Fantasy Man Pt. 03

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“Corbin. Corbin, Corbin, Corbin,” Sam said, pointing with a corner of his pizza crust. “She’s coming over.”

Corbin and his roommate sat together in the cafeteria amid a sea of other students. Sam’s plates were piled high with everything good and right in the world – mostly carbs and sweet, sweet sugar. Corbin poked at a pile of vegetables in front of him, looking for any remains of the chopped chicken he added to it. Sadly, there did not seem to be any left, and he would have to start in on the actual greenery.

But Jessica Nakamura, his sex sensei, his love guru, and perhaps most bizarre of all, his friend, made for a great distraction. Her jeans shouted an ode to joy every time they moved with her slim frame. Her red long-sleeved top plunged low, with a saucy choker-like strand of fabric across the base of her neck, connecting the two shoulders of the top. A whole lot of eyes fixated on her, and she gave Corbin a knowing smile as she swooped in close.

“This will really get them talking,” she murmured as she sat down right next to him.

“No kidding,” Corbin said.

Looking down at her French dip, she added out of the corner of her mouth, “Wrap an arm around my shoulders, then lean in and give me a kiss on the cheek.”

Corbin did, barely able to contain his laughter as a couple guys at the next table visibly groaned. Sam’s fork clattered on his platter and he gaped at the pair of them. Jessica glanced at him as Corbin let go of the hug.

“I didn’t catch your name.”

“It’s, um… Sam? Sam. Sam. Hi. I’m Sam.”

“Hi, Sam,” she said. “I’m Jessica.”

“Nakamura. I know,” he whimpered. “Should I… I should go again, shouldn’t I?”

“Why?” Jessica and Corbin asked as one. She gestured at his platter and two plates. “Sit. Eat. I’m going to be coming around a lot so you’ll have to get used to me eventually.”

“Coming around a lot?” Sam asked. “Okay.”

“Thought you wouldn’t mind,” Jessica said, stealing a baby carrot from Corbin and crunching the tip between her front teeth. Sam looked like he might faint.

Corbin said, “So… is it cliched if I ask you if you come here often?”

Jessica poked him with the remaining two-thirds of the carrot. “Dork. I do, actually. I used to keep more food at home, but I was rushing back between classes. It made more sense to eat here. Besides, I have a small scholarship that pays for it.” She took a bite of her small side salad, swallowed, and asked, “So Sam, where are you from?”

“Shawney. My mom manages a grocery store and my dad drives a taxi.” Sam hesitated. “I guess you didn’t ask for my whole life story, huh?”

Jessica’s eyes twinkled. “No, but that’s great. I love Shawney.”

“You’ve been there?”

“Mm hm,” she said around a bite of her sandwich. When she swallowed, she said, “I had a job nannying up there for a month. Really nice town. I like the ice cream place, um, Norbert’s?”

Sam lit up. “Norbert’s is great! Oh wow, you really have been there.”

Corbin said, “You know, I don’t think you and I ever talked about where you’re from, Jessica.”

“We didn’t, did we?” she asked, amused. “Kinda jumped straight into it.” That made Sam’s eyes go huge again, and he tore into his next slice of pizza watching them like he had a new favorite TV show. “I’m from Norrell. Small college town, about four hours from here.” She winked at Sam. “And my mom works for the electric company and my dad’s an inspector.”

“Like a detective?” Sam asked.

“With the city,” she clarified, smiling. “He makes sure buildings are up to code. That sort of thing. Your turn, Corbin.”

“From Oleander, South Dakota,” he said, “my dad works at Best Buy, and my mom is an assistant principal.”

“Oooh, she must have been hell on the rules,” Jessica said.

“You have no idea,” Corbin said.

They finished off their meals. Sam had to run back to the dorm, and said goodbye at least three times. Corbin shook his head when he left. “I think you’ve got a new fan.”

“Poor guy. Is he always that nervous?”

“Oh yeah. During orientation, he was wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt. This girl comes up to him and tells him she thinks it’s awesome, and is he a fan, and what did he think about the last few games. Sam, he gets real nervous and all he can say is, ‘Oh, you have nice socks.’ She waited around another minute for him to say something else.”

“Oh no,” Jessica said.

“Yup. I felt terrible for both of them. We see her from time to time and they’ll both walk a mile around each other.”

Jessica grinned. “So… what are you up to tonight?”

“I’ve got it off. They need me to work the swim meet this weekend. Why?”

Jessica leaned in and brushed her lips against his ear. Both of them were well aware how many people were watching, and Corbin blushed. “Because I still need to give you a lesson in licking my pussy before you go after Brooke.”

“So. Your place?”

Jessica chuckled and kissed his cheek before pulling back. “Yes. I have to babysit at seven. What time is your last class?”

“It kağıthane escort gets out at four.”

“Perfect. I’ll pick you up afterwards.”

Corbin looked sidelong at Jessica. “About Brooke. Are we doing the right thing?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re kind of being predatory, aren’t we? She just broke up with Kenny.”

Jessica frowned. “You know… you’re not wrong.”

“It was fun to imagine,” Corbin said.

“Mm hm,” Jessica said, but she had a far-off look to her. “Well. I should get going. Let’s do tonight anyways, okay?”

“Looking forward to my first lesson,” Corbin said. He winked.

“Don’t wink.” He did again, and Jessica poked his chest. “See you tonight.”

* * *

Jessica and Brooke didn’t share any classes, and with a full afternoon, it gave Jessica only a few minutes to call her friend in between. Otherwise, she might not have been irritated in the slightest when Shea Valli, one of her fellow psychology majors, called out her name after class.

Shea was just her type – tall, lean, and muscled in that way people who worked with their hands a lot could be, and he had a square-jawed, hard face that looked ten years older than he actually was. She crushed on him their freshman and sophomore years, but he was still involved with his high school sweetheart back then, and after that, she was lost in Lionel.

As she was digging through her purse, Shea caught up to her. “Hey Jessica, got a minute?”

“Oh, sure,” Jessica said, grabbing her phone anyways. “What’s up? How are you?”

“I’m good, but how are you? I’ve heard a lot of things.” He said more quietly, “Did Mr. Kilton really try to…?”

“Yes. He did,” Jessica said.

“Damn sorry. I’d kick his ass if he was still around. Heard you talked to the dean and the cops.”

Jessica smiled tightly. “Word really does get out.”

“Aw, sorry. Honest, I’m just trying to find out if you’re okay.”

She softened a little at that. “Yes. I talked to them this morning. Besides firing him, I don’t know if they can do much. But he’s gone from here, and that’s okay for now. Shea, I’m sorry, I really need to make a phone call.”

“Oh, sure. Hey, if you need anything, an escort to your car, someone to talk to, anything…”

“I will let you know, thanks.”

Jessica watched him walk away, admiring his butt in his jeans. He looked back just in time to catch her. Nothing for it, so she thumbed through her contacts and called Brooke.

Her friend picked up. “Hey Jess! How’d your meeting go?”

“Urgh. We can talk about that later. I’m going to say something crazy, so hear me out.”

“Okay,” Brooke said, sounding cheerful. “What’s up?”

Jessica took a deep breath and said, “Want to help me teach Corbin how to, ah, go down?”

“Go down?”

“You know,” Jessica murmured into the phone, looking all around.

Dead silence, then Brooke said, “What?”

“I’m on a mission. Remember when we were saying he would be fantastic in bed if the right woman taught him? Well… I decided to help him.”

“No,” Brooke said. “Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m going to be, I don’t know, his wingman. With benefits. It sounds so sleazy when I say it like that.”

“You think?” Brooke asked. “What the hell, Jessica?”

“He could be amazing. After he got out of the hospital, I helped him hit on a clerk at a department store. They had sex right there in the dressing rooms. It was ridiculously hot.” Jessica waited for a pair of students to pass out of earshot, then said quieter, “We’re talking about him sleeping with a few other women on campus. I may have mentioned you thought he was cute. And I… I said I could help him be with you.”


“I know, I shouldn’t have, but don’t tell me you’re not curious.”

“You shouldn’t have put a target on my back. That’s really shitty.”

“I know,” Jessica said impatiently. “It was a spur of the moment thing and it was totally my fault. But at lunch he told me he really didn’t want to do anything to you because he thought, you know, because of what happened with Kenny, he might be taking advantage of you.”

“God, he is the sweetest.” Brooke sighed irritably. “What are you planning?”

“That depends on you. He was all over the place when he ate me out, but I think he can learn. Tell me you’ll say yes. Because I have something really, really fun in mind for tonight and you’re going to like it any way it goes.”

Brooke chewed it over, then said, “What if one of the women he sleeps with, he hits it off with them? What if he hits it off with me?”

Jessica stopped walking and did a tiny dance. “Then you hit it off. I won’t be jealous.”

“And what if I want it to be a one-time thing?”

“So far, he hasn’t really shown me any signs he’s super clingy.”

“Jessica, you know someone’s going to get hurt here. You or him, or someone you two take down.”

“It’s not really taking down-“

“Yeah, it is. And it’s really shitty and it’s… kind of hot. I like kartal escort the idea of training our own stud.”

“Right?” Jessica asked.

“But you know someone, somewhere down the line is going to have their heart crushed. And with everything you just went through with Lionel…”

“Corbin’s just a friend with benefits.”

“Does he know that?” Brooke asked.

“Yes,” Jessica said.

Softer, Brooke said, “Do you?”

Jessica thought about resting next to him in the hospital bed and brushing his then wild hair out of his eyes. With a mental shove, she pushed the picture away. “Yes,” she said firmly.

Brooke sighed. “Fine. But you owe me.”

“You’re in?”

“Yes, I’m in. Where are we doing this?”

* * *

Corbin wanted to run, not walk, out of Dr. Pamela Windsor’s class, but he knew he owed her a proper apology for the previous week when he was so distracted by her good looks he failed to pay attention in class. That led to some embarrassment between both of them when she realized his dilemma after class. Not his best moment.

When the class ended, he texted Jessica to tell her he’d just be a minute saying sorry to his professor and then he’d meet her in the parking lot. Dr. Windsor’s eyes fell on him and the tiniest flicker of a smirk crossed her lips. He blushed, and waited for everyone else to clear out again.

“Another personal problem, Mr. Block?” she asked, turning off her presentation for that day.

He chuckled and stood up. “No. Not this time.”

“So very glad you could contain yourself.”

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry. That was… well, it was stupid and embarrassing.”

“Correct on both counts. But thank you for the apology.” She leaned against her desk. “I understand from Dr. Angelo you had some trouble the other day with a couple students and the athletic director. Are you all right?”

Dr. Angelo was Corbin’s advisor, a jovial older man and the one who convinced him to apply to Agramonte, despite the distance from home. Corbin didn’t bother correcting Dr. Windsor about Kenny’s title. He nodded. “I had to stay overnight at the hospital. They were worried about a concussion. But I was fine, so they let me go.”

“Well, I’m very glad to have you back.”

“Thanks. And I really do hope to make it up to you this year. I’m a better student than that. And I guess I’d like to think I’m a better man.”

“Then I look forward to you proving it to me,” Dr. Windsor said.

A knock at the door. Corbin and Dr. Windsor both turned, and Corbin nearly choked. The same jeans still kissed Jessica’s slim legs, but her new black off-the-shoulder top plunged down so far it was a small miracle it clung to her breasts.

“Dr. Windsor,” Jessica said, smiling wide as she strode towards Corbin. “It’s good to see you.”

“Jessica!” Dr. Windsor exclaimed. “How are you? Love the top, but it must be breezy.”

Jessica laughed and roped an arm around Corbin’s waist. “It is, and I’m good. When Corbin told me whose class he came from, I had to pop up and say hello. How’s your semester?”

Students started to file in for Dr. Windsor’s next class. She looked at them and smiled distractedly, then returned her attention to Jessica. “Hectic but It always settles down somewhat in October. Are you doing okay?”

“Yes. I take it you… heard?”

“Sasha might have told me a thing or two, and the other faculty talks.”

“Well, thanks to Corbin, I’m okay.” Jessica leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, holding it for a good long moment. “Well, we should let you get to it.”

“Big plans for the evening?”

“Mm hm,” Jessica said. She didn’t elaborate any further, but Corbin couldn’t help blushing. “Tell Sasha I said hello. I really need to catch up with her.”

“She’d love that. You two have fun.”

Jessica took Corbin’s hand and walked with him through the sea of students coming in. Under her breath, she told him, “On the count of three, look back at her. One. Two.” She reached down and squeezed his ass. “three.” Corbin glanced back and saw Dr. Windsor watching. She looked away hurriedly, and he did too. “Was she looking?”


Jessica grinned. “Good.”

* * *

They pulled into Jessica’s driveway, and before they got out, she said immediately, “Hands. Let me see them.”

He held them out. Remembering their first time together, Corbin got on the ball about keeping the nails trimmed, and she nodded as she inspected them. When she was done, he kept one of hers in his, and murmured, “Hey. Thank you. I don’t mean for the sex. Just… thanks. I like being with you.”

Jessica studied him. “No attachments, big man,” she murmured, but she didn’t pull her hand away.

“I know,” Corbin said. He squeezed, and let her go.

They made their way up the sidewalk, but at the door, Jessica stopped him. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around Corbin and hugged him tight. “I like being with you too,” she murmured. “And you are going to love tonight.”

“How could I küçükmece escort not?” he asked.

She let him in, and took his hand again to pull him upstairs after they kicked off their shoes. Corbin followed gleefully, surprised he wasn’t at all nervous about his first lesson in giving oral pleasure. He was with Jessica. Everything was okay. She made it okay.

Jessica’s bedroom door was closed. She stopped him and leaned up to kiss him. “Ready?” she asked.

“God, yes.”

“I wasn’t asking you,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes.


She opened the door. Resting on her back on Jessica’s sheets was Brooke, her blonde hair spilling out around her on the pillows in full waves. She was nude save for a gossamer camisole which was so sheer he could see the pink of her pussy lips and her light brown nipples.

“What? Brooke?” he asked.

“I think so,” Brooke said, and Jessica snickered. She tugged Corbin into the room as Brooke stretched luxuriously on the bed, the hem of the camisole riding up to the bottom of her pussy. Corbin couldn’t stop staring. “So… hey.”

“Hi,” Corbin breathed. Jessica moved to him, her slim fingers going for his belt.

“Before we do anything, Corbin, we need to talk,” Brooke said. She slid one shoulder of her camisole down nearly to her nipple, and Corbin groaned. “Jessica’s told me she wants to teach you to become the biggest playboy on campus.”

“Um. Yeah, I guess so,” Corbin said as Jessica loosened his belt and began to work on his jeans.

“It’s hot. I’m not going to lie, that’s a really fun idea. But you’re at a crossroads. You can either be like Kenny and just try to fuck whoever’s around, or you can be someone women can have fun and be safe with. Someone who is up front about what you want.”

“You know I don’t want to be like Kenny,” Corbin said, stung.

“I do. Jessica told me you didn’t want to make me a target because of how he treated me.” She slipped her hem upward and traced her bright pink lips. Corbin swallowed. “No woman on campus is just a pussy to be used. I want you to know that. I’ll help you two with your plans, but you have to promise me you’ll always be up front with them about what it is you want. No leading them on. No hurting them. If it’s obvious one of them wants a relationship, you either say yes and end this game or you let them down gently.”

Jessica slid his pants and boxers down, freeing his hardening member. Brooke pinched her pussy lips, squirming as she stared.

“Brooke,” Corbin said quietly. “I think you’re beautiful, and you’ve been a friend to me. I don’t want to screw that up, but if you’re up for it, I’d sure like to have some fun with you tonight. No pressure, no strings.” He cocked his head. “Like that?”

“Perfect,” Brooke breathed. “Get your shirt off, then come here.”

“Welcome to your first lesson,” Jessica said, rising up. She gripped his cock and stroked it while she leaned in and kissed him.

He squeezed her butt and hurried out of his shirt. “How, um, how are we going to do this? Are you sticking around?”

“Oh yes,” Jessica said. “You’re going to join Brooke. I’ll talk you through it, but I think you remember the gist of what I told you.”

“Pay attention to what she likes, watch the nails, and make voices like Donald Duck.”

Brooke giggled. “Yep. Nailed it.”

He hurried to the bed and climbed up between Brooke’s knees. Jessica laid a hand on his ankle and shook her head. “Sometimes you’ll want to go down right away on a woman, especially if you’re in the heat of the moment. But times like this, when you’re first getting to know each other and things are slow and easy, don’t just rush for her pussy.”

“I certainly wouldn’t mind a good kiss or two to start things off,” Brooke murmured.

“I can do that,” Corbin said. He crawled up along her body, his stomach brushing hers.

Jessica ran her hand along his calf, and said, “And a kiss sometimes is hottest when you blaze a trail to her lips. Try her collar first.” He did, loving the soft strawberry scent and the warmth of Brooke’s tanned skin. Without being told, he moved his lips further up, kissing her neck in a few different spots. She moaned softly with one of them, and he teased it for a moment longer, his hand slipping under her back. The wispy camisole felt so soft under his fingers but he longed to have the blonde beauty skin to skin against him.

The weight on the bed shifted. Jess knelt beside them now, still dressed, watching. She caught his eye and smiled. He assumed that meant he was doing a good job and moved up further still, kissing Brooke’s chin. Her fingers came up to his head, sliding through his long hair.

“I love your new haircut,” she murmured. “And you look so good clean-shaven.”

“Thanks,” Corbin murmured, trailing his lips up her cheek to her lips. They kissed once, a soft, almost chaste brush before he pulled back, looking into her eyes. “Every time I look at you, I think of the sun and sand and perfect days.” He trailed his fingers through her hair with his free hand. “It’s the hair, the eyes. You’re gorgeous.”

Brooke’s mouth parted, and her cheeks burned hot. Jessica said, “I told you he was a natural at the sweet talk.”

“Plus I like the booty,” Corbin said, slipping his hand underneath her down to the part in question and squeezed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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