Evening Surprise

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I am smiling in the car on the way over to your place. Glancing over at the small bag I have on the seat and knowing you are going to love every minute of my surprise. I have on a wine colored sheath dress with nothing underneath to execute my plan. You are expecting me but not the surprise I have planned. This will be a night that will be one to top.

I pull up in your driveway and grabbing the bag, hitting the lock button as the door shuts and barely touching the ground as I walk to the door. It’s a balmy day, warm and breezy. I am grinning ear to ear as you answer the door. You are wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else showing off that sexy body. I feel my body react to your appearance as it always does. Nipples hardening, wetness beginning between my thighs as I step in through the door. You are smiling and I see that you are taking in my appearance, head to toe, stopping briefly at the bag I’m carrying and then back up to my face again. You pull me into your arms and kiss me, a deep long kiss with tongues touching and our hands roaming on each other. I hear the sound you make as your hands cup my ass and you realize I have nothing on under the dress.

You close and lock the door and I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom. We are both grinning. I tell you that I have a surprise for you and that I want you to just do as I tell you and let me take total control. I promise Ill make it worth your while. I put my bag down on the chair and while kissing you push you back towards the bed. You sit on the bed and Im standing in between your legs. I kiss you again deeply and when we break the kiss I look into your eyes and smile. You cup my breasts through the dress adding istanbul escort more stimulation with the material against my already hardened nipples. I moan at the contact and let you play for a bit with them and sucking on them through the material which is beginning to make me forget my purpose here. I slide my hands into your hair and bring your head back to kiss you again and slide down your body kissing and licking my way down. I tell you I want to remove the shorts as I want you totally naked to my touch. I put my hands in the waistband and pull them off. I lay you back on the bed and tell you that Ill be back in just a minute.

I walk over to the bag on the chair and pick it up and carry it to the bed. You are watching my every move as I unzip the bag. I only remove the silk ties right now leaving the rest in the bag to be taken out in a bit. I grin at you and you grin back as I climb onto the bed and secure your hands to the headboard so you cant get your hands free. I slowly lean down and pull the hem of my dress very slowly and sensually up my body with your eyes glued to me. Up and over my head and onto the floor. I then remove a silk blindfold from the bag as well and grin as I approach you again, this time to make sure you cannot see anything else as I tie it around your face. I kiss you as I slide my body down over yours making sure to let my heavy breasts graze your chest and skin as I move down. Sliding past your erect cock and letting you feel how close I am to it and watching and hearing your reaction to that. Since now you have no idea really what I have in mind for the next hour or so.

I take the rest of the items out of the bag. kabataş escort Several paintbrushes with varying size tips, a feather, chocolate, strawberry glaze which is in a cold container, and some very soft cloths. I have a couple of small bowls as well. I walk into the bathroom and put water in one bowl, lukewarm water. I put it on the chair by the bed within reach. I lean over the bed kissing you again and running my hands up and down your body so you dont lose interest before I finish getting everything ready. I go get some ice and crush it up into another bowl. I place this next to the strawberry glaze and water bowls. I take the chocolate and put it in the last bowl as I’m now ready.

I take the feather in my hand and leaning over you run it over your lips and then kiss you deeply. Run it over your neck, down your chest, circling each nipple. Watching the reaction of your body and hearing the pleasure this is causing you. I am having so much fun playing with your body. Running the feather across your abdomen and down around the base of your erect and straining cock. Around your balls and back up the base and around the tip of your cock. Listening to your gasp of pleasure and watching your cock twitch at the sensation.

Now taking one of the small paintbrushes and dipping it into the strawberry glaze and tracing your lips with it and then kissing you ensuring that taste mingles with our kiss. Letting our tongues play for a long time and feeling your hips moving as you rub your satiny smooth yet hard cock up against my body. I can feel precum leaking out from all the teasing I’ve been doing. I dip the brush into the cool strawberry glaze and kadıköy escort as I’m tracing your nipples with it, I lean down and lick the precum from your cock and reveling in the gasp of pleasure you have at both sensations at the same time.

I dip the brush again and take the strawberry glaze and trace on your cock and balls where I want to lick in a bit. I take another brush and dip it in the chocolate and repeat it on your lips and kissing you making sure to let you taste it on our tongues. Tracing around your nipples on the outside of the strawberry glaze and then down next to the glaze on your cock and balls. Listening to every sound you make and now going back up to kiss you for the last time. I make my way down your body. Now licking your nipples to get all the chocolate and strawberry flavor. Making sure none is left. Listening to the sounds you make and how aroused you are from all my play. Tongue and lips across your stomach and abdomen as I then proceed to lick every bit of chocolate and strawberry from your balls and cock. Sucking and licking every bit of flavoring from your balls paying them lavish attention while I feel your hips moving. Switching to lick every bit of flavoring from your cock and taking it into my mouth finally engulfing it and hearing your sigh and moan from the feeling of finally being inside my mouth. You are already so close from my teasing. I keep moving my mouth and matching your hips pace as I move up and down. Licking and sucking just a few more strokes and I feel the spasms start as you groan loudly. I feel the hot jets of cum on the back of my throat as I keep sucking and licking until I feel the spasms stop.

You are totally relaxed now and smiling as I work my way back up and untie the blindfold and release your arms as well. You grab me and hug me tight and start kissing me, telling me that its my turn as you roll me over and are on top of me, pinning me down and grinning now that the ties and blindfold are in your hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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