Mother’s Rack Ch. 03

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I lay on the bed between my mother and my girlfriend Kat. I was in a post coital coma having just fucked Kat right beside mom.

The two women talked to each other quietly so as not to wake me.

“That was so sexy watching you two.” Said mom. “He came right into you. No condom?”

“We decided that since you were his only other partner and Daddy was my only partner before Carl and since I’m on the pill. Well.”

“He wanted to feel the inside of you without anything on and you wanted to feel him shoot into you.”

“Yes. I hope that’s OK?”

“It’s fine honey. I love feeling his hot cum squirting inside me. Feeling it dripping out of my vagina and down my asshole.”

“That’s just what’s happening to me right now.” Kat said.

“Me too. You heard him cum in me just before you came in for your share of the fun.” Mom said. “Do you think ‘Daddy’ will like Carl?”

“What’s not to like? He’s cute and funny and he’s fucking the shit out of me.”

“Yeah ‘Daddy’ might not be too thrilled with that last part.”

“I think we should leave sleeping cutie here and go up to the house where we can talk. Maybe have some coffee.” Kat told my mother.

Kat told me the details of what happened next as we drove to her father’s house a week later.

“Come on Kat, I don’t think we could wake him up if we were jumping on the bed.”

Both women slipped out of the bed and headed to our house naked.

“You have beautiful breasts Brenda. I can hardly wait to watch Carl fuck you from behind. I bet your boobs swing so nicely.”

“Carl usually has them in his hands while he’s thrusting into me. I love having my nipples pinched when I’m getting a good fucking. Carl always gives his mother a good fucking. Your titties are so cute. I bet Carl likes to kiss and suck them.”

“My boobs love all the attention he pays them. My nips are so sensitive.”

“I love the way you trim down there, between your legs. Do you think Carl would like it if I…”

“Your bush is majestic Brenda. But I could help you trim it if you want.”

“There’s a bunch of cum down there now, I should get a washcloth and towel.”

“I’ve never done anything like it before but since it’s a combo of you and Carl, I could clean you up with my tongue.”

They had arrived in the house by that time and Mom led Kat to the bedroom. She excused herself to slip to the bathroom and came back with a towel, a washcloth, a razor and a pair of scissors. She laid all of these on the bedside table and then laid back on the bed and spread her legs.

Kat licked her lips nervously and climbed onto the bed on her knees. Bending between my mother’s legs, she took her first lick of another woman’s crotch. The taste of my semen on mom’s pubes encouraged her and she started tongue lashing mom like she was an ice cream cone. Kat cleaned all around my mom’s vagina until all the cream and crusty stuff was gone.

“There, all clean down here Brenda. All ready for a little trim.”

“Un. Kat. Inside. It’s all full of Carl cum. Eat Mommy out. Make me cum.” Her knees came up toward her ass and she spread wider for my girlfriend.

Kat only had to think about it for a moment before she lowered her head back down to mom’s snatch, sliding her tongue deeply into the hole that I had so recently fucked.

“Oh. That’s it honey. Uh.” Mom reached down and spread open her pussy lips and Kat saw her clit. She moved up to kiss it and then sucked it into her mouth.

“Oh. So good. Kat, that feels wonderful. Keep going. I’m so close to cumming.” Mom cupped the back of Kat’s head and rocked her crotch onto Kat’s tongue. “Oh fuck honey. Mommy’s gonna cum. Ooooooh.”

My mother orgasmed on my girlfriend’s face and Kat kept licking her softly as she came down.

“Come up here sweet girl. You did that so well.” Kat crawled up and the two women hugged tightly, their breasts pressing into each other’s chests. Mom kissed Kat lightly on the lips then again with more passion. Soon both of them had their tongues in play and they made out, my mom tasting her own pussy juice in Kat’s mouth. Mom eased away from my girlfriend’s mouth and kissed her way down to her chest, kissing her nipples and bringing her hand up to squeeze her titties as she sucked.

Kat took one of mom’s hands into hers and moved it down to her pussy. Mom got the message and started to diddle Kats’ sex. Kat guided her over her clit for a minute and then asked for two fingers inside. Mom accommodated her and finger fucked her until finally moving her face down into Kat’s crotch, tonguing her clitoris as she came, singing that pretty song of ecstasy.

As they lay in each other’s arms catching their breath, they both eventually slept.

Kat woke with a start bemused by what had happened with Brenda. As the older woman stirred beside her and Kat thought about bolting out the door but Brenda reached out and touched Kat’s cheek. “It’s OK pretty girl. We were just helping each other out. We don’t have to tell Carl if you don’t want to but I’m sure if you innovia escort told him you’d get way laid. What guy doesn’t fantasize about girl-girl sex?”

Kat smiled her appreciation at Brenda. “Well then, let’s see if we can do a nice pruning on that bush down there?” She said running her fingers through the pubic thicket.

They were done by the time I came to and wandered up to the house. Mom was wearing clothes and Kat had headed for work.

“Wow Mom, I can’t believe that I fucked Kat right beside you. You stuck your finger up my butt too. I must have passed out after I came, did Kat have an orgasm?”

“Oh yeah.” Mom said.

“Good. Is there food? I heard there would be food.”

I was ravenous and mom fed me until I was sated. We talked for a while and then decided to go to town for groceries.

After shopping and getting what we needed for the house and the coffee shack, since mom was spending half her time there. We decided to have lunch at the place where Kat worked. When we walked in, Kat’s eyes went wide and her face flushed a delightful shade of red. I looked at that and my eyebrows raised. She glanced at me and then at my mom and her shade grew to an even darker red. I knew there was a story there but I was willing to wait to hear it until one of the two women in my life was ready to tell it to me. Mom and I had our plate lunch and Kat seemed to calm down since it appeared that I was unaware of what had transpired this morning.

Mom and I got home and put our purchases away, then lounged around for a while until Kat got there. We had a late dinner and Mom excused herself to go to the shack. Kat and I went to bed and just held each other. I guess everyone had had enough sex for one day.


In the morning when Kat left for work, I put on my shoes and nothing else and strolled down to the shack. Mom was lounging naked on top of the covers and my eyes went immediately to her nicely trimmed bush.

“Hi mom. Nice pruning job. When did that happen?”

Her face colored a bit and she looked over at the wall of the room. I wondered what was going on with her.

“Um, yeah Kat helped me get the thing under control. I like it. I’ll be able to wear a swimsuit in public now without showing off everything.”

“Kat helped with that huh?” I was getting an inkling of why my women were acting so weird.

“Yeah.” My mother smiled with a bit of a distant look. “She’s a nice girl Carl. I’m glad you two are so close.”

“Me too.” I smiled thinking about my girlfriend being so close to my mom’s pussy. My dick hardened quickly.

“Oh good,” mom said. “I thought we might have broken you yesterday.

“You did but you have a way of fixing me Mom.” I approached the bed and mom spread her legs. I touched her crotch and looked more closely at her bush.

“Pretty.” I said as I leaned in to kiss her down there.

“Yes! Eat Mommy. Carl, make me cum. I’ll suck you off.”

I put my hand under the cheeks of her ass and my tongue penetrated her folds. I spread her cheeks apart any my pinky entered her rectum at the same time that my tongue lashed over her clit.

“Ung. Ya. Oh baby. Right there.”

I kept moving my finger around her brown eye and licking her pussy until I gave my mother an orgasm.

“Oh honey. You sure know how I like it. Kat sure is a lucky girl. She does have a pretty ‘O’ face.”

“Doesn’t she?” I said as I stood up at the side of the bed and mom sat in front of me. I presented her with my boner and she sucked it in, getting me down her throat in just a couple of bobs of her head. “Oh Mom, suck your son’s cock. I know you love eating my sperm. Make me cum in your pretty mouth.”

Mom increased the speed of her sucking and I felt her hand creepin’ toward my butthole. As her finger tickled my sphincter, I held the back of her head and moaned. “Oh Mommy I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your mouth Mom.”

She gurgled around my prick and then swallowed all that I had deposited.

“I really love you Mom.” I said.

“I bet you say that to all the girls who swallow gobs of your semen.”

“Well I do since you and Kat are the only ones who’ve ever done that for me.”

“Well in that case I really love you too honey.”


Kat and I decided to go up to Ocean View the following week. She took two extra days off giving her four in a row. While I drove, Kat told me the story of the morning she trimmed mom’s bush. By the time she gave me all the details, I was steering with one hand and rubbing my hard dick through my pants. I had her change the subject and my prick finally softened. I did worry about a bit of precum leakage but it had dried by the time we pulled into the driveway at her dad’s house.

As the name implied there was a hell of a view from almost everywhere up on that mountainside but big development hadn’t started so there were some pretty private places scattered around. Her father, Jack had a nice place on five acres of cooled lava. He worked at the grocery store istanbul escort in the small town at the bottom of the mountain. He worked part time and spent a lot of time on his land doing projects with metal and wood. His neighbors paid him to make them little things that they needed or just wanted. Jack was short like his daughter but not as short as her. He was powerfully built from all of his projects and from stocking the shelves of the store.

His handshake was firm but not one of those ‘I’m trying to break your hand’ ones. The kiss he gave Kat told me that he knew that I knew what they did together. Lips met and held for half a minute or more and they hugged each other tightly with Kat rubbing her crotch against Jack’s leg.

After touring around the place and seeing some of the things he did, we went in to find a nice lunch laid out on a handmade table. After we ate we sat outside on some benches Jack had made and chatted about the weather and fishing and work. Kat sat next to her Daddy and the two of them held hands. It was cute and sweet and natural. I could see the love they had for each other and it reminded me of the love mom and I had for each other. After a fine dinner of Mahi Mahi with rice and veggies, we watched a little TV and then called it a night.

Kat and I had put our stuff in the guest bedroom and we headed there while Jack cleaned his teeth and headed to his room.

Naked in bed together we whispered and Kat said that her father definitely liked me. I was glad to hear that since he was probably strong enough to break me in half if he didn’t like me. We kissed and things became hotter and I rubbed my dick along her thighs. Kat turned over and said. “Rub it in my crack. Hot dog me and get yourself off. I’ll diddle my clit. I need to save my pussy for Daddy for later. He’s expecting me.” She moved her feet further apart and I nestled between her ass cheeks. Spitting on my hand, I added a little slickness to the situation. I slid back and forth and got into a rhythm. Kat was massaging her clit and moaning louder than I thought was wise. “Oh Carl, your mommy’s pussy tasted so sweet when I went down on her that morning. I loved feeling her big boobs against mine when we hugged. She made me cum with her fingers and tongue.”

The bed squeaked with every thrust and Kat did too. I knew Jack had to be hearing all this and I got more into it. The moaning cry that was Kat’s orgasm song was followed by my grunting release as I painted her back with my jizz. I collapsed on her back and she let out a moan. I took my weight onto my elbows and Kat drew in a deep breath.

“God girl, how did you get so fuckin’ hot? Everything we do is just so wonderful.” I lifted off her and looked for something to clean off her back with. Her panties seemed like the most logical thing, so I cleaned her back lovingly, kissing the places that I had just cleaned. Once she was dry, I rolled onto my back and faded off to sleep.

As I slept Kat slipped out of the bed and went to her Daddy. He had been listening and was so ready for some of Kit Kat’s pussy that he was inside her immediately and only lasted about two minutes before filling her pussy with fresh Daddy cum. Both sated, they slumbered for a few hours.

I woke up around midnight and heard a rhythmic squeak from the bed in Jack’s room. There was an occasional thump as the headboard hit the wall. I heard Kat. “Uh. Uh. Uh. Daddy fuck me. You feel so good. If you finger my backdoor I’ll cum for you. Oh. That’s it fuck me hard finger my butt. Daddy I love you. I’m cumming. Aaaaaahoooohhmmmm.

“Kit Kat. Daddy’s gonna cum in your little pussy. Aaaaaaah. Oh baby. Uh. Love you.”

I was hard again and so turned on, I picked up the panties I had cleaned off Kat’s back with and added another load to them.

It was three thirty in the morning when the headboard bumped the wall again. Squeak squeak Thump thump. Moans. Signs of passionate love making. I got quietly out of bed and tiptoed to the open door of the room. I watched silently as Jack fucked his daughter. The pre-dawn light through the window showed Kat’s ecstatic face as her Daddy’s cock slid in and out of her wet snatch. It was after four AM when they both orgasmed and lay panting side by side.

“I should go back to Carl Daddy. Thanks for all the good fucking.”

“Oh honey, it was so good to be in you and on you. You make me cum so hard. Do you have to go back to him? I just want you beside me.”

“She can stay beside you if it’s ok for me to fuck her there.” I said.

“Oh Carl. You scared the shit out of me!” Kat exclaimed. “Daddy, Brenda let us fuck right beside her. Would it be OK?”

“Kat, I don’t know. Isn’t it a little kinky? “

“Kinkier than fucking your daughter three times in one night? Look how hard Carl is Daddy. He really needs to be inside his girlfriend right now.”

Jack reluctantly moved to the side of the bed but placed his elbow on the pillow and held his head up on his hand, watching as his daughter rolled to her back kadıköy escort and spread her legs for me. Just like the day we did it beside my mom, I was inside her within two heartbeats.

“Oh God Daddy, he’s as hard as you were for me the first time last night. Uh. He fucks me so good Daddy. Watch us fuck. Daddy I ate Carl’s mother’s pussy last week. You should have been there. She got me off with her fingers and tongue too. Oh fuck Carl. You’re really turned on right now aren’t you? You want to watch Kit Kat eat Mommy’s pussy don’t you?”

I came into Kat’s cunt. She was so good at talking dirty and getting me off. I rolled off of her panting and Jack climbed on top of her and started fucking her hard. I figured her dirty talk got him going too. I watched through sleepy eyes as she wrapped her legs around him and they screwed each other hard for five minutes until Kat moaned out another orgasm and Jack grunted his climax into her neck. We all lay there trying to come down from our sexual highs.

“Wow Carl got to watch Daddy fuck me before I got to watch him fuck Mommy. I did get to listen to them go at it one morning though.”

“I think I need to meet this Brenda chic.” Jack said. “It is pretty hot watching two people do it right in front of you. I bet Brenda felt like me when you two were fucking each other.”

I just lay there. No words would come.

When daylight finally came we got out of Jack’s bed and made coffee and breakfast. We were all walking a bit gingerly. Sore crotches and wobbly legs had us moving like a group of old men. We took turns in the hot bath and were soon ready to do something.

Jack showed me his shop. He had an incredible array of tools and told me some of the things that he had made with them. I told him that I’d like to learn from him how to do things like that. He said that he’d be glad to teach someone what he knew.

I wondered if Brenda would like it up here. I was willing to bet she would. We had already done some of her favorite things together.

Jack spoke in a conspiratorial low voice. As if there were someone around to hear. “I’m also a writer Carl. Nothing you would have read unless you go to on your computer. I started writing stories for them soon after Kat and I first hooked up. I’ve gotten some good reviews from the people who visit the site. Even been favorited as people’s favorite author a couple times. When you have time look for ‘Patty comes for Daddy” in the incest taboo section.

I told him that I surely would look for that.

Kat and I had a few more days with Daddy and there was a lot of exciting sex between the three of us. I was wondering if this would become another story for Jack to recount. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Kona. Kat needed to work and I needed to check out this website that my new friend Jack had told me about. I found it and found his first story. Seems he had become fairly prolific with all of the good feedback he got from mostly anonymous readers. I opened the story and was immediately entranced by the factual telling of his first sexual encounters with his daughter.


Patty comes for Daddy By sswillow

I heard the shower go off and snuck to the bathroom door. I heard Pat move the shower curtain aside and opened the door as if I needed her for something.

“Pat honey, Where are my. I stopped talking as I took in the sight of Pat’s wet and naked body. She stood holding a towel but didn’t try to cover up. I saw her little titties and a beautiful black bush. She slowly brought the towel in front of her and titties and bush were covered.

“Ever knock Daddy?” Pat smiled at me.

“Oh sorry honey.” I stammered. “I just wondered if you’d seen my sunglasses.” We had only been in Hawaii for about six months and even though I needed them I couldn’t seem to keep track of my shades.

“You left them on the front seat of the car. You’re gonna sit on them one of these days.”

“Thanks Pat. I’ll be more careful.” I was still looking at her and she shuffled her feet. “Oh, I’ll leave you to it then. Going out?”

Yes Daddy. I told you that my new friends and I are going to the beach.”

“Oh yeah. Have fun Patty. Love you.”

“Love you to Daddy.”

Pat and I had moved here to Ocean View after her mother and I divorced. We left Ohio and headed for paradise. I got a job in a grocery store stocking shelves and ringing up people’s groceries. It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of people but I hadn’t made real connections with any women and my dick just wouldn’t seem to go down no matter how many times I stroked myself off. I needed to get laid but I think I was just barging in on Pat for some fantasy material.

I got ready for my shift at work and Pat got ready to go to the beach with her friends. She usually wore shorts and a T shirt over her bikini until she was on the beach but today she strutted into the Livingroom in just the tiny swim suit. A whistle came from my lips before I could stop myself. “Oh you like it? Isn’t barging in on me naked better?”

“I’m sorry Pat. I’ll try to be more careful.”

“Am I good to go or should I shave closer?”

Pat stood in front of me inviting me to look closely at her pubic area. She looked smooth to me but I could see a little crease where the suit tucked into her slit slightly.

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