Fantasy Becomes a Reality Pt. 01

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and I am helping Amy doing a renovation on her second condo. I sold her the condo she lives in, just across the parking lot from where we are doing this reno. I have known her for about ten years ago, when we met through a mutual friend. At that time she was married, but it seemed like she was unhappy. Then one day I heard she was divorced. I wasn’t shocked. There has been chemistry between us, but neither have ever taken it past innuendos. Her plan was to work a bit and then goto dinner for prime rib at the restaurant in the golf clubhouse, as a thank you for helping her with all the renovation work.

We stopped working for the day, and we walked to her condo. She had on black leggings, that accentuated her nicely curved ass. I kept admiring her legs and ass, when her coat would ride up far enough for me to see. Quickly, I grabbed my change of clothes from my car. She told me to use the other upstairs bedroom to change, and she was going to get ready in her bedroom. I finished getting dressed and walked downstairs. The silence was deafening. I’m use to some kind of noise, but this was a nice change of pace. I kept thinking about her nice ass in those leggings. Man, her ex must have been stupid for not keeping her happy. Several minutes passed and then I heard her come down the stairs. I looked towards the staircase and I thought, “Holy shit! She is damn sexy!” She wore black dress pants with high heels. But the best part, her sweater that had a décolletage cutout showing a nice amount of cleavage. It was sexy not slutty. I was quickly aroused, and I moved to stand behind the kitchen island to hid my increasing bulge.

She looked at me, “What is wrong?”

“I thought you said it was casual, and you are dressed up looking sexy as hell.” I was wearing khakis and a polo shirt and felt severely inadequate with my non-fashion sense. .

She bent over to grab her scarf she dropped. Her bending over showing off more did nothing to help subdue my bulge. Since I have known her, she has always had her nipples straining through her tops. A look I have always looked forward to seeing. I have always enjoyed her greeting hugs. I could feel the firmness of her breasts and her nipples against my chest. And yes, I have fantasized about taking her hard, straining nipples in my mouth.

We put on our jackets and head out to the clubhouse restaurant. Amy was a regular, and she knew a few of the customers. In all, there may have been a total of 11 people besides us. A lot of empty tables. Our hostess put us in a corner. Amy sat in the corner looking towards the bar. This was great for me, because I wanted to admire her framed cleavage.

As we were looking at our menus, and a lady who has been over served, staggers off her chair. Blurts out, “Damn you have great tits!”

We were taken back a bit, but Amy thanked her. Then she staggers over to our table and nudges me, “You are a lucky son of a bitch. Those are fucking sexy as hell!” fulya escort I had nothing but a head nod in agreement. Amy and I have never crossed the line, except with some innuendos that sometimes happens between friends of the opposite sex, when they are comfortable with one another. But I could see all her great features on her body.

She then proceeds to leave. Amy mutters, “I think she wont make it to midnight.” We chuckled.

The waitress comes over to take our order. As Amy ordered, I kept looking at her and wondered how the great those breasts looked under that sweater. Then the waitress caught me gazing at Amy’s cleavage. I could feel me blushing as the waitress looked at me with a devilish smile and a wink. Amy always asked for this waitress, because she was personable and did a great job with serving her guests.

The waitress left and we started talking. She unfolds her napkin and puts it on her lap. As she looks up Amy catches me undressing her with my eyes. “Do you like my sweater?”

Blushing again, I was barely able to look into her sexy brown eyes, “Yes, I do! When I see you come down the stairs, I thought you were sexy as hell.”

“Good. I was hoping so. Should we watch a movie after we take our showers?”

“That would be good. We can relax a bit after we eat.” Who the hell was I kidding? Seeing her like I have never seen her before, I wanted to fuck her so bad. My straining cock was proof of that. I’m just glad the table was helping cover me.

Our food comes, and Amy orders another one of her fruity pink alcoholic drinks. I could tell after this last one, she was losing her typical guarded self. But she was nowhere near being drunk. Buzzed maybe, but not drunk. We pay the bill, and I help her put on her coat and we walk out to the car.

We arrive at her condo, and she tells me to shower in the upstairs bathroom. She was going to shower in her master bathroom. I thought ok. As I followed her upstairs, I watch her ass sway with each step. I am seeing her more of a sexual way, more than I have ever before. Or even in my fantasies when I have taken care of my business on my own.

She turns and seductively smiles, “See you in a bit.”

Quickly I say, “I hope sooner rather than later.” What the hell was that response? Yes, one of my notorious boneheaded comments that I was known for when I’m around a woman. Jesus!

I shut the door and start the shower. In my mind, I was wishing I was watching her take off her clothes, getting ready for her shower. I take my time and finally rinse off. Then realized I didn’t grab my clothes from the other bedroom. Daringly I streak naked down the hallway. I quickly shut the door and get dressed, not forgetting my cologne.

She had left her bedroom door partially open. I jokingly yelled, “What is taking you so long? I am done already.” I could see her master bathroom door is wide open thru the patio door reflection.

“Come gebze escort in here and talk to me. I am having a relaxing bubble bath.”

Thinking how seeing her without the bubbles would be better. So, I enter and lean against the sink as we talk.

“Why are you standing there? There’s plenty of room in her.” She was right. It was a large tub, and the jets I’m sure felt heavenly.

She didn’t have to ask twice, as I quickly disrobe. She scoots forward, “Sit behind me. I want to lean up against you.”

I slide in behind her and immediately my hardness hits her in the back. Her hand reaches behind and grabs my cock.

“That is very nice. I was hoping for this reaction.” she says in a low seductive voice.

I lean forward and whispered in her ear, “You have made me hard since you came down the stairs.” I let my hands slide from her hips up her sides and back down. She snuggles into me more.

A couple minutes later she starts to stand, “Let’s watch a movie while we enjoy soaking.” She gets out to grab the tv remote.

I admire her naked ass, that I have wondered how wonderful it looked for years. Then there she stood in front of the mirror…totally naked. No more bubbles covering her. Wow! Her nipples were bigger then I imagined and where a deep pink. Her breasts looked to be about a small C cup. I didn’t care, I just knew I wanted to take her naked body and make her feel fucking awesome! I scanned her reflection in the mirror. The bubbles finally revealing her pierced belly ring. Her bush looked heavenly, leaving me just enough to see the top her pussy lips.

She smiled as she catches me scanning over her nakedness, “What is my best part?”

I look at her, “You are totally sexy. It is hard to pick just one. I like eyes and asses. But your perfectly framed cleavage has had me buzzing all night. But if I could pick the best part…if I could have two of you.”

She chuckled, “Sorry, I don’t have a twin.” She finally gets the tv going and turns it on. Immediately, I see a guy going down on a woman. I want to do that to Amy.

While helping her back in the tub, I tell her, “That’s ok. I’m going to have to take you and make you cum hard.”

“I was hoping you would want too. Because I want you to do that to me.” As she points to the TV, as she steps back in the tub.

Snuggling back into me, my hands are lightly touching her all over, but leaving her nipples and soft breasts alone. She softly moans, as my hand slides to the top of her bush. My other hand slides over her inside thighs.

“Why are you teasing me? Please finger me!” Slowly, I take my fingers over her pussy lips. Her moaning is becoming louder. Then I slowly insert two fingers between her lips. Her hips start to slowly move slightly back and forth. My other hand is slowly teasing the outside of her breast. Watching her hard nipples get even harder. Several minutes pass as I can tell she is on the brink, gültepe escort and I stop.

I point towards the sink vanity and sternly say, “I need to taste your pussy before you cum. I think you should sit over there.”

She quickly gets out, not even drying off. She sits on the counter. I quickly kneel before her to taste her. She grabs my head and pulls me closer into her slit. “God don’t stop! That feels wonderful!”

I continue and then I slide in two fingers to tease her G-spot. She starts to buck her hips more and screaming about how good she feels. Then she takes my hair and pulls me as far into her pussy as she cum.

She’s gasping and she takes her hand to just barely touch her pussy. As she tries to catch her breath, I slide her hips forward. My swollen tip teases her clit, as I slowly run it over her engorged clit. Reaches down to open her wet warm snatch.

She demands me to stop and slide inside her, but I continue to tease her. Then I slowly enter her warm wetness inch by inch, as she whimpers something that I can’t understand. I’m inside as her muscles tighten around my hard shaft.

“You feel so unbelievably great. Your tight little pussy feels better then I imagined clamped around my cock.” At that moment I could feel her muscles tighten harder. As I kiss her lips, I start to fuck her pussy. She licks her juices from my lips, moaning in pleasure.

No words are said as I watch her take my thrusts. Her pussy starts to milk my cock. I start to finger her clit while I thrust in her. She starts moaning and breathing harder and deeper. I feel her body tighten. She is so close to orgasm.

“I want you to cum deep inside me. I want to feel your warm cum inside me.” she orders.

That’s all I needed. A few thrusts later I’m filling her pussy with my hot thick cum. As I continue to thrust, she grabs my ass with her feet to push our bodies into one another. She lets out a loud, “Damn I’m cumming!”

I keep thrusting. Just too make sure. She pushes me out as she gasps to for air. I watch as her body heaves for more air.

As she catches her breath she looks at me and give me a smile with her fuck me eyes. I catch my breath, “That felt damn good.” She nods in approval. I watch as our juices are slowly coming out of her swollen red lips.

Then she hop off the counter and takes me in her mouth. As she is sucking me, I realize there is a couple ice fishermen on the lake.

“I think we just gave them a show. I guess I should have pulled the curtains.” As I nonchalantly point towards the sliding glass doors.

“I’m glad you didn’t. If they are hard up to fish in the cold sitting on a bucket, they deserve a little excitement in their life.” We both chuckled.

Amy in a suggestive voice, “Are you in a hurry to leave? Or should we go downstairs by the fireplace.”

“As long as your body is naked, Im not leaving.”

Stroking my cock, she looks into my eyes, “As long as you fuck me again you can stay.”

I kiss her and say, “Hell yes I will make you cum again! I have had many fantasies of making love to you. Now, I plan on having as much of you as I can.”

“I am all yours.”

And we head downstairs, with her naked body leading the way…

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