaware. This story will complete part 4 of my dare.

I had graduated high school at the top of my class and felt I had already made my college choice when I received a letter of acceptance from Stanford and it was the school my father wanted me to attend. Reluctantly I agreed to let him make travel plans to pay a weekend visit to the campus for my mother, him and of course myself. As fate would have it Mom didn’t feel very well on the Friday morning we were preparing to leave for the airport so it was Dad and I alone to make the trip.

While my Dad is a beautiful and very personable man, he’s not the most handsome of men. He carries more than his share of pounds, but does carry them well and much of his size has been converted to muscle. He’s worked hard creating a construction business and hasn’t forgotten how to work alongside his people when needed, and that’s always impressed me and his workers. He’s a good 5 or 6 inches taller than me and must weigh double my weight. He shaves his head because the hair remaining looks silly if he doesn’t and it makes him look younger to shave his head while leaving himself with a shadow of a mustache and trimmed 5 o’clock shadow of a beard. He does work out, but not to the level he should for the size of his appetite.

Thankfully my size and shape is a near clone of my mother and I suspect my hair would match her color as well if we didn’t both color dye them different shades. Giving birth to two children has added a little weight to her overall frame, but I’m sure I would be proud to be her size and shape at her age after delivering two children. I’m petite and so are my breasts which I’ve grown to appreciate as a long-term benefit. When I was younger I had breast envy of most of my friends, until I heard most of them complain about how their bras fit and their backs hurt. I enjoy my little pleasure maker’s now with no regrets or envy.

Over the years I’ve been my addressed by my father as his Baby, his Cup Cake, his Little Angel, Sweet Cheeks, and his current favorite at the time, “Muffin”. I doubt my father remembers any of my female friend’s names as he always addressed them as Honey or Sweetie.

We were on the first flight out to San Francisco and did a combination of the BART tram rail and the commuter train to get us to a quaint little hotel he arranged for us in the town of Palo Alto where Stanford is located. After the assorted transfers we had our luggage in our rooms by eleven in the morning. The campus was just another short walk from the hotel so we had a quick bite for lunch and began our walking tour of the campus.

My Dad was funny because he could have cared less about the condition of the buildings I would be attending classes in, but he sure wanted to see the football, baseball, and basketball arenas where he might come and visit and see some games.

I was impressed by the campus but we only saw a portion of it before we decided we should take a break to eat. As we returned to the hotel room he asked, “Did you bring anything you can dance in?”

“I can dance in anything,” I replied.

“You know what I mean,” He said.

“I was going to wear my blue dress for dinner. Does that float your boat?” I teased.

“That tight one?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t have even known you paid attention,” I replied with a chuckle.

“Trust me, I notice what my baby wears when she goes out,” He said.

“Does my blue dress work for you?” I asked.

“Does it work for you?” He asked, turning the question back to me.

“We could do this all night and get nowhere!” I joked. “So what kind of mystery date are you taking me on?” I teased.

I saw a clapboard posting a live classic rock band playing tonight,” He replied.

“Great,” I said sarcastically, “A night full of oldies, but goodies.”

“Don’t give your old man a hard time… you know you love my music,” He said, as I went into the bathroom to take myself a shower. I took my shower and dried off in the bathroom before wrapping a towel modestly around me and going into the sleeping part of the hotel room.

“Is there any hot water left?” He teased as he brushed passed me and went into the steam filled shower.

“A drop or two,” I teased, as he closed the door and I dried myself and şirinevler türbanlı escort changed into my blue dress before he finished. The dress was one of my favorite party dresses and it was skin tight and short enough that I felt as if I might be pulling it down all night long to keep it at a modest length.

“Everyone’s going to think I’m your Sugar Daddy,” He said when he saw me in the dress brushing my hair.

“But you are my Daddy and my Sugar Daddy,” I teased.

“Problem is I’m your brother’s Sugar Daddy also,” He teased.

“That sounds like a personal issue I know nothing about,” I teased. My dad returned to the bathroom with his clothes to change and when he opened the door he had a pair of rustic jeans with a Tommy Bahama boldly printed shirt on.

“Nice shirt, where did you get it?” I asked, tossing him a genuine compliment.

“Thanks for remembering… you gave it to me two Christmases ago,” He teased.

“And this is your first time wearing it I’ll bet?” I teased.

“As a matter of fact I tried it on once, so this is officially the second time wearing it,” He joked. While Dad put on his shoes I stepped into my heels and adjusted the how the top of my dress fit against my breasts.

“You know you look just like your mother did when she was your age,” He said softly.

“Except for my hair,” I said.

“I don’t even remember what color her hair was as it’s changed from year to year,” He said.

“Are you ready to kick up your heels?” I asked. He took my hand and we left our room. I had no idea where we were headed but he selected a secluded little restaurant for us to have dinner. Their specialty was seafood which made me happy and dad shocked me by ordering a bottle of chardonnay.

“Are you going to drink a whole bottle by your lonesome?” I asked, as I was trying to remind him that I was eighteen, not twenty¬-one.

“If I squint just right you look twenty-one,” He teased as he practically closed his eyes.

“If I squinted that much you might look twenty-one also,” I teased. The waiter returned to the table with the wine and two stemmed wine glasses. After my dad inspected the bottle and then the cork he was given a small amount to taste and passed on his approval. Without hesitation both glasses were poured.

“I don’t know about you, but this has been one of my favorite days I’ve ever spent with you,” He said as he held his wine glass in my direction.

“I’ll toast to that,” I said and we clinked our glasses and I took my first sip of alcohol in front of my father.

“I remember when I was younger I could drink at eighteen before they changed the law back,” He said as he replaced his glass onto the cloth tablecloth.

“Why did they change it,” I asked.

“Because they were drafting eighteen year olds and yet we couldn’t drink,” He said with disgust.

“Why did they change it back?” I asked after returning my glass to the tabletop.

“Too many accidents by stupid drunk kids,” he said.

Over appetizers and dinner we had a nice conversation about the old days of my father’s memories. My father was typically a very quiet man, but he was opening up about things I’ve never heard him discuss before, such as his dating before he met Mom. I had heard my father was a little on the wild side when my mother met and captured his heart. My mother was the exact opposite of my dad as she was ultra-conservative in nearly every way. My dad talked about how he gave up all his girls for my mother.

“I take it you weren’t a virgin when you met mom?” I asked.

“Men weren’t expected to be virginal,” He said.

“How does that work when a woman was supposed to, but men weren’t? Did you all share the same slut?” I asked.

“Trust me there were a few of those,” He said, “But most good girls could be convinced to be bad,” he said.

“I can see you being the bad boy,” I said.

“Girls liked me, it’s just their parents who didn’t understand me,” He teased.

We enjoyed our dinner with a mandatory dessert and then he wanted to get off to the club. He helped me with my chair and wrapped his arm around my waist to walk with me from the restaurant and down a block to the bar where the sandwich board was parked out from proclaiming “Live Band Tonight” We went inside and it was still early, but the place was beginning to run out of tables. Dad secured a large booth not far from the band just a little off from the wood parquet dance floor. The cocktail waitress who didn’t look to be much older than me asked if she could see some identification and my dad responded immediately with, “Are you kidding me?” as If there was şirinevler ucuz escort some planet dad lived on where I didn’t look eighteen. “Honey did you bring your purse?” He asked me.

“It’s in the room, I didn’t think I would need it,” I replied.

“Are you going to make me walk all the way to our hotel room to prove she’s old enough to drink?” He grunted.

“I guess it’s okay, but next time you should bring it with you,” She said as if she were apologizing. Dad ordered a beer and I ordered another glass of chardonnay. As the band set up their equipment I got to hear my dad talk about all the bands he’d seen in his day and had to admit to myself I admired him for his youthful energy. Before they dimmed the lights and started the first song the bar was filled and my father was resourceful enough to invite two beautiful young women to join us at our table rather than letting them stand to wait for a table to empty for them. He ordered them a round of drinks and they began flirting with him immediately. The band started playing and as people began to flood out onto the small dance floor my father was one of the early ones, taking the hand of the little brunette and escorting her onto the floor with him.

The night was more fun than I could ever imagined a night out with my father could be. He was like a man I’d never met before but wanted to spend more time around. I was truly amazed at how he had the girls competing for his attention. Neither of us told the girls how we were related and neither of them asked.

It was getting late and more than a few song sets had been played by the band and rounds of drinks shared. When the girls discovered we were visiting and staying in a nearby hotel they wanted to know if they could come by and see the place. I think a normal guy might have shot up from the table and rushed out the door with the two of them, but my dad told them, “cool you’re jets, we’ll get to the hotel soon enough.” We enjoyed one more full set from the band and as we came back from dancing a song my dad announced, “the time has come.” At this point of the night we had been dancing exclusively within our group of four, as if we were having our own private party. By this point of the evening I had followed my dad’s lead and was kissing and making out with either of the girls that he wasn’t with.

We were on our way walking to our hotel when the blonde asked, “how is it you two know each other?”

“We go way back,” My dad said, “I used to change her diapers,” he added.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” The brunette asked.

“It means whatever you want it to mean,” Dad said.

We arrived at our room and took the blonde by the hand and led her over to the bed he’d chosen as his and the brunette came with me to the other bed. We kissed as they kissed and it wasn’t surprising when clothes began to come off and I realized the blonde was sucking my dad’s cock.

“Do you think we should help?” The brunette asked me as she paused between kisses and was watching her friend taking my dad’s cock into her mouth.

“Is that what you want?” I asked.

“This is fun, but that looks more fun,” She said, and moved over next to her blonde friend and waited for her to let her hold my dad’s cock and take it into her mouth. When the brunette had taken over the blonde came over to me and said, “She’s not into beautiful women as much as I am,” and in a flash she had my dress removed and had me reclined onto the bed with my thighs spread and her tongue making me dance against the mattress in response to her tongue lashing.

Even though I was in a state of ecstasy I could hear the brunette talking to my dad and asking him if he’d ever fucked me. He said he hadn’t, and she told him it would be kinky to watch a father fuck his daughter, but my dad said he couldn’t or wouldn’t… I’m not sure which. I was so close to orgasm with the blonde licking and teasing at my clit that I couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying or discussing. As I clutched handfuls of the bed comforter in my hands I screamed as I climaxed and realized the blonde was still between my thighs, but the brunette and my dad had come beside me and were playing with my nipples as I erupted.

The brunette changed places with the blonde while the blonde moved to begin kissing me again and dad moved behind the brunette and began to fuck her from behind as she was pleasuring my pussy for me.

After my dad came inside the brunette’s pussy they tried once again to get him to fuck me, but he wouldn’t and the two of them got pissed and left our room.

I was laying naked on the bed when my father came to my side just şişli escort as naked as me and looked down at me, smiled and said, “What happens at Stanford, stays at Stanford… Right?”

“Why wouldn’t you fuck me when they wanted you to?” I asked.

“Because you weren’t asking me to,” he said as he caressed his heavy fingers over my nipples and played with my breasts.

“Mmmmmm… I’m asking you to now,” I moaned.

“You’ll ask me to again later if you really want me to,” He said as he calmly just kept caressing my body with his tender touch.

“Do you want me to beg you for your cock?” I whispered.

“You can beg me for my tongue,” He replied.

“Please may I have your tongue where I need it Daddy?” I moaned. He moved between my open thighs and touched me in places a father should never touch his daughter because if he does she will never forget him. He made me climax three times and I continued to beg him to put his cock inside me and fuck me, but he just looked at me and smiled.

“We’ve got another busy day tomorrow muffin… we’d better pump the brakes,” He whispered and then moved to the light switch and turned off the lights and locked the security lock on our hotel room door. He returned to the bed and settled in beside me beneath the covers where I’d moved and when I felt his hardness I lowered myself beneath the blanket and sheet to begin to suck my daddy’s cock.

It was sweet and hard, thick and long and felt so wonderful in my mouth as I sucked him and taste the juices of the the two girls from his member. He was kind enough to warn me he was going to cum, but there was no way I wasn’t going to swallow the sperm that created me and I drank every last drop of him down my throat before we cuddled together in the bed.

“We can never do this at home,” he whispered as his hand was still actively caressing against my back as he held it around me.

“We could be careful,” I replied.

“Never!” He said, “It would kill your mother,” He added.

“She would never find out,” I replied as I realized I was begging my father to let me be with him again.

“You probably think she doesn’t know about you and your brother?” He said.

“Know what about us?” I asked, feigning my innocence.

“You’re a noisy lover, and a terrible liar,” He said with a smile.

“How long have you known?” I asked.

“Not very long, but we suspect it’s gone on for a while,” He said.

“Why didn’t either of you say anything?” I asked.

“Would saying something stop you?” He asked.

“It might have slowed us down a little,” I replied.

“I don’t think so,” he replied as he traced his finger against my face and I kissed his fingertip as he passed it across my lips.

“Why won’t you fuck me?” I whispered.

“I don’t have a condom,” he replied.

“Are you fricken kidding me?” I’m on the pill and I have condoms in my luggage,” I replied.

“How did I know? I can’t read your mind,” He replied. I scampered out of his arms as he released me and went to my luggage to get the condoms I always had packed. I ripped a package open and gave my father one of the slippery rolled up condoms and said, “But I’d really rather you don’t even use it.”

“Are you sure you want to take that risk?” Dad asked.

“If this is the only time I get to have you inside me I want you to cum inside me,” I replied.

He turned me onto my back with the soft touch of his powerful hands and moved his touch across both my breasts before tracing his fingers down towards my pussy. I was drenched with desire for him. As he touched me I told him I was ready and he moved his body over me touching the thick crown of his cock between my wet pussy lips and whispered, “I love you princess,” and plunged his thick cock deep inside me as I gasped aloud with pleasure.

He fucked me with deep firm strokes which filled my body with pleasure on each and every thrust. When I climaxed I had my legs and arms locked around him while we were kissing and fucking and to feel him explode inside me only made the best experience even more fulfilling.

We fell asleep exhausted and over-pleasured. I was awaken in the morning by the feeling of his cock entering me from behind as his body spooned with mine. With his hands playing with my nipples and his cock filling my pussy he fucked me for nearly an hour before he came thick and hard inside me.

Neither of us wanted the experience to end, but we had to check out of the hotel so we shared a shower, put some clothes on, packed our things and checked out of the hotel while asking them to hold our luggage for us.

We toured more of the campus but I couldn’t think of anything but the feel of his cock when it was full inside me and spurting.

During the combination of train rides and airplane all I could think about was my desire to suck my father’s cock and give him pleasure.

As we neared the house he made me promise never to tell anyone and said as hard as it would be we should never do it again.

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