My Boyfriend’s Father

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Jake and I spoke without words that night. I knew exactly what I was doing when I came by Friday. I poked my head in the door and said “Hello? Todd?” I heard rustling from his computer chair as Jake stood up and came to the doorway.

“Sara what are you doing here?” he asked me.

“Where is Todd?” I countered.

“It’s Friday, Todd has a game…”

“He told me he would come home so I could see him before he left,” a blatant lie on my part, but it would suffice. Todd’s absentmindedness was something I could always count on.

“Well he hasn’t yet, have you called him?”

“No only this morning, thought his word from this earlier would be sufficient, guess not.”

Jake hesitated, “Well why don’t you come sit down, maybe Todd will show up soon?” I took a seat in the living room and Jake sat down on a couch perpendicular to me. We began to banter about random things, mainly politics and my sister’s divorce like usual. After a while Jake started to open up about his own painful divorce. To break up the heavy topic I offered to get us drinks from the kitchen.

When I returned I took a seat next to him and looked at him with my best bedroom eyes. Although we had this tension for months, we had yet to act on it, and I was eager to. I longed to touch Jake’s rough skin and allow his maturity and experience make me feel like a woman. I stared deep into his eyes; wise, endearing, lined with crow’s feet.

As I had hoped, the twinkle from his eyes did not hide when I asked it to come out and play. It was the same look in his eyes that he gave when he would be up to something. He would say something absurd and then wink at me to express his sarcasm. Those winks always gave me butterflies. The look in his eyes had the same playfulness present and it made my spine tingle. The look in his eyes told me this love was going to be electric.

From that point forward, the words exchanged were minimal. I lightly placed my hand on his thigh and I felt his muscles tense under my fingertips. His eyes looked down as he began to shift his weight nervously. His conscience was kicking in; I was his son’s girlfriend, but our connection and sexual tension was undeniable. maltepe escort I placed my other hand onto his cheek and tilted his chin up towards me. I looked deeply into his eyes and tried to speak without words. I spoke to Jake through my soul. I slowly leaned towards his lips. I would not kiss him; I wanted him to kiss me and to love me from his own accord.

I blew a warm breath unto his lips and he finally gave into temptation. He took one hand and placed it on the back of my head and used the other to pull me on top of him. He pressed his lips to mine hard like a seal of approval. He showered me with kisses passionately nibbling on my lips—his beard tickling my cheeks. He eagerly moved onto my neck and began to reach under my shirt. I felt his callused hands move around my hips and then up my back as he went to unhook my bra. He started to feel my breasts and play with my nipples. I lifted my arms above my head as he pulled my shirt over my head. I finished removing my bra. The feeling of my young smooth skin under his hands drove Jake wild. He laid me down on the couch and climbed on top of me. As he hovered over me I lifted his shirt up exposing his tattoos. He took it off. I traced his tattoos with my fingers and then began to play with his chest hair and nipples. With my free hand I caressed his strong back.

He slowly made his way down my chest, paying special attention to my nipples, ribs, and hips. His beard tickled my sensitive skin. He looked at me with a devilish grin as he unbuttoned my jeans. I lifted up my waist as he pulled them off over my ass and took them off my long defined legs. He took a minute to enjoy having me practically naked underneath his aching body. Then he stood up over me and stripped off his own jeans and I was confronted by his concealed erection.

I positioned myself in front of him and looked up into his intense eyes. I felt his cock through his boxers and began to stroke it through the fabric. Then I brought my mouth up against it so he could feel my warm breath against his sensitive, pulsating dick. He reached down and brushed the hair from my eyes. That was my signal. With both hands mecidiyeköy escort I slowly pulled down his boxers revealing his magnificent manhood to my succulent lips. I looked up at him as I began to press his head up against my mouth. I licked the length of his shaft and kissed his balls. My wet saliva mixed with his pre-cum combined to lubricate my hand on his cock as I began to suck his head and rhythmically rotate my hand along his shaft.

Jake could not take it any longer. He grabbed my hair and began to fuck my face—I could feel his cock hit the back of my throat. He moaned as my lips engulfed his shaft. Then he bent down and began to kiss my lips passionately again. He laid me back down on the couch and took off my panties. He resumed kissing my hips and thighs. Then he took his fingers and pulled back my pussy lips to expose my clit and began to flick it with his tongue. Jake gave me the best head ever. I think part of it was attributed to his short beard. He continued to eat me out sucking and licking my pussy. When I was really hot and bothered, he inserted a finger into my young pussy as he teased my clit with his tongue. He moaned in approval of my tight pussy contracting around his finger. Then he introduced a second finger and increased his speed. Jake certainly knew how to pleasure a woman. He brought me to orgasm not once, not twice, but three times. Then I was practically begging him to penetrate me with his cock.

He enjoyed having me plead for sex. “You little slut, how bad do you want me?”

“Oh Jake please fuck me! I want to feel your huge cock in my tight pussy! I want you to make me feel like a woman!”

After he had a bit of fun, Jake angled his cock outside my pussy. He slapped my clit a few times and then slowly put his head in my hole. He pulled out after only going in an inch and did this several times. I gasped when he pulled out, what a tease! Eventually I wrapped my legs around his waist and lifted my hips to force his dick inside of me. His cock filled me up in a way I had never felt before. Jake slowly accelerated his thrusts while he kissed my neck. I started to breathe heavy in his merter escort ear and moan words of encouragement. I closed my eyes in ecstasy of the lovemaking.

After awhile Jake pulled me up and sat me on top of him. I stared deeply into his hazel eyes as I rode his cock. He played with my nipples and ass as they bounced on his lap. I pushed him down to ride on top of him while he lay on the couch. He urged me on. “Fuck me baby, fuck my cock! You’re so beautiful; you’re such a beautiful woman. I’ve wanted you for so long…I wanna feel your pussy clamp on it when you orgasm…why don’t you cum for me baby?” It was almost on cue; I increased my speed and then screamed in bliss of my orgasm. We were no where near done. Jake pulled me down next to him and fucked me in a spooning position. He held my leg up by my thigh and kept talking dirty in my ear. I reached down and massaged my clit. Then Jake stood up and angled my ass away from the couch. He entered me from behind and he fucked me doggy style. His cock penetrated my pussy deepest this way. I turned around to make eye contact with him. He was busy playing with my ass cheeks and pulling my hips to meet his pelvic thrusts. After a short while he stood me up as he still entered me from behind. He put one hand around my neck and pulled me upright. He took his other arm and wrapped it around my waist, pulling my back up against his chest. He kissed my neck as he slapped his cock in and out of my pussy from behind. His speed increased to a mechanical pace. Quickly he flipped me around and shoved me down onto the couch. He held my thighs apart as he fucked my pussy. I reached down and massaged my clit. We both stared into each others eyes. He got faster and faster and I felt my orgasm coming on. His pace never slowed and I felt a last surge of pleasure run through my body. My pussy clamped around Jake’s cock, causing him to erupt inside of me.

He laid down next to me and kissed me after our sexual release. I felt his warm cum inside of me and smiled. Jake seemed proud of my satisfaction. “You are most certainly a woman Sara, and deserve to be treated like one. I have been falling for you for months now and I can see that this is no longer a fantasy but a reality.”

“Oh Jake, you make me feel important and loved…Todd never seems to satisfy my heart anymore…but you make me experience feelings I have never felt before.”

“I never thought I could ever love again…”

“What are we going to tell Todd?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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