Mother’s True Lover

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Kevin Parsons was a son who loved his mother deeply. He hated his abusive father just as deeply. The man was a bully and a drunk.

The young son often heard his mother’s cries and his father’s yelling. He would peek in and see her on knees begging not to punisher any more. Often Rachel Parsons’ body would sport bruises and cuts from their ‘lovemaking’.

Many nights the loving son would try to muffle his mother’s cries with a pillow. It would fail and he would weep feeling so helpless. Many times after such beating he would go to his mother and comfort her. The wounds would be treated. The young son often expressed hatred toward the abusive parent.

Rachel knew her son wanted his father gone. The few times he tried to champion his mother were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, Kevin was just too small to do anything to stop the mean-spirited father. The efforts would leave him beaten severely. The mother’s agony would increase with the sight of the bloodied child.

It broke the young son’s heart to see his mother in a huddled quavering mass crying. The pain would multiply with the view of her child being so beaten. They would hug together in a fearful crying ball of quivering flesh.

What really puzzled the young lad was why did his father treat his mother so cruelly? She was beautiful! The woman was a totality loyal and gorgeous wife.

Rachel felt she had no choice. This was her destiny. Her father was like this to her mother and so she deserves no better.

Kevin tried to get Rachel to leave his father. The woman refused. She said it was really all right. His father really did love her. The son was so upset at this attitude.

As Kevin got older, the more he fell in love with his mother. He knew he could make her much happier than his father ever would. In his early teens the boy realized his desire to please his parent extended to the bedroom.

Kevin would often spy on his mother while sleeping or coming out of the shower. The mature, beautiful body was so magnificent. The desire to show how a real man could really satisfy it grew with each passing year.

His father had force his mother to dress in only a robe around the house. He made her sleep naked. Kevin often would sneak into the master bedroom and look at his parent’s gorgeous body.

She was a five-foot-seven auburn hair dark eyed bronze beauty second to none. Years of school competitive gymnastics created a trim, athletic body. A set of 38C’s, flat abdomen, rounded firm thighs and slender legs made a sight to behold. With the exception of the bruises and contusions left by his father, his mother had a perfect body. God! He hated that drunkard so!

The voyageur offspring would peer in at his mother in the early morning a lusting lad scanned the sleeping body from top to bottom. A set of rounded orbs with the dark nipples would move up and down to the breathing. A shave pussy was always exposed and always looked so, so tasty.

To see the forbidden body lying above the sheets was breathtaking. It was doing these peeking episodes that the realization of how much he wanted this taboo body came to light. The boy would masturbate to the forbidden vision.

The loving son decided to take matters into his hand. He started working out and getting into such athletics like football and wrestling. He wanted to be in excellent shape to kick his father out of the house once and for all.

That opportunity never came. When he was sixteen the man was killed in a traffic accident. He was drunk driving and slammed into a building. They were free of this tyrant.

Kevin immediately had Rachel get up and around. They went out to movies and dinners together. He even got her back to the gym.

A young heart beat radically seeing his mother come out of the abusive shell. She would never be hurt like that again if he had anything to do with it. He would be her protector. The desire was to be her lover. That wouldn’t be ever happening.

The loving son soon went off to college. They talked everyday on the phone or Email. It was a wonderful relationship.

Soon Rachel was dating. Kevin felt a tinge of jealousy but understood part of his beautiful parent’s recovery would be getting with men. There was always the hope a chance for him might happen. It wasn’t long before his mother started telling him of Joe. They had met at the gym. From everything Kevin learned, the man was suppose to be a real charmer.

Rachel soon fell in love with this man. She couldn’t wait for them to meet. There was a strong possibility he be a Kevin’s new stepfather.

Suddenly, contact with his mother ended. The calls weren’t returned. Response to the Emails stopped. The dedicate son became worried. It was fortunate that the summer break was only two weeks away. He would get home and see what’s going on.

As soon as the last class ended, he was on a plane. When arriving at the house, it was empty. Kevin assumed his mother and the new boyfriend was out together somewhere.

Jet lag kicked in. After a quick shower, he laid down beylikdüzü otele gelen escort on the bed wearing only a towel. It wasn’t long before sleep had taken over.

Yelling and screaming awaken him. At first it was thought it was all a dream. It was his mother’s voice crying for mercy and begging not to be hit again. After a few seconds it was the realization that it was real!

The nineteen-year-old college jock jumps from the bed quickly. He hurries down the hallway to his mother’s room. The sight was sickening.

His beautiful mother was butt naked on the floor in a defensive position. A man, probably Joe, was whipping a broad belt over a slender back and firm ass cheeks. Red welts were appearing on the tan skin. She was being submissive and shimmering. Tearful pleas for mercy were being uttered. He was calling her a bitch and a whore with each slap of the leather strap. The man had a broad grin.

“Noooooooooo!” the enraged son screams.

Kevin charges the assailant. The towel falls from the taunt athletic body. The older, smaller man is slammed against the wall.

“Omigod! Kevin!” Rachel shrieks loudly, “That’s Joe!”

The incensed son continues the unrelenting attack on the man abusing his mother. Fists and feet rain down on the target. A full fledge hate arise quickly.

“I’ll kill ya, you bastard!” the enraged Kevin roars insanely.

Joe was helpless. Dress only in a pair of pants, he whines not to be hurt. A set of arms tries unsuccessfully to cover for protection. The assault was effective. He was bleeding. Groans of pain sounds with each strike.

“Now you’re gettin’ out of here!” the naked and angry son screams, “You’re never gonna touch my mother again!”

Joe is dragged down the hallway by the ankles. They stop by the front door long enough for Kevin to open it. The older man starts to get up and run away from the big lad.

“You’re outta here, mutherfucker!” Kevin yells grabbing the fleeing man.

With a lunge, Joe is flung onto the porch. He looks up at the enraged and naked attacker. A set of wide eyes show fear.

“If ya ever come back here!” the infuriated son threatens, “I’ll kill ya! I mean it you fuckin’ bastard!”

“I—, I—-, I need my car keys,” Joe stutters.

“Where the fuck are they?” Kevin growls.

“In the candy dish on that stand next to the door,” he answers trembling.

The son rubbernecks the immediate area. The keys are spotted. They are exactly where he said they would be.

“Here!” Kevin snarls throwing them at the down man, “Take ’em an’ never come back here, you sonofabitch!”

The door is slammed shut. He quickly dashes back to his mother’s bedroom.

Rachel is balled up on the bed crying. A naked, trim back is facing him. Kevin’s heart breaks. The loving son never thought this sight would ever be seeing this horrible vision again.

“Oh mother,” he asks downheartedly crawling up behind Rachel, “How could you do this again?”

Kevin places arms around the trembling body. She is pulled into him. The embrace is tightened.

“Because I deserve no better,” she says in a quavering voice, “I’m only meant to be a whore for men’s use.”

“That’s bullshit!” the loving son rebuts, “You’re a damn good woman an need a real man to mak’ya feel right about yourself.”

The son’s comforting hands move up around a set of large breasts. Each palm feels a hard nipple. They automatically softly squeeze.

“No, it’s true,” Rachel, argues, “I’m only a whore for a man to use.”

Kevin is alarmed at that statement! His mother’s ego has been beaten down more than realized! This can’t continue or all she’ll do is find another Joe.

He forces his mother over onto her back. A set of large fleshy orbs wiggle with the sudden movement. Kevin’s eyes automatically widen at the wonderful sight.

Both immediately realize they are naked! The beautiful body Kevin has been sneaking peeks at since the early teens was actually in his arms! Rachel hold of her muscular, handsome son. They both were mute just a moment.

“Mother,” Kevin speaks first, “You hav’ta stop actin’ this way. He leans closer beseeching, “You can’t go on believing this or you’ll never be happy!”

`”But it’s true,” Rachel argues, “My father, your grandfather, made that clear.” She continues on, “He would beat both your grandmother an’ I for bein’ such bitches.”

“You’re notta bitch!” Kevin denies in almost a yell, “You’re a good woman who deserves a good man!”

Rachel automatically cringes at the loud voice. In doing so her leg wraps around his. A warm pussy rubs against a hardening young cock.

“It’s true!” the abused woman insists with tearing eyes, “I’ve never had a man who didn’t beat me! I must deserve such treatment or it wouldn’t be constantly happenin’!”

Tears flow from the dark eyes. An auburn haired head turns away. She is a woman shamed.

“Mother,” Kevin pleads, “Don’t think of yourself in that way.” He forces her beylikdüzü rus escort to look back into his eyes saying, “You don’t deserve such pigs. A real good man is out there for you.”

The big lad’s heart was breaking. All the time he thought his beautiful parent had gotten over his father, she hadn’t. In fact there were even deeper issues.

“No good man will love me,” Rachel stated in a quavering voice.

Kevin leans over her body. Their faces are inches apart. The mother and son’s nude bodies are pressing even closer.

“There’s a good man out there to love you, Mother,” he the caring son maintains softly, “In fact I’m sure there is a good man who will love you forever.”

“No, there isn’t.” The crying Rachel challenges, “I don’t know of any. Do you?”

“Yes there is.” Kevin admits, “I love you.”

“Your my son,” she points out, “You’re suppose to love me.”

“No, mother,” the sensitive teenager confesses, “I don’t mean that way. I love you like a man loves a woman.” He adds quickly, “I’ve wanted your body since I was thirteen.”

“It would be wrong.” The now trembling Rachel rationalizes, “It wouldn’t feel good to do such an act between us.”

It was then she feels a mass against a flat abdomen. Rachel looks down a hard body to see an eight-inch warm and hard cock pressing onto her flesh. The first thought was it looks fantastic.

“No, Mother,” Kevin says running a finger through a long auburn mane, “It would be right.” Placing a kiss on a sweating forehead he professes, “I love you more than any man has ever. I can make you happy with pure acts of love.”

The confession makes Rachel go wet between the legs. She is excited that the one man who has always been there for her is admitting to unrestricted love. Her trained moralities and desires are in conflict.

“Allow me between your legs, Rachel,” the now hot son requests softly, “Let me show you have a real man love fucks a woman.”

The word ‘fuck’ from his mouth made her even more excited. He was such a handsome man. He had always been a dedicated and loving man to her.

“Omigod, Kevin,” she weakly argues, “It would be so wrong to let my have my pussy.”

“Who to give that pussy to than a man who loves you so much?” he asks.

Kevin’s hand moves slowly down his mother’s trim body. It comes to rest over a bald wet cunt. It is hot to the touch.

“Please, son,” Rachel continues to unconvincingly state, “This would be all wrong for us to fuck. It’s against the law.”

“Mother,” Kevin entreats huskily, “please let me put my cock in you. Let me make your pretty cunny happy with real passionate love and not violent sex.”

His hand feels wonderful. Rachel is getting wetter. A set of dark nipples is erect.

“You’ll hate me when it is over,” she gives one last argument. “We’ll always look at each other in shame.”

“I could never hate you, Mother,” Kevin proclaims moving his arms around her back, “I could never look at you except with eyes of pride how beautiful and sexy you are.”

Pulling the forbidden body tighter, the two roll onto their sides. They lock into a deep French kiss.

Rachel’s heart races with the kiss. Kevin’s passions erupt with the kiss. The two entwine in a deeper embrace while tongues dance the taboo tango and hands explore the warm flesh of the other.

“My pussy has never had a lovin’ cock,” the turned on mother pants, “It’s never felt the strokes of love, baby.”

“It will now, Mother,” Kevin hotly predicts, “My cock give your cunny deep an’ very loving strokes.”

“Please be the lover I need, son,” she hotly moans as they engage into second deep kiss.

The young mother’s fervor takes over. She presses hard into her son. He is forced onto his back.

“Promise you won’t hate me, baby,” the lusting Rachel huskily asks climbing upon her son’s athletic body.

“I can’t hate the one I’ve loved all my life,” the panting Kevin declares.

They again engage into a deep passionate kiss. Curvy legs slid over the boy’s hips. A set of wet pussy lip surrounds a harden pole.

“Gawd, Kevin,” Rachel hisses in a whisper breaking the kiss, “You’re made your mother so hot.” A set of lust filled dark eyes looks deeply into his. “Take my very experienced cunt an’ make me beg for your cock.”

Rachel then French kisses Kevin more passionately. A pair of rounded tits crushes against a flat chest. A leaking pussy slides up and down on a rigid cockshaft.

“I need you so much, son,” the love starved Rachel confesses. “You’re such’a fine example of a man.” She proclaims starting to move down the athletic torso with a trail of kisses.

“Omigod, Mother,” Kevin hotly asks, “Are’ya gonna give me a blowjob?”

“No,” Rachel says between kisses, “I’m gonna give you the best blowjob I can possibly give ya.”

Kevin feels his mother’s tender kisses move slowly down. She was giving slight pecks in a trail to a very hard cock. The touches were so erotic and stimulating.

Rachel beylikdüzü türbanlı escort stops at the head of the young cock. She looks up giving a motherly stare. Dark eyes glisten with desire.

“Do you want your mother’s mouth over your cock, baby?” she coos, “This is the last chance to back out.”

“Yes, I want my mother’s mouth over my cock,” Kevin, full of lust, states.

“Do’ya want to cum in your mother’s mouth?” she teases huskily.

“God forgive me!” the aroused son confesses, “I want to cum in your mouth!”

Then an auburn head slowly inhale the shaft.

“Oh sweet jezzus, mother!” Kevin sighs.

“I’ve never been so much as hot as I am now,” the turned on Rachel says moving to a set of large balls, “I bet feelin’ these slap against my body will be the most wonderful sensation ever.”

A pink tongue then trails the underside of a young cock. It traces the seam from the ball sac to the glans. It returns down the stiffen rod even slower.

Gentle kisses and feathery caresses stimulate the testicles. The sack retracts to the tender digits. A pair of ruby lips sucks on the scrotum with a hot tongue licking between each touch.

Kevin couldn’t believe how wonderful his woman was! She was making love to his cock. His parent was giving the greatest blowjob of all time!

“Feelin’ this cock pound away in my pussy will be beautiful,” Rachel pants between kisses, “To feel my son become such’a stud in my cunt will be the greatest love you can give me, Baby.”

The hard rod is inhaled into a warm mouth. The walls adhere to the cockshaft. A mother’s head bobs slowly on the son’s firm erection.

“Omigod, Mother,” Kevin groans loudly, “I’m never had my cock feel this way before!”

Her forbidden lips were like silk. It seems every inch of his young stiff dick was being loved. The hardness of the rod made Kevin think the skin was going to split from the growing erection.

“Please cum in my mouth, Baby,” Rachel huskily orders, “Let me pleasure you as you so deserve.” She sucks in the very hard dick to the hilt and then backs out slowly. “I want ya to feel how much I love you, Kevin.”

The mother again captures the erect pole in a warm mouth. This time the rhythm picks up. Humming could be heard as an auburn head bobs up and down.

“Yes! Yes Goddamn it! Yes, mother!” Kevin wails lifting hips off the sheets, “I wanna cum in your mouth! I want my mother to taste all my sperm!”

Kevin had been cocksucked before. Yet this one was different. His parent was truly making love to his hard rod. She was promoting a strong orgasm.

“Ooooooooooooh, Mother!” Kevin yells, “I’m gonna cum now!”

Rachel feels the river of hot sperm enter her mouth. The hungry parent swallows as much as possible. Her head moves faster to encourage more sperm.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!” Kevin wails into the room while freezing to the sensation.

Rachel’s head moves as fast as possible forcing the last of the forbidden love juices into her mouth. She sucks greedily preventing no drop to escape. It was a total blowjob.

She then climbs back up the young, sweaty body. The two clinches into a passionate kiss. Tongues danced the tango. Hands caress the other’s body.

“I’ve never been so in love, Kevin,” Rachel professes hotly, “I can’t wait to see your cock buried deep in my cunt. I’ll be a very good piece o’ ass!”

They kissed again.

“I know you’ll be a great fuck, mother,” the breathless Kevin says breaking the kiss, “You’re already my best cocksucker ever”.

Kevin sees the dark eyes water up. Tears roll down a set of tan cheeks. A feeling of regret might have come to her.

“Mother,” the concerned son asks, “Why are’ya cryin’?” He quickly wonders, “Are you regrettin’ what you just did?’

“No, Baby,” the teary eyed Rachel explains, “I’m so happy. I’ve never had man say I was the best at anything.”

Kevin rolls to his side and pulls his mother into a set of caring arms. The warm womanly body is crushed against his. He strokes a long mane and trim back.

“Mother,” the loving son says softly, “How can any man want to treat you so terrible?” Lying back in a prone position, his mother is pulled with him. “From now on pain will never be part of makin’ love. I’ll never hurt you physically or mentality.”

The two lay motionless on the bed. Rachel’s head was on the young chest. He caresses an auburn mane.

“It’s time to show you some real love, mother,” Kevin says motioning for her to move onto her back.

“Oh baby, how can I service you again?” Rachel moans softly, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Just open your legs, Mother,” Kevin hotly orders, “It’s my turn to service you.”

She complies by laying back. A set of 38C’s stood erect for him. A pair of dark nipples hardens nicely.

“Those are so magnificent,” Kevin sighs placing his mouth onto one of the protruding nipples.

“This shouldn’t feel so good,” she groans, “It is incest. It is evil”

“No, mother,” Kevin rebuts between sucks, “It is love. It is beautiful.”

The tuned on son kisses down a flat stomach. A trail of kisses goes to a belly button and downward toward a bald cunt. A set of parting legs gives full access to the forbidden hole.

The in-love son pauses to admire the view. The naked pussy was pink and pulsating. A sweet odor emanates from the forbidden cunt.

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