First Crush

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A big thank you to Redwings1202 for editing this story.

All mistakes herein are my own.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


The bus door hissed open. Reid skipped out the door and onto the sidewalk with a smile on his face.

Just back from his second year at college, Reid was looking forward to reconnecting with his friends for the summer. Texting and the occasional video call were his only contact with them during the school year. With finals behind him and a sunny summer ahead, he’d called Jake shortly after getting home the night before. Jake, who worked at a local bakery, had this Saturday off. His parents were off to visit the grandparents for the weekend, so he and the guys were holed up in the basement to play some games and toke.

Reid wondered if he’d get to see Jake’s sister, Wendy, back from globe-trotting with Mark, her boyfriend, during her gap year after high school. He had a crush on her through high school and, being honest with himself, he was sure he still did.

As kids, she’d joined in on fun with them all the time. Just another of their gang, as they played hide and seek, bounced on the trampoline, ran through the woods, or drew elaborate mosaics on the street in chalk. Then, she changed, becoming a young woman even as they remained boys; older than her but unsure in their ways. She moved on.

He had missed having her in the group, missed her love of the outdoors and her adventurous spirit. But, in his pubescent awkwardness, hadn’t known how to reach out to her.

She had filled out. Reid’s eyes had been constantly drawn to her when she wasn’t looking. He hadn’t been the only one. Her lush curves and sensual features drew many looks as she wove her way down the high school halls. An older student, Mark, had noticed as well. He and Wendy started dating before Mark had graduated, and had become very close. Reid had felt pangs of jealousy, but Mark was a good boyfriend to Wendy, and Reid respected that.

As he walked, Reid kicked a small stone down the sidewalk. It bounced before skittering onto the street in front of Jake’s place. Reid turned up the walkway to Jake’s house and rapped on the front door. As he waited, he looked around the well-manicured yard. He knocked again louder.

“Jake get the door!” Wendy’s muffled yell sounded from somewhere in the house.

Ever louder thumps announced Jake coming up from the basement. He poked his bloodshot eyes out the door.

“Hey man,” drawled Jake pulling him into an embrace. “Sorry about that. Wendy is with Mark and I didn’t hear ya.” He thumped Reid on the back.

“No problem Jake.” Reid grinned, happy to see his friend. Jake looked positively stoned and wasn’t quite looking him directly in the eye. He awkwardly thumped Jake on the back and stuffed his hands in his pockets, shifting his weight between his feet.

“It’s been awhile,” said Reid.

Jake smiled broadly. “You look great man. Come on down. Doug and Seth are here.” He motioned Reid in as he went through the door.

Reid followed Jake down the stairs into a smoky basement. The light from the upstairs windows were replaced by the dim glow of Christmas lights, strung up along the walls, and the flickering widescreen TV filled with video game avatars slaughtering wave after wave of soldiers. Doug and Seth, hunched over their controllers, glanced up at him briefly, before refocusing intently on the screen.

“Hey man,” they called, almost in unison.

Doug, his most laconic friend, gave him a smile the Cheshire Cat would be proud of. Doug aspired in life to smoke as much weed as he could and to never vote, because, according to him, that’s how the government gets your name and finds out who you are. Easy going and content with life, Doug’s infectious smile pushed his thick glasses up on his face and his bloodshot eyes narrowed happily. Reid found himself grinning, feeling the awkwardness of not being around his friends in so long melt away.

Stepping around the table filled with bottles of Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola, potato chips, a bong, weed, and a lighter, Reid flopped down beside Jake on one of two couches facing the TV. Both were faded and worn, relegated to the teenage, now young adult, basement domain.

Jake and Wendy’s parents were hands off with their children, occasionally stepping in to offer guidance, but never judging. They’d indulged themselves as they grew, through the 70’s and into adulthood in the 80’s. That much was evident from pictures Reid and Jake had found in their closet. One set showed a rather clothes-less party with his parents cavorting with people in a living room. Reid laughingly thought this must have scared poor Jake for years.

There was one picture, in particular, with Jake’s mother on her hands and knees, a hairy man holding onto her hips from behind as he thrust into her, her large tits flushed pink and brushing the carpet. The look of lust on her face matched only by his Dad, watching off fatih escort to the side. It had inspired his masturbatory fantasies for years afterwards. Apparently it had inspired Jake as well.

Reid had once, accidently, walked in on Jake masturbating into his mother’s panties to that picture. He knew they were Jake’s mother’s, as the two of them had gone through Wendy’s dresser drawers and looked at her drawers. They were not Wendy’s panties.

There’d been some awkwardness after that. But, it slowly went away with time. Reid never brought it up again.

He grinned at the thought. Then thought of Wendy’s underwear; silk specials from online with lace, mostly in reds and pinks. He would have loved to have masturbated into those, but he’d lacked the courage to steal a pair. He grinned again and shifted in his seat.

Seth, who must have smoked as much of the weed as the other two, while seemingly remaining almost unfazed by it, looked over at him with a happy smile. “Grab yourself a hit, Reid my man. It’s loaded and ready to go.”

“I can’t. I’m heading to the exposition later with my family. I feel so awkward when I’m stoned around them.”

“Suit yourself,” said Seth, more rotund but less pimpled than the last time they’d hung together, but still sporting his spotty beard. He worked at the local Staples as a Technology Consultant. An avid LARPer and miniature war gamer, he was saving to set up his own gaming store. Given his dedication and intelligence, Reid was sure he’d own that store before long.

“There’s nothing but cows and cow shit at the Exposition,” said Jake. “Hang with us. We’ve got the whole house!”

Reid responded, laughing, “Oh I’ll be back, just not in greater numbers, cause well there’s only one of me.”

“Aliens!” Seth snapped his fingers. His brief inattention to the game nearly caused his demise. “Shit!” he exclaimed, before recovering with a barrage of grenades.

“Dude you gotta cover me,” said Doug.

Reid, chugged back some of the Coke, grabbed some potato chips and settled back against the couch. Jake grabbed the bong and hunched over it, lighting the bowl of weed and inhaling deeply, he pulled a large amount of smoke into the long glass tube and then covered it with his hand. It was loaded. He looked over at Reid and exhaled some smoke his way. Then winked and sucked the rest of the smoke from the bong into his lungs.

He put the bong back on the table and sat back holding his breath. After a while he exhaled a long plume of smoke into the air. The smoke drifted lazily through the air, the Christmas lights gave it a multi-colored hue.

“Left left left,” said Seth as his onscreen persona turned left and unloaded a rocket toward an oncoming tank.

“So man,” said Jake. “What are the college girls like? You get lots of action?”

“Of course man.” He laughed, a bit too loud.

“Really? Tell me man. I’m in the desert. Give hope to the underprivileged.”

“Well.” Reid rolled his eyes. “Honestly?”

“Yeah,” said Jake giving him a playful push on the shoulder. “You really sowing your seed all over?”

Reid blushed, happy that the darkness hid his red face. “Well not really.”

“C’mon man!” protested Seth.

“Well there was one girl, kinda two.”

“Ohhh,” said Seth.

“Tell us!” said Doug, glancing at him again and then back at the game.

“Okay.” He sighed. “There was this one girl from my dorm. We were both drunk at a party and she took me back to her room and we did it.”

He remembered it. Her face looking up at him as he pushed it in. His first time, ever. And that feeling as she squeezed around his cock, wrapping her legs around his back. He hadn’t thought of her as great looking before, but that night she was the best looking girl he’d ever seen. And for all of about thirty seconds he experienced the most glorious feeling he’d ever felt.

“Yes!” said Jake slapping him playfully on the arm. He pointed at Reid. “You the man Reid!”

Seth and Doug laughed.

“Oh yeah,” said Doug.

“And so?” asked Jake.

“It was awesome”

“Good, good.”

“But it didn’t last,” said Reid. He reached over and drank some more of the Coke. “We did it a few more times at parties and then she broke it off because she had a boyfriend.”

“Ohhh!” said Seth as he slapped his knee.

Reid blushed. He was thankful the others couldn’t see it in the dim light.

He would have liked the sex to have continued. He remembered it so well. It had always been the same. Both of them drunk at a floor party. Sweaty and tipsy. Rebecca would find him and pull him into her room. Then pull off his clothes. He would watch as she stripped; first revealing her slightly rounded tummy as her shirt came off, then revealing her shapely legs as her pants came off, then her bra and panties.

He would be transfixed by her large tits that seemed to defy gravity. Finally, he would be on top of her, sliding in and out. He had lasted longer after fındıkzade escort the first time. And her groans had proven that he was doing something right.

He glanced up at the ceiling. A rhythmic creaking sound had started from the floor above and further back in the house, from where the bedrooms were on the main floor. From Wendy’s room. He could hear it clearly above the sound of the game.

Even as he watched Seth and Doug play, his ears focused on the creaking sound, slow but insistent. Reid pictured himself with the girl at the party and, then, with Wendy instead, laid underneath him in the same position. Her curly red hair splayed out across the pillow, freckled nose pointed at him, eyes watching him as he ground his cock slowly in and out of her pussy. The bed springs just beginning to protest.

He put the potato chips back on the table and folded his hands over his lap. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to get a full on chubby in front of the guys.

“Okay, the second one then,” said Seth, seemingly oblivious to the creaking, except for a glance upwards as he and Jake switched seats. Seth reached for the bong as he seated himself.

“Over on the right, dude,” said Doug to Jake. Jake wheeled his video game character around a corner to the right and confronted a group of scantily clad female ninjas.

“Oh nice,” said Jake. “I love this part.”

“It wasn’t anything big,” said Reid. “Just a blow job. I dunno if that counts.”

“Listen to this guy,” said Seth and he paused momentarily over the bong.

“It counts, it counts,” said Doug.

“Well it was at a house party,” said Reid, watching Seth light the bong. “It was a really crowded place. People were packed in there, even in the basement. I was down there visiting friends. And whenever I walked down the hall, this one girl, sitting with her friends, kept grabbing my junk.

Seth gave him a thumbs-up as he inhaled. Reid took another drink of Coke.

“And I’ll bet you had to go back and forth in that hallway a lot that night,” said Jake laughing.

“Well of course,” said Reid. He glanced up at the ceiling. The creaking sound had become a little louder and faster.

“Anyway, at one point I had to go to the laundry room to check my phone because it was too loud in the rest of the house. Then she comes through the door behind me. She didn’t even say anything. She just undid my fly, pulled out my cock, knelt down, and started sucking on it. To say the least, I was pretty surprised and just went with it. After she was done she just gave me a smile and left the room without saying anything. I saw her briefly after that. But we never ended up hooking up.”

The girl had been pretty, with straight brown hair, brown, doe like eyes, and full pouty lips. She had fluttered her eyelashes at him as she first knelt before him. He remembered the first soft pull of her lips on his cock, her hand stroking his shaft as she sucked harder and harder. He had come more intensely in her mouth than he had ever come with another girl.

He’d thought for sure he would be on top of her that night, pushing his cock into her pussy. He’d gotten her a drink afterwards. Then some other guy showed up, and she had been on his arm ever after. He stayed at the party late, hoping she’d ditch the guy, but she left with him and he never saw her again. He kept this part of the story from his friends.

“Oh man,” said Doug. “You hound dog, you! And one of them a taken girl too.”

“He’s the man,” said Jake.

“Remind me not to introduce you to my girlfriend,” said Doug.

“What, the palm sisters,” said Seth. They all laughed.

Upstairs, the creaking had increased in tempo, becoming quite audible in the basement. Reid felt his cock twitch. He shifted his legs and studied the video screen.

“My sister,” Jake said, with a rueful chuckle, “Every fucking day. They need to get a place.”

“Well if I had a girlfriend that looked like your sister, I’d be doing the same,” said Seth as he scratched his balls. He laughed and gave Reid a happy look, bloodshot eyes nearly closing.

Seth glanced at them. “I uh, gotta go take a shit. Nature calls!”

He stood up, swayed as his mind sought to keep him upright through the marijuana haze, then hurried out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Jake and Doug giggled. “He is totally going to choke the chicken in there,” said Doug, as he stifled outright laughter.

“Oh that’s so rude. That’s my sister!” Jake said, as he burst out laughing. Reid joined them. It felt good to be back with friends. He felt at ease with them. The year at college had melted away.

The creaking upstairs had been joined by a banging sound, most likely the head board hitting the wall. They were picking up tempo. Jake and Doug again focused on their game. More scantily clad ninja women leapt out at them.

Reid kept his eyes on the TV screen, but focused his attention on the creaking and banging. Wendy’s halkalı escort boyfriend was giving it to her hard. Or maybe she was riding him. What he wouldn’t give to see that.

He thought he caught the sound of moans. “It’d better not be Seth.” He thought. It wasn’t. He could hear Wendy now, moaning. It was muffled, but he could hear her. She wasn’t speaking, just uttering successive moans of pleasure, each keeping time with the bangs and creaks.

At this rate they were going to bust that head board right through the wall.

Just when he thought they couldn’t get any louder, they did. The tempo became furious and Wendy screamed, “Oh yes! Oh yes!”

“Wow,” said Doug glancing up. “She is really into it today.” He glanced over at Reid. “Hey buddy, maybe your studliness is getting her all wet.”

“Jesus man,” said Jake as he choked on some Coke.

The tempo broke and was followed by two loud bangs and Wendy giving a guttural scream of pleasure. Silence followed.

“Wow, indeed,” Reid said, as he adjusted himself in his seat. His cock was struggling in his pants to become fully erect, despite his attempts to constrict it between his legs.

Jake chuckled. “My family, we’re a passionate people.”

He pulled over the bong, lit it up, and took a long drag. Doug followed suit. “You sure man,” Jake asked Reid, as he pointed at the Bong.

“Nah man,” said Reid with a friendly wave. “I really gotta be sober later. I’ll join you guys tomorrow, probably. It’s been too long.”

“Indeed.” Jake grinned and nodded, a plume of smoke coming out of his mouth as he spoke.

“Indeed,” agreed Doug as he let out a cloud of smoke up at the ceiling

“Man is Seth gonna be outta there soon?” asked Reid rhetorically. “I gotta pee.”

“Oh man you too?” said Jake. The innuendo was not lost on Reid.

“Yeah, well, no,” said Reid as he crossed his legs the other way. His cock had settled down as the urge to pee took over. Both Doug and Jake returned to the video game.

“Whether he’s choking the chicken or taking a dump, that guy is going to be in there for a looong time,” said Doug.

“Just use the bathroom upstairs,” said Jake. “Just don’t mind all the fucking.”

Reid shifted in his seat. “Well, I’ll just wait a bit.” The idea of going upstairs appealed to him. The chance to see Wendy after sex would be nice, but he didn’t want to come across as voyeuristic or creepy.

They finished a level in the game and went to a cut scene. Jake and Doug oohed and aahed over it, their marijuana enhanced imaginations drawing them into its plot. Reid watched for a while, until the Coke he’d drunk pressed more insistently on his bladder. Nothing from the hallway leading to the bathroom. Not even a noise.

“Alright,” he said, as much to himself as anyone, and stood up. Jake and Doug continued watching the game. He stepped over the edge of the couch and made his way to the stairs.

Jake called out after him, “Hey Reid, remember, if you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with yourself!” This brought wild giggling. Reid smiled and continued up the stairs.

The stairs ended next to the front door, in the living room. The lights were off and the curtains drawn. The sun shone through the red curtains, giving everything a slight reddish hue. Kitchen and dining room adjoined to the living room, and a hallway led further back into the house, where the washroom was. Except for the sounds of the game from downstairs it was quiet upstairs. Wendy and Mark were taking a break.

He slipped into the bathroom, flipped on the light and fan, and locked the door behind himself. He checked his teeth in the mirror. Clean. What was that for? For Wendy? Well, just in case he saw her. Not that he would.

He heard movement from the room across the hall and the murmur of Wendy and Mark talking. He glanced at the door and then back at the mirror. He flashed his teeth at the mirror again. Still clean. He turned toward the toilet and unzipped. Time to let the Coke go free.

A soft knock came from the door. He turned and looked at the door while holding his penis. “Sorry occupied. I’ll be done in a minute.” The soft knocking came again, only for a little longer.

Reid zipped up quickly and began opening the door. Before it was halfway open, there was Wendy, wearing a button up shirt revealing cleavage, slipping in, pushing up against him to get into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. He stepped back, but encountered the counter and stopped, running his fingers through his hair in nervousness.

She looked him in the eye, smiling. “Hey Reid,” she said softly. “Long time no see. I heard Jake mentioning your name just before you came up the stairs.”

She smiled, coyly, and watched him. She stood about a half a foot shorter than him, long wavy red hair haphazardly draped down her back, splaying out around her shoulders. Some clumps were stuck to her lightly sweating skin, still a bit flushed from sex. She held the front of the shirt, loosely, in her left hand, the front opened wide and low enough to reveal most of her chest and the upper part of her stomach. Her full breasts curved underneath the shirt just enough to hide her nipples. Even so, he could see them through the shirt as they pointed outwards at his chest. His cock twitched.

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