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Big Tits

I knew it was going to be good. As cold as it was when he picked me up at the train station my core was on fire. We had been emailing for weeks, the conversations getting progressively deeper into what either wanted from the other.

I had left out some details, just to see if he would pick up on them. I have some odd erogenous zones, but most of them are marked in one way or another.

Even out of uniform I knew him the minute I stepped off the train. Tall, dark, well built. I could feel the sex pulsing from him. Already wet and throbbing I thought I was going to explode right then and there.

The look on his face reminded me of a jaguar who had somehow gotten into the cream. His eyes glittered with anticipation, his mouth in a half grin that said ‘come and get it, baby!’ He took my arm, and steered me to his car.

His hand on the door handle he pushed me against the car with his solid body, and his mouth touched my neck just at that spot that throbs pendik escort right above the collar bone. He had been listening. All thought left my brain as I soaked in the waves of sexual tension that pulsed between us.

I was so on fire at that point I was ready to let him fuck me right then and there, and didn’t really care who was watching, or if we would get caught. But he had other plans. He opened the door, and put me in the car, then walked around to get in, and drive us away.

As he was driving his hand moved up my leg to my hot crotch. He arched his brow when he felt how hot and wet he could tell I was, even through my jeans. I couldn’t have told you at that point where I was. All I could feel, all I could care about, was the pressure of his hand on my clit.

He finally parked the car, and got out. He led me into an apartment building, up the stairs, and unlocked a door. He pulled me into the room as he closed sefaköy escort the door behind him, and pushed me against that same door. His hands pulled at my coat as his mouth went to work on my skin again.

My hands slid over his shoulders, and down his back. My nails scraped lightly at his back as I started to shake in his arms. He pulled my sweater over my head, and turned me around. A growl came from him, it almost sounded like a purr, his fingers smoothed over the tattoo on my left shoulder. When his mouth found it and his tongue licked over it I felt the first wave of orgasm hit me.

His hands slid down my waist and around to the snap of my jeans. His deft fingers had my jeans undone, and the zipper down before I could catch my breath. He turned me around as he pulled at my jeans, but I slid down to my knees. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I undid his belt, and jeans. I had been thinking about this for weeks. I knew he was silivri escort already hard, I’d felt his bulge as he pushed me into the door.

I pulled his cock loose, and stroked it with my long, soft fingers. I looked up at him, his eyes still glittered with that look I’d first seen on his face. I licked at the tip of his beautiful tool, slid my tongue all the way down to the base, licked his balls once, then took him in my mouth. Oh, what a fit! The tip hit the back of my throat as my lips were on the base. Perfect, I thought as I started to work him.

His hands pulled at my hair, as if almost afraid I’d stop what I had started. As if! I wanted his sweet, hot cum. I wanted all of it, the taste as I swallowed what I knew was going to be delicious. I could feel his throbbing, pulsing cock, his balls tightened in my hand. He tried to pull me off, I pushed at his chest with my free hand. I was here for a couple of days, this first orgasm of his was going to be in my mouth.

He moaned as he started to unload in my mouth, his hands tight on the back of my head as he thrust once, twice, three, then a hot stream of cum shot into my mouth. Mmm, so fucking good, was all I could think.

It was going to be a wonderful couple of days with that as a start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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