Mum Falls in Love Ch. 01

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Paul had gone to the Rugby Club Disco on Friday night. It had finished at twelve. He had walked home with a couple of his friends. He drunk a lot of wine and was feeling good. There was nothing at the Disco that attracted him. He was going to have to find new places to hunt for girls. He had been dating Kay for three months, but she had left for America two months ago. He was glad that she was out of his life as she had used him. He had a car, and that was convenient for her. He walked up the driveway, and when he got to the back door, he saw his mum’s bedroom light was on. She slept on the ground floor. His father slept on the first floor. They had separate rooms because of his heavy snoring.

He unlocked the door and went to the downstairs toilet as he needed to pee. He washed his hands then knocked on his mum’s bedroom room door. She said, “Come in darling. I’m just home. I checked your room and saw that you weren’t home. I have had a super evening with Mrs Reid. She was quite depressed, but we both had a good evening. I think she is missing the company since her husband died. She asked if you could go round as she has some heavy lifting to be done in her back garden. How was your evening?”

Paul sat on the bed beside her. She was wearing her butterfly nightdress which suited her complexion. He said, “I have had a lot to drink, and I am feeling relaxed. I think that I’ll have to find somewhere else in my search for a girlfriend as the Rugby Club Disco is not the place for me. I’ll go over to Mrs Reid tomorrow morning. Do you know what time she wants me?”

She replied, “You are a darling. There’s an opened bottle of Chablis in the fridge could you go and get two and we will have a glass together?”

Paul came back with the wine, and they toasted each other. They used the bedside table to rest their glasses on. His mum had been reading the newspaper in bed, but the paper was now gone. She had four pillows propping her up, so she was more sitting than lying now in bed. When she moved, her huge boobies moved. She was wearing nothing under her nightshirt. The buttons were open, and you could see the outline of her heaving breasts. Paul felt his cock harden. She noticed this and smiled as she squeezed his hand.

She said, “Your father is working tomorrow morning. He will be at the surgery at eight. Will I wake you after he leaves? I’m not making his breakfast; the housekeeper is coming in to cook for him. He was dreadful this evening. Don’t take any money off Mrs Reid as until the estate is sorted out I think she will have to watch things. We had a fantastic evening. We were dancing to a Rod Stewart CD. We both enjoyed it. She’s a lovely lady, but I think she is very lonely. She’s only fifty-three, a year older than me. Don’t you worry about girlfriends, you will be a lawyer next year so don’t rush things. I’m so glad you are finished with Kay. I didn’t like her at all. Her mother is a far nicer person.”

Paul replied, “I won’t take a penny from her. Yes, wake me after he leaves. I hate the smell of cigarettes when he is around. I’m happy that Kay is away. Jo is a far nicer person than Kay; there’s no doubt about that. Kay was three years older than me, but in bed, she only thought of herself. She was a selfish lover. I have never been with an older woman and have no experience of any benefits that I would get.”

She said, “Our glasses are empty. Be a darling and top them up. Open another bottle if you need to. We will discuss this when you get back.”

He brought the two filled glasses back and handed the glass to her. She took a sip and put the glass on the bedside table. Her nightshirt was now unbuttoned to below her navel. They were easily the biggest boobies that he had ever seen. His cock was now rock hard, and there was a pronounced bulge in his trousers. She had noticed this and was now gently moving her body, so there was a hint of the sway of her tits. Her nipples were hard.

She quietly said, “Paul, I am now going to speak. I want you to listen to me without out any interruption. If you are not comfortable with what I say then leave the room and I will wake you for breakfast in the morning. If you are comfortable, then lock the bedroom door. Undress and come to bed and kiss and touch me. I will be honest with you. I’m bisexual; I haven’t been with a man for over twenty years. I have several girlfriends. Your father was the last man that I have had sex with. We have not had a marriage. It has been a sham. I have only stayed with him because of you. We are both adults. I have needs and urges. You have needs and urges. Your cock is hard now because of me. My pussy is wet because of you. The decision is yours.”

Paul lent over and kissed her. Both their tongues were buried in each other’s mouths. She undid the remaining buttons of her nightdress then removed it entirely as if inviting him to play with her enormous boobies. She then pushed the sheets down and opened her legs and exposed her smooth swollen vulva. It looked stunning. Paul knew that his tongue would be playing with it soon. She was stroking the bulge in his chinos. He kissed her on her nose then went and locked the sarıyer escort door. He stood close to the bed as he took off his polo shirt. He then took off his chinos and boxer shorts. His hard cock looked stunning. She took it in her hand then squeezed the tip of the bulbous head. The slit opened. There was some pre-cum there she licked it away. Then she took the full length with her tongue going everywhere.

They lay across the bed and kissed and touched. She was very horny. Paul slid four fingers easily into her very wet and tight pussy. She was pushing her pussy against his fingers. She was gripping his fingers with her pussy muscles. She said, “Paul, lay down I want to go on top. I’m so horny. I want to fuck. We will make love later. You can cum inside me. I won’t get pregnant. Remember that I am a doctor. Your cock is beautiful. I have never seen one as big. I’m going to enjoy teaching you how to use it. It has been so long. I need to cum.”

She squatted on top of him rubbing the bulbous tip of his hard cock against her hard and huge clitoris. She then let it slip inside and with a thrust from her muscular hips. It was home. She then started to ride him with a powerful circular movement of her hips. She was gripping the base of his cock the tip as she rode him. He was enjoying every action she made. He had never had a fuck like this in his life. He was playing and sucking with her big boobies. He was also rubbing her big hard clit. It was as big as his thumb. She kept going for another fifteen minutes then she had a massive orgasm. She was shaking when it happened. She held his cock tight for a minute then let go and came off him.

She said, “That was the best orgasm that I have ever had in my life. Your cock goes so deep. The way that I was riding you your cock was stimulating my g-spot. Coupled with the way you were rubbing my clit. What a fantastic fuck. Darling, did you like how mummy fucked you? Will we have another glass of wine then you can fuck mummy again?”

Paul said, “I loved every minute of it. It was easily the best ride of my life. I haven’t cum yet as I held back as I wanted you to have the pleasure. Mum, what do you want me to call you? If we are out for a meal together as a couple, it would be silly to call you mum. I will go for the wine. I’m so glad that we have done this. Let’s talk about it when I get back.”

They kissed, and he left for the wine. He came back and locked the door. He said, “Dad was at the toilet as I heard his loo flushing. Has he ever come into your bedroom during the night?”

She replied, “Yes, years ago. You had just started school. I told him to fuck off, and the next day I had the lock put on. He retires in two months. That’s when things will happen. I own the house. My father bought it for me before we married. He has a cottage on the coast and hopefully when he retires he will spend his time there. He is twelve years older than me. When he is not here, then I will be very noisy in bed. Call me Babs or if you want Dr Barbara Gibson. And I will call you Mr Paul Gibson. I don’t give a fuck for George. Okay, we have committed incest, but we have both enjoyed it. I get aroused when you call me mum or mummy. When I was breastfeeding you. I loved it when you sucked on my tits.”

“I was feeding you nine and sometimes ten times a day. I kept your breastfeeding going until you were two and a half. I had an orgasm every time. We spent a lot of time at your aunt Val’s then. Those were wonderful days. You must call her Val now. I would like to go for holidays with you. Then you call me Babs. When George retires, I will tell him to move to his cottage. He has a serious drink and smoking problem. He can’t control either of them. The housekeeper tells me she takes out from his room between two and three empty whisky bottles a day and the bottles are one and a half litres in size. I have told him to stop, but he carries on regardless.”

“Darling, I love sex. I need sex. I go crazy if I don’t have sex. I have my girlfriends. I will be honest; I had sex with Molly Reid last night. She is so horny. Tomorrow morning I will phone her to let you know that you’re coming. Hold on a minute let me see if she’s on WhatsApp as she does a lot of online sex.”

She was still up. Babs sent a message to ask how she was. She replied with a picture of a small fat man’s cock saying that he wanted to fuck her tonight. Babs then asked what time should Paul come tomorrow? Saying that they were still up to chatting and having a glass of wine. Molly replied saying that she couldn’t sleep and could she join them. Babs then told Paul that she loved group sex, and so did Molly. If he wanted it, she would invite her over. Paul agreed. His cock got harder thinking about what was happening. Babs told Molly to come to the back door and to wear her open crotch pink bodysuit. She also said to her to be quiet and they would go straight to her bedroom.

Babs then went to her surgery in the house and came back with a blue pill. He swallowed it with some wine. She said, “Your cock will still be hard tomorrow morning, and you can fuck us both again.”

She sefaköy escort was naked and looked beautiful as she went to open the door for Molly. Paul then realised that his mother was a nymphomaniac. She just loved sex. He thought of Molly. When he was younger, he had masturbated many times thinking about her. She was tall and had enormous breasts too. He thought of Jo. He would now as her out for a meal. He thought of Val. She had a similar build to Babs. When he had stayed in her penthouse, he had watched her lying sunbathing on her balcony naked. Then she had spread her legs and started playing with her smooth pussy. He had wanted her from that day and still wanted her now. He knew now that his life had changed.

Babs and Molly came into the bedroom. Babs topped up our glasses and poured a glass for Molly. Molly was wearing her crotchless pink bodysuit and self-supporting stockings. She was a little drunk but still looked stunning. Her tits were as big as mums. His cock was still hard, and he felt it was getting harder. Molly put her arms around Paul and kissed him passionately with her tongue. Paul popped her boobies out of her bodysuit. Her nipples were big and hard. Molly put her hand down and played with his hard cock. Babs came over, and she and Paul fingered Molly’s pussy. Paul had three fingers in her, and within a minute Babs was fisting her. Babs said, “Take your fingers out, she likes to be double fisted. She will suck your cock as I do her.”

Molly sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open as Babs fisted her with two hands. Molly was pushing her pussy against Babs’ fists. She was taking well past Babs’ wrists were now deep in her pussy. Molly started sucking Paul’s hard cock. She was good at it. She was sucking hard then she said, “Babs, we should be filming this, the clients would pay money for this.”

Babs replied, “That’s an idea, but we will have to talk to Paul about it. Do you want Paul to ass fuck you as I fist you?”

Molly said, “I would love that. Let’s do it.”

Paul asked, “Molly, I would love to do your pussy first as I will go deeper that Babs’ fists. Then I will ass fuck you.”

Molly replied, “Do it darling, as deep and as hard as you want. Val is going to love you.”

Babs brought her fists out then got a big butt plug and some lube which slipped easily into Molly’s ass. Paul felt her pussy with his fingers. He then made her bend over an armchair, and he went into her pussy doggy style. He was amazed how tight her pussy was. She was very wet, and the way she was gripping was incredible. He was rubbing her clit as he rode her. He had a compelling rhythm and was now pounding into her pussy. Ten minutes later she had a massive orgasm. She was trembling. Molly said. “That was fantastic. My cunt is tingling. That was the best orgasm of my life, and I am not joking.”

Babs said, “My son is a stud, and I didn’t know it. I’m so happy darling. We will all have so much fun.”

Paul pulled the butt plug out of Molly’s ass as he pulled his cock out of Molly’s beautiful pussy. Paul said, “Molly, I am not finished with you yet. I’m going to ass fuck you now, and this time you are going to squirt when you cum. As I ride you, I am going to tease your g-spot with the tip of my cock. I will also be working your clit as I ride you. Have you ever squirted before?”

He then with a moderate thrust slipped into her ass. She took the full length. He then grinded into her ass for the next fifteen minutes. He stimulated her clit as he rode her. Then she orgasmed, and she squirted. Babs was amazed as she saw Molly’s cum squirt out of her pussy. Babs got some paper tissues and cleaned the cum from the carpet. Babs said, “Paul, I want the same. I have seen a woman squirt in porn films but never in real life.”

Molly replied, “Both my orgasms were exceptional. I believe that the ass fuck orgasm was more intensive and that is why I squirted. It’s the first time in my life that I have squirted, and I want to do it again. It’s now three in the morning. I have five private chats booked for the morning, so I will leave you two to have some fun. Paul, come when it suits you in the morning. Thanks so much for the two unforgettable orgasms.”

She left after kissing both of them. Babs went to the door with her. When she came back, Paul asked, “What did Molly mean by ‘I have five private chats booked for the morning’?”

Babs replied, “Several years ago some of the girls wanted to set up a chat site for over fifties sexual active men and women. One of ladies daughter was a talented Webmaster. Val and I gave a couple of thousand to set it up. It was popular, and we had over twenty thousand subscribers paying five pounds a year. It made a little money and gave a lot of people a bit of fun. Five months ago we set up a Flirt Site. It has been very successful. There are models on there that list what they enjoy doing sexually. They have risqué pictures of themselves on their profiles and the software allows subscribers to cam with the models.”

“The models charge ten pounds for a fifteen-minute performance. We get two pounds for silivri escort the session to cover our costs. We are operating offshore. We are registered in the Cayman Islands and the Isle of Man. We use PayPal as our Bank. All transactions go through PayPal, and at midnight each day, there’s a programme that pays the models for the sessions that they have done that day. Ninety-nine percent of the models wear masquerade masks. There’s also voice altering software, so they remain anonymous. On their profiles, some of the models have uploaded some suggestive videos, and these are very popular.”

“Eighty-five percent of our subscribers are women. Molly wants to do some hardcore videos. That’s why Molly mentioned it. I haven’t given it too much thought, but I believe that it could be an earner. Over the next days, I will show you the site and how it works. There’s a lot of money in the bank now as we now have over half a million subscribers. I think it needs someone to develop the site and I think that person is you. Now, darling, mummy wants to be fucked in both holes. I got very aroused watching you fuck Molly. If we had filmed those two fucks, they would have made super videos. Mummy wants you to make her squirt.”

Paul took her in his arms and said, “Babs, I’m not going to fuck you. I am going to make love to you. I will do your ass first, and I will make you squirt. Then when I am in your pussy, you will have the best orgasm of your life.”

For the next hour, Babs experienced the best lovemaking of her life. Paul was gentle, passionate, thoughtful, considerate and loving in everything that he did. He made her squirt for the first time in her life. She was very noisy with that orgasm. Then later when he was in her hot pink hot pussy, they both came within seconds of each other. She held him inside her as they kissed afterwards. She was so loving in the way she kissed him she said, “Paul, I love you as only a mother can love their child but I also love you as much as a lover can love their partner. I’m going to tell George tomorrow to move out. I have put up with so much crap from him. It was disgusting the way he treated and spoke with me this evening.”

“The only true happiness in my life has come from you, Val and my parents. I don’t care if I never see him again. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I also want to be a grandmother; when you are older, we will find the suitable person for you. I love you with all my heart.”

The kissed passionately. They were both sound asleep in each other’s arms ten minutes later. Paul’s cock was still hard.

They were awakened the next morning at seven-thirty by the housekeeper who had gone to George’s bedroom as he had not come down for breakfast. She had found George slumped at the desk in his study. His body was cold. Babs and Paul went to the room. There were two empty bottles of whisky on the desk. Babs then checked him for life. She phoned one of the partners in the practice. She explained what had happened. He told her that he would be there in twenty minutes to issue the Death Certificate. He would also contact another partner to take this mornings surgery and a Funeral Director he knew so the body would be removed within an hour.

Babs and Paul then dressed. Paul with the chinos and polo shirt. Babs had a silk blouse and tight fitting leggings. The doctor arrived and wrote the certificate. Babs had removed the empty bottles and the half empty one. He then came into the kitchen. Babs offered him a coffee, but he had to go to the surgery as he had failed to contact the other doctor. He offered his condolences to Babs and Paul. The Undertaker arrived Babs gave him the certificate. He was very professional offering his condolences then getting all the information that he required. He asked for Babs email address, and she gave him Paul’s. One hour later they left with the body. Babs had selected the coffin from a catalogue.

Babs then phoned Molly to tell her that they wouldn’t be there today because of George. She then called Val and told her about George. She asked Val if she and Paul could stay with her until after the funeral. She was now going to switch off her mobile as she didn’t want to be pretending that she had sorrow when she was feeling the happiest she had felt for years. She also told Val that she and Paul only needed one double bedroom for themselves or if Val wanted to join them they would all share her enormous King Size bed. Val had told her that they would use her bed. Babs said to her that they would be there in the next couple of hours.

Babs then packed a large suitcase for both of them. She told him that they would stay with Val until after the funeral. Then they would go on holiday for a week as it was the Easter holidays and he would be on holiday from University. She told him she had put three packets of the blue pills in his toiletries bag and she had two packets as a backup. When she had finished packing she phoned Davy, her painter, she told him about George and asked him if he could redecorate George’s bedroom and study. Davy had a key to the house and said he had enough paint in stock to do it. But said because of George’s smoking he may need to give three coats to get rid of the smell. Babs told him to put four coats on as she didn’t want to be reminded of the smoke. When she finished the call, she said, “Mummy would like to be fucked to see if it’s better when you’re not committing adultery.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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