Mother and Me

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I am sasidhar from chennai wants to share my experience with you. Mine is a family of three members. Father, mother and me. My parents really look as they are made for each other. My dad looks very handsome and my mom won’t be as beautiful as my dad looks. But she is a beautiful lady if we don’t compare my mom with dad. My mom’s name is Latha. She has a great figure. Every one gets mad by seeing her figure. Her figure is 34dd-30-36. Isn’t it a perfect figure?

My parent’s marriage was an arranged marriage. My parents work as a software engineers in an multi national company. After one year of their marriage mom got job in another mnc with a hike in her salary. So mom and dad work in different mnc’s. As I was the only son I have all the freedom with my parents. From my childhood mom use to hug me and kiss me on my cheeks before she leaves to office and dad use to wave my hair before he goes to office. And this habit continued for both of them as I grew up.

My mom usually wears sari and optionally wears salwar kameez. What ever she wears she looks beautiful. When I was in my engineering first year I was really wanting for sex. To satisfy my sexual urge I use to see all the adult sites. I was very much habituated to enjoy the content of adult sites.

And one day I found sex stories site and I started to read the stories. As days passed I became regular reader of incest sex stories. One day I found a story called “my mom”. I found the title different and read the story. I was really surprised to see the content. I was not in this world for 15 minutes. 2 days after that incident my eyes searched for incest stories and I found this.

I use to read only incest stories and really got excited and my attitude changed towards my mom. I started to watch her beauty. Now a days I feel the pleasure in her hug because I get a hug daily from my mom before she leaves to office. My thoughts when around my mom. She was the only lady I could find in my dreams. Thought they were beautiful girls in my college I was well aroused only by my mom’s beauty. I was unable to control my sexual urges towards my mom. One day while she was preparing breakfast I went and hugged her from behind as I read this in many stories.

As soon as I hugged her she asked me what happened. I said you are looking beautiful today mom. She said ok and asked me to go and call dad for breakfast and I have to leave her to go and call dad. After our breakfast while she was going for office she came and hugged me and I kept my hands around her and said you are very beautiful today mom and released her from hug. She said thanks rocky and kissed me on forehead and dad waved my hair when he was leaving.

Mom use to come at 7pm and dad use to come at 8.30 or 9pm. So I decided to use this time to seduce mom. When she was preparing dinner I went in to kitchen and asked mom whether she needs any help. She said not needed and I went and hugged her and she didn’t mind me hugging her. After I hugged her she asked me about my studies and friends. I talked for sometime by hugging her from behind. She always lets her hair loose when she was at home and she looks more beautiful when she lets her hair free.

At 8.30 pm dad came and we had our dinner and I went to my room to study and my parents went to their room to sleep. After 5 minutes mom came to my room and asked me what happened today to you. I said her why are you asking me mom. She said your behavior was not normal to me. I got from my chair and moved towards her and dared to hug her from front and said “do I need any permission to hug my beautiful mom” and she said no. She said but this is not your behavior towards me. I said you don’t want your son to be happy with you. She said I am not saying that you are doing wrong but your behavior is different today.

I said from tomorrow onwards I won’t be as today. She said sorry baby, if I have hurt you. You can hug your mom when ever you wanted and hugged me again and went to her room. I felt very happy as I don’t have any objection from her and continued my studies. Next day as soon as I got up I went out of my room to hug my mom and she was in the kitchen doing some work. I went and hugged her and wished her good morning and received the same from her.

My parents use to treat me as one of their friends. So I have all the freedom with them. We completed our daily routine before we go to our daily work. Before she was leaving she hugged me and asked me to come to her office. I asked her why? She said day after tomorrow was your birthday. If you come we can go to shopping and I said yes. While she was leaving I caught hold of her hand and said you look beautiful in this salwar kameez mom and she Just smiled and went on her work.

At 5.30pm I went to her office and from there we went to shopping. She selected the dress for me. After that while we are leaving the shop I saw a sari which will suit my mom the best and I asked her buy for her. After some conversation she bought the sari. While going to the parking to get in to our car she said you halkalı otele gelen escort are very much stubborn in getting the sari for me.

I said you will look like an angel if you wear that slightly transparent pink color sari mom. She said lets see when I wear. I said ok mom and from there we went to biriyani point to take parcel home as it was late. From there we went home. Next day I bunk the college and went to cinema with my friends. That movie was a very hot movie and the heroine was so hot that my pennies started dancing. In one of the scenes heroine was very sexy with flowers in her hair and tied her sari below her navel. As soon as I saw her mom just got in to my mind.

And I imagined her in that attire and my blood rushed in to my brain. As soon as I finished the movie I went home and masturbated imagining my mom. Mom and dad bought the things necessary for my birthday. Next day on my birthday mom woke me up and it was nice to see her early in the morning. I asked mom and dad to be on leave as it was my birthday. Dad said he has meeting with the client and he has to go and mom said that she will spend the day with me. As soon as dad left I asked mom not to prepare anything for lunch.

She asked me why? I said we can go for a movie and have lunch outside mom and she agreed. I went out to get the flowers for my mom and returned with flowers. I hide the flowers behind and asked her to tie the sari which we bought and she said some other day. I said today is my birthday please be as I wanted mom.

While she was leaving I asked her to tie the sari so that she looks more beautiful than ever. She said ok baba (my mom uses this word frequently) I will be as you like and went and came back in 20 minutes. As soon as I saw her, my pennies was making a tent in my jeans. She asked me are you happy. Yes mom and went near with flowers in my hand. As soon as I went near her she hugged me and said what you said was right. I was looking very beautiful and sexy in this sari. I said yes mom and you look more beautiful if you keep these flowers and gave the flowers. She laughed at me and kept the flowers in her hair and asked are you happy. I said yes mom and hugged her. While I hugged her she said you know how to make your mom look beautiful and hugged me more tightly and I could feel her breasts hard on my chest.

While we are going out I said every one will die to see you in the cinema hall mom. She asked what you think. I said you are beautiful and sexy mom and I want a wife like you. As soon as she heard my words she said enough. We went to a movie and from there we went to a hotel and had our lunch. While we are having lunch I was staring at her and she noticed me and asked me the reason for my stare? I said I want to go to disco with you mom. She said no and I said that you promised that you will do what I ask you today.

She said no. If you want to dance with me you can do it at home. I said please mom and she said no. I said disco will be nice at night only mom and in our home we don’t have that atmosphere. I also said dad will be there at home and he will scold me. She said I will manage that. We can dance in your room when he was in sound sleep and I agreed. We went home at 4pm and mom was busy preparing the dinner.

While she was preparing the dinner I went and hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks and she didn’t say anything. I asked her when she will come to my room. She said at 10.30pm. Your dad normally sleeps after having dinner and my dad usually drink milk before sleeping. Dad came at 8.30pm and mom opened the door for him. As soon as she opened the door he said you are looking very beautiful today. She said thanks and locked the door after he came in.

Dad went to his room and came back at 9pm to have dinner and I was waiting very eagerly. I planned to mix 2 to 3 sleeping pills in the milk with out the knowledge of my mom and dad. After dinner we talked for some time and he went to sleep and mom went to kitchen to get milk for dad. I have mixed the pills already in the glass of milk. While she was going to dad’s room I said mom that I will be waiting for you. She said ok I will come as I have promised. I will take my bath and come. I asked her to tie the same sari and she said ok. I bought new flowers for her and kept them in my room. At 10.45 pm mom came to my room as a goddess. Mom came in and locked the door and I gave her the new flowers I bought for her. As soon as she saw the flowers she laughed and took the flowers and kept in her hair. As soon as she kept the flowers I said you are looking like a goddess mom pulled her close to me by placing hands around her belly. She asked me to turn on the cd player and asked me to adjust the volume which is audible only to this room and I did.

She came and kept her hands around my neck and I placed my hands around her belly. I was just staring at her as she was looking like a goddess in the lime (dim) light. She asked me stop staring at me and dance with me and patted on halkalı rus escort my face. I said yes mom and started to move for the music. As the dance progressed our bodies are getting closer. Her breasts are touching my chest and I was very much excited.

After dancing for some time I am unable to control my feeling and hugged her. She asked me what happened. I said I love you mom. She said your behavior was very different from one week. She took my face in her arms and asked me what happened? I said nothing mom and I am saying what I felt for you. She said ok and we continued to dance. While we are dancing I use to move her hair which fell on her cheeks. While dancing I asked her mom please keep flowers every day mom, you look very beautiful, and you look like a goddess with flowers. She said ok and said from tomorrow I will do it for you.

I said thanks and kissed her on the cheeks. After 5 minutes she said I am tired, shall we stop dancing? I said last 5 minutes mom and continued dancing. After 5 minutes I dared to do pull her close to me by holding her butts and said enough mom. I said thanks for fulfilling my desire of dancing with you on my birthday. She said its ok, you are my son and making you happy is my happiness and left the room. When she was at the door of the room she turned towards me and said you are grown up and left the room. After she left the room I kissed my hands 1000 times as they pressed the butts of my mom. Next morning mom was busy in her house hold activities by the time I got up. I wished her good morning and received the same. As days passed I started to move more close to my mom and I didn’t get any objection from my mom. Her behavior also changed towards me. She used to spend some time with me after dad slept. She uses to talk about all the matters with me. She started to treat me as her best friend. One day dad came with a sweet packet in his hand when he was returning from office.

We asked him about the matter as he was very happy. Mom asked whether he got a hike in the salary. He said no and said that he was going to uk on company work as the company has asked me to go. Mom asked when he was leaving. He said in 15days. As soon as I heard his words I felt very happy because I can have private time to spend with my mom and to seduce her. I was waiting for the day when dad leaves to uk. The day has come for dad to leave and mom was little disappointed as she has to be away from dad for one year. Dad has left and mom was in a sad mood on that day and I don’t want to disturb her on that day. On the next day mom was busy preparing the breakfast for us and I went and hugged her after getting ready for college and kissed her on the cheeks. She said good morning and turned towards me and I hugged her as soon as she turned. After having the breakfast mom went to get ready for office.

After we got ready for our daily work I kissed her next to her lips as I was habituated in kissing and hugging her before going to college. In the after noon I received a call from my mom and it was unusual for me as she never calls me when she was in office. I asked her why she called. She said simply and to know whether I have taken lunch or not. I said yes mom and thanked her for calling and gave a kiss on the phone. I felt very happy as it was unusual for me. After college I went straight home with flowers for mom. She came at 7pm and went to fresh up.

After 15minutes she came out of her room and I gave the flowers I bought for her and she kept them in her hair. She went to kitchen to prepare dinner and I went and hugged her from behind and asked her why she called me in the after noon. She said you are my son and I need to take care of you. I said thanks and kissed her on the cheeks. As soon as I kissed her she said you are kissing me very often.

I asked her does she have any objection. She said no and I again kissed her on the cheeks. This time she laughed and turned towards me and I hugged her and she too got hold of me. I hugged her hard and said I love you mom and she patted on my back. After having dinner I raised her in my arms and moved towards my bedroom as we are habituated to talk before sleeping. As soon as I entered the room she said I want to dance with my son and I placed her down and went to on the cd player. After turning on the player we went close to each other and mom kissed me on the forehead. I pulled her close to me by placing hands on the side of her belly. We started to move for music seeing in each others eyes.

After 5 minutes I pulled her more close to me by placing hands on her soft butts. When I pulled her close to me by holding her butts, her breasts hit my chest. After that I said I want a wife like you mom. As beautiful and sexy as you are mom. She said I will try to get a wife like me to you and kissed me on the cheeks. As soon as she kissed me I asked her mom can we go to goa for one week as I have 15 days dusehra holidays. She asked why for goa. I said I want go to a beautiful place with my beautiful mom. She halkalı türbanlı escort said ok and I will try to get the leave from the office. As soon as she said these words I kissed her next to lips and hugged her tightly. After 2 days she informed that she got the leave and we are going to goa tomorrow. I jumped in joy and hugged and kissed mom and went to book tickets for goa. We went to goa and took a room near beach side. Mom was little angry as I took a room at the beach side as it is very expensive.

First day we went for a little shopping for mom as she has asked. While we are shopping I saw a beautiful lady with a beautiful sari, flowers in hair and hand full of bangles. As soon as I saw her I asked mom that I want to see you like that beautiful lady. She said I will be as you like in goa and continued our shopping.

We came home after completing the shopping. Next morning mom and I went for beach. I asked her to come for swimming and she objected as she was on sari and I asked her to wear a swimsuit and come and she didn’t like and I went to swimming with only my underwear on. After 30 minutes I came out of the beach and moved towards my mom with underwear on and she was staring at me. I took the towel from her hand and wrapped around it and from there we went to our room. After walking for some distance I lifted mom in my arms and went to our room and she was laughing as I lifted her. We spent the day till 5pm talking.

At 5 pm we decided to go and see the beautiful places of goa. She was dressed in the most beautiful way. I have not seen her that much beautiful ever before. Thought I went out I was just watching her body. Till 10pm we saw some places and we decided to spend sometime near the beach. We are walking side by side and I placed my hand around her belly and she didn’t mind. After half an hour we went our room. As soon as we entered inside the room mom went to bathroom to fresh up and come. After she came I went and by the time I came she was in front of the mirror removing her jewelry. I went and hugged her and kissed her on the ears, cheeks and neck. I said you are very beautiful mom and hugged her more tightly.

She asked do you love me and I said what a silly question mom. I love my beautiful and sexy mom. She said stop talking like that to your mom. I said you are not my mom, you are my best friend and I talk like this with my friends and kissed her on the cheeks. This time she turned towards me and pulled me closer to her and kissed me on my forehead and cheeks. Then she looked straight in my eyes and said I love you. This time I gathered all my courage and kissed on her lips and moved back and she didn’t say anything. This time she moved her head forward and kissed me. She closed her eyes when she was kissing me.

Our tongues touched and we tasted our saliva. From there I moved downwards kissing her body inch by inch. From down I moved towards her breasts. This time she removed her loose end of the sari and made it fell on the floor. I kissed her beautiful navel and licked it hundred times and moved towards her breasts. I kissed and bite her breasts over the blouse and moved upwards. I kissed her on the neck and moved towards her juicy lips. This time while I was kissing her she was pressing my pennies over the jeans pant. After sometime she removed the zip and slid her hand into my jeans and said I need this. Slowly we removed our dresses and mom was in her undergarments and I was on my underwear. Seeing my mom in bra and panty is making me mad and said to her I want to see you naked mom and removed the hooks of her bra.

I made her bra fell on the ground and I squeezed her breasts with my both hands from back and mom was moaning with pleasure. After squeezing and playing with her breasts and nipples she said I can no longer wait. She said satisfy your mom and removed my underwear and I removed her. Now we are naked in front of each other. Then she pushed me on the bed, kissed and licked my body thousand times. After sometime I did the vice versa. It was a great feeling which I couldn’t share in words when I first took one of her nipples in my mouth.

I sucked her breasts like a child sucking a mango fruit. After sometime I used my manhood to get into her womanhood. While digging into her she was moaning with both pleasure and pain. When I was cuming I removed my pennies from her pussy and my manhood juices fell on the blanket. Then we laid in each others hug and the night went off. Next day early in the morning by the time I woke up mom has finished her bath and was sitting in the sofa and staring at me. We smiled at each other when I woke up and I went to bathroom to brush my teeth. After that I came and went near her and kneeled in front of her and asked her why she was staring and kissed her on the lips.

She said why I missed you all these years. I asked her one thing, mom how could you accept me as your lover and she said your father was great husband and a good father but he was not a great lover. I never enjoyed sex as I did last night with you. I was wanting for sex and was afraid to make an affair with any one in the office because if your father and you come to know about my affair with other person I can never face you and your father in my life. So I suppressed my sexual urges. One day I read in newspaper that in Hyderabad one father and son were having sex with her daughter and sister.

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