Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 03

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Man, I’m in heaven! But first a little background for those who missed the initial parts of the story.

So I’m just the average Joe. But I married into a wealthy family…both in money and in looks. My wife is the eldest of five kids, two of whom are budding and beautiful women. Now I don’t want to take away from the kids (of whom I will have another series of stories about) but the most gorgeous and beautiful of them all is their mother.

Her name is Angie. She turns 51 this year but does not look an age over 30. I still fantasize about the fist time I met her 15 years ago. She would be 36 and I would be 18. Perfect timing, if I would say so myself but that’s for (yet) another story. Angie is 5’7″ tall with a very fair complexion. A size 6 with 36C breasts that are to die for. They’ve slightly drooped down with age but are true fun bags in bed. But her best asset is her perfectly proportioned peach-shaped hips. Doing her from behind is such a pleasure as her bottom naturally opens up giving you a very welcoming sight and (truly) easy access to all her fucking glory.

And until just in recently all I had to enjoy of her was her company and the frequent trips to the hamper to savor her soiled underwear. But things changed after I decided to push through my fears and visited her one evening, in her sleep, caressed her pussy through her panties and ended up having the best time of my life in our game room, ejaculating on her face, on her breasts and on her pussy (not IN her pussy).

Now on to the story…

The remainder of her trip that year went as eventful as it can. We could not literally take our hands and mouths off each other. I would usually grab her breasts from behind. She would sway open her legs when I’m directly across her to tease me. She wore the tightest of shirts and dresses and the shortest of shorts to show off her perfectly tanned (and toned) body to me. Those will be one of her most memorable visits as of late. Here are some of the stories of heaven over those four weeks.

It started innocently one morning as I made my way to the kitchen after waking up. I was still groggy and was just wanting some orange juice and a coffee buzz to get me going. But I smelt pancakes in the air and bacon sizzling over the stove. It can’t be my wife as I just left her in bed so I got quite excited to know that it was Angie, my mother-in-law. Lo and behold, it was her. Wearing just her black and flowing duster dress which really covered much of her striking legs and supple skin she looked up to me and smiled.

I went behind her. Wrapped my arms around her wast and planted a kiss on her bizimkent escort neck. I made sure that I rubbed my hard-on on her buttocks and nestled it between her ass cheeks. She continued as if nothing was happening so I played along. Moving my hands slowly to where it was caressing her breasts, both of them and then gently peeling off the top of her duster to release them wonderful and supple orbs of beauty free.

At that time she playfully swatted my advances, saying jokingly “You wouldn’t want any oil burns on these breasts of yours, would you?”

Man! I was in heaven. “Breasts of your!” I finally own them.

She put down her ladle, turned down the flame and reached behind me to rub my cock through my boxers, and then slowly slipped her hands in. The cold touch made my penis twitch with excitement. But I knew that the house would smell bacon shortly and everyone would be awake. This is when I made my move. I turned her around so that she faced the center island with her back still facing me then I slowly lifted the hem of her dress off her buttock to expose her purple satin panties she wore that evening. Wow! The feeling of smooth satin on a penis is just wonderful. I slid my cock in and out of her panty-covered buttocks and while I was getting into a good rhythm she did something that I never expected her to show me…she slid one of her hands into the front of her panties and fingered herself. (And I always thought that she was a prude and now it’s again confirmed.) We were so in-tuned with each other that each buckle from her was met by a forward thrust from me. It was perfect. And just as I was getting into a good rhythm I tried to tilt my cock slightly forward in the hopes that I could catch her vaginal opening and tease it.

But Angie stopped rocking for a second, looked at me and said “Not now cowboy! You’ll get your chance when I’m ready!”

And with that she spun around and climbed atop the kitchen counter, spread her legs and lifted the front of her dress up. She tapped ever so lightly on the gusset (instructing me to come closer) and as I drew nearer she pulled it aside and offered her now glistening pussy to me. Now I was hungry and horny at the same time so I just lapped up all her juices in one go. I stiffed my tongue so I can fuck her vaginal walls and tickle it. And this made her pussy really gush. After about ten minutes I decided that I needed to cum. I lined my cock again on her slit and she proceeded to dry hump me like the first time we did. I was heaven. She knew I was close so she held onto my cock and fist pumped it while directing it bostancı escort towards her vaginal hole where I shot close to ten ropes of cum on her pussy.

What happened afterwards is as breathtaking as the orgasm that we two felt. She took three of her fingers and slowly started to swirl my cum and her pussy juices together and brought it to her mouth where she sucked it clean. I was in awe for the good five minutes she did that. All I could do was to finish her off with a good tongue lashing to get her clean and ready for the day.

She came off the counter, straightened her dress and whispered “How’s that for your daily serving of juice?”

The day went on by without any further incident. So as my mother-in-law really warmed up too me I think that my wife is starting to notice. And the most noticeable of all is when she goes out during the afternoons for a brisk walk around the park. I look forward to this the whole day when I’m working from home. This is my incentive to leave work early. The opportunity to gaze at my mother-in-law in her sexiest of tennis outfits.

Let me describe how it looks. It’s your typical tennis skirt. Short. Tight on the hips. With a short-like fabric underneath to shield the panties. She had several colors but the best one was an aquamarine shade of blue. For a top, she wore the tight-fitting white dry fit shirt. A sports bra was always present as she was, after all, a prude and would not want others to think otherwise, lest realize that for several brief moments already her pussy had close encounters with a cock not that of her husband’s.

As she was about to leave my wife requests me to go to the grocery for some supplies she forgot on the weekend. Since my mother-in-law was about to leave too, I asked her if I could drop her off the park to save her the walk. She obliged and winked at me in secrecy. I knew that this trip to the grocery would not be brief. As we drove off she began to face my way which meant he left knee was bent up all the way to the center console and I had a clear sight of her crotch. Covered with tennis skirt and panties, I could not make anything out of it but my imagination was running wild.

She then proceeded to knead her breasts with one hand while petting her pussy with the other and then said “Am I being a distraction, son?”

I reached out my right hand to try to touch her crotch but she swatted it away saying “Ah-ah-ah! You don’t want us getting into an accident would you?!”

But as all comforting mother-in-laws are she leaned closer to me and freed my cock from the restraints of my running büyükçekmece escort shorts and started pumping me. I had to find a quiet place to park and fortunate enough I saw a new construction site with lots of trees and heavy equipment. I swerved in quickly where I saw my mother-in-law licked her lips in excitement. As I parked the car, she jumped into the back seat and reclined it almost flat but enough that she still sat upwards. I jumped into the back as well and wedge my face onto her crotch. I yanked as hard as I can her skirt, breathed once onto her pussy and dove it. Man! I was in heaven! She was soaking wet and I was having all of it. Lick after lick she was moaning like there was no tomorrow.

She kept shouting “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. There. There. There. Ohh-myyy-godddd!”

I timed it so well that when I stuck my tongue inside her I felt her vaginal muscles contract and release.

“Amazing!” Both of us said in unison.

And then we laughed.

With my knees sore from the carpet I sat up and she grabbed my penis. “Now, let’s take care of this before you wife wonders what took us so long.”

She gave me the customary blow job. Now this is the first time I’ve actually wanted her to give me one. And she did not disappoint. I never really knew how deep throating felt until she dove all the way down and did things I never knew was possible with a hand or a vagina. I wanted to cum so badly but she held up for a few. Because as tradition had it I had to cum on her pussy. So she scooted over, pulled her skirt and panties in on swoop and rode my legs facing me so her pussy was now lined up to my cock. And then it was on! Dry humping, care of my mother-in-law. It was crazy. Imagine her riding the mechanical bull where her main goal was to ensure her pussy never leaves contact with my penis. It was heaven. She was in heaven too!

At one point she leaned back towards the front center console and I snuck in a finger on her clit which drove her mad.

“Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh. Make me come, son! Give it to Mama!”

That drove me nuts knowing the taboo and her acknowledging it plus the sensations of her hot and wet pussy grinding on my now ultra-rigid cock. I told her I was about to come and just like that she unmounted and engulf my penis with her mouth.

She reached up for air once and said, “Give me all of it, son!”

And dove back in. Thirty seconds later, wave after wave, spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. She never missed a drop. Between the twirling of her tongue and the gentle sensations of swallowing my cum gives blow jobs, her blow jobs and outer worldly feeling.

As we caught our breath, lying in each other arms, at the back seat of my SUV she slowly stoked my softening penis while I caressed her wonderful breasts. Me, I was thinking how fortunate I am to have such a loving and ultra sexy mother-in-law.

As for her, she quietly uttered “I think it’s time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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