Mommy , Me Ch. 01

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Immediately after WWII ended, nylon became readily available again for the manufacure of womens stockings and panties. Gone were the days of women painting their legs a brown color and pencilling a seam down the back of their calf to give the illusion of full fashioned stockings.

From 1946 on, lingerie fashions also became available in a larger variety of colors rather than just white and tea rose. A larger variety of colors and heel patterns also began to emerge from the hoseiry manufacturers and by 1950 a lady could have stockings in about fifteen different colors and five or six heel patterns. Newer materials also allowed girdles to be made without boning and a variety of long line panty girdles also emerged from the foundation companies.

There are NO PARTIES in this story under the age of twenty and spelling has been corrected to the best of my ability. If there are spelling errors, please highlight them for me so I can corrct them.

Thank you.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I came home from school early one afternoon and as I parked my car at the rear of the house I noticed that Frank’s car was in the garage with the garage door pulled closed.

I went in the rear door, took of my shoes and quietly crept into the dining room and peeked into the living room.

Mommy was seated on the front edge of her easy chair with the top of her sheer black nightgown pulled down and the skirt of it pulled up to her waist. Her large teats were hanging down against her chest. She was wearing beige full fashioned stockings held up with ‘roll garters’ and had a pair of one inch heeled pumps on. She was looking right directly at Frank’s cock.

Frank was standing directly in front of her wearing a black bra, black nylon garter belt with six straps that were holding up his dark brown stockings. His eight inch uncut cock was pointed directly at mommies face and as I watched he took both hands and fastened them behind her head and as she opened her mouth, he shoved as much of his cock as he could in her mouth.

“Now suck that motherfucking prick you fucking whore.” he told her. He began pulling his cock out of her mouth then pushing it back in her mouth until after about the tenth time he took his right hand, pulled his cock back out of her mouth, pulled his long foreskin over the head of it and began spurting his hot semen not once,but twice, three, four, five, and finally a sixth time all over her face, teats, and in her mouth. I could see her swallowing the semen that had gone in her mouth. Then Frank pulled his foreskin back over his cockhead and said to her “Now suck the rest of it off you fucking bitch and get it clean. Then I’m going to take you in the bedroom, suck your teats for awhile, then I’ll be ready to put my big fucking cock in your cunt, which is where you want it anyway.”

Mommy opened her mouth and took all of his cock in again and began sucking it. I watched as she pulled his long foreskin back over the head of his cock and cleaned it off with her tongue. After a couple of minutes, Frank pushed her face away and pointed his finger toward her bedroom.

She got up off her chair holding her gown up and walked through the packet doors to her bedroom with Frank right behind her.

I listened as they got into the bed and he said “Now give me one of your big fucking teats so I can nurse you. Then I’ll nurse the other one and as you play with my cock, it will get erect again and I’ll give you the fucking you want.”

I quietly went up to my bedroom and about ten minutes later I went back downstairs.

The packet doors were open enough so I could see in and when I looked Frank was just getting up on his hands and knees behind mommy. I could also see that her stocking tops were now down around her knees, the roll garters not being able to hold them up on her thighs

“Alright you cockfucker, spread your fucking legs wide apart and your cunt lips wide open so you can get this magical cock you like so well.” he told her.

She did as she was told and without even pulling his inch long foreskin back over the head of his cock, he rammed it in her gaping cunt causing her to scream out in ecstacy “You great big long motherfucker. You know I need your fucking cock way up in my fucking cunt. Now give it to me baby and fuck my pussy good.” she cried.

Frank continued to pull his cock out and ram it back in for about twenty times. Mommy wrapped her stocking clad legs around his thighs to keep him impaled in her cunt but he just continued pulling it out and shoving it back in.

Finally, he shouted “Alright you fucking whore. Here comes the fucking baby batter you want me to give you so badly.” With that he shoved his cock deep inside her, arched his back, and spurted his hot seed inside her and up around her cervix leaving his cock there until it began to get flaccid.

Mommy just lay there on the bed in ecstacy, savoring the fucking she had just received from her lover. I continued ankara escort to watch unobserved by either of them. Frank dismounted from her and moved along side her up to mommies face.

“Now you fucking whore bitch, take my fucking cock and suck it clean, peeling my foreskin back so you get the head of it clean too. Then we will have a couple of beers before I go back to work.” he told her.

I watched as she stuck his long cock in her mouth once again and sucked him, this time peeling back his long foreskin so she could clean the head of his cock.

She sucked him for a long time and as she was doing that, Frank unhooked his bra and let it fall to the floor. Once mommy finished, Frank got off the bed, picked up his pants and slipped them on over his garter belt and stockings, put a pair of socks on, fastened his work shoes and told her he would see her again tomorrow.

I ducked out of the way so he didn’t see me as he left and when I heard his car start up I looked in on mommy to see what she was doing. She had gotten off the bed and was headed for the stairway to her chamberpot.

She saw me and said “I hope you got an eyeful. Now help me because I really have to piss.”

Her eyes were glazed and I knew she was drunk. She staggered as I helped get her on the potty. She spread her legs and at first there were just a few dribbles of pee, but then the gusher began and she pissed for nearly two minutes.

“Go over to my dresser and get my sheer black Directoire Knickers out of the drawer and help me put them on.” she said. “Frank filled me so full of semen and sperm I’m going to be leaking the rest of the day and night.”

I went the dresser and got her knickers. I held them open as I put one foot then the other in the leg openings and pulled them part way up over her knees. She stood up, pulling her stocking tops up as she did, then pulled the knickers up to her waist. The leg part just covered her stocking tops.

“I need a bottle of beer and a shot of V.O.” she said. “Now be a nice son and get your mommy a drink. Since your father is out of town probably fucking his black haired whore, you are going to sleep with me tonite. I want to play with and suck your long fucking cock.”

I went into the kitchen and got two shot glasses, the pint of V.O. and four bottles of beer. When I got back into the living room she was just going to sit down in her easy chair. I put the tray with the beverages on it down on the table and reached up and felt mommies gusset on her knickers. As I suspected, it was already wet. Part of it from not wiping her cunt after she peed and the rest of it was semen running out of her cunt from Frank having fucked her earlier.

I poured a shot of V.O. for each of us and opened a bottle of beer for her. She chugged the whiskey down in one swallow and took a long swallow of beer. She handed me the shot glass and told me to pour her another shot. She chugged that one down also followed by some more beer.

Since she had no bra on I reached over and grabbed a teat and massaged it. She smiled at me and said “It feels good when you play with my teats. Now take off your shorts and boxers so I can see your fucking cock.”

I pulled my shorts and boxers down and stepped out of them. My cock was starting to get erect when she reached over and took hold of it. She pulled my long foreskin over the head of it and proceeded to begin jacking me off.

” Mommy. You’ll have to be careful or I’ll spurt semen and sperm all over your teats and there won’t be any for your cunt.” I said. ” I know you enjoy playing with cocks from what I’ve seen between you and Frank, but if you want me to fuck you, you’ll have to slow it down a bit.”

With that, she moved closer to my cock and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it in earnest. It felt wonderful the way her mouth moved up and down over my cock. She nibbled on my foreskin then stopped and said “I want you to put that big fucking prick of your in my cunt right now and blow your nuts off inside me. Then I want you to go up and get your lingerie, bring it downstairs and put it on for me. Then we are going to fuck again. Tonite is our night to fuck and play with each other darling. But right now I need to take a huge piss. The beer must have gone through me quite fast, so help me get to my potty.”

She got up from her chair and I guided her to the stairs so she could piss in her chamberpot. I pulled her knickers down to her knees and she sat on her potty. It came out of her peehole like a roaring waterfall. As she was pissing she played with my nuts, fondling them gently. When she finished she stood up and I pulled her knickers up tight and wiped her wet cunt with the already soaked gusset. Then I pulled her knickers back down and told her to step out of them.

I looked in the gusset of her knickers and there was a mixture of semen and pee. I took them and put them over the back of a chair in her bedroom to let them dry. Mommies belly and cunt were covered escort ankara in

a lush growth of coal black hair. She made no effort to hide it from my view. Standing with her stockings pulled up on her thighs without anything else on was a bit sexy, but I went and got a clean pair of sheer white knickers from her drawer.

Taking them over to her I told her to lift one leg and then the other as I put them on her and pulled them up to her waist. I could clearly see her pubic hair through the fabric.

I went back over to the dresser and opened a different drawer by accident and what I saw surprised me. In it were a ball gag and a small leather quirt plus some nipple clamps on a chain. I asked here what they were for and she got visibly upset.

“Don’t get them out.” she said. “Your father uses them on me when he thinks I have been naughty. He puts the ball gag in my mouth, uses a spreader bar that is under the bed to spread my feet apart then whips me on the cunt and my teats.” she said.

“If he thinks I have been very bad he whips my cunt with about ten lashes or my teats about five times. It hurts like hell.”

I got them out in spite of her pleading and put them on the dresser. I fgured I could use them later if need be.

Mommy told me she needed another shot of V.O. and I poured each of us a shot. We toasted each other and chugged them down. I opened another beer for her and she guzzled about half of it down.

She sat down on the side of the bed and I stood in front of her with my cock dangling in front of me. She took hold of it, lifted it up, and stuck it in her mouth. She pushed the foreskin back over the head of it and began sucking heavily on it. It did not take long to get erect and then she really sucked on it. I told her if she wanted me to fuck her she had better not make me unleash my pollen in her mouth. Of course, when my cock is erect is curves upward like a scimitar and really reaches different places inside a woman’s cunt.

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. “Then come and put that long motherfucking cock of yours in my cunt.” she said. With that she spread her cunt lips open enough that I could see her big peehole and some of the semen still in her cunt from earlier in the day.

I got in front of her and she took my cock and guided it into her cunt and said “Stick that motherfucker in me and bury it in my cunt.”

I shoved all of my cock into her and she gave a loud grunt as I impaled myself in her cunt. I was clear up to her cervix. I knew I had pushed my cock into a differnt spot than she was accustomed to and I just pulled it out and pushed it back into her again.

She wrapped her nylon clad legs around by back and tried valiantly to keep my cock inside her very wet cunt. I gave her about five more thrusts and proclaimed. “You cockfucking bitch. I’m going to splatter the inside of your cunt with as much pollen as I can squirt out of my cock.” and I unleashed a torrent of semen inside of her.

I must have given her five or six good squirts of semen and had her writhing on the bed. Her teats had fallen to each side of her chest and were hanging down.

“You mothefucker.” she exclaimed. “You put your fucking cock inside me in places no one has touched and it got so fucking big I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep it in me.” she said.

“I’m so full of semen and sperm it is all going to leak out of my cunt when you take that long fucking cock of yours out of my cunt.” she said.

“I don’t think so.” I said. “I’ll put your fucking knickers back on and you can let it leak into the gusset of them. Now get my cock out of your fucking cunt and lick it clean. Then I may have to piss and I may want to piss all over you.”

With that I slowly slipped my cock out of her soaking wet cunt and moved up so she could suck my now semi hard cock. She took it in her mouth, peeled the foreskin back over the head of it and began sucking on it. She wrapped her tongue around the head of it and sucked all the remaining semen from the end of it. Then she pulled the foreskin back over then end of my cock so it was hanging over the end.

I got off the bed and grabbed her sheer white knickers and put the openings of them over her feet, pulling them up to her knees as I did so.

She got up off the bed, her big teats hanging down to her ribs as she did so, and pushed her stockings down around her ankles, then pulled them back up again to her thighs. She checked to see that the seams were straight, then she pulled her knickers back up to her waist. Her pubic hair was glistening though the sheer white fabric.

She wanted her last bottle of beer, so I uncapped it and gave it to her. She just chug a lugged it straight down and handed the bottle back to me.

With that I told her she had been naughty and I was putting the ball gag in her mouth. She pleaded with me to not do it, but I told her she should have sipped her last beer rather than just quaffing it ankara escort bayan down in three swallows.

I went to the dresser and got the ball gag and came back and told her. “Now open your fucking mouth so I can get this in and fasten it.”

She reluctantly obliged and I put the ball in her mouth and fastened the strap around the back of her head. I also decided to put the nipple clamps on her since her teats were hanging down so far, so I got those and fastened one clamp to each of her big nipples. She winced a little when I let the clamps come together, but she didn’t cry out.

She was beginning to look as though she were my slave.

I went back to the drawer and found a set of leather cuffs which I decided to put on her arms.

She held her hands out in front of her and I slipped them on and fastened them. I took the whip, which had strands of soft leather, told her to spread her legs apart as far as she could without slipping.

I took the whip and gently smacked her cunt lips five times. She whimpered as I hit her, but I knew I wasn’t hurting her. Then I gave her a good hard one and she jumped a little bit and whimpered louder.

Suddenly, the gusset of her knickers began to get wet and I knew she was pissing in them. “You fucking whore.” I told her. “You’re not supposed to be pissing in your fucking knickers. For that you are going to get five more swats with the whip and if you piss any more it will be five more. do you understand you fucking cunt?”

She nodded her head in acknowledgement and I blasted her cunt with three strokes and smacked her ass with the other two. She began crying but she didn’t piss anymore.

I put the whip down and told her to straighten her legs up. I pulled her knicker down to her ankles and told her to step out of them. The gusset was soaked but not dripping wet. I unfastened the cuffs and took the ball gag out of her mouth

“Now you fucking cunt, sit on the bed and get my fucking cock in your mouth. Suck it till I tell you to stop and then get on your back and spread your legs so I can fuck the hell out of you.” I told her.

She sat on the bed, gently took my cock in one hand and my nut sack in the other. She pulled my cock into her mouth with my foreskin still hanging over the end of it. She nibbled on the foreskin then began sucking it in earnest. I began getting erect and finally told her to get on the bed and spread her legs open.

She laid down, spread her legs apart then pulled her cunt lips open. I mounted her and drove my prick into her sopping cunt. I went all the way up to her cervix on the first thrust. She cried out and told me to leave my prick there.

However, I pulled it our and thrust in again causing her to moan and then I pulled out once more and thrust it back in as hard as I could.

She cried out and came all over my cock. I released my pent up pollen and flooded her cunt with it. I must have spurted five or six times and I could the walls of her cunt become soaking wet.

I let her come one more time, then I took my cock out and put it up to her mouth. “Now suck the fucking thing clean and I’ll give you another shot of V.O. and a beer.” I told her.

She eagerly engulfed my cock with her mouth and began sucking it clean, even pushing the foreskin back over the head ot it so she could my head clean too. When she finished she pulled the foreskin back down over the head and wiped the excess semen off of her mouth.

I got off the bed, found a clean pair of sheer black knickers, put them over her ankles and told her to pull them up. Then I poured her a shot of V.O. and opened a beer for her. She swigged the shot down then took a big swallow of beer.

“Everytime I have an erection tonite I’m going to stick my swollen cock in your cunt.” I said. “So you need to be prepared to get fucked a few more times because I am exceptionally horny and need to get rid of a lot of semen. Do you undertand what you are supposed to do tonite? If Frank can fuck you every day then I can fuck you a few times tonite. I think that’s fair isn’t it?” I asked.

She nodded in understanding. I knew she was almost drunk again after the V.O. and all the beer she had drunk.

“Darling, I need to go piss right now.” she said. “Will you help me get to the potty so I can piss? I’ll suck your cock if you stand in front of me while I’m pissing.” she said.

I got off the bed as she sat on the edge. I helped her stand up and pulled her sheer knickers down, noting how wet the gusset already was from all of the semen I had shot in her cunt. She stepped out of her knickers and I led her the few feet to the stairs and her potty. I think she was pissing before she even sat down and it sounded like a waterfall. As she pissed she fondled my cock and put it in her mouth and gently sucked on it.

She finished pisssing and I purposely left her knickers off of her. I took her back into the bedroom and told her to get on her hands and knees with the her knees at the edge of the bed.

What are you going to do darling?” she asked.

“I’m going to mount you from behind like a stallion mounts a mare. You know stallions only mount mares when they are breeding the mare, don’t you?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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