Mum’s Church and Charity Work Ch. 03

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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


May arrived home just after nine, Mags was in the lounge with a glass of wine, wearing only her dressing gown, May came into the lounge and said, “Baby, get me a glass of wine, I’ll shower first, that was dirty work, but we can take three hundred people more for the show, I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

Mum came back in ten minutes, her hair still wet, Mags poured her glass, May was only wearing a towelling dressing gown too, May said, “That was the most physical work I’ve done for a long time, it was worth it, the hall is looking good, the Church will make money it needs, how was your evening darling, I wish that you’d have been there to help us?.

“The exercise is good for you mum, I did some research on something I’ve been thinking about for a while, the results were excellent. I’m so glad that I did the research. Mum, can we have a grown-up conversation, in two years I’ll qualify as a doctor, I’m an adult now. Mum, I’ve done everything that you’ve asked me to do, I’m still a Virginia, but I love sex, will you put me on the pill?”

“How can you love sex if your still a virgin? For real sex, you’d lose your virginity.”

“Mum, I can cum when my clit is sucked, I don’t allow him to finger fuck me when he’s sucking my clit, I still cum. I can cum when I give him a blow job and suck him off, sucking cock makes me so hot. I can cum when he gives me a titty fuck or plays with and sucks my tits. I have the strongest orgasm when he ass fucks me; he has a big cock, it’s thick and long, the head of his cock stimulates my G-spot, that gives me a massive orgasm. Yes, mum, I can have good sex and still be a virgin, I want to go on the pill so that I can feel his massive cock inside my hot and hungry cunt, will you put me on it mum?”

Mum thought for a minute then said, “Baby, you put up a splendid argument which I can’t argue against. I will have the greatest respect for you if your hymen is still intact if it is I’ll put you on the pill today, let’s have another glass of wine then we can go to the Examination Room.”

They had another glass topped up their drinks and went to the Examination room. Mum said, “Baby, take off your dressing gown and sit in the examination chair.”

Mags did as she was told then mum said, “Mags, you have got a beautiful body, I was very similar when I was your age, your hymen is intact, I’d like to put some lube on my pinky then insert into your beautiful tight cunt to do a laxity test, is that ok with you?”

“Do it, mum, I’m still so tight, the only thing that’s been up my cunt is a tampon.”

May lubed her pinky and slid it inside Mags tight cunt, mum said, “My darling, şirinevler escort you’re a virgin, I’m so happy, I’ll put you on the pill now, I will also give you some morning-after pills, if you get fucked this week then take one the morning after and you’ll be safe.”

“Thanks, mum, I’m glad you’ve done this, you have got a very gentle touch. I’m getting wet.”

Mum smiled, then said, “I can feel your wetness, it’s so healthy, baby, if your boyfriend has such a big cock maybe it would be better if I popped your cherry first, if I arouse you and make you wet then you’ll enjoy it, there’s a chance that you could bleed a little but it’s better if you bleed for your mum rather than on his cock, how big is it anyway?”

“It’s massive mum, it’s as thick ad the thickest part of my forearm, if you can imagine a huge mushroom on the head of his cock, I have not measured it, but it must be twelve inches long. Please pop my cherry mum; I can play with my tits as you do it that’ll make me wet.”

Mum said, “That’s a big cock, in my experience, I’ve never seen one as big, does he know how to use it, though?”

“I don’t know mum, but I’ll tell you next week, mum, I’m so happy that we can talk so honestly with each other, that’s the way it should be, make me cum then pop my cherry.”

Mum then spread Mags cunt flaps open, out popped an impressive hooded clit, mum started to suck it as she teased the hood with her tongue, Mags said, “Mum, that feels so good, my nipples are so sensitive, I love teasing my nipples, you’re going to make me cum.”

Mum replied, ” Mags, would you like me to take off my dressing gown then you can play with me as I play with you, my cunt’s dripping wet this now, you’ve aroused me, my baby, I hope that you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you as I’m loving what I’m doing to you.”

Mags said, “Let’s make it a two-way street. I want to make you cum too, get naked mum, let me see and play with your gorgeous body.”

Mum took off her dressing gown then moved to the side so Mags could play with her tits and wet cunt, it was wet as Mags slid three fingers inside her. Mum said, “I’m wet enough to be fisted, fist me, baby, and I’ll make you cum.”

A minute later Mags came in her mum’s mouth, it was an excellent feeling for Mags, as she was cuming, mum, slid two fingers inside Mags tight cunt, mum had popped Mags cherry, there was no blood and no pain. Then they cum kissed, mum shared her daughter’s cum with her daughter. It was beautiful. Mags said, “Mum, let’s go to bed. I want to make you cum; we’re going to have fun tonight.”

May and Mags went şirinevler elit escort to May’s bedroom, May had brought a dildo that looked like a real cocktail, she left it on the bedside table, May lay on top, she spread her legs open invitingly then said, “Baby, would you like to go down and suck mummy’s clit, I’d like you to finger fuck me as you suck, soon I’ll be wet enough then you’ll be able to fist me which will be better.”

Mags did as she was told, she spread her mum’s cunt lips open, out popped a sizeable hooded clit. Mags teased it with her tongue first then put her lips around it and started sucking on it. Mum’s cunt was very wet; Mags put all her fingers and thumb into a cone shape then slowly slid her hand up mum’s cunt. Mum groaned with pleasure then said, “That feels so good, baby, I’m going to grip your fingers as you fist me, we’ll pretend that your nails are the head of a cock and your wrist is the base of a cock, can you feel what I’m doing?”

“Yes, mum, I’ve got it, I can feel it.”

May then quadrupled the gripping pressure; Mags said, “That’s so tight, it’s throttling my fingers.”

“Mags, you could be a good fuck, I can make you a great fuck. You’ve to work on making your cunt muscles stronger, not many women know how to do it but those that do give a far better ride. One other thing, after your partner has cum, you can hold him inside your cunt by gripping him. You can also push him out by using your cunt muscles. If you want to all of the cum then you grip his as you come off him or he comes off you, you’ll be surprised at the amount of cum that you can collect by doing this.”

“Mum you’re an encyclopedia, thank you for sharing this information with me, I’ll learn fast, can we sleep together when I’m at home? I’d like that.”

“We will do that; I can tell you how to do many things.”

They brought each other off again before they fell asleep. They did the same in the morning before mum made breakfast. As Mags was leaving May asked, “Mags, I’m inquisitive, can you take a picture of your friend’s cock and Whatsapp it to me, I’d love to see it.”

“I’m sure that I can do that, you’ll only see his cock, you won’t see his face. I’m sure that it’ll make your pussy wet.”

Jack woke up to mum sucking his cock, mum said, “The lube is still here, will you ass fuck me first, that was amazing last night, I’ve never cum so strongly in my life.”

Jack lubed mum’s ass and his cock; he did a repeat of last night, the three vaginal orgasms were stronger. He finished off doing her pussy doggy style; they both came within seconds of each şirinevler escort other.

After breakfast Jen phoned to say that John was not going to the Fashion Show, he would do a Saturday evening Hospital visit, Liz, Peter the Bishop’s wife was going to the Fashion Show, she was also staying in the Vicarage, it was too big a risk if John got out of control, the sight of women in their underwear could trigger him off and anything would be possible. Mum said, “I think Jen’s got many problems with John, I believe that he has dementia, he has managed to cover it up because Jen keeps reminding him of the things that he needs to do. Jen is the only person that can control him. I think sooner rather than later; he will need to be placed into a home. Jen is running the Church now; she was telling me that more and more parishioners were telling her that he had forgotten things. John is a good and compassionate man, he has been a good Vicar, but the last eight years have been hard for Jen. She’s so proud of Paula, everything she does is done for Paula. Paula has turned out to be a beautiful young woman, you should ask her out the next time she is at home.”

Jack smiled then said, “Mum, I’m delighted with you, when I am with you, I love the sex that we have, do you want me to date, other women?”

“Baby, I know many women that I’d love to share you with, they are like you and me, they love good sex, variety is the spice of life.”

“Who would you like to share me with mum?”

“There’s a few, May, Jen, those two would love you. There’s Babs White, Kay Preston and Val Dickson whose not even cooking for her husband now, there all mature women who are excellent in bed. They have all been there for me in the past, May and I were lovers when we were at University, we go back a long time. I haven’t said anything to any of them, if you’re interested then it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Jack kissed her then said, “I need to get a move on, I have a lecture in forty minutes, I could be interested in that, I’d like to get to know May a bit better. I will have to go. See you tonight.”

Jack read Mags message at his lunch break; he had two pictures of his erect cock on his phone. He was interested in that Mags had told him that she had sex with her mum, that her mum had put her on the pill. Jack knew then that a threesome with Mags and May was a strong possibility. The two pictures of his cock were impressive, he attached them with the following message, “Mags, I’m so happy that you’re on the pill now, I’m looking forward to Friday, I can’t stay over with you as mum wants me to do something with her on Friday evening but I’ll see you on Friday afternoon. Please don’t tell your mum that it’s my cock. I hope she likes it. Jack xx.”

An hour later, Mags replied, “Thanks for the pictures, sent them to mum. I asked her if she’d like to wake to this? She said she wouldn’t wake up to it as she would be up all night fucking it. See you Friday, Mags xx.”

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