Mother and Son: Mary and Jeff

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My name is Mary and I am 36 years old. I’m 5’6″, a slim but muscular 120 lbs. My breasts and ass are tight, my legs long and my hair long, dark and silky. I could have any man I wanted, given the chance.

I married young. Sure I loved Robert, but at age 18 how much can any girl actually know about love? Robert was 30 at the time, and already wealthy. I knew money would overcome any disadvantages in the arrangement and fell for him fast and hard.

Robert in turn got me as his trophy wife; I have always been good looking and take care of myself. I was a cheerleader and prom queen in high school. I had started modeling at 16, that ended when I married Robert, and frankly I didn’t need to pursue that career. Robert’s business took off and he was rich. I had anything I wanted.

Having a child at age 18 was a little unexpected. Mostly I worried about my looks and figure getting screwed up. I have perky breasts and tight thighs, and I most certainly didn’t want that fucked up. But after little Jeffery came along I worked out and ate right, and barely three months later looked as good as ever.

The only real problem with the marriage has been how tight Robert is with who I see and what I do. I can see why, too. Here I am, 35 years old, with a husband nearing 50. It’s nice being rich, but a woman has needs, you know? Robert keeps such a tight leash on me it is almost impossible for me to find a young man, with the time and location to have a little tete a tete. It’s been very frustrating.

So this is how it began. Robert was gone to work for the day, and I was in the house at the beach with Jeffery. I had been outside on the balcony getting a little sun. Jeff’s room is one floor down, with its own balcony. I was hot from the sun and a little sweaty, so I went inside and down to Jeff’s room to see if he wanted to join me for a quick drive to the local shake stand.

Jeff wasn’t in his room. I walked in and saw him sunning on the balcony. His body was lean and hard; he worked out, and all the girls at school liked him. I appreciated what they saw. In fact, I stood for a little while and enjoyed the sight of my son laying on the chaise lounge, his hands in his baggie swim suit, moving up and down.

I could see he was large and hard. I could feel my own arousal flushing through me. Embarrassed, I turned to go, but then stopped and turned back. What could it hurt to look? His muscles rippled under his flesh, and I could feel myself reacting to beylikdüzü ucuz escort the sight. This was exactly what I had been looking for, the chance I had dreamed of. A mostly naked young man, right here, right in front of me.

Unsure whether I was flushed with embarrassment or lust, I stood and watched Jeff continue stroking himself. His baggies were pushed down and I could see his cock out and in his hand. He was larger than his father, and harder too. I hadn’t seen a cock that hard… well, ever that I could remember. I wondered what I had been missing all these years. Having married so young, my experience was limited.

Without quite realizing what I was doing, my right hand slipped under my bikini top and felt the softness of my breast, imagining that it was Jeff feeling me. My nipple was rock hard under my hand; my top pushed down and left breast hung out over it as I played with myself.

Precum appeared at the end of Jeff’s cock, and I saw him smear it around to lube his flesh. He wasn’t my son at that point. He was just a young hard body stroking himself and making me shaky with desire. My left hand slipped into my bikini bottoms and found my clit. As I touched, I suppressed a gasp.

Just then Jeff came, lifting his hips slightly he moaned and jerked, white semen spurting over his stomach. How I wanted him just then, and my own fingering of my clit had increased speed as I stood looking out at him on the balcony, ejaculating. I imagined him inside me then, his cum spurting deep inside as I clutched him to me.

The next moment I stopped and gasped. What was I doing? He was done, about to get up looking for a towel or something to clean himself up, and here I was, his mother, standing in his room with my boobs hanging out and fingers inside my cunt. I turned and ran out, my footsteps silent on the carpeting.

Robert came home later that night and the three of us had dinner out on Jeff’s patio, watching the surf and sunset. If either of them wondered why I blushed several times, they said nothing.

Nothing else happened for a week. Life went on as normal. I worked out, did my yoga, had drinks with the girls from the condo complex. Jeff was in school the entire week. He seemed interested in this one girl that had been pursuing him. She was a perky, pretty blond, and reminded me a little of myself 17 years before.

The following Saturday Robert was working and I was laying beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort out in the sun on my balcony when I heard Jeff go out onto his own balcony below me. Nervous and a little surprised at myself, I got up and headed downstairs and into his room. He was on the balcony lounger in the sun, reading a book. I had been hoping he would be bating again… I shook myself and wondered what on earth I was thinking. Still, my son was a good looking young man, and I stared for a bit.

As he was reading, Jeff slowly moved one hand down and into his swim suit. With a slow determined movement, he pulled his semi-hardened cock out and began stroking. My breathing quickened. My own hand slipped down between my legs, pressing against my cunt through my bikini bottom.

Then the strangest thing happened. I was looking at him masturbate, as I in turn masturbated; and realized that the window angle of the sliding glass door cast a reflection. I could see him in it and he was looking in the window, directly at me.

If I could see him, then he could see me. He had been watching me the entire time. He might even have seen me that day a week before. He knew exactly what I was doing, and was teasing me, playing with himself, perhaps even watching me play with myself, using me to get himself off.

For a minute or so he continued stroking himself, getting rock hard. I continued pushing down on my cunt and slid my bikini bottom to the side, exposing my pussy lips. I could tell he was looking at them, and I spread my legs to give him a better view. In turn he shoved his swim suit down, exposing his balls as well as his cock.

I don’t know if I made a decision then or if it was just that my lust had built up for years and I needed this outlet that lay before me. I walked out onto the balcony and knelt down before my son. He wordlessly reached out and slipped his hand under my bikini top, pulling out my left breast, and I took his cock in hand, lowering my head until it slipped into my mouth.

At the moment he passed between my lips, I felt an electric excitement far beyond any sex I had ever had with my husband. Here was a real man, large and hard, sinking deep inside my throat, moaning and grunting as I slid up and down on him, taking him in all the way. My top had come off, and he was fondling me as I continued to suck him.

I didn’t want him coming in my mouth, though. After beyoğlu escort a couple of minutes, I stood and stripped off the rest of my bikini. Slowly straddling him, I descended, legs spread on either side of his. Looking directly into my son’s eyes, I guided his cock to my soaking wet pussy lips. He slid inside me effortlessly as I sank down and began riding him.

Jeff moaned and his eyes closed. I kept my eyes open, feeling him inside, looking at him directly, knowing exactly what I was doing. I was fucking my teenage son, and it felt amazing. It was better than anything I had ever imagined. Rocking my hips back and forth I felt him completely fill me, pressing deep inside. I was impaled by him, and I felt him react to the sensation of my wet flesh sliding across his cock as I rode up and down.

Warmth surged inside me. A climax was coming, and I finally closed my eyes, arched my back, and let it come. I shuddered, felt his cock inside, his hands on my breasts, and shoved down hard as the orgasm washed over me.

At the same time I felt his cock pulse, his hips rise a little, driving as deep into me as he possibly could. He moaned, no- he gasped and cried out as he pumped semen deep inside me. Our hips rotated and slid back and forth in unison as we pulled the last bits of sexual pleasure from our bodies, and when it was over, I collapsed on top of him, my naked body resting on his hard one.

His cock remained inside of me for a few minutes, but slowly slid out. Between my natural fluids and his semen, my pussy was slick and wet. We lay together for a while but finally I pushed myself up and looked down at him.

“I’ve been thinking about you for months,” he said.

“I didn’t know.” I replied.

“It just seemed so… impossible. I have masturbated almost every day thinking about you. You are so perfect. I never believed… but then, the other day, I saw you looking. And it seemed, actually… possible.”

“We can’t do this again,” I said quietly. “It isn’t right.”

“Why not?” He said suddenly, angrily.

“I… you are my son,” I said weakly, wondering what that actually meant.

“Yes. And you are my mother, the sexiest woman I have ever known. If you don’t want to, OK. But mom, I’ve had other girls, and you are ten times better than anyone else. And if you want me, why not?”

“What if your father…” Once again, I protested weakly.

In answer, Jeff reached up to my face and pulled me down to him, kissing me for the first time, long and deep.

“Dad won’t know. Ever. And we won’t do it unless the time is right. It will be a small secret between us. Just a pleasure a mother and son can share sometimes.”

I leaned down and pressed my naked body against his, feeling his cock begin to harden again under my hips. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist.

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