Erika: Seduction Into Adultery Ch. 02

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Note: This is a continuation of ERIKA: SEDUCTION INTO ADULTERY. By itself some of what follows won’t be understandable without reading the earlier story.


“My whole house smells of sex. My sheets are sticky even though we lay on a towel. It smells and feels wonderful!” Erika said.

“My towel smells like sex, too!” I said. I pressed my towel to my nose and inhaled, getting a full blast of the same smells. My penis immediately became erect.

“Every few minutes I have ripples of small orgasms in my abdomen as I think about our fucking!” Erika declared.

“I just got a hard-on smelling my towel!” I said.

“I’m lying naked and spread-eagled on my bed. Stuff is still dripping out of me, and I keep wiping it up with my fingers and then licking them clean.”

“I wish I were there to share the taste and smell with you! I’d clean your pussy with my tongue!” I said.

There was perhaps five seconds of silence. Then Erika said, “There’s a streetlight that’s burned out two blocks south of your house. I’ll meet you there in my car. I’ll sneak you back into my house so we can spend the night together on my sticky satin sheets. I want to climax so many times that I pass out again and again! In the morning I’ll pretend to go to a late church service and drop you off at your office. That way our various neighbors won’t notice.”

“How soon will you be there? My penis is hard and my balls are beginning to ache!” I replied. “Five minutes! Hurry! I need you!” she ordered and hung up.

I quickly put on a pair of slacks, T-shirt, and sandals. I was already fully erect, tenting my pants. I took one last sniff of the towel, locked the door, and headed for the rendevous, thinking about the night to come. We still had three or four days before my family came home. What more would we discover?


Erika drove up in her VW about ten seconds before I got to the burned-out street light. I raced up to the Bug, opened the door, and jumped in. Erika had left the inside light off so I couldn’t see her in the darkness. She quickly accelerated away.

I leaned over to kiss her, and when I put my hand on her thigh, all I touched was skin! I slid my hand between her legs, and as I kissed her, I easily slipped two fingers inside her. She was already wet!

“Oooh! Careful! Uuuuu! You’ll make me hit something!” Erika moaned as she began to take quick little breaths.

I moved my hand up Erika’s body and found that she was wearing a T-shirt – and that was all! “I like your choice of outfits!” I remarked. “But why the shirt?”

“Neighbors might see me.” Erika laughed. “I’m not going to stop and talk to them, but if they see me, at least I’m covered! Well, the part they can see is!”

I began to rub and pull on her nipples, and Erika made snorting sounds through her nose. “I don’t think your shirt will hide these beauties!” I remarked. “They’re poking holes right through the cloth!”

Erika giggled, then said, “OK, We’re only a couple of blocks away. Get down so that I can sneak you back in.”

I scrunched down as far as I could, and looked over at Erika as she drove. The lights of oncoming cars and occasional streetlights let me see her sexy body for only a second or two at a time. But I could smell her constantly, and the intoxicating aroma coming from her pussy was making me harder and harder. The scent of pussy has always excited me, but something about Erika’s overwhelmed me!

I saw Erika wave to someone. It made her breasts jiggle! Then we turned into her driveway. Erika pushed the remote control, we drove into the garage, then she pushed the control again. As the door came down and she turned off the lights, the garage was plunged into complete darkness. “Stay in the car until I get the door open.” She said.

Erika got out, and I heard her moving around the car. Then she unlocked the door into the house, and went inside. There was a light on somewhere inside, and I could see well enough to get out of the car and into the house without tripping.

As I closed the door behind me, Erika flipped off the light, and I had no idea where she was. I heard her laugh, then her T-shirt bounced off my chest. She said, “I’m naked! Strip! I want you naked! Leave your clothes here!”

I kicked off my sandals, dropped my pants, and pulled off my shirt. I could smell the aroma of our earlier lovemaking in her house and my balls began to tingle. My prick was stiff as a poker. I couldn’t see anything, and I said, “Erika, where . . .”

Suddenly she was against me, smothering me with kisses, and rubbing her breasts against me. I moved my mouth to her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples. Erika began to moan, “Uunh! Uunh! Uunh!”

She put her hands on my shoulders, then jumped up with her legs wrapped around my waist. My penis was sticking straight out, pressing against her pussy. She said, “I loved it in your office. Put it in me again like this!”

I lifted up on her elmadağ escort bottom and my prick sprang upright, almost in the correct place. With a little pressure from my thumbs, and with a little hip-rotation and twisting by Erika, I felt myself sliding into her. .

As she slowly impaled herself on my shaft, she exhaled, “Aaaaah!”

And as het hot wetness enveloped my penis, I groaned with her, “Ummmmmmh!” What an incredible sensation!

I felt the head of my penis hit bottom just as she smashed our pubic hair together, and she said, “OH! YES! GOD! THIS IS WONDERFUL! OOOH!”

I could feel her large clitoris touching me just above my penis. I slid my hands all over her body. Erika was held up entirely by my penis and by her legs wrapped around me and pulling against the backs of my thighs. She began to rub and twist herself against me, grunting and moaning as her clitoris was stimulated by pressing against me.

“Walk me . . . to the bed . . . room like . . . this!” Erika moaned.

“We gotta have a light on! I can’t see!” I replied.

“Move fore . . . ward a . . . couple . . . of steps!” She grunted.

I did, and we collided with a wall. Erika fumbled around for a couple of seconds, and suddenly there was a click and the bright kitchen light came on. I stared at Erika and was nearly overwhelmed with passion.

Erika was obviously very close to orgasm. Her face and chest were deeply colored, her nipples and areolae were puffed out, and her mouth was open. She was breathing in quick, short gasps. She was clenching my penis with her vagina. I plunged my tongue into her mouth, and Erika began to suck on it and make sounds in her throat.

I pulled up on the twin cheeks of her behind, sliding me about an inch out of her, then dropped her back onto me. Erika made a loud grunting moan. I took hold of her behind with both hands, and turned toward the hall. I began to walk slowly toward her bedroom taking tiny little steps so that I wouldn’t lose my balance.

Erika had her torso smashed against mine, and her nipples felt hard and hot in erotic contrast to the softness of her breasts. Her lower body was firmly against mine from the insides of her ankles to her pussy, and each step moved my penis inside her. As I walked, I alternated lifting her cheeks, left side, then right side. I could feel her clitoris sliding back and forth against me. Erika began to thrash around on my pole. She pulled her mouth away from mine and her breathing got louder and louder.

Within a handful of steps, Erika exploded. “Aaaah! Yeeees! OH GOD! UNNNH! MMMMM! EEEEAYH!”

I stopped moving and enjoyed the throbbing tremors of her vagina around my penis. As she calmed down, I kissed her. “This is so INTENSE! I can’t believe how deep inside I can feel you!” Erika gasped.

Even in the air-conditioned house, fresh sweat was popping out of both of us. The smell was fantastic! I licked it off her face and breasts. I was aroused to the edge of ejaculation, but just as in my office, the effort of holding Erika up was just enough to keep me from my own climax. But I remained rock-hard and throbbing inside her!

I hungrily kissed Erika and began moving toward her bedroom. After a handful of steps she again pulled her lips away and bent her neck back. She screamed and climaxed again, and I waited again for it to subside, then kissed her as I had done before.

I repeated the walk-orgasm-stop-kiss pattern several times, but I was running out of strength. Erika’s orgasms were getting longer and more intense. It was increasingly difficult to hold her up because her arms and legs were twisting and shaking, no longer holding her against me. She was dead weight – although very sexy and lively dead weight! My penis was doing a lot of the work of holding her up, and it was starting to get painful.

Erika had climaxed four or five times, and we were only halfway down the hall. I couldn’t take any more, so I just started walking toward her bedroom. It took a lot of little steps! Ten feet from her bedroom door, Erika had another screaming orgasm, but I just kept stumbling forward, down the hall, and into her bedroom.

Before I reached the bed, Erika’s body was completely out of control. She was flinging her arms aimlessly, and I had to hold her against me with one arm to keep her from falling off me. Her legs were no longer supporting her, and she was spreading herself against me and rubbing against me by waving her feet up and down. Her orgasm went on and on, as did her grunts, moans, and screams.

My right hand was holding her ass, and that was all that was keeping her from breaking my penis off at its base! The pressure was so hard it really hurt! But Erika climaxed on and on.

I reached her bed, and I became aware of the heavy aroma of our earlier lovemaking. The air in her bedroom was thick with the scent of sex! The smell triggered something primitive deep inside me, and it fairly screamed “MATE!” I felt my penis getting even thicker esenyurt escort and harder. With a burst of new strength I lifted Erika completely off of my penis, and tossed her on her back in the middle of her bed. My penis throbbed, glistening in the dim light, wet with her juices.

“NO! NO! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! PUT IT BACK IN ME!” She screamed.

Erika raised her hips off the bed and pointed her pussy at me. Even in the dim light I could see the dark opening in her crotch, waiting for my penis. Her big clitoris, coated with her pussy juice, sparkled. I climbed onto the bed and slammed myself completely into her as Erika pushed herself against me as she let out a loud scream.

My penis had never felt so big! Its head was pressed firmly against her, deep inside. Erika began to shriek and scream louder and louder as I moved my penis in and out. She clawed at my back as she had done before. I leaned down and sucked and bit her breasts. Erika’s hips were swiveling and pounding my penis harder and harder.

I let out a long scream and ejaculated into her. Somehow Erika got even more excited, and I shot another load into her. After that, there was no cum left, but I kept having dry climaxes and Erika kept yelling.

Erika abruptly collapsed and was completely still, then began to breathe very loudly. I fell on top of her and I felt myself passing out, too.

Some time later I awoke to Erika’s gentle kisses. Her hands were caressing my back. I rolled over on the sticky bed so that she was on top of me, and we fell asleep. My last conscious thought was how wonderful the sexual smells were! The air was thick with them!


I awoke to an incredible pressure on my bladder. I rolled Erika off me and raced for the bathroom. I heard Erika coming up behind me. I let Erika use the toilet, and I urinated into the tub. Both of us pissed for an incredibly long time.

“I’ve never had to go so bad!” I gasped.

“Me either!” Erika giggled, and I could hear her continuing to go.

I rinsed out the tub, and we took a long, passionate shower together. This time we remembered to turn off the water while we kissed, so we didn’t run out of hot water. Both of us started out covered with dried cum and pussy juice. We kissed, cuddled, and played in the shower for at least twenty minutes.

There were red suck marks all over Erika’s breasts. I had bitten her and left bruises in several places, and one of her nipples was also bruised. “God, Erika, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” I said.

Erika smashed herself against me. “It’s nothing that won’t heal quickly, and it won’t show. Besides it happened because we were mating like a couple of wild animals! I loved it!”

Erika found a towel, and we dried each other off. Then we went back into her bedroom. The bed was a mess! There were four big wet spots, still sticky with our juices. Our sweat had left marks all over the sheets. To cap it all off, Erika had drawn blood on my back, and there were a couple of dozen bloodstains where I had slept under her. And of course there was the incredible, powerful smell!

Erika ran cold water into the tub, and we dumped the sheets and mattress pad into the tub to soak. “I hope the stains come out!” Erika said, then grinned. “If not, I’ll certainly have something to remember last night by, won’t I?”

As she had done the day before, Erika rubbed antiseptic lotion into my scratches. “They aren’t too bad.” She said. “They should heal OK. They’re just a little red. Try to keep Donna from seeing them!”

I rubbed the same lotion onto my bite marks on her breasts, and we both started to get turned on, again.

We walked hip-to-hip to the kitchen, stopping every few steps to kiss and cuddle. My penis continued to rise, and Erika’s wonderful breasts darkened and her nipples began to get hard. Even after what we had done, we were still getting turned on by the scent and touch of each other!

It was after 11:00 by the kitchen clock, so going to church was obviously out of the question for Erika. “I’ll sneak you out after breakfast.” She said. “While we eat, let’s figure out the best place to drop you off.”

As she cooked, I stood behind Erika and moved my penis up and down the crack of her ass and reached around her and rubbed her breasts. Erika made us a great breakfast in spite of my interruptions!

As we ate, we discussed how she could sneak me back out of her house. Erika began to act a little distant. Finally she asked me not to touch her so that we could have a serious conversation.

“Where is this going?” She asked. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” I answered truthfully. “I love your taste. I love your scent. I love your body. You are so incredibly responsive! If I had known this sort of intense physical attraction was possible, I would never have married anyone else!”

“But that’s just the problem, isn’t it?” Erika replied. “You’re married to Donna, and you have children. etiler anal yapan escort I have a child. We can’t ruin their lives just because we’ve discovered . . . this!”

Erika got coffee and we sat silently for several minutes. Then she said, “We can’t ever be found out! I know what Bill’s adultery did to my marriage – and to Annette! Now I’m the ‘other woman’ and it isn’t right! I want you – I really want you – but we aren’t free to make that choice!”

“So how do we handle this?” I asked. “If we want to continue our affair, we’ll have to be incredibly discrete. And that means we can’t do this very often.”

Erika nodded. “Yes . . . and I’m not going to get married again, so we may be able to have sex every so often, at least when Annette isn’t around. She can’t ever find out about us! Donna either! Oh God, no!”

. I moved over and put my arm around Erika, but she pulled my arm off her and moved away. “We’ve got to talk this out! I can’t do that if we start screwing again! Once we start, all I want to do is mate with you!”

“That brings up another important point, Erika.” I said. “We probably dodged a pregnancy this time since you just finished your period and I’ve probably had a sperm count near zero since yesterday afternoon, but if we do this again some time . . .”

Erika laughed, then turned serious again. “I’m going to go back on the pill. That way if we can get together – secretly and discretely – we won’t have to worry about making a baby! I want to feel you explode inside me! I want to feel you lick it up as it drips out of me! And you certainly do spread the baby-making juice around! It’s still dripping out of me! Look!”

A short strand of cum was a couple of inches down her thighs. We both laughed. Then I moved over and licked it off her. Her penis-shaped clitoris popped out and I sucked on it. Erika trembled. She stood up and we kissed, sharing my cum on our tongues. In moments the desire to mate again began to overwhelm us.

Erika pulled away and said, “No, let’s leave it with last night. Until we find another time and place, let’s just remember yesterday!”

Erika pointed to the clock and said, “It’s lunch time. This is a good time to sneak you out! Most people are inside eating.”

I offered to help her clean and wash her bedclothes, but Erika declined. “This is the best time to get you out of here! I’ll take care of the mess after you’re gone!” She said.

We got dressed, and I expressed my disappointment when Erika put on a bra and panties under her clothes. She just laughed and said that she was going to go to her office and she couldn’t be bouncing around braless without getting people to start talking about her. I reluctantly agreed.

So, back into the Bug I went. I stayed crouched down until Erika parked in the parking lot near her office. Without looking at me she said, “I’ll head into the building. When the coast is clear, slip out of the car and head over to your office. With any luck, nobody will see us together!”

As she got out of the car she whispered, “I love you! I hope I see you at the pool later!” And she quickly left.

I thought about the feelings Erika had expressed, and realized I felt the same way about her. In the distance I heard her talking to someone. I waited another ten minutes, but the VW began to get very hot, so I raised myself just high enough to check out the area around the parking lot, and there was nobody around. I slipped out of the car, and casually walked away from it. Most likely nobody had seen us together.

I worked in my office for about an hour, mostly cleaning up the smelly mess Erika and I had left the night before! Then I walked home. I packed my stuff and headed for the pool. Sure enough Erika was there, talking to several friends. She waved at me in a friendly way as I found a lounge chair to sit on.

I kept a T-shirt on, covering Erika’s scratches on my back. (When people asked, I said I had a little sunburn.) I even wore it into the water. During the lap swim, we shared a lane, and before she left we exchanged a few words. It was as if the day before had never happened, at least to anyone who was listening to us! Only now I knew what an incredible body was covered by her swimsuit!

But things had really changed. Erika had said she loved me! I certainly loved her, too, but I was also very much in love with Donna. How the hell was I supposed to juggle two women? I hadn’t had that problem since I was dating!


A couple of nights later Donna got back. She had taken care of the ‘problem’ with her folks, and she said everything was fine. I told her, not quite accurately, that everything was fine here, too. As soon as the kids were in bed, we made love for a very long, wonderful – and loud – time. Fortunately my back was mostly healed, so the scratches weren’t a problem! Donna was particularly passionate and she added some new ones, so I was home free on that account!

As we finished and lay in each others arms, Donna said, “Wow! What brought that on? I don’t think I’ve ever had so many orgasms! Any now I’m all squishy!”

“Well, it’s been a week since our last time, right?” I replied.

“Remind me to go away again!” She giggled. I had a fleeting image of Annette riding a bus while I fucked Erika. It quickly faded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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