Mother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 03

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Wishing she could continue masturbating herself right there in the hall and wishing she could make her sexual feelings for them known, Helen reluctantly pulled up her panties, pushed down her short skirt, eased her breasts back in her bra, and buttoned her blouse. Never expecting her to be the sexy porn star of their conversation, already so very wet over all the sexual things they said about her, she was flushed with sexual excitement by the thoughts of them wanting her. She was so aroused.

No one has wanted her in a long time. Focused on work and her career, she hasn’t wanted anyone in a long time. If figures that the one who’d want her is her son and his girlfriend and the ones that she’d want are her son and his girlfriend. Filled with the vision of the three of them naked and in bed together, she was quaking with the thoughts of having sex with Joshua and Nancy. After overhearing them talking about having sex with her, she’s never been as sexually aroused as she is now.

Wanting to make their wish come true, in the bold way that they discussed her when they didn’t know she was standing there, she wished she had the brazenness to strip off her clothes and walk in the living room naked, only she couldn’t do that. She wondered what they’d say if she dared did. She wondered what they’d do seeing her without her clothes. Would they stare or would they be embarrassed, not for themselves but for her.

The adult in control here, she was Joshua’s mother after all. Nonetheless, a delicious sexual fantasy to have, she couldn’t help but wonder their reaction if she did strip off her clothes and walk in the living room naked. She so wanted to parade naked in front of them but she couldn’t. Nearly half her age, he was her son and she couldn’t do that even though she so wanted to give him what she overheard her wanting. He wanted her. He wanted to have sex with his mother.

Making a horrible mistake, what if they were all talk and no action? What if she stripped off her clothes in the hall and walked in the living room naked and they rejected her instead of wanting to have sex with her? What if the whole conversation between them was just a sexual fantasy and nothing more than role playing and a joke between one another at her expense? What if they were having this sexual conversation about her just to use as pillow talk when having sex with one another later. Yet, what if all they said is how they truly felt? What if they really wanted to have sex with her?

Naked and with her ass poised in the air and her legs spread, she could only imagine herself leaning down to suck her son’s cock while his girlfriend licked her pussy from behind and beneath. It’s been a long time since she’s had sex and she quivered with the thought of her son making love to her before fucking her, really fucking her and before she rolled him over to pound his hard, young, naked body. It’s been an even longer time since she had her pussy licked.

She never had a threesome before but, in the way she felt now, she’d have one tonight. She never had sex with a woman before but, so sexually aroused, she’d be willing to have sex with Nancy too. If only for the sake of her son, if what he so wanted her to do was to not only have sex with him but also to have sex with his girlfriend, she do that. Who was she kidding? She’s always been as attracted to her son’s girlfriend as she is to her son.

As she couldn’t help herself in her incestuous desire for her son, she couldn’t help herself in her lesbian desire for his girlfriend. In the way that Nancy looked and acted, Helen has always been physically and emotionally attracted to her. Never contemplating it until now, if there was one woman she’d do, she’d do Nancy. She never met anyone like her. For someone so young, barely twenty-two-years-old and so very sexual, she was boldly outrageous in her thoughts and actions. If Helen was younger, and with Nancy being a bad influence on her, daring her to do the things that she’d never do on her own, they’d be best friends with benefits, no doubt.

“I’m home,” she said making more noise with her bag, coat, and pocketbook than necessary.

“Hi Mom,” said Joshua calling to her from the living room.

“Hi Helen,” said Nancy.

Wouldn’t they be surprised if she suddenly appeared in the doorway naked? Already imagining them as so, Helen wished when she rounded the corner that her son and his girlfriend would be sitting there naked. How hot would that be for her to see her son’s erect cock and his girlfriend’s naked, shapely body? What would she do if they were naked? Would she stare or would she look away? Would she join them by getting naked herself or would she reject them by making them feel so perversely perverted that they were naked in her living room? In the way that she felt now, with the first one her preferred option, instead of playing the responsible mother and instead of scolding them, she’d strip off her clothes and have wild sex with them.

Suspecting that they weren’t naked but wishing they were, beylikdüzü anal yapan escort Helen emerged from the hall to walk in the living room. With the Queen of the house home, Joshua stood as a sign of respect when his mother entered the room. With her paying for his college tuition and all of his other daily expenses, he was financially dependent upon her after all. With her always working late, he rarely spends any time with her anymore. She comes and he goes. He comes and she goes. Close once, now if judging him by his conversation, instead of being the kind, caring, loving, and obedient son, all of his thoughts for his mother were incestuously sexual. With the bulk of his days spent with his girlfriend, lately their new topic of discussion is seducing his mother.

“How are you two?”

“Good,” answered Joshua and Nancy together as if they were in an elementary school class and she was their teacher.

Unable to remove the thoughts of her standing naked before them from her mind, she looked from her son to his girlfriend and back to her son again while imagining them sitting there naked. Her son looked so handsome and his shapely girlfriend looked so sexy. Wondering if they just had sex or were about to have sex, still imagined them both naked. She was so horny by the knowledge that they both wanted to have sex with her. How hot was that? Never believing that she’d be so tempted, they had pushed all of her sexual buttons with their outrageously naughty, erotic conversation about how they’d seduce her.

“Are you two getting along?” What she really meant and wanted to say was, did you two just have sex in my bed again?

“We’re good,” said Joshua.

“He’s bored,” said Nancy rolling her eyes with a shrug while looking up at Helen with a face full of sexual lust.

If she didn’t know any better she would have thought that Nancy had just given her the sexual eye. Oh yeah, for sure, this bitch wants her. Had she not overheard their sexy conversation about her, she never would have thought that her son’s girlfriend would remotely be interested in an old broad like her, but now she knew. A feeling that she only felt when with a man, that familiar, warm wetness between her thighs, she now felt when looking at Nancy. She wanted to kiss her but was afraid. She wished that Nancy would make the first move and kiss her.

“Bored?” She looked from her Nancy to look at Joshua.

“I’ve never seen him so bored,” said Nancy still staring at Helen.

With Nancy staring at her, seemingly undressing her with her eyes, feeling much like the object of sexual desire that she obviously was, Helen laughed nervously. She couldn’t remember the last time that someone sexually lusted over her. Biting her lip, she looked from Nancy to Joshua with disbelief before putting a hand to her shapely hip.

“How could you possibly be bored?”

“I dunno, I just am,” he said with an annoyed tone to his voice possibly because Nancy broke his confidence. “Actually, I’m more restless than I am bored,” he said in a feeble attempt to cover up his boredom.

“When I was your age,” said Helen in a reminiscing voice that had more kindness than scolding in it. “I was a lot of things, but bored and/or restless wasn’t one of them. You need to get out more Joshua, if only for a walk. You spend too much time in this house doing homework and playing video games,” and watching porn while masturbating she wanted to add but didn’t.

Scolding him now in the way of a mother instead of an incestuous lover, she watched him not looking at her. Perhaps masturbation was a sensitive matter for him. Perhaps he was embarrassed. Perhaps there was a masturbation code imbedded in their genetic makeup. Much like she always was, she knew he was always masturbating. In the way that she constantly and continually masturbated over her son, she knew that he masturbated over her.

Purposely arranging her discarded panties so that she could tell if they’ve been tampered with, she knew that he went through her laundry hamper to fondle her bra and sniff her panties. At first she thought him sniffing her panties was gross and his behavior disgusting but now, if he got off just fondling and sniffing her discarded underwear, she could only imagine what how he’d do if his mouth and fingers were positioned between her legs. As if he were her dog, would he sniff her before licking her and would he fuck her from behind after licking her?

Lost in the sexual fantasy when masturbating over the wicked thoughts of having sex with her son, she could only imagine him licking her while fucking her with his long fingers. While eating her pussy, she imagined him reaching up to fondle her breasts and finger her nipples with his free hand. She knew that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Yet, she figured, albeit incorrectly, once he had Nancy as his steady and sexually, do-anything girlfriend, that he’d no longer want her, his middle aged mother.

It was unbelievable beylikdüzü balıketli escort to her that he still wants her. Just as she couldn’t understand why he wanted her sexually, she couldn’t understand why she wanted her son and now his girlfriend sexually. Now that his sexy girlfriend wants to have sex with his mother as much as he wants to have sex with his mother, how hot would that be for the three of them to have a sexual relationship? She could only imagine all the hot sex they’d have.

“I offered to do things and go somewhere with him, even just for a walk or to take in a movie, but he’d rather stay here and sulk,” said Nancy. “He’s such a big baby.”

“Oh you poor baby,” said Helen taking that as her cue and walking to her son to give him a pelvis to pelvis hug.

“Gees, Mom, you treat me as a child,” he said seemingly embarrassed that his mother was being so affectionate in front of his girlfriend.

Only, when she hugged him, she hugged him more as the man that he was instead of the boy that he wasn’t. Impaling her soft stomach with his stiff prick, she wished he was naked. When she returned his hug, pressing her big breasts against his muscular chest, she wished she was naked too. When she hugged him, she wished he’d reach down to cup her ass through her short skirt before lifting up her skirt high enough to stick his big, horny hand between her legs to cup her pussy through her panty.

“Thank you for taking such good care of my baby,” said Helen releasing her son to hug his girlfriend too.

When she hugged Nancy, never wanting to kiss a woman before, she had this lustful urge to kiss her. Already knowing what it’s like to kiss a man, being that she’s kissed so many men, she now wondered what it would be like to kiss a woman. Only, Nancy wasn’t just any woman. Not only was she her son’s girlfriend but also she was a sexual beast, an animal that smelled like sex even when she wasn’t having sex. She was hot. She was sexy. Something she wished she could be, especially when she was her age, she was naughty and brazenly bold. She was the only woman that she ever wanted to do. Now obvious by the conversation that Nancy had with her son, she wants to do her too.

Her obvious intention when hugging them, she filled their nostrils with her expensive, French perfume. By giving each more than a motherly hug and by aligning her shapely body close to their hard, young bodies to rub herself up against them, she was goading and sexually teasing them so that they’d want her even more. If only they dared, she’d allow one, the other, or both to kiss her. If only they dared, she’d allow one, the other, or both to French kiss her while touching and feeling her through her clothes.

“His mood turned to shit after he watched Clockwork Orange again,” said Nancy sighing.

“I swear, Joshua, I’m going to throw that movie in the trash,” she said pointing her finger at her son and raising her voice. “Every time you watch Clockwork Orange you’re upset by it.”

“It’s just a movie Mom,” said Joshua quietly while making a face at his girlfriend.

“Obviously, it’s more than just a movie to you,” she said scolding him again.

She imagined her son cutting holes in her clothes to expose her naked body to him and his sexy girlfriend. She imagined her son stripping her naked, just as what happened in the movie, before having sex with her. How should she act if that was to happen? Should she act shocked? Should she fight? Or should she embrace their sexual intentions by allowing them to have their wicked ways with her naked body?

“How was your day Mom?” He was quick to change the subject by focusing his attention more on her.

“Exhausting. It’s late and I’m tired,” she said looking at her watch. “I’m going to relax in my bath before getting ready for bed. I’m leaving Sunday night for a business trip to Houston.”

“Houston? A business trip? But it’s your birthday Monday.”

“Oh, that’s right. It is my birthday. I forgot,” she said.

Only she didn’t forget. Another fucking birthday alone, she dreads her birthdays. She’s dreading turning forty-one. An age where she didn’t feel as old and where she felt she still had a chance at love and romance, she wished she was still thirty-nine-years-old. Wishing she had someone to grow old with, she dreaded growing older without having a man in her life.

Too busy with work to have the time for a partner, how sick is she to be so focused on having sex with her son and his girlfriend instead of looking for a man of her own? Sacrificing her personal life and her sex life for her career, she wanted to be in charge and lead people. Now that she got her wish and her ideal job, she’s been too busy to look for love and to have sex, even if she was to find her ideal man. Not nearly the same as a man’s hard cock, her only sexual release has been her vibrator and dildo.

“How long will you be gone?”

“I’ll be home late Friday,” she said. beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş “We can celebrate my birthday next Saturday,” she said smiling at her son and his girlfriend and acting as if her birthday wasn’t important. She turned to leave the living room before turning to look at them again. “Good night.”

She looked from her son to look at his girlfriend before looking at her son again while imagining they were sitting there naked. She needed that one last naked visual to masturbate herself in her bath. She wondered if they’d have sex as soon as she retired to her bedroom. She wondered if Nancy would suck her son’s cock in the way that she wished she could. She wondered if her son would eat his girlfriend before fucking her in the way that she imagined he’d do his mother. Instead of taking the necessary steps to seduce her, instead of barging in her bathroom while she was bathing, instead she wondered if they’d use all that they discussed about seducing her as merely their sexy pillow talk.

Now that she was leaving for Texas, they’d have the house for five long days and five hot nights to themselves. If she knew how to hook one up, she’d install a camera somewhere in her bedroom to watch them having sex. Now that she was leaving for Texas, she wondered if they’d still go through with their seduction of her when she returned. Now that she was leaving for Texas and now that she knew their pillow talk plans, she wished she could stay here for her surprised birthday party.

Helen disappeared in her bedroom and closed her door. She ran her bath while undressing and while imagining undressing in the living room for her son and his girlfriend. Not much of an exhibitionist, she could be persuaded to expose herself to her handsome son and his sexy girlfriend if she knew that they really wanted her, that it wasn’t just pillow talk, and if they made the first move. Taking their anticipated seduction a step further, wanting to know if they’re just all talk or sexual action, she imagined modeling the sexy nightgown they planned to buy her. Maybe once they saw her nearly naked in the nightgown they said they’d buy for her birthday is when they’d make their move. Maybe they’re waiting for her to show some skin before they’d make the first move.

She couldn’t wait for them to see her nearly naked body through the sheer material of the sexy nightgown that she imagined they’d buy. No doubt, she’d be so excited that her nipples would be fully erect, as erect as she imagined her son’s cock would be and how wet Nancy would be by the nearly naked sight of her. She imagined them touching and feeling her through her nightgown while kissing her. If only they knew how wet she’d be with the anticipation of having sex with them, they’d think her such an incestuous whore.

Instead, having learned to live with her sexual frustration, she couldn’t wait to masturbate over the conversation that she overhead between her son and his girlfriend. She couldn’t wait to have an orgasm while imagining having sex with not only Joshua but also with Nancy. Stripping them naked in her mind, she wanted to visualize all that would happen at her surprise birthday party as she took her bath and masturbated and as she slept on the plane. She stepped in her bath and sat in the tub. She allowed the warm water to heat up her passion to have sex with them while she fingered her pussy and pulled her nipples.

* * * * *

“Do you think she heard us talking?” Joshua looked at his girlfriend.

“It would make things so much easier if she had,” said Nancy giving him a sexy smile. “But I don’t think she heard us. She came home at the tail end of our conversation. If she heard anything at all, she wouldn’t know who or what we were talking about.”

“Yeah but did you see how she hugged me? She hugged me the same way that you hug me,” he said looking at his girlfriend with sexual excitement. “Rubbing her whole body against mine, my mother never hugs me in that sexual way,” he said.

“Her hug doesn’t mean anything Joshua,” said Nancy waving a nonsensical hand. “She hugged me in the same way too. It was just a hug and no big deal,” she said with a non-phased shrug that no doubt hid her sexual excitement.

“She made me wish that I was naked when she hugged me like that. She made me wish that she was naked when she hugged me like that,” he said looking at his girlfriend as if he was seemingly looking at his mother.

“Apparently, maybe because she’s going away, in case her plane crashes, God forbid, that’s just how she hugs people,” said Nancy with another shrug. “You just think her hug means more because you want her,” she said putting her hands by her sides and humping the air with her hips.

“Yeah, well, I hope she doesn’t hug everyone like that because she gave me a boner,” said Joshua.

“Trust me, you having a boner is no indication of anything. You always have a boner. You’re such a pervert,” she said with a laugh.

“I wonder if she’s in there masturbating,” he said ignoring her comments to stare at his mother’s bedroom door. “I wonder if she heard us talking and she’s masturbating over all that we said,” he said looking at his girlfriend.

“Calm down Joshua. You’re making yourself crazy over your mother hugging you,” she said. “I don’t think she heard anything and if she did and was interested, she would have entered the living room naked.”

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