Mother’s Halloween Trick Treats Son

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This is a Halloween Contest story, please give me the support of your vote. Thank you.

It takes a Halloween swingers’ dance to finally bring mother and son together.


After graduating college and unable to find a job to support himself, Christopher, a video game, wannabe entrepreneur was invited to return home to live with his recently divorced mother. Having already paid for his college and bought him a used car, his mother volunteered her continued support by offering to clothe, feed, and shelter him. Always having been sexually attracted to his mother since forever, now with his father out of the picture, his chance to live alone with his MILF of a mother was an offer that he couldn’t refuse.

With his raging hormones controlling both his brains, he was always eager to play some sexy games of voyeurism and exhibitionism with his mother. Maybe while living alone with her and without his dad there to ruin things, he’d finally see her in her bra, in her panty, or naked. Maybe, just as his friend’s mother did, she’d accidentally on purpose drop her towel after her shower and flash him her naked body. Maybe, if he felt horny enough and the moment was right enough, he’d flash her his cock to see her reaction. Would she look, would she stare, or would she look away? Or, being that they were from the same gene pool, would she’d be just as horny and just as sexually attracted to him as he was to her? Would she reach out and touch him and stroke him before falling to her knees to suck him. Even if nothing else happened, having sex with his mother was a sexual fantasy that he masturbated to over and again.

“I still have the big house after divorcing your father Christopher. You could return home to live with me and live in your old room while working on the creation of your video game business,” said Elizabeth. “You’d be helping me as much as I’d be helping you,” she said with a motherly smile.

“Mom,” he said mildly protesting, “I can’t live back home.” He looked at her with feigned sadness and disappointment.

“Why not?” She looked at him with kindness, motherly affection, and love.

A woman who seldom showed her emotions, calm, deliberate, analytical, and always on her toes, she’s been trained to maintain a poker face. Only, aggressively ambitious, a formidable force and a close to the vest player, whatever game anyone played with her, they’d lose. Perhaps because he was her son and not her mission’s target, she looked genuinely disappointed that he may not accept her invitation to live with her. Yet, if anyone was to read her face, they’d misread her look as a mother’s love for her son instead of a mother’s lust for her son. Just as he’s been sexually attracted to her since forever, she’s been sexually attracted to him since he became of legal age four, long, and sexually frustrating years ago while he was away at college. Had he not left to attend college, they may have already done something incestuously sexual that they’d regret. Besides, always accepting another mission and forever traveling, she was never home.

“Seriously Mom, what girl would date me, once I tell them that I’m still living at home with my mother? They’d think me a loser. They’d think me a Mama’s boy,” he said looking at her with desire. “They’d think me gay.”

“Don’t be silly Christopher,” she said pausing to give him a sexy look as if she was hitting on him in a bar. “Why would you want a girl,” she said putting her hand on her hip and striking a sexy pose, “when you have a woman like me?” Serious in her comment, she didn’t laugh but he laughed nervously when the look she gave him undressed him with her eyes and seduced him as if was standing there naked.

Elizabeth has always been difficult to read. A deep thinker, a strategic plotter, and an every angle planner, by not wearing her emotions on her sleeve, no one ever sees her coming. Giving men one look when she meant something else entirely was how she’s been so successful at staying alive. Having worked undercover too long and missing out on so much of her personal life, she hoped to recapture all that she lost with her son. With her maturity stunted by her Hollywood esque occupation and in never feeling her age by all the daring things she’s done, she preferred the younger men to those men closer to her 48-year-old age. Only those young men in good physical condition that possessed the wit, the intelligence, and the stamina to not only keep up with her but also to sexually satisfy her need apply. Done with all of the dangerous duties of her job, her son was her only concern now and the one she had chosen to groom.

A legend in foreign affairs, young men all over the world loved her and still lusted over her at the mere mention of her spy code name, Madam Flowers. It was a name given to her by the DGSE, Direction generale de la securite exterieure, France’s version of our CIA, because she carried a bouquet of flowers to conceal her gun. She had been nicknamed by her victims, those who lived to tell what happened, as Red Rose, so named because she always left a red rose behind. Her real code name was still classified eve gelen escort information by the CIA.

In the name of her God and country, she couldn’t count the marriage proposals she’s received. In the name of the Central Intelligence Agency, she couldn’t count how many men she’s bedded. In the name of her sworn duty, she lost count of how many men and women she had to murder to complete her assignment, to escape alive, and to protect her anonymity.

Yet, and so it goes, the one man that matters to her the most is the one man she can’t have. A real taboo, a violation of laws in most countries around the world and in nearly all 50 states, he’s off limits. He’s, of course, her son, Christopher. Why would a woman who can have any man lust over her son? Why would a woman, who’s so worldly sophisticated, lower her morals to want to have incestuous sex with the one man that she created from her womb? With her multi-degreed education, even she was at a loss to answer such an easy question.

“You have a point there, Mom. You’re more woman than any girl I’ve dated that’s for sure,” he said with a smile.

“Having grown accustomed to having your father around the house, I hate living alone after he left me for that bimbo half his age,” she said with a feigned, sad smile and a pretend tear while falling into that lonely and helpless motherly role. “I get so lonely sometimes,” she said with sad eyes and taking a tissue to blot away her non-existent tears. “I could use the company,” she said still looking at him with sadness and giving him a look as if she was about to cry. If she was being judged by her performance, she’d win an Oscar for her role as a kind, caring, and loving mother. Truth be told, she was a conniving, calculating, and vicious bitch. “I hate going places and doing things alone.”

“Oh, Mom, I had no idea you were so sad,” he said falling for her acting job and giving his poor, lonely, pitiful, albeit sexy mother a hug. “You could have any man. You’re so beautiful and sexy mother. Someone who looks like you should never be alone and lonely without a man. I’m sorry you haven’t found someone.”

If only he knew she has found her man. If only he knew that he was her man and she always gets what she wants. It won’t be long before he awakens to a single, red rose on his pillow too.

“Thank you Christopher but I don’t want just any man,” she said making eye contact with him with her big, blue eyes. If only he knew that she wanted him. Someone so unafraid to slip across a border unnoticed and break into an embassy and assassinate a dignitary if need be, so frightened of incest, she was afraid to make the first move. “You could be my handsome, sexy escort, she said fussing with his hair and fixing his collar as if she was remaking him in the image of how his father looked so many years ago.

A marriage made in Heaven, she so loved his father, whatever was his name. Only, lucky she didn’t put poison in his drink and dump his cold, dead body in the sea, he had become unnecessary baggage. In her line of work, she was too driven by espionage to have a husband and a child. Yet, where her husband was an albatross, her son was her jewel. Had she chosen another career path, no doubt, she’d still be married to…what’s his name?

“Escort? I can’t be your sexy escort. I’m your son mother.”

Unable to hide his proud smile, he seemed flattered to be so deemed as her handsome, sexy escort. Yet, like mother like son, no doubt, Christopher was thinking of the sexual implications of what it meant to be a male escort, a gigolo, and a sexy sexual provider of sex to lonely women. How dare he defile his mother by thinking of her as a lonely woman, one who’d need to hire a man to escort her anywhere, especially to bed, when she’d surely have her pick of men wanting to bed her.

“Only being that you’re my son,” she said looking at him with a sexy smile. “We could have a bit of adventurous fun by pretending that we don’t know one another. We could enter a club separately and you could pick me up at the bar,” she said. “You could buy me a drink and dance with me while I pretended that I’m a sexy cougar and you’re my young, stud of a date,” she said putting her arms around his neck and giving him a light motherly kiss on the lips.

No doubt, she was pushing the envelope of decency by giving her son such a sexy scenario while pressing her sexual organs against his sexual organs, albeit fully clothed. Hoping he’d take the ball and run with it, hoping he’d take her more than subtle hint serious and seduce her, he chickened out by backpedaling. Obviously, just as she was, he feared taking the first step to cross that line of incest too.

“Actually that sounds like fun mother. I don’t know about the cougar and stud thing,” he said lying, “but I’d like to take your dancing.”

“That’s the only thing that I miss about your father, the dancing,” she said with a laugh and holding him while swaying her hips to an imagined music as if she was about to dance with him. “He was such a good dancer,” she said while wondering what the Hell her fatih escort ex-husband’s name was.

After she opened up to her son, after she revealed her loneliness and vulnerability to him, and after she asked him to pick her up at a bar and take her dancing, he looked at her with obvious shock by her sexy confession. Normally in the real world, the dating world, and the world of women his age, women like this, especially women who looked like her and who looked at him in the way that she was looking at him, were ripe for the taking, especially after that sexual admission. Lonely and vulnerable women, especially lonely and vulnerable women who just confessed their lonely vulnerability would, no doubt, be receptive to his romantic advances and sexual moves.

Alas, if only she wasn’t his mother. If only she was some sexy, college coed from Nebraska or Iowa and on the rebound after breaking up with her handsome, hunk of a boyfriend, he’d score. Nonetheless, even though she was his mother, she was giving him all the sexual signals that he was accustomed to receiving when looking for a Saturday night date.

“You need to get out more Mom and have some fun. Actually, now that you mention role play and dancing–,”

“Yes?” With her interest was piqued, interrupting him, and not even allowing him to finish talking, she asked. “What about role play and dancing?”

“There’s a Halloween Masquerade party Saturday, October 27th at the hotel downtown.”

“Really? Oh, how fun. Can we go?” Giddy with delight, she practically jumped up and down. “Would you mind taking your old mother dancing while dressed in costume? I’d love to attend a Halloween masquerade dance with my sexy son as my chaperone,” she said spinning and twirling herself around the floor as if she was dancing.

“Absolutely, Mom. I’d love to take you dancing, only, you should know–,” he said gulping his confession with a long pause.

“Yes? What is it that I should know Christopher? That there may be other, younger, and prettier women there and that you cannot dance all of your dances with me. Is that it? I understand that you need to find someone. No matter, just as I–“

“No, that’s not it at all mother. The Halloween Masquerade is a swingers’ dance.”

“Swingers? A swingers’ dance? Oh Christopher, shame on you for inviting your mother to a swingers dance,” she said with a scolding look. “Eww, that’s so nasty. I thought you stopped going to those dances.”

Still playing her morally modest, motherly role instead of her real role as the woman jealous of her son having sex with other women instead of her, women who were nasty swingers, she stepped away from him to give him a stern, practiced look of disapproval.

“It’s just a Halloween dance Mom. It isn’t as if people are having sex on the dance floor, although, admittedly, sometime towards the end of the evening that happens when some people drink a bit too much,” he said with a laugh.

“Other than the obvious, Christopher, I don’t know what you get out of going to those disgusting dances. The first thing that some men do when they turn 21-years-old is to go to a strip club to have a drink. Instead, you attended a Halloween swingers’ dance on your 21st birthday last year,” she said putting the back of her hand to her forehead to graphically feign shame and disappointment by the look she gave her son. “You make me wish I had you in the summer, instead of the fall. Then, you’d be going to a Fourth of July barbeque instead of a swingers Halloween dance on your 21st birthday.”

She could have been an actress in the award winning role that she was playing. If only he knew his mother’s secret background, he’d be shocked. If only he knew all that his mother had done for the sake of her country, he’d never believe her. If only he knew she’s never told the truth about anything in her entire life, he’d know he was being deceived now by her. If only he knew she’s lived a double life for the past 25-years, no doubt, he’d want to know everything about her.

Still classified as top secret, there was so much that she couldn’t and would never share with him. For fear of their safety, having lived such a clandestine life, a life of multiple identities, disguises, lies, and trickery, she couldn’t tell him even if she wanted to break her silence. Maybe, one day, she’d write a book. Yet, if she did, she’d put them both in danger. There are still plenty of men who’d love to know where she lives to pay her back for all that she’s done to them. The information of her real identity is worth a lot of money to the right men.

“Actually, I did stop going to the swingers’ dances and I will stop going to them again, but this dance is important to me. This is the Halloween dance. With everyone wearing a costume and with more than 200 couples attending, the Halloween dance is the best and the biggest dance of the year. This is the dance that gave me the inspiration to write my video game. Since the software that I’m developing is for an X-rated, swingers’, sexual game, I use the swingers’ dances as my way of doing research. I promise halkalı anal yapan escort that I won’t attend another swingers’ dance after this dance because I’ll be finished writing my software.”

“Research my ass,” she said not believing him and looking at him with as much suspicion as she’s been trained to do, especially when someone makes such an outrageous statement and especially when that someone is her son. “You attend those dances for some free and easy sex. You’re as horny as your father,” whatever was his name she thought. “I hope you’re not having unprotected sex at those places Christopher,” she said. “You never know what sexual disease you’ll contract until it’s too late.”

“I use a condom but seriously, I’m not there to get laid. I’m there for fodder for my video game,” he said. “C’mon Mom, please go with me. It will be fun. You’ll have a good time. Please attend the dance with me. I don’t want to go to the Halloween dance alone. I’ll look too much like a pervert. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone. Maybe you’ll get lucky.”

As if playing poker with her son and bluffing, not yet ready to reveal her hand, an ace to the ten royal, straight flush, Elizabeth had every intention of attending the dance with her son. She had every intention of getting lucky too. She’d use the swingers’ dance as her way to seduce her son. She’d use the swingers dance to make him want her in the way that he’s never wanted any woman before and never will again. She’ll show him moves he never knew existed and show him things he never knew he wanted. The Geisha woman of spies, she could do things with her body that he could do with animation on his computer.

“Meet someone? Eww. Get lucky? Who with some pervert? How dare you think that I’d attend a dance for sex,” she said with indignity. “I’d never have sex at a swinger’s dance. How crude and crass is that attending a dance as an excuse to have sex. No thank you Christopher. Besides I don’t want anyone recognizing me attending one of those sordid events,” she said. “I’d be so embarrassed with someone thinking that I was on the prowl and available for any and every man to bed me,” she said having never been embarrassed by anything she’s done with anyone. “Moreover, being there with my son, they’d think we were…intimate.”

Just uttering the word intimate in reference to her son made her moist with desire for him. She felt her nipples hardening by the thoughts of his touch. A reflexive action, her knees buckled with the thoughts of kneeling before him while sucking his cock.

“Everyone’s in costume Mom. With the lighting subdued, no one would recognize you. Besides, you don’t have to do anything with anyone you don’t want to do because no means no,” he said nodding his head for the added negative effect. “If anyone approaches you other than to just dance, just say no thank you. Besides with you being with me, I’ll protect you Mom. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I’ll be your sexy escort. I’ll never leave you out of my sight and out of my arms. We’ll dance the whole night as if we’re in love. You can even play the cougar and I’ll be your cub,” he said with a laugh while wrapping an arm around her waist as if she was his girlfriend. “Okay?”

“I don’t know Christopher. Let me think about it. We’ll see,” she said already excited by the prospect of accompanying her son to a swingers’ Halloween dance.

Actually, glad that she was divorced and living alone, but for her son, after hiring a security professional, she secretly setup her husband with a stripper and arranged for a friend to take some sexually, explicit photographs of the two of them together naked and in bed. Just as she was eager to put her career behind her, Elizabeth was happy to have ended her marriage too. Instead of a union of love, which it was in the beginning, their relationship had morphed into a marriage convenience. Always traveling on assignment, she was never home. Now with her husband Joe, Bob, Jim, Dave, whoever he was, out of the picture, recently retired, and with the thoughts of living with her son, life couldn’t be better.

Unable to help herself from lusting over him, every time she looked at him, she stared in her son’s blue eyes as if she was about to kiss him before making love to him. No doubt, having lived such a violent life, her forbidden love for her son was a manifestation of the post traumatic stress she was diagnosed as having by the company’s shrink. She’s murdered nearly as many men as she’s loved. Nonetheless her psychological disorder, wishing he wasn’t her son, wishing he was just another young, dumb cock she could suck, fuck, and leave, she wished she could grab his ass and touch his prick instead of only being relegated to feeling his arm, his back, and his shoulder.

Always wanting to touch him in a sexual way but never having touched him in an inappropriate way, she was always touching him and he was always touching her. With him staring at her in the same lustful way that she stared at him, she knew there existed a secret, sexual attraction between them. Knowing he’d never make the first move, no doubt, for fear that she’d think him perverted to want to have sex with his mother, it was up to her to seduce her son. Especially with his hormones raging, seducing him was easy enough to do only, a bit more difficult for someone else but not for her, she needed to make him think that he seduced her and not the other way around.

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