Mommy Daycare Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This one’s long and comes in five parts. It’s over a year in the making. Year and a half actually. Worth it? Hell if I know. I gotta curb my ambitions some is all I can say.

Oh and all characters over eighteen blah blah etc.


Chapter One: Luna


Jaina slept in late, as was her prerogative during the lazy summer season. She rolled out of bed, make a token effort to fix her mussed hair, then padded off to the bathroom clad in the panties and cami top she’d slept in.

After that necessary stop, she kept going, headed in the general direction of the kitchen in search of food. She felt the early rumblings of hunger, but they weren’t too urgent just yet.

Kaden distracted Jaina from her unfocused quest before she ever made it as far as the kitchen. Her brother, younger by a year at only eighteen, was staring out the window into the backyard. He had a look of horrified fascination. Jaina suspected she knew why.

“At it again?” Jaina asked, slipping ninja-like behind Kaden and resting her chin on his shoulder to peer out the window as well.

“Third day in a row!” Kaden said disbelievingly. “Why is she doing this to me?”

“Us,” Jaina corrected. “And I’m pretty sure it’s in spite of us, not because.”

“Still, though.”

Jaina wrapped her arms loosely around Kaden in an empathetic hug. “Still,” she agreed.

Luna, their mother, was taking advantage of the beautiful weather and getting some sunbathing in out in the yard. That wouldn’t have attracted so much attention and dismay on its own. For the past couple days, she’d elected to do so without any clothes on at all.

“I mean, she knows we can see her, right?” Kaden asked.

“I’m sure she does,” Jaina said.

“She’s naked!”

“I know.”


“Yes. I know.”

“And… and…”

“Confusing, isn’t it?”


“She looks pretty good, though, huh?”

“She’s our mom.”

“Yes. Hence the confusion.” Jaina squeezed Kaden tighter with her arms. “Take heart, little brother. She’ll probably give this up soon.”

“I sure hope so.”

“Do you, though? You’re staring pretty hard.”

Kaden turned his head, a bright red flush evident on his cheeks. “Am not.”

“Are too,” Jaina teased lightly. “I mean, I get it. Mom’s a hottie. Got all those perfect curves goin’ on.”

Kaden blushed harder. “She’s our mom,” he repeated.

“I know. Doesn’t make me wrong.”

“It might.” Kaden shook his head. “You really think it’s only a short term kinda thing?”

“Probably. The divorce was kinda hard on her. Probably just going a bit crazy and needs to relax, y’know?”

“Like this?”

“Why not? People have done much crazier things over stress.”

“Like what?”



“Well they have. I just can’t think of any off the top of my head. I’m not an expert.”

“Right. Sure.”

Jaina patted Kaden on the head and took a step back. He turned his head, but kept his body angled away. She wondered bemusedly if he had to hide a boner. “Sunbathing sounds kinda nice, actually. Might go out and join her.”


“Yeah. Feel like making some breakfast?”

“Some of us have already had breakfast.”

“Brunch, then?” Jaina batted her eyes. “Take care of your starving sis?”

Kaden sighed. “You’re gonna want it out there?”

“Yes please.”

“I don’t think-“

“Aw, c’mon. It’s nice out.”


“And just think, maybe if we both hang out with Mom, she’ll get all embarrassed and have to put her clothes back on.”

“That doesn’t sound like a great plan.”

“It’s really not. But trapping ourselves in here ’cause she wants to be a nudist all of a sudden isn’t a great plan either.” Jaina glanced out the window. “‘Sides, we’re still perving on her from here. S’not any worse.”

“It’s not perving.”

“No? Are you hard?”

“I… you…”

“Thought so.”

“Shut up. Can’t help that.”

“I know. Doesn’t stop it being funny, though.” Jaina patted Kaden’s shoulder. “It’ll be ok. We’ll get through this.”



“Ok. Fine.” Kaden rubbed his face. “Toast and bacon sound ok? I’m not up to anything complicated.”

“Sounds great! Thanks, Kay.”

“Yeah. Right.”

Sustenance thus arranged, Jaina flounced out to the back door and across the small patch of lawn separating the house from the deck of their pool.

Luna was stretched out on a lounger by the poolside, basking naked in the sun. She tilted her head at Jaina’s approach, but didn’t make the slightest effort to scramble back into her clothes, or even cover up in any way. It was like she didn’t even care that her tits were blatantly visible. Or her pussy, snuggled down between her bare thighs. Or any other part of her.

“Hey, Mom,” Jaina said cheerfully as she dragged another lounger next to Luna’s.

“Hey, babygirl.”

“You know your clothes are all missing?”

Luna gave Jaina a look. “I’m naked, yes.”

“Just checking.”

Luna sighed. “I wish you two wouldn’t make such a big deal of it.”

Jaina shrugged and settled ankara escort in. “Who’s making a big deal?”

“You wander around dressed like that. No one says anything.”

Jaina mock-pouted. “What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“It’s only a bare step up from nothing at all, dear.”

“But it is a step up, though.” Jaina adjusted her panties. “Can’t see my naughty bits or nothin’.”

“It doesn’t have to be about that, you know.”

“Maybe not.”

Luna stretched, somewhat self-conscious with her daughter watching. “It’s freeing. Liberating.”

“Sexy,” Jaina added helpfully.

“I really hope not.”

“You don’t wanna be sexy?”

“Not around my children, no.”

“Oh. Well you’ll have to tell Kaden that. He keeps getting awkward boners.”

“He does not.”

“Does too.”

“Does not!”

Jaina shrugged. “Fine. He doesn’t.”

Luna shifted uncomfortably. “That really wasn’t the point, you know.”

“No, I had a sneaking suspicion you weren’t trying to turn Kaden on.”


“Sorry. Continue.”

Luna sighed. “I really thought that maybe… maybe with you two being older now… maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

“You kinda sprang it on us. Came as quite a shock that first morning.”

“Would it have been better if I’d told you beforehand?”

“Maybe. Maybe starting topless would have helped. Working your way to fully nude. Something like that. I dunno.”


Jaina sat upright and cross legged, putting her hands on her knees. She studied her mother intently. “So I have to ask.”


“Is it really helping? With the divorce and everything?”

Luna was silent a long moment. “I think it is.” She smiled crookedly. “If only because now my main concern is my kids being weird around me. Which honestly, is not so big a deal.”

“Oh sure.”

“But honestly though, yes. It’s relaxing.”

“And freeing and liberating. Got it.”

“Don’t be flippant. It is.”

“Mmhm. I think maybe you like being a li’l naughty too.”


“Maybe you like some attention.”

“Not from you two.”

“If you say so. But I think you definitely do.”

“That’s so bad.”

Jaina shrugged. “Not in a bad way like that. Just… attention is nice. Just like I don’t want Kaden really looking. But those little glances when I walk around in panties…”

“Oh lord.”

“Just saying. Good for the ego. Reminds me I got a nice butt.”

Luna nodded. “That you do.”

“Aw, thanks. You know I got it from you.”

“Pff, whatever. Mine hasn’t looked that good in years. Decades, maybe.”

“Like hell. You got that nice, full, mommy-butt thing goin’ on. Mine’s gonna head that way eventually too, and it better damn well look that good when it gets there.”

“You’re full of shit, darling.”

Jaina grinned. “Inherited that too.” She grabbed a nearby bottle of sunscreen and rubbed some into her legs. It was already getting pretty warm out, and the sun would be beaming down all day. “Did you put any sunscreen on?”

Luna shook her head. “Not yet.”

“Well you better, if you’re gonna lie out all day again. I don’t want you getting a burn all over and whining to me about it.”

“Yes, dear.”

Jaina got some more sunscreen for her arms, shoulders, and upper chest, then passed it over to Luna. She watched with increasing interest as her mother rubbed herself down. Her tits in particular were quite an event to sunscreen up.

“You’re staring,” Luna said with a faint flush to her cheeks.

“Hope I get those tits when I get older too,” Jaina replied evenly.

“So full of shit.”


Luna finished covering her boobs disappointingly quickly. She still had lots of skin left to work on, and Jaina settled back with her head propped to keep an eye on the action.

“You’re still staring.”


“Trying to embarrass me?”

“Helping you free and liberate yourself.”

Luna arched her eyebrow. “You’re-“

“Full of shit. I know.”

Jaina got a touch more sunscreen to do her face, then lay back and closed her eyes. Luna did the same next to her. They basked together in the morning sun, one naked, the other only slightly less so. An amused smile tickled Jaina’s lips as she imagined Kaden’s arrival and the sight he’d be greeted with.

Kaden came out shortly after, carrying a tray overly full of food, juice, plates, silverware, glasses, and napkins.

“You coulda made two trips,” Jaina said as she observed his slow approach.

“You coulda helped,” he said in response.

“Nah. What fun would that be?”

“Well really.”

Kaden managed to set down the tray on the end of Jaina’s lounger. She pulled her feet up out of the way and helped him distribute things. She smirked at the way he tried not to look directly at their mom, but missed how often his eyes would seek out her panties or cleavage instead, and would then dart away as he realized.


Kaden wasn’t sure if he was in heaven or hell, or some nebulous point halfway in both of them. Luna and Jaina were both displaying interesting and forbidden delights, escort ankara and neither seemed to have any interest in covering up for his benefit. He didn’t want to stare, but how could one not look when panties, boobs, and even bare pussy were all on display like it wasn’t a big deal?

His sister, despite being technically clothed, was perhaps the more aggravating of the two. She knew how Luna was confusing him, yet had no problem flouncing around in her tiny panties and tight cami, adding to his aroused dilemma. He was doing ok at not popping a full and prominent boner in front of the two of them, but it was a tense and delicate thing.

Like, seriously, what was their mom even doing? Lying out there, naked, letting him see anything he chose to look at. Moms weren’t supposed to do that. Older sisters being a bit teasing, sure, whatever. Moms, no. It wasn’t even teasing. It was way beyond that. Whether it was better or worse that it really had nothing to do with him, Kaden couldn’t say.

Eating their food at least kept everyone quiet and in their own worlds for a bit. Long enough for Kaden to adjust somewhat to the situation. He still snuck peeks over at Luna’s tits every now and then, because how could he not, but the longer he sat there, the less potentially traumatized he felt. Like he could get used to it, given time some practice at shutting down certain parts of his brain.

“You should take off your shirt,” Jaina said.

Kaden blinked in confusion. “What?”

“Work on those tan lines. Y’know?”

“No thanks.”

“Come on. Do it.”

“You’re being weird.”

“I’ll do your sunscreen for you.”

“That’s even weirder.”

“Ok, then I won’t. But you should even out your tan. The girls’ll like it better.”

Jaina dangled the bottle of sunscreen next to Kaden. She wiggled it back and forth when he didn’t immediately take it.

“What girls?” Kaden mumbled as he grabbed at the bottle just to stop Jaina shaking it at him.

“Any girls. Whichever ones you want.”

“You have a rather optimistic view of the world on my behalf, don’t you?”

Jaina grinned broadly. “Sometimes, sure.”

She went back to ignoring Kaden once he pulled his shirt off, so at least that worked out for him. He felt a few sidelong glances as he rubbed his chest with sunscreen, but never caught Jaina or Luna actually looking.

The three of them relaxed and basked in the sun for a while. Kaden almost forgot that there was anything abnormal about the day when he closed his eyes for long enough. But it only took his mind snapping back to the present, or a brief opening of his eyes, and he’d recall exactly what he was dealing with. His cock continued to flirt with very prominently not behaving itself, but didn’t quite make itself known. Not until Luna decided to go for a swim, that was.

It was totally unfair, really. Luna looked way to good for being a mom, let alone his mom in particular. Her naked body captivated him as she stretched out, then padded her way to the pool’s edge, ass swaying gently back and forth. She dipped her toe in the water, nodded to herself, then gracefully dove in. As though in slow motion, Kaden caught way too much of her butt and pussy as her body made a smooth arc, then disappeared beneath the surface.

“Damn,” Jaina said. “That was a hell of a show.”


“She can’t hear. Her ears are underwater.”

“Still, though.”

“Still nothing.” Jaina cocked her head at Kaden. “You were watching, weren’t you?”

“Of course I was. I couldn’t not.”


“How the hell does she look so good?”

“No clothes on. That does the trick a lot of the time.”

“Sure, yeah.”

“Like if I was all nakey, you’d be staring at me like that too. Probably.”

“Probably, yeah.” Kaden hesitated. “I almost don’t want to ask, but if I-“

“Oh I totally would. You don’t look half bad topless, you know. Totally naked… I assume there’d be something worth staring at.”

“That’s, uh, almost a compliment.”

“Sure is.”

Kaden glanced at the pool. Luna was doing laps, still apparently oblivious to the conversation he and Jaina were having. There were tantalizing hints of her body to be seen, drawing the eye if he looked, but nothing nearly so overt as when she’d been standing in front of them, preparing to dive.

“We’re kinda fucked up, huh?” Kaden said.

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“Nah. We’re just dealing with a weird situation. A mom who’s taken an… unorthodox method, shall we say, of dealing with stress.”

“But we’re perving on her. That’s fucked.”

“Thought you said we weren’t doing that?”

“I was clearly lying.”

“Ah. Right.”

Jaina turned her head to watch Luna swim back and forth, brief flashes of shimmering tits and ass well evident to anyone who cared to look. Kaden stared right along with his sister.

“Ok, maybe it’s kinda fucked,” Jaina said.

“Damn straight.”

“But she does look amazing for being our mom.”

“Yes. She does. That’s a big part of the problem.”

“That it is.” Jaina considered. “So what do we do?”

“You’re ankara escort bayan asking me?”

“Thought you might have an idea.”

“Well I don’t.”




“Unless we just lean into it, I guess.”

Jaina tilted her head and frowned. “How do you mean?”

“I mean, like, just this. You bringing us out here.”

“You came on your own.”

“At your insistence.”

“Request. Not insistence.”

“Whatever. We just, like, accept it, is what I’m saying. Go with it. See what happens.”

Jaina flicked her gaze to Luna, then back to Kaden. “You’re gonna be ok popping boners over Mom like that?”

“All of a sudden you’re concerned? You thought it was funny before.”

“It still is. Just wondering.”

Kaden shrugged. “I’m not saying it’s a good idea. It’s the only one I’ve got, is all.”

“Fair enough.”

Luna emerged from the pool moments later. Water poured from her gloriously nude body at first, then slowed to a trickle down her neck, tits, arms, hips, and legs. She smoothed back her wet hair and calmly secured herself a towel to wipe herself down with.

Once dry-ish, Luna padded past her entranced children and into the house. If she’d glanced back, she would have caught two sets of eyes following every sway of her ass as she casually retreated.

“How do you think she does that?” Kaden asked.

“Makes us stare? Simple. Great ass.”

“No. I mean, that too. But, like, she isn’t even fazed by us staring. She can’t not have noticed, right?”

“No, she has to have noticed. We had a conversation about it before you came out.”

“You did?”

“Not a long one. But yeah, she knows.”

“And she’s fine with it?”

“I guess. I think she’d rather we didn’t, but she is hella dead set on liberating herself. Or whatever. Some kinda vacation from reality and decency, I think.”

“Oh.” Kaden mulled it over in his head. “Does that work?”

“I don’t know. Have you seen me lying around naked for days on end?”

“No. But you could if you wanted.”


“Not perving. Just saying you might as well go for it if you want. It wouldn’t make things any weirder right now.”

“I’ll give you the second point, but the first I don’t buy for one second.”

“You think I want to see you naked?”

“Don’t you?”

“It… wouldn’t be the worst thing.”

Jaina swung her fist at Kaden, but they were far enough away that a slight move by him made her miss. She glared at him instead. “Perv.”

Kaden shrugged. “Leaning into it, remember?”

“We never agreed to that.”

“Call it a beta test.”

“You don’t wanna know what I’d call it. Your poor, delicate ears would fall off.”

Kaden settled back, more self-satisfied than he’d felt all morning. At least verbally sparring with Jaina still felt more or less normal. Something had to, if he was going to keep a grip on reality.


Luna returned, again walking casually past Kaden and Jaina like they weren’t there. She was carrying a drink that looked like orange juice, but that Jaina suspected wasn’t as innocent as that. It was early in the day for drinking, but what the hell, really.

Luna drained about half her drink before adjusting her chair and flipping over to lay on her tummy. Jaina didn’t pay much attention, excepting a few glances at her mom’s ass, until she noticed Luna looking at her.

“Jaina, honey?”

“Yeah, Mom?”

“Would you mind doing my back?”

“Doing your… oh.”


Jaina sighed and located the bottle of sunscreen. Kaden was pretending not to look, but his lips kept twitching into a grin that he wasn’t quite able to hide.

Jaina straddled Luna’s prone form, gingerly setting her weight on her mom’s butt. Sitting on her mom’s naked ass. Goddamn.

Rubbing sunscreen in wasn’t so bad at first. Doing Luna’s shoulders, neck, arms, and back was pretty easy and calm. Luna had nice, soft skin for rubbing. But once Jaina slid down further and further, she eventually came face to face with Luna’s ass. She hesitated and kept rubbing the small of Luna’s back for longer than needed, then tried skipping over to her thighs.

“You missed a bit, sweetie.”

Jaina made a face and kept on working down Luna’s thigh. “Yeah, I know.”

“My bum needs some too.”

“Does it, though?” Jaina glared at Kaden and stuck her tongue out. He grinned wider, not even pretending not to watch anymore. “Maybe Kay can help. He’s not busy.”

“Nah, you’re doing fine,” Kaden assured her.

“You really are,” Luna agreed. “It’s very nice, actually.”



“I… ugh, nothing.”

Jaina finished up Luna’s legs and feet. She paused and took a deep drink from Luna’s glass. It didn’t taste overtly of anything other than juice, but there was enough of a burn to it to confirm the presence of vodka. Jaina then scooted back up to her mom’s ass, squirted sunscreen on it, took a deep breath, and placed both her hands square on Luna’s big, soft mommy-butt.

Luna let out a quiet moan as Jaina kneaded her ass, which was disconcerting, but also added to the tingle Jaina was feeling. Her little pussy was going a bit crazy under her panties. Rubbing her mom’s entire naked backside, now including her amazing, shapely bum. And boy did she find herself doing a thorough job once she got started.

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