My Aunt Shirley Ch. 03

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I received the call from my Aunt Shirley this time. She sounded somewhat distressed and asked if I could come and visit her, she had something to tell me. I coaxed her into giving me a hint and she told me she had met a gentleman, who was not into the lifestyle, but good security for her future and could support her well.

I asked what the visit was all about and she confided in me that she had been talking with Ken & Carole, the friends we met at the New Years Eve dance, they were aware of what was going to happen and they wanted to have one big last fling together before Shirley buckled down.

My bag was packed into the car they went and I was off and running. As I drove there my mind was filling up with all sorts of things, what was this final fling to entail?

When I arrived at the house late that morning, Ken and Carole were at the house with Shirley. They came out greeting me in the front yard and told me to get in their car we were all going for lunch.

During this time we four sat and discussed what was about to transpire. I knew Shirley could use a husband and she informed me at that point to refer to her as Shirley NOT Aunt Shirley, especially when Bob, her new found friend was around. Was I to meet him? No, not this time, he was out-of-town, but this would be our last affair.

So what was the plan? The three of them told me that Ken and Carole would pick us up at 9:00 PM. The type of dress? Party type, but no underwear, no bra, no panties — sounded like my kinda evening. I figured we would be going over to Ken and Carole’s like before and have an evening of fun.

They showed up promptly at 9:00 PM and into their car we climbed and we were off — no golf cart? We left the subdivision and a bottle of my favorite, Amaretto, was opened and each with a glass of ice we had drinks as we rode. We finished the bottle almost an hour later just as we began driving up this long driveway located way out in the country. Not a neighbor in site.

As we pulled up in front of the house a valet took the car and we were asked to step inside. Ken and Carole were greeted by the front doorman, so I assumed they had been there before. I wasn’t sure where we were. The place was huge, it could’ve been a restaurant, a resort, a motel, a bed & breakfast — who knew?

A very elegant couple stepped up to the four of us and Ken and Carole embraced them and welcomed them back. We were introduced as Shirley and her nephew. With that the woman responded with “How deliciously wicked”.

I looked around and noticed everyone was dressed rather casual, but skimpy. Short dresses or skirts were the norm for the women and men were in mock turtles, jackets and jeans or dress slacks. Everyone was handsome or pretty, over 40 and built for sex.

The couple greeting everyone asked Ken and Carole if they would like to do the honors of giving their guests a tour or would they prefer the hosts do it. Carole spoke and said she would prefer to give us the tour.

Each of us were handed a glass of Amaretto on the rocks ( you thought they knew) they did know. Carole asked us to follow them and I gladly walked behind her as she started her wiggle of a walk that was soooo sensual.

Carole told us this was the meeting area, the place to get drinks, meet strangers and just relax. We wondered down the hallway and the first room to our right was rather large and a little dark. We stepped inside and saw this was the bondage room.

Carole explained that in this club, no meant no, we would be allowed to go anywhere inside and use any facility we desired, but if anyone wanted to do something we didn’t like, just say no and it would cease. Likewise if we were to engage in a situation that someone didn’t like, if they said no, we were to stop and walk away.

While in the room, Carole pointed out that there were numerous restraints, tables and so forth. No harm would come to anyone. This club was a no pain club. I noticed a swing hanging from the ceiling, I figured someone would step into the loops and it would keep their legs separated exposing all parts of their body.

We left that room and Carole took us to the next room, another large room. This room had a small stage with lighting much like a theater across the ceiling pointing to the stage. There were different tables, cushions bakırköy escort and pads off to the side. There were 4 cameras that I could see pointing at the stage and several TV monitors all around the room. The room was strewn with futons, beanbags, chaise type chairs and sofas, all facing the stage. Carole admitted this was her favorite room.

The last room had one single padded table in the middle of the room with several overhead lights.

We went back to the greeting room, had another drink and then Carole said ” it’s about that time”. I looked at my watch and it was 10:00 PM. So I asked — what time is that? She told us to follow her. We went into this room that looked like a high school locker room. Large lockers, but no locks and two rows of showers 20 ft. long, no barriers. We were to remove our clothing and put on the silk robe that was in the locker.

When we went back into the greeting room someone had opened the floodgates. There were people coming in the front door hugging and greeting one another. As they finished their greeting they walked past Shirley and I and we could hear little remarks such “fresh meat” or “she looks good enough to eat” or yum, yum. All paraded off to the locker room.

Several minutes later a few dozen people had filled the greeting room. Some of them in their robes, others naked with their robes draped over their arms. I couldn’t help but look around. There were men that were muscular, pudgy, slender with cocks of average size to well hung, women with narrow to full hips, small tits to pendulous ones, long hair or short. There was every conceivable body available. Some women were shaven, others had a full bush.

The drinks began to have their affect on us. I asked Shirley what she wanted to do. She was in awe. All she could do was look at every cock that passed in front of her. Eventually robes started coming off and the greeting process started again, but this time the hugs lasted longer, the kisses were getting deeper and hotter. Carole walked up to me and wrapped her naked self around me kissing me deeply and told me to get rid of the robe, she wanted to show off her new guests. The robe dropped to the floor. She did the same to Shirley.

Ken stepped in front of Shirley and kissed her long and hard, I watched as his cock began to rise. His thick large cock was growing quickly between her legs. Next thing you knew there was this beautiful short-haired brunette on her knees under Ken and Shirley, she was sucking Ken’s balls and moving her tongue to Shirley’s now wet pussy. As she went back to the underside of Ken’s cock she inserted a finger easily into Shirley’s pussy causing Shirley to swoon. Ken scooped her up by the cheeks of her ass and had her hovering over his large pulsing cock. The brunette took his cock in her mouth giving it several wet plunges then held it in her hand as she guided it into Shirley’s waiting pussy. Ken lowered her onto his manhood slowly until his entire cock disappeared in it’s entirety up her waiting cunt.

Someone had hold of my cock, I turned to see this beautiful redhead that I knew as Carole firmly gripping my growing cock. She said “follow me”, how could I not with that grip. We went into what she had termed her “favorite room”. The stage was flooded with light from the overheads, all the cameras were on and the monitors were showing images of whatever was on the stage.

She led me to the stage, pulled this padded table that looked like it belonged in an OB GYN office. She layed back on this flat able and told me to take her. I looked up into the monitor above her and saw my face as it was nearing her sweet redheaded pussy. A stool was slipped under me and I sat in comfort as I spread her labia apart with my thumbs entering her with my hot tongue. I slowly swirled it in tight circles as I slowly and deliberately inched it in deeper and deeper. Carole was moaning.

I found stirrups in this table and pulled them out putting Carole’s feet in them. I was thinking the whole time, how perfectly thought out. I snaked my tongue down to her puckered little pink bud and inserted it, she responded with an “Oh Yes”. When I looked into the monitor it was on closeup of my tongue. As I I’m licking Carole for all I’m worth people begin coming up on the stage, while others başakşehir escort remain in the futons fucking and giving oral while watching what was going on.

A thin male with this extra long cock walks up to Carole and lays his cock across her lips, another male comes up and begins tonguing and sucking one of her large tits. From the other side another male comes up taking the remaining tit in his mouth, stopping occasionally to rub the head of his cock over her nipple leaving a trail of precum on it. The short-haired brunette I saw earlier with Ken and Shirley shows up and takes the thin mans cock in her mouth alternating between his cock and pushing her tongue into Carole’s mouth.

I’ve now got two fingers inside Carole’s hot little twat, spreading the lips wide when I feel movement under the stool and look down to see this delicious little short-haired blonde on her stomach reaching up to take my cock into her mouth . I feel the heat intensify as she slowly sucks my length into her throat. She sets a rhythm sucking my cock, slowly sliding up and down its length letting the drool from her mouth drip down over my balls. Her sucking suddenly becomes eratic, I look under and she’s up on her knees with some guy fucking her doggy-style while she’s sucking me.

I’m trying to concentrate on eating Carole with all this going on. I’m looking into the monitors and you can see everything from every angle. The blonde lets go of my cock for a second and I stand to get away from her vacuum lips. I see my mark and slowly ease my cock, just past the glans, into Carole’s hot-as-hell quim. It’s like a burning envelope. Carole is now urging me to push it in deeper, but has a hard time talking because the brunette is pushing the long slender cock into her mouth while she sucks it and kisses her.

I pull my cock out to the point where it almost dislodges, but push it in a little deeper then hold it still. Carole has removed her feet from the stirrups and is now pumping her legs trying to get me to push it in deeper. I decide to play. I ask her, while looking into her eyes, past the brunette and slender cock, do you want it all, she nods yes and I give her a little more, I ask her more? And she gives me a look that would kill if she were loose. I decide then to shove it in to its hilt. So I slam it home and she screams “Oh Fuck”, I hold it in. Then as I pull it out, I remove it completely, lining it up I shove it in again to the hilt and begin pumping her, slamming her, the brunette suddenly comes down to where I am and pulls the skin back where she can get a tongue on Carole’s clit.

I drop my angle so she can tongue her clit, the slender dick is buried in her mouth and the two guys sucking on her tits are now jerking their cocks. Ole slender dick starts grunting and pulls out of her mouth just as he begins shooting cum. It shoots all over her eyes, face, and hair. The guys jerking off on her tits are both picking up their pace and I know they’re about to come. It was like stereo watching their streams of cum criss-crossing each other onto her tits, over her throat and on her stomach. It was more than I could stand and as I pulled out to shoot up her stomach the brunette sucks me to the back of her throat working her muscles causing my cock to shoot for all it was worth down her gullet.

I am exhausted, spent and satisfied like never before. I go and sit on one of the futons regaining my strength. As I’m sitting there I’m wondering Where’s Shirley?

Several minutes later I decide to go find her. I didn’t figure I would find her in the bondage room, not her thing, so I look in the other room, not there, I go to the waiting room, nothing, the locker room, nothing, I step into the bondage room and low and behold there is my little center of attention. She’s lying on a table that pivots in the middle. She’s tilted backward almost in a backbend sucking this huge cock. Her hands are bound at the wrists straight out from her body. Her legs are spread and bound at the ankles with her beautiful bubble-butted ass hanging over the edge of the table, and she’s blindfolded.

She has got her eyes closed and there are several men all around her. I notice she has cum in her hair on her pubic hair, between her toes and on her hands. I was kinda sorry I missed that, bebek escort but not to worry, I’m in for a new show.

The guy with the huge cock is running the tip of his cock back and forth across her lips and she’s flicking it with her tongue trying to suck it in. There is a guy at each hand, each has his cock in her grasp, since she’s bound she only clasp her hand, so these guys are fucking her hands, what a way to jerk off. There is a fellow on each of her feet and they’re rubbing their cocks all over her toes, instep, ankles heels, then one tries to slide his cock between her toes, fails, but he begins a steady rhythm across her toes. Carole steps up between her legs and just dives between her legs sucking, licking, fingering and eating her with all she’s got.

As Carole is eating her, this attractive black man, that is very well endowed, steps up behind her and slides his massive member into her pussy. She begins pushing back on it trying to get as much in as she can, never letting her lips leave Shirley’s pussy. My cock is beginning to grow despite the hearty workout it had earlier. I leave my seat to get a closer look at everything. Carole is now hunching back into this massive cock, but never losing rhythm on Shirley’s pussy, her massive tits swinging back and forth.

Shirley screams an orgasm, the cock in her mouth shoots all over her face, the two cocks in her hands are pumping a mile a minute and soon begin spurting cum up her arm, on her hands. The two working on her feet have now hit the edge and are pumping their cocks on her feet, between her toes and all over her legs.

Another seat is pushed over to her and she has her bands removed, still blindfolded, she is lifted and this man half seated and lying has her lowered onto his cock. As she straddles him she begins rocking down on him and throws her head back from the intense pleasure she’s getting from her clit being in the right position. A smaller man gets on his knees behind her and slowly slides his well-lubed cock into her tight little bunghole. She stiffens at first, but loosens up as he eases it in and out very slow. She is now double-penetrated. Men now gather around to get a closer look, I step up and see my opportunity and slide off her blindfold as I slip my cock into her mouth. There are hands on her body rubbing every part of her. There are cocks being rubbed on her as well.

I have hands on me, a finger eases into my ass, don’t know if it’s male or female, but don’t care. Eventually I look back to see the short-haired brunette with her finger in my ass and her lips on my balls. Everyone is humping and bumping in every direction possible. I look over and Carole has a cock in her mouth bent over with the black guy now pounding her pussy. I would love to be closer to watch that black cock sliding in and out of the redheaded pussy. Slowly everyone was beginning to grunt and pick up their pace. Cum started flying everywhere. Shirley was getting it from every angle and now mine was getting ready to shoot again, it shot down her throat, she gagged, I pulled it out and it shot across her tits hitting another woman in the face, catching her off-guard, the woman jumped as if “how dare you” I started laughing, she started laughing. She took me by the hand and led me to the locker room.

She turned on one of the showers and plaster herself against me, the hostess I had met when we first arrived plastered herself to the backside of me and I became a sandwich between these four beautiful tits. They were grinding pussies into my cock and legs and eventually got me stirred again. The hostess laid down on a bench, spread her legs wide and the other woman buried her face between those luscious thighs while I slid my cock in her pussy from behind humping her for all I was worth.

Several others came into the shower room, witnessed what we were doing and did the exact same thing. Carole was on her hands and knees, Ken fucking her doggy-style and Shirley had a strapon and shoved it in Kens ass. What a scene. Everyone eventually showered, washing each others everything. We dressed and left.

On the long drive home I thanked Ken and Carole for the time of my life. Shirley said she had never had such a great time in her life, but due to circumstances she has to call off any future engagements since Bob, her fiance’, was a very jealous person, but she had to have benefits that came with marriage. We understood and told her we would honor her decision. However, Ken and Carole asked me for my number in the event they came through town where I live or they may call me for a future party. The End? We’ll see!

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