Erotic Interlude

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It is still early yet, and I know this is the first day you have had in weeks to sleep in, you have been burning the wick at both ends for a long time.

I have wanted to surprise you for months. I can’t believe I am actually doing this now.. I steal a passkey from the maid and quietly let myself in your room.

I stop just inside the door as I quietly close it. I can taste the fear and excitement as I gulp a big breath, then another. I close my eyes and plead with my heart to stop beating so ferociously. I am wired, I want to take my time, savor every moment. I want it to go so perfectly; but I also want it to happen right now. I tell myself I can wait just a little longer, as I am already here.

I walk in the room careful not to make any noise; I set my bags down by the sofa. Laughing inside, I take my shoes off and feel the plush carpet with my toes, instead of pinching myself to see if this is real. I have a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. I know I am going to look in on you as you sleep, I tell myself not to, but the urge is so great I can’t resist. I tiptoe over to the bedroom and stare.

I gaze upon your beautiful body suspended in sleep; I want to run to you. You are even more beautiful then your picture. I want to run my fingers through your hair, lick your lips, taste your skin, and share your body with mine. Every cell of my being craves you, I am wet and throbbing for you and we haven’t even touched.

Still shaking with my need for you I gently close the bedroom door, determined to let you sleep for as long as you need. Sighing, I walk back over to the sofa and sit down. Not knowing when you will be up, but wanting brunch ready for you when you do, I decide to call room service. I order a basket of fruit, laughing inside as I think about all the delicious ways we can eat it, coffee, orange juice, and crescents.

With that done, I unpack some things wondering if I will ever have the chance o wear them, I almost let out a scream as I realize room service will knock loudly when they arrive. So, I hastily finish unpacking and stand by the door looking through the peep- hole. Praying to the angels in heaven that you don’t wake up and find me like this, chuckling at the thought of telling you the pains I went through to get here and let you sleep.

As etiler eve gelen escort I stand by the door, not knowing when room service will be here, my mind begins to wonder. I am scared, should I have asked you first? What if you already have plans for the day? But I don’t have time to dwell on the thoughts that never occurred to me until now, as room service is already here. I chuckle lightly at the attendant as I see the basket of fruit on the cart; I can’t help but take a bite of grapes savoring the burst of juice in my mouth. I pay him quickly and follow him to the door to make sure it closes quietly.

Now that breakfast is taken care of I don’t know what to do, I know what I want to do, but I want you to be well rested for both of us. With a cup of coffee in hand I walk out on the balcony and enjoy the view and debate whether or not to take a shower. Deciding that that just might be the best way for you to wake up, if I make to much noise. It will give you time to get over the shock, and possibly anger. Believing you will join me if you are not angry, or waiting for me to get out if you are. Laughing at myself, I put on some soft music, light some candles, and decide to take a very long shower.

.As you slowly open the door I hear it creak and see the shadow move across the shower tile. My hands are shaking and my heart feels like it will jump out of my skin at any moment. I turn the water off as quickly as I am able and wait for the inevitable. I spread my legs to gain more balance and lean my backside against the cold white shower tile. My nipples are hard partly from the tile and partly from the moment. With my eyes closed and voice quivering I say, “good morning.” As I speak I realize I am totally exposed. I squeeze my eyes even tighter, as if that alone will make me invisible.

Then I hear your sexy voice say, ” indeed it is a very good morning.” My knees go weak; I can’t help but smile.

As you draw the shower curtain open our eyes meet for the first time. I am frozen in place, I can’t move if my life depended on it. My eyes have a will of their own; my gaze devours every inch of your magnificent body. I can’t keep my hunger for you out of my eyes so I close them to try to get a grip on my breathing.

I etiler grup yapan escort feel your eyes on me as you step in to be beside me. I jump as your hand cups my right breast and your fingertips touch my hard nipple. I feel your hot breath on my neck, as my lips part and I moan. Our lips meet for the first time, we kiss as if we believe we will be torn apart at any moment never to touch again. I can taste the sharpness of the hurried cigarette you had stubbed out before coming in here to meet me. I smile and wonder if you were nervous.

We take turns tracing each other’s face with gentle kisses, as our fingers affectionately move up and down each other’s body. Your fingers explore my slippery clit, wet with desire for you, not the droplets of water rolling down my naked frame from the shower. I open my eyes to find yours searching for the sparkle of desire in mine, I smile knowing you have found it.

I reach for you; our tongues tangle with a passionate fire. No matter where I am I know I will always be able to taste your searing kisses when I think about this moment, and I won’t be able to control my bodies response, I will get wet.

I close my eyes at that thought and feel you moving away. I keep them close praying that this moment won’t ever end. I anxiously open them, deciding not to waste another moment of our time together and find you kneeling in front of me grinning like the cat that caught the canary.

You are smiling because there was another reason for me taking so long in the shower. I had been shaving for you. I wanted to be as smooth and silky as I could possibly be. You reach out with your hand and use your fingers to spread my lips. I moan with the certainty that I have lost any control I had left over my body. You tell me to grab the showerhead and don’t let go. I do as you ask. Your hot tongue enters me so slowly it feels like the most exquisite torture. I want to let go of the showerhead and push your face deeper into my treasure. My head falls back and I groan, hoping I can endure the most pleasurable experience of my life, before I collapse and search for your throbbing manhood so I can impale my clenching treasure on you. So hard to concentrate and maintain control with your tongue inside of me. You etiler masöz escort stroke your cock as I look at you with just crazed eyes.

My eyes say please fuck me here right now. You stop for a moment and look at me with an evil grin. I start to let go of the showerhead; my whole body tingling with the pleasure you have given me, as you lift your big warm hands to my breasts. I see the look in your eyes that both terrifies and excites me; and I reaffirm my grip on the shower head. pleading with my eyes for you to continue what you are doing. Your hands slide down my moist naked frame as I close my eyes and I thank the heavens I grabbed the bar again as your fingers enter me.

My knees go weak and my burning body slumps against the cold tile. As I get closer and closer to cumming you slow down the rhythmic movements of your fingers. such sweet torture.

I open my eyes knowing they betray me. In an instant you pull your fingers out, soaked with my juices, and grab my hips and pull me towards you. I release my grip from the bar, my body collapses into yours. As I wrap my arms around your neck you carry me to your bed.

I am ready for you, as never before. you place me on the bed as I look into your eyes, knowing this moment feels so right. I reach for your swollen cock and take it gingerly into my mouth, savoring the salty droplets of your juice at the tip of your head. You sway and catch me by my hair, as I reach around you to grab your sexy firm ass. With my free hand I caress your balls and feel the movement inside them swaying with the rocking motion as you fuck my mouth. I hold your ass tightly to make you still and then I rub my tongue along your smooth hard shaft. With deliberate slowness I trace each bulging vein so that I may savor all of you and in part to torture you as you have me. For a moment, I grab your manhood with my hand and rub your tip on my nipples as I make love to your belly button with my mouth. My lips encircle your tip as I flick my tongue around your ridge, circling an imaginary line, before I take you completely in my mouth again.

I slide you from my mouth and look into your gorgeous eyes, you mount me and with one swift movement plunge your manhood deep inside my burning volcano. I push my hips up to meet your powerful thrusts and our mouths melt together in a fiery kiss as our bodies pound against each other with wild abandon. I start losing control as you place your fingers at my clit and rhythmically rub, in a heady rush we cry out together as we reach climax. Spent we collapse to the bed, with you still inside me. I kiss you and ask you to tell me when you are ready for some fruit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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