Mother , Son: A Love Story Pt. 07

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Not as long a wait for this installment and I hope followers of this story will be pleased. Things are unfolding, but this story is far from finished – several installments yet to come.

As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters exist only within the confines of my imagination. Please keep the feedback rolling in, both pro and con. You, the reader, are my inspiration! Enjoy!


It was a perfect Florida summer day — the powerful heat blunted by the fresh breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico. I glanced at my mother standing across from me, looking even lovelier than ever — her almost flawless skin just a bit red over her tan and her dark hair being gently blown around by the wind from the sea. Mom was wearing a strapless off the shoulder, red dress, her bountiful breasts almost spilling out from the low cut front, the material clinging on by virtue of prayer and Mom’s erect nipples. The hem was at mid thigh, showing off Mom’s shapely legs and the dress clung tightly to her, accentuating every luscious curve of her beautiful body. If I hadn’t already been head over heels in love with Mom, I would have fallen for her right then.

The sound of the surf mixed wonderfully with the music of two guitars playing softly near us with the murmurs of those gathered together for the ceremony underlying everything. I could hear the laughter and shouts of children playing with a dog further on down the beach. I smiled at Mom and she smiled back, filling my heart with something so wonderful and powerful that it needs a better name than love.

In front of us, I heard the minister clear his throat and say in a happy voice, “Would everyone please stand.” Mom winked at me and blew me a kiss. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The guitars shifted from the classical piece they were playing into the Wedding March and Mom and I turned along with the twenty-five or so people gathered and watched as my Aunt Debbie and my best friend Molly came walking hand in hand down between the rows of folding chairs set up in the sand.

Molly looked incredibly beautiful as only a bride can — wearing a white dress — complete with veil, but ignoring the tradition of long dress and train. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen a shorter hemline on a wedding dress, ending just south of her crotch and showing off her well toned and curvaceous legs. She went barefoot in deference to the sand and the whole ensemble worked for her.

Debbie, throwing all conventions to the wind, had chosen a scandalous dark blue halter dress that was little more than straps across her enhanced breasts attached to a short skirt. I had to smile at the glow on my aunt’s face — she was truly smitten by my sometimes lover and college classmate, Molly. The two women were on first look a seeming mismatch — Deb blonde, tall and athletic and Molly dark haired, short and voluptuous, but once you saw them look at each other, you realized that they were soul mates.

They came to a halt between Mom and me, each passing us loving glances before they took each other’s hands. The minister — a burly, bearded, fellow who introduced himself only as Steinbeck and was some kind of non-denominational cleric, gave everyone a big smile and began. “Dearly beloved — we are gathered here today in the sight of God as witnesses to the marriage of Molly and Debbie as they pledge their love to each other and join in the holy bonds of matrimony.”

Steinbeck smiled out at all those present — mostly Deb’s friends and Molly’s aged grandmother, a wizened old woman who had loudly declared earlier, “That girl should be with whoever she wants. I got pushed into marrying her granddaddy and I had to put up with that miserable son-of-a-bitch for fifty-three years!” Molly had known that her family would be outraged when she announced she was “marrying” another woman and her father was quick to disown her, but you could tell when you saw her looking at Debbie, that all that crap didn’t matter. The fact that her grandmother had accepted her invitation to attend their wedding meant the world to her.

“Whatever the laws and conventions of society may say, today we rejoice as these two wonderful ladies take the love that is within them and by joining as a couple, combine their love to make something that cannot be anything but holy in the sight of God,” intoned Steinbeck. “If there be any who would deny them this sacred act, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

I don’t know who had the more forbidding look as folks scanned the crowd — the minister, myself or Molly’s grandmother. There was nothing but a sea of smiles among those gathered. Steinbeck’s scowl fell away and his beatific smile reemerged and he continued. “Debbie, here in front of these witnesses and God Almighty, do you vow to love, honor and cherish Molly for all time?”

Aunt Debbie’s eyes were brimming with happy tears as she nodded and then almost giggled as she remembered she had to speak, “With all eve gelen escort my heart, I do!”

The minister turned to Molly and said, “Molly, here in front of these witnesses and God Almighty, do you vow to love, honor and cherish Debbie for all time?”

Molly face was streaked with tears of joy as she said in voice quavering with excitement, “With all my heart, I do!”

Steinbeck nodded in satisfaction and said, “Molly and Debbie would like to share their own vows with you all.”

He nodded and Molly spoke up first, turning to Debbie and slipping her own hands into the grasp of the older woman. “Debbie, my darling. I knew what love was before I met you, but you have shown me just how truly wonderful love can be. I am yours heart and soul, now and forever. I love you, sugar.”

Debbie sighed and replied, “My wonderful Molly. You’ve made an old gal’s heart young again and reminded me how wonderful it is not only to love, but to be in love. I am yours, heart and soul, now and forever. I love you, Molly.”

I think we all did sort of a communal, “Awww.” I looked at Mom and saw tears in her eyes and she looked at me with the same burning emotions that her sister and Molly were showing.

The minister said, “The rings, please.” Molly and Debbie turned and took the simple gold bands that Mom and I held in our hands.

As Molly and Debbie repeated the words, “With this ring, I thee wed,” Mom and I stared at each other and Mom mouthed the word, “Soon,” to me and even silent, it held so much promise that I could feel my cock stirring in my slacks.

“I now pronounce you married in the eyes of God,” intoned Steinbeck. “You may both kiss the bride!” Everyone laughed and Molly and Debbie came together, their bodies seeming to fit perfectly as they kissed, tongues hungrily dancing in unison. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Debbie and Molly Hamilton-Cash!” We all began to applaud and then there was simply a press of folks coming forward and for a few minutes a lot of hugs and kisses — a surprising number of which were very passionate.

Then Mom was in my arms and we were kissing and I felt that delicious and naughty charge that I always got when French kissing my own mother in front of other people — some who knew we were mother and son and others who were totally oblivious. Either way, it was exciting and it felt good to have Mom’s lush body pressing against mine, feeling her heartbeat, her pulse racing as our tongues twirled and dueled.

Those sweet sensations were suddenly tripled as Debbie and Molly closed in on us and suddenly I had Debbie sucking on my tongue while Mom and Molly kissed passionately. When my aunt sets her mind to it, she can make your head spin with just her lips and tongue and she certainly had me dizzy with desire before she passed me along to Molly who was rubbing up against me as she seemed to climb up my body and press her lips to mind, whispering, “I’ve never been so happy, sugar and I have you and your family to thank for it!” before she and I locked lips and kissed.

I was vaguely aware of muffled and contented sighs from beside us and managed to spare a glance over to see Mom and Debbie kissing, hands roaming knowingly over each other’s bodies. My bulge in my pants was beginning to feel insistent and a remote part of my mind was calculating where and when I get my mother alone and do something about it.

Molly’s hand palmed the tent in my pants and she giggled as she slowly rubbed it. Breaking our kiss, saliva in stringers between our barely parted lips, she said teasingly, “Sweet Lord, John! If our wedding turns you on this much, you’ll be fucking your mother right in front of the preacher when it’s your turn!”

Everyone laughed around us and again a thrill rippled through me as this reference to our incestuous behavior seemed not to create even a stir with Debbie’s friends. No wonder she loved this bohemian little town so much!

“All right everyone, the reception is in our back yard!” called out my aunt. Why don’t y’all get moseying that way and let’s get this party rolling!” There was a lot of hurrahing and cheers and at the prospect of booze and free food, the entire wedding party began to move off the beach.

Molly gave me another cock swelling kiss and then after Debbie rubbed my obvious erection and collected her bride, they moved off into the crowd. I saw Molly’s grandmother take the Minister Steinbeck’s arm and stroll off towards Debbie’s and Molly’s home and suddenly I found myself alone with my mother.

Mom slipped into my arms again, her arms wrapping around my neck as she let her meaty breasts pillow against my chest. Somehow, even without seeming to move, I could feel her voluptuous body rub against mine. Mom kissed me and the world just went away. All that remained was my mother and me, tongues dancing while we felt our hearts beat together as one. I had one hand running down her back and under fatih escort her skirt and was thrilled to discover Mom wasn’t wearing panties, cupping her meaty cheek in my hand, trailing one finger along the crack of her ass.

We kissed for a long time, long enough for me to start leaking precum. I wanted, no needed to fuck Mom in the worse way. Mom sensed it and she rubbed her stomach against my bulging pants until I was ready to cum and then eased off. Mom’s eyes were full of naughty secrets as she whispered, “I love you, son!”

She put her head against my chest, her breath warm and delicious against my shirt. “I love you, Mom!” I replied.

I took her right hand and put it against the tent in my crotch and she giggled and rubbed it just for a moment, saying, “We need to be careful. We don’t want to let this big thing go to waste.”

I let my free hand slip over her belly and then up to cup Mom’s large breast. A thick, swollen nipple slipped out from the low cut front and Mom shivered as I rubbed it with my thumb. “What do you say we find a hiding spot in the sand and make love, Mom?” I asked.

Mom almost purred and replied, “Right now, I’d just like to fuck like wild animals, son, but…” Mom let out a long suffering sigh, “Right now, we’re supposed to be helping out at the reception.” She kissed me again, slowly and deeply and then winking at me, took me by the hand and we began the walk back to her sister’s bungalow. On the way, I reached over and tucked her nipple away, letting out a long suffering sigh myself.

We walked slowly, my arm around Mom’s naked shoulders, fingers idly brushing the half top of her soft tit, not saying a word, just savoring the presence of each other. I loved it. I loved just being with my mother all the time now. I had only graduated about seven weeks ago, but already the world had changed so much.

Graduation had been a blur. Mom and the twins and Aunt Debbie had descended upon Chicago — the presence of the twins making it awkward and achingly difficult for Mom and me to be our true selves. My brothers were filled with excitement for their own impending high school graduation which would immediately be followed by their joining their respective military branches.

It had been a tough few months for them as they came to terms with our father’s death and then dealing with the twin shocks of learning Dad had left them a lake cabin in Wisconsin and that Mom was selling the house and moving back to Kentucky. Mom had been shocked to learn about the cabin too, but her anger at the Old Man’s secret hideout was muted by realizing it gave her younger sons a ‘home’ to come back too.

It wasn’t said aloud, but we all knew — the twins were their father’s sons and once they left, Mom and to even a greater extent, me, were out of their lives. I know that they loved Mom in their own way, but to them, she was someone who would soon no longer truly matter in their immediate lives. Mom and I have always made sure they knew they were welcome, but in all the years since, contact has been sporadic at best and almost always initiated by Mom and me.

Mom decided that the boys would be allowed to stay at a local hotel alone during their visit for my graduation and to “save money” Mom would stay at my apartment on the couch and to help me pack up. It worked out rather well. The boys stayed out of trouble, content with hotel cable and beer and pizza provided by me and I spent most of the weekend making love with our mother.

It was bittersweet in a way. It was time to move on, but Mom and I had such wonderful memories of my apartment. It was there, just two Christmases past that we had first made love, sweet, incestuous memories that we devoted ourselves to reliving as much as possible that last weekend.

We saw little of Debbie and Molly as well, their love affair exploding with as much passion as Mom and I shared. They seemed made for each other, both with a seemingly inexhaustible capacity for making love. During spring break, Molly had flown down to Florida to be with Debbie and she had returned with a weary, but heavenly smile on her face and an engagement ring on her finger. It was during our post graduation dinner that they asked Mom and me to stand up with them at their wedding in July and while my brothers just sat there looking poleaxed, we both said yes, amid passionate kisses and hugs.

Two weeks later, we all applauded as the boys walked across their high school football field and collected their diplomas and a week later as Mom wept and I was rather misty eyed myself, we dropped the boys off at their enlistment depots and suddenly and finally, it was just Mom and me.

I’d like to tell you we went home and immediately went to bed and fucked our brains out until we passed out. That didn’t happen. Truth is, we barely made it past the front door, before we were ripping our clothes off and touching, caressing, biting and sucking on halkalı anal yapan escort each other. Our first time alone was on the living room carpet, clothes strewn every which way, Mom naked and on her back, legs spread wide as I slipped my erection into her wet pussy, kissing my mother hungrily, biting and sucking her lips as I began to thrust in and out of her sweet cunt.

It was now us, just us, no one to worry about catching us or surprising us. We were free to be a couple — never again alone, but together, united in our incestuous love forever. We planned to be married in October when the leaves are so incredibly beautiful, but that was truly the moment that we made our vows, unspoken and unformed but complete and permanent. We fucked as mother and son. We fucked as husband and wife. We fucked as soulmates. We fucked and became one.

When I began to shoot my hot semen into Mom’s milking cunt, Mom let out a great wail of pleasure that I had never heard from her before, the orgasmic cries of a woman truly free to express herself and I joined her, roaring out my delight and joy and pleasure at our incestuous lovemaking.

For a week, we barely stopped making love, limited only by the demands of the human body for sleep and food and we tried our damnedest to incorporate our fucking into those activities as well. The entire house reeked of pussy and semen as we fucked and sucked and tried to sate ourselves of our hunger for each other and never succeeding. In all these years, I’ve never satisfied my desire to have my mother and I never will.

We stopped only when the moving people called to set a date for collecting and shipping those belongings of Mom’s and myself to Kentucky and to close down our house. Even then, as we worked feverishly to get the house packed up and ready to go, we could barely keep our hands off each other. It was the beginning of our honeymoon, one we have never truly stopped taking — even today.

But, somehow we did get it finished and good thing too. Mom already had a buyer for the house and our new home — Mama Polly’s old house was ready to move into. Mom had been very busy. During Spring Break, I had driven her to Kentucky and in a whirlwind of activity, Mom had engaged the services of Bill, her friend, Emma’s husband, to serve as the building contractor to do work on our new home.

Mom hired Bill to have the house remodeled completely, redoing the wiring and plumbing and adding central air and heat. What Mom had planned was to expand the back end of the house, adding a downstairs guestroom, a bathroom and increasing the size of the kitchen, while upstairs expanding Polly’s old room into what would be our master bedroom complete with a bath as well as expand the old bathroom.

Mom fortunately had the money to burn from the Old Man’s life insurance and Bill brought in really talented and competent people who had worked fast all spring so that by mid June, we could move in. Mom walked around with a huge smile as we toured it with Bill and Emma. Emma expressed amazement that Mom had kept the old kitchen table and despite having a modern range installed, had kept the old wood burning stove in one corner.

“I swear, Carrie — you know you can get a beautiful table for this room — hell, Bill here could make you one to order!” Emma said.

Mom just shook her head and replied while running her hand over the old rough surface and looking at me, “Oh no, I have too many good memories of this old table to get rid of it.” She winked at me and added, “And I hope to make some new memories with it as well.”

Later on, Mom and I were standing outside, admiring the way Bill and his folks had made the new addition seem almost part of the original house, when it hit me. “Mom, there’s just the two of us and we have a five bedroom house. What’re we gonna do with all that space?”

Mom just smiled at me and turned around to kiss me, her arms around my neck. “It’s just us now, but you know how life is — you never know when things might change!” Mom kissed me then, long and deep and when we were finished, Mom whispered, “John, I want a baby. I want to have my son’s baby and raise him or her right here.”

I felt my heart begin to beat and as my cock began to stir, I saw that hungry gleam in my mother’s eyes. We moved as one, me lifting Mom up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her back up onto the porch and into the living room. It was a warm spring day and my skin was slick with sweat from the effort of carrying Mom and my muscles were throbbing and swelling, but somehow I managed to carry Mom to the kitchen and set her down on the old kitchen table. “Let’s make some memories, Mom,” I gasped as I began to tug her blouse over her head while she fumbled with my belt and kicked off her sneakers.

Mom groaned as I leaned over and sucked her unfettered breasts and replied, “Fuck memories, let’s make a baby, son!” I felt my jeans slide down my legs to pool at my feet and Mom lifted her sweet ass up so I could tug her jeans off her, revealing her thick pelt of black pubic hair, already split by her swollen labia, revealing glistening pink flesh. I groaned happily as Mom’s hand stroked my hard cock, thick and long and always hungering for her hot and steamy womb.

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