Mussoorie Days Ch. 02

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Description: Divya’s tryst with love, seduction, incest and debauchery.


I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive reviews that the short first installment of this series garnered, especially by the ones which commended the writing style. It gave me the motivation to write this longer (and hopefully better) follow-up, incorporating a few of your suggestions. Once again the possibility of the future chapters depends solely on your love and enthusiasm, so please do keep the reviews (positive or negative) flowing 🙂

Before continuing, it is recommended that you read the first chapter although it is not mandatory in this case since this chapter has been written to serve perfectly even as a stand-alone.

A caveat for the guys/girls with short attention spans and/or looking for quick relief: This story is kind of long, but perseverance will be duly rewarded. 🙂


“Class got cancelled, sis. I let myself in with the other key… about an hour ago”.

These were the words that turned my world upside down at the tender age of nineteen. The words that lay the seeds for a whirlwind taboo affair with my own little brother that spanned for years on end.

Where did it all start? And what was so special about these words that altered my life?

Let me start at the very beginning: As a girl growing up in the dreamy and scenic landscape of Mussoorie in the Indian subcontinent , I had been of the most prudish and vigilant nature regarding my character and ethos despite receiving a lot of male attention ever since I hit puberty. There was a set of moral rules that women here had to abide by and I was careful not take a step further for fear of repercussions from friends, family and neighbours.

This was until that fateful evening on November the 8th, as a nineteen year old, when my first date, which was supposed to be a secretive and casual ‘movie and dinner’ encounter with a senior from my college, turned into something else entirely: us landing up in my bedroom with him pumping his six and a half inch sturdy dick inside my leaking wet and virgin cunt and making it overflow with his hot young semen. But that wasn’t even close to the most monumental occurrence in my life that night. That was the fact that I had stumbled upon the ultimate truth: no matter how hard I tried to hide it, I realized that I was a “slut” by nature, in the truest sense of the word.

I realized that I loved having my tits squeezed and sucked. I realized that I loved being eaten out. I realized that I loved being pounded mercilessly. I realized that I loved being used as an object of male pleasure. I was very confused, but I realized that there was no running away from it.

As Raj, my college senior, was pounding me late that night, my entire body was crying out to be violated in the most vehement way possible. It was almost as if my first sexual encounter had set me free of all the morality and chains of ethos that were binding me.

It was on the same night that another shocking revelation became apparent, I was in love with my own brother Hari, who was a year younger than me. The feelings were always there, brewing underneath, but that night, as my date was eating me out, they surfaced with a fervent and fierce velocity taking me completely unawares and unprepared. The few seconds leading up to and culminating in my orgasm, my entire body jerked and tensed up, thinking about my kid brother alone. He embodied the entire male sex in my mind in for the entirety of that time and I knew I wanted him to bed me in the worst way a woman could possibly want a man. But the feeling was fleeting, or so I thought, as my orgasm subsided and I started looking at things a bit more realistically.

After Raj finished with me that night, we said our goodbyes and exchanged saliva-laden kisses on his way out. After I closed the door behind him, I turned around whilst berating myself in my mind for acting so slutty and forming inappropriate thoughts about my own kid brother. And it was precisely at this moment that I received the biggest shock of my life as I looked up to see Hari himself, who I had expected to be miles away taking his special coaching classes, standing in the hallway.

My boyfriend and I were having the romp of our lifetime up until only a few minutes ago believing we had the whole house to ourselves and now there I was standing in front of Hari with a lot of explaining to do, bemused and at a loss for words.

“Class got canceled, sis.” the words although spoken softly by my sibling, seemed to echo throughout the hallway, from room to room and inside my head as I stood there contemplating what to say and do next, still clothed but completely disheveled, used, abused, smelling of sex and with warm cum leaking from my pussy. Not exactly the how you would want to be standing in front of a family member.

Despite his apparent cool and calm manner of ucuz escort speech, I could sense that he was as undecided and afraid about the entire scenario, as me. I guessed that he hadn’t announced his presence earlier as Raj and I were ‘at it’ the minute we entered the house, but I couldn’t understand why he turned up at that very moment, instead of waiting for me to retreat back into my room.

What did he gain by confronting me? Was he going to tell on me to our dad? Many unanswerable questions arose in my mind.

It was a undoubtedly a moment that could irrevocably damage our relationship forever, but in spite of all the pitfalls and possible consequences, I could not help but feel a sense of excitement standing there in such a hot fix face to face with my brother.

I was extremely vulnerable and in this moment of vulnerability, all the thoughts that had previously engulfed me when I was having my orgasm, resurfaced yet again. I found myself hoping he would grab hold of me and have his way with me then and there. I quickly put a check on myself before that line of thought went any further, but I couldn’t help my blushing.

A couple of moments passed without either of us uttering a word. The awkwardness and sensuality of that moment was only trumped by the nerve-wrecking tension that was built up.

“Listen.. I’m sorry… it just sort of happ—” I ventured as I came out of my stupor.

“No. Don’t. You don’t have to explain anything.” Hari casually cut me off.

“Oh, but-” I started, still wanting to justify myself without being exactly sure how.

“It’s okay. I just wanted to let you know that I ordered dinner for all of us, you can find it in the kitchen, I’ve already had mine. I’m kind of having the worst headache right now, so I’m going to sleep”.

Just as I heard this, I forgot all about the embarrassing position I was in, my sisterly instincts kicked in and went near him to touch his forehead to make sure he was okay.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” I asked

“Umm, yes..” He muttered, his eyes exploring me all over.

All of a sudden, I became aware of how stupid my action was. I was reeking of Raj’s cum and my vaginal secretions and completely messed up from head to toe, and there I was just a couple of inches away from my brother with my hand stretched out touching his forehead. Like any brother and sister duo, proximity and touches had never seemed out of place in our relationship, but all of a sudden, it felt like the weirdest thing on the planet.

I quickly removed my hand and backed off a few steps, blushing more than ever.

“Okay, I better head off.” And with these words Hari started to leave to his room, probably deciding to save me from further embarrassment.

“You won’t…” I started to call out behind him once again.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell, dad”. He said turning back momentarily with a gleam in his eyes almost penetrating me.

Sleep wasn’t a welcome visitor as was usually the case, that night. I twisted and turned around in bed feeling guilty about what I had done and about how I was feeling. In spite of having lost my virginity that night, it was my mixed feelings about Hari that was keeping me awake. Hari was an extremely well-built guy for his age and handsome on top of that, I tried to reason myself. It was normal to feel something akin to love and desire for him, but to mistake it for the real thing, was foolish.

Perhaps it was normal for a sister to fantasize about her brother. I mean perhaps nobody would admit it, but how do we know what people think about in their private lives? That’s right. There’s no way. These were the thoughts that were filling my head that night. In all the turmoil and tension, I felt my hand slowly and almost involuntarily go down beneath my nightgown and inside my panties to rub my clitoris. There was no mistaking that I loved sex. And if the person who filled my mind, a few minutes down the line as I rubbed myself to an orgasm was any indication… I “loved” my brother too.


Things didn’t go back to normal, as I had hoped, after that. At home, my relationship with Hari all of a sudden turned extremely formal. He tried his best to consciously avoid me. The stray touches, smiles, jokes and random conversations all but disappeared. He devised a new method of communication: that of writing down whatever he wanted to say in a note that he attached to the refrigerator.

‘Gonna be, late to tonight, sis. Stash my food in the freezer’

‘Good luck with your exams, sis.’

‘Merry Xmas. I’ll join you and dad, after seven, will be over at Anup’s till then’

Note after note filled the refrigerator on a daily basis. It was almost as if we were two strangers living in a house who had formed our new secret means of communication. I felt ashamed that I was the one responsible for this, but I knew the damage had been done and we had to wait for time to put things right. The reason I didn’t ümraniye escort confront him over his behaviour, other than the fact that I was embarrassed, was that I still harboured a lingering feeling of affection towards him that was unbecoming of a sister.

Perhaps the events of November the 8th would forever be etched in my memories as a hellish nightmare, I thought. Only time would tell.


It was in the month of January when things took a decisive turn.

Dad had planned on a family camping trip to the hills – which in our case meant only the four of us: Hari, dad, our uncle and me. Uncle was also a widower like dad, plus he had no children. Having served his time in the army, he was now a free soul without a care in the world, with more than enough money to live on and only us to call ‘family’. Although a loving and caring man, he is truly an oddball in my eyes: I had fond recollections of him during childhood, but over the years he had turned into a bit of a pest with his wandering eyes and lewd innuendos, whenever he was around me, which I found extremely off-putting. He did his best to keep this behaviour behind dad’s back, and I just tried my best to avoid him. Hari, upon hearing about the trip, started making up reasons to avoid it or more specifically, to avoid me, but his efforts were all in vain against dad’s firm stand. In the days leading up to the trip, everyone else seemed more than happy with dad and uncle, being more inebriated and chirpy than ever.

And thus, on a cold January morning in Mussoorie, the four of us found ourselves blazing through the roads paved with snow, in uncle’s spacious military vehicle which he lovingly called his “road-trip companion”. Each of the three guys took turns to drive, and by the time it was afternoon, dad had fallen into a deep sleep in the back row of the car and Hari was driving. Uncle and I were seated in the middle row, with him jabbering on about his time in the army and me trying to enjoy the beauty of nature through the windowpane. After some time had passed, he tried to actively engage me in conversation by bringing up my college.

“Well, we’re on our winter vacations. College reopens next month.” I replied trying to nip it in the bud.

Further enquiries met with the same fate as being unable to feign interest, I dismissed his conversation-openers with single-line answers. Not to be brought down by this, he started heading down a completely different route.

“You’ve blossomed into a fine young woman. Do you have a boyfriend?”. His eyes were fixated on my cleavage as he stressed the initial part of his question.

I didn’t expect him to act so randy right there and so was taken aback at his behaviour although it seemed only I was affected by this sudden change in tone, as dad continued to snore and Hari continued to drive nonchalantly.

The old geezer had probably figured in his mind that dad was asleep anyway and Hari who had his earphones plugged in would be too tuned out of anything he said or did.

I could have ignored him like I used to, but this time, feeling a bit adventurous myself, I decided to play along.

“Why, thank you, uncle. I’m glad you feel that way. Do you really think, I’m good looking?” I asked.

“Oh my, Divya. Are you kidding me?” came the reply “I’ve seen some really beautiful ladies in my time, but you, you are a man eater. A complete ten in your looks and figure and you’ve the finest pair of … umm… I mean you’ve the finest pair of eyes, I’ve ever seen!” It was clear that he was getting carried away with this. His eyes were now travelling all over my body, going over each curve, from my hips to my arse. The dirty old man was undressing me with his eyes.

I suddenly got really uncomfortably and extremely turned on at the same time.

It felt nice to get attention from this older man, now in his fifties. There is a novelty about old men admiring you that I’m sure most girls would agree with. His unintentional slip up about my breasts and his eyes wandering over my rack were starting to give me ideas.

“You flatter me, uncle. Thank you” I blushed.

“No, madam. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.” He said whilst giving a small bow as if engaging in play-acting.

I bowed slightly as well, acknowledging his gesture, enjoying our little flirty fling, right under the nose of my dad and brother.

“Boy, is it hot in here, the heater core is turned up a notch too high” I said, opening up the first few buttons of the casual coat that I was wearing, exposing a lot of my breast.

Uncle stared with his mouth agape for a minute before regaining his composure “Yeah, you’re probably right, I should get that damn thing fixed one of these days.”

“In the meantime, I think you shouldn’t hesitate to make yourself comfortable.” He added as an afterthought.

I nodded in his direction and let loose another button, now leaving little to imagination. The bra üniversiteli öğrenci escort I was wearing was rather flimsy and went down with only a tug.

This time, uncle made no attempts to hide his lustful gazes and was full on ogling my breasts, but what surprised me the most was the old man was now beginning to stroke himself slowly through the material of his trousers. Clearly the opportunity was too much for him to pass up.

I was drawing a sick satisfaction by looking at the old man resorting to this level of depravity, as I smirked to myself. My smile quickly disappeared though as soon as I looked straight ahead and saw Hari looking at us through the rear view mirror.

He was clearly seeing what the two of us were doing: me with half of my large breasts exposed sitting innocently and uncle pleasuring himself by looking at me.

Somehow instead of scaring me or putting me off, this served only to increase my libido. Looking at him straight in the eye through the rear-view mirror I opened another button to finally leave my perky breasts hanging completely in the open. This was almost like my way of paying him back for avoiding me the last couple of months after the incident on the 8th.

Hari’s eyes bulged wide open at this final act of my daring. I felt empowered at having asserted this sexual dominance over my brother, or rather of what he was now– the guy featuring in all my fantasies. I was just hoping that he wouldn’t drive us off the road with all his attention now being concentrated on me.

For uncle, all this was way too much to handle. I had to turn away from Hari as I heard him groan and let out a moan of pleasure as he achieved a climax with his hands. Both Hari and I were now looking at this man, who we used to respect, with a mixture of embarrassment and disgust, as I quickly covered myself up. He looked back at us for a minute and quickly lowered his head, probably half in shame and half at the fear of being discovered by Hari. By this time, dad had also woken up with a start at the sound made by uncle and was looking at all three of us with quizzically with his sleepy eyes.

“What was that?” He asked.

Hari spoke up “Um, nothing, dad, you know how it is with old men. Uncle here seems to have some gastric problems.” All three of us smiled at this, uncle and me rather nervously, as dad went back to sleep.

Although he had no reason to, Hari had covered my back yet again.


When we finally reached our camping destination and set our tents, I saw Hari go to uncle and take him away on some rather suspicious pretext. Till this day, I do not know what Hari threatened uncle with when they were away, but uncle never bothered or teased me, ever again. The rest of the camping trip passed rather uneventfully. Uncle always maintained his distance from me, dad was the same as ever – oblivious to his surroundings, and Hari still tried his best to avoid speaking to me unless absolutely necessary. Yet, something was different this time. I could feel his gaze upon me whenever I wasn’t looking. He froze up like a deer caught in headlights whenever we made contact, a one hundred and eighty degree turn from how things were a few months ago. I never understood him, yet I knew for sure that something was clearly different.

There weren’t a lot of plausible solutions to the rational mind as to the source of his actions, yet I had to be sure of whether it was what I thought it was. Deep down, I knew it was, a woman has her way of knowing these things around men. More importantly, I had to be sure about my own feelings for him. The feelings I had been fighting with since that night on November the 8th.

I had to be sure that he had fallen for me and I had to be sure that I wanted him. It was crazy, but something had to give. I had to make my move soon, for if nothing else, I at least, wanted my brother back. Although to be honest, I knew I wanted more than that from Hari.

The turn of events on road to the camping trip had landed the ball firmly back in my court, now all I had to do was capitalize on it.

As we were heading back home, dad asked uncle, who seemed all out of sorts, what it was that was straining him.

“Well, the air here. It’s too big of a change for me.” Those were the last words he spoke on the way home before shutting up like a clam.

After we returned home, I immediately went to work and left a note on the refrigerator

‘We need to talk. Plz come to my room tonight before you go to sleep. – Your sis’.

If he could do it, then so could I, I figured. Besides, with all his shrinking away from me, there was hardly a chance I could talk to him in private in the house, in any other manner.


It was 10 o’clock that night when I heard three knocks on the door to my bedroom. Finally, we were going to have a heart to heart.

I opened the door to Hari, ushered him in and closed the door behind him.

As he went past me, I was once again extremely aware of a different chemistry between the two of us. Judging by how he was acting, it was all too apparent that Hari felt the same way as well.

“Yeah, so what is it, sis?” asked Hari, edging nervously almost as if hoping I’d open the door and let him leave right away.

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