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Big Cock

edited by Dick Harding

I’m at the Denver Airport and I’m in between flights. My connecting flight has just been canceled due to bad weather and it looks like I’ve got at least a 4-hour wait for the next available flight. I wade through the mass of frustrated travelers for to the nearest phone booth to alert my office that I will be delayed. As I’m walking to the phone booth, I notice a strange, yet familiar face…It’s YOU! You, the tempting internet paramour I have been casually corresponding with over the past year. What are the chances!? You are travelling on business and are experiencing the same weather delays, and with a mischievous grin I think to myself, ‘what a shame’!

I quickly get my wits about me and play it cool as I can, making sure I’ve caught your eye. You know it’s me and you can’t believe it either! Appearing composed, you follow me over to the phone booth with a smirk on your face. We enter adjoining booths with nothing but a thin sheet of glass between us. I am facing you as I start to dial my office, with my back toward any voyeuristic passerby.

I’m wearing a tight-fitting, crisp, white cotton blouse and a short professional skirt, no panties, just garters for my silk stockings. You can see how excited I am to be in your physical presence. I can see your restrained arousal, and I try miserably to keep calm while talking to my office. With each rise of my chest, my nipples brush against the tightness of my blouse and as my breathing becomes heavier, my nipples become noticeably erect.

Immediately after hanging up, as I am contemplating my next move, the phone rings! You are a wily one, aren’t you! You’ve managed to get a peek at the number in my booth and called me up! “So we finally come face to face,” you say. I’m taken aback by the mere sound of your low, sexy voice; frozen in delight looking into your piercing eyes. I quickly try to break the spell of your hypnotic gaze and regain control.

With a daring glance, I slowly graze my nipples with my index finger, languidly tracing circles as my stare melts your canlı bahis will. With each labored breath over the phone I can feel you surrender to me. Seeing you in person, in the state I’ve longed to see, hard and yielding, gets me dripping wet. I cannot conceal my complete longing for you and I barely retain my composure.

I watch your eyes trace down length of my skirt and notice just below the hem–my shapely, muscular, thighs and that glistening elixir,which in my excitement is starting to pour down my thighs. I have to keep rubbing my legs together to thwart my wetness from reaching any further. And with that, you make the suggestion my body has been aching for, we start off to find a nearby hotel room.

I start out of the booth before you, walking slowly but surely, to exit the airport. I deliberately drop my bag, bend over before you, revealing my garters and giving you a sneak peek of what I have in store for you. Walking on, you pick up your pace a bit and I stop short. You run into me gently but with enough force so that I feel you–and I FEEL you! I let out a low gasp, but keep it together and continue walking.

Once outside of the terminal I hail a cab. Upping the ante, you casually ask which direction I’m headed. What a coincidence! We seem to be going the same direction and I allow you to share the ride with me, sitting on separate sides of the cab of course. We only have a few minutes until we reach the hotel but I’m finding it nearly impossible to be out of contact with you.

I slip out of my high heel, slowly inching my way over to your side, and run my foot up your pant leg. You become slightly agitated as I gently trace your leg and I notice you shifting in your seat a bit. I keep doing it, occasionally looking over at you and staring straight into your eyes while casually caressing my nipples. I nonchalantly unbutton my blouse a little more, exposing my bountiful cleavage, I hear you clear your throat and adjust in your seat once more.

After arriving at the hotel, you see to the room while I head off to the lounge. bahis siteleri I really need a cocktail at this point, something refreshing to take the edge off, so I sit down at the bar counter. You enter the lounge, quietly sitting down next to me and order a glass of wine. Even though we are under a bit of a time constraint, you begin to strike up banal conversation, pretending like we’ve never spoken. I reach under the counter and put my hand on your leg and feel you tense up a bit as I continue up your thigh, yet still engaged in the conversation.

I’m reaching up your inner thigh until I’m almost to your hard-on. I know you are hard because our numerous cyber sessions revealed to me what excites you. And there is no way that you would be immune to my erotic ploys, especially in person. You ask for the bill and quickly pay it, grabbing my hand and whisking me off to the elevator.

The elevator is full. I’m hoping everyone gets off the elevator, and eventually my wish comes true. I can’t stand it any longer! I’ve got to have my hands on you, I’ve got to taste your mouth. It’s only a short ride, but I am all over you. There is a chance of detection, but you don’t seem to mind a bit.

We reach the room, completely breathless, bags dropped haphazardly, making our way to the bed. I want you BAD! and I passionately push you back on the bed, straddling you, fervently unbuttoning my blouse. I hike my skirt up to reveal garters and you catch a glimpse of my glistening pussy. You can’t stand it any longer and pull me closer, your hands wildly caressing my breasts.

You reach up to pinch my nipples, we both let out a moan and I collapse onto your bare chest for a moment. We start kissing, our tongues probing deeply, frenzied, in and out of each others mouths. I’m grinding my hips against your rock hard dick and you look at me with breathless desperation, wanting to be set free. Because I am so hungry for your cock, I oblige.

I take off my bra then make my way to your legs, tracing my way down them with my erect nipples, bringing you to bahis şirketleri the edge of the bed to behold your majestic member. I touch the soft wet tip of your cock with my fingers and look up at you with my hungry eyes. I’ve GOT to have you in my mouth. I commence licking your shaft with my tongue, exploring every inch until eventually devouring you.

I’m slowly bringing you in and out of my mouth, staring into your eyes and listening to the rhythm of your breathing. I’m so fucking hot and distracted by my pulsing clit, but I still keep my focus on you. I’m dripping all over, but remain in the moment until I feel you stiffening. I’m stroking your shaft and sucking you off faster and faster until you give me all you’ve got. Moans escape from your lips, and I drink you down.

I’m on fire, kissing my way back up to your lips, all the while rubbing my insatiable body on yours. Once you’ve caught your breath you begin to feel your way to my hot, juicy cunt. I’m straddling you and your hands are making their way up my sopping thighs. I tweak my nipples while staring into your eyes and then lower my tits into your mouth.

In, then back out again, grazing your cheek as they go. I want your hands so bad my hips are arched towards them and you tease me by touching my clit very lightly, then stopping. I’m whimpering, my body aching, wanting to feel your fingers inside of me; clit throbbing and begging for your touch. You start to slide your muscular fingers in to my slippery slit and I let out a breathy “yes” in your ear.

I can hear your breath in mine and it gets me hotter. In and out slowly…1, 2, then 3 fingers until you are fucking me, really fucking me, and I begin to buck against your hand. You press your thumb against my clit and I’m just saying yes over and over while my legs begin to shake and give way. I lay down, pulling you on to me while you continue fucking me and concentrating on not breaking stride.

Having better leverage you really go at me, harder and harder like a jackhammer, as I grab tightly on to your arm. I gasp and quiver, squirting all over your hand, caressing your arm to give thanks for all that I’ve received. You bend down to kiss me, collapsing on me. We lay intertwined, catching our breath and reveling in this amazing chance encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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