Ericka’s Adventures Ch. 03

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Welcome to chapter three of Ericka’s Adventures. This story is serialized so I would highly recommend starting with chapters one and two if you haven’t already read them. The Ericka’s Adventures series will follow Ericka on a journey of sexual awakening through her college years and beyond, and will touch upon various themes including group sex, lesbian sex, interracial sex, light bdsm, pregnancy risk, infidelity and cuckolding. I hope you enjoy reading about Ericka’s Adventures as much as I enjoy creating them.


“What a crazy few weeks,” Ericka thought to herself as she drove towards Jen’s apartment.

A month ago she was a college freshman with a rather vanilla sexual history who was singularly focused on her education. Her previous partners were few, were always boyfriends and in every case she had played it overly safe.

But then a month ago everything changed when she had a chance encounter with Mike, a friend of a friend from a different university. Mike, or more accurately, Mike’s huge cock had turned Ericka’s world upside down.

Without protection and with a healthy fear of pregnancy and or an STD derailing her academic priorities, Ericka balked at fucking Mike but did jump at the opportunity to suck and jerk off the big cocked stranger. From the moment Mike’s massive member sprung from his shorts that night, Ericka was immediately mesmerized by how hung he was and fantasized about fucking him for weeks thereafter.

Ericka’s regret about not fucking Mike when she had the chance mounted as the weeks ticked away, and she swore she wouldn’t miss a second chance to fuck him if she were given one. In the interim, she obsessed about his big cock and masturbated continuously.

Finally, Ericka’s prayers were answered when Mike appeared at Jen’s apartment pool and they eventually found themselves alone in the hot tub. Ericka was stupidly unprepared yet again, but gave in to her primal need to be fucked by Mike’s huge cock, even though she didn’t have protection.

Ericka gave in and let Mike take her then and there, resulting in sheer ecstasy and a series of sexual firsts for her: Sex in public. Bareback. Vaginal orgasm. Multiple orgasms. And it culminated in a creampie to top off the whole slutty event. Her behavior was the polar opposite of how she had conducted herself her entire life until that fateful night.

After the hot tub incident, Ericka was sore for days and a little embarrassed because she suspected Jen knew that Mike had fucked her brains out based on the wink she gave her when she left that evening. As a result, Ericka avoided Jen for a whole week, and it likely would have been longer had Jen not forced the issue, insinuating that Ericka was avoiding her.

Finally Ericka relented and accepted an invitation to a girl’s night the following Friday. Jen’s boyfriend Matt was coming over the following day and, although Ericka feared Jen would interrogate her about hooking up with Mike, she secretly hoped that may set off a chain of events that would bring him to town with Matt’s next visit.

Ericka arrived at Jen’s apartment complex, parked and was barely through the door before Jen asked her how she was feeling. Ericka tried to play coy, saying she was fine. Then her curiosity got the best of her and Ericka asked Jen what she meant.

“I know you jerked Mike off on my couch the first time you two were alone. You dirty fuckers left cum all over the place,” Jen said with a smirk.

Before Ericka could protest or apologize, Jen continued “And I know he fucked you last weekend when he was here. He told Matt all about your little hot tub rendezvous, as if Matt wasn’t going to relay every sordid detail to me. You are a little slut! I had no idea! So did you take the whole thing?”

Ericka couldn’t believe Jen was asking her this. While the girls talked about their sex lives, this was getting a little deeper into the details than she was used to. Ericka wanted to hide her head in the sand but then considered the question. She had taken the whole thing and, fuck it, she was proud of that fact.

“Yep,” Ericka replied, bashfully but proudly.

“Wow girl. Even after a few tries I never could,” Jen responded.

Ericka was stopped dead in her tracks. Jen had been with her boyfriend Matt for years. He was her first and really only boyfriend. Ericka did the math and simply couldn’t figure out when or how Jen had been with Mike. Dumbfounded, she asked Jen to clarify.

“Wait, you fucked Mike? When? What?!” Ericka asked, trying to put it all together.

“When we were back in high school, Matt was bragging about his friend’s legendary tool at a party one night. Me and some of the girls were drunk enough that we just asked him to whip it out because we didn’t believe it could be that big,” Jen explained.

Ericka looked on in disbelief as Jen continued, telling her that after all the girls had collected their jaws of the floor an older girl named Sara, whom Ericka vaguely knew, literally grabbed Mike by the cock and pulled him into a bedroom.

“The door closed and, I shit you bostancı escort not, Sara was moaning and screaming in like two minutes. At first we thought she was faking it just to fuck with us, but it went on for more than thirty minutes like that. Eventually it stopped and Mike came out with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. It took Sara a while to gather herself but when she finally rejoined us she was basically speechless all night,” Jen said.

Ericka stared on in disbelief, her mouth agape but her eyes clearly begging for more details, so Jen continued.

“When Sara finally regained her composure she wouldn’t stop talking about Mike’s cock and what he did to her that night. She was enamored with it but also said she could only take about two-thirds of him before bottoming out and was genuinely disappointed by that. From that point on, Mike basically became a competition between us girls. We all fucked him for bragging rights going to whomever could take it all,” Jen added.

“But you were with Matt then. Did you cheat on him?” Ericka asked.

“Not quite,” Jen answered, pausing momentarily. “Matt would watch.”

Ericka was shocked. She was also intrigued. And she must have been very turned on as at that moment she realized her panties were soaked.

“He was ok with that?” Ericka asked, puzzled but intrigued.

“Yeah. Matt’s a pervert,” Jen replied jokingly. “I love him, but he’s a pervert. And he’s not exactly the biggest or longest lasting guy. He tries hard and he gets me off, but it’s more than just sex between us. With Mike, it was only ever about sex.”

“It sounded like he was doing a good job getting you off the first night I was with Mike. Hearing you two going at it got us both horny and was the catalyst for all of this. Thanks, I guess,” Ericka said with a wry smile.

“Well let’s just say Matt was using some large ‘accessories’ to augment his performance that night,” Jen said, grinning.

“Like…dildos?” Ericka asked. Jen nodded.

“Big ones?” Jen nodded again. “Wow. So how did it happen between you and Mike?” Ericka probed further.

“After Sara, Mike fucked Kelly and Melissa. Because Matt was there when it first happened, they all talked freely about it around him. One night he asked me if I was jealous of them and I answered him honestly. That I was more than a little curious. He told me that Mike thought I was hot and he’d be ok with it if I wanted to play with Mike too so I didn’t feel left out from the other girls,” Jen continued.

“That’s crazy. So he didn’t get jealous?” Ericka asked.

“He made it sound like the idea was all about me, but I’m sure it was his fantasy he was promoting. I would have never brought it up on my own but once he did I pounced on the opportunity. As we talked about it, I got super horny. Matt could see it and I think he was starting to regret the suggestion. But before he could change his mind we had Mike on the phone and invited him over. Thank God my parents were out of town that weekend because Mike came straight over had me screaming like a banshee in no time. I think Matt was a bit jealous seeing that Mike was doing things to me that he never could, but he was getting off on it. I told you, he’s a fucking perv,” Jen chuckled.

“Wow,” was all Ericka could muster.

“Wow is an understatement. I could barely walk for days after each time Mike fucked me. I could take most of him. More than Sara, but not all. That bothered me. Kelly could do it, barely, and Melissa was the champ. She had no problems. We started calling her ‘BP’,” Jen said.

“BP?” Ericka asked, not understanding the acronym.

“Bottomless Pussy. She was so proud it drove me crazy. And I know Matt loved watching Mike destroy my pussy, so I tried and tried,” Jen said with a chuckle. “I know that’s why I haven’t seen you since last week. You were alone with Mike and then limped out of here looking exhausted. It was obvious.”

Ericka confirmed her suspicion and then added, “I wasn’t really proud that I let some guy I barely know fuck me in public hot tub.”

“Well at least your boyfriend wasn’t sitting in the corner jerking off his little dick while it happened,” Jen said jokingly.

“Well it probably is pretty hot to watch,” Ericka said. “And I can’t blame you. His cock is irresistible, even if you have a boyfriend. The way he fucked me…I had just never felt so totally submissive and not in control before. This is sort of embarrassing, but I was also avoiding your place because I knew that any time I was around him again I wouldn’t be able to control myself. And don’t tell Matt that! Also…I was sort of dumb the other night.”

“Fucking Mike isn’t dumb. It’s a right of passage,” Jen said smiling.

“That’s not what I meant. We didn’t use protection. I let him cum inside me,” Ericka said sheepishly. “I went straight to Walgreens after leaving your place to get some Plan B.”

“That’s probably smart. I’ve seen those giant balls and I bet he’s potent. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if there were dozens of little Mikes out there çeliktepe escort based on how much he fucks. Matt had to buy special condoms for us because his were too small,” Jen said.

“Please don’t tell Matt any of this. It’s embarrassing enough just talking about it with you,” Ericka pleaded.

“Of course. It’s just us girls,” Jen assured her.

A couple of weeks passed after Ericka’s frank discussion with Jen about Mike. Jen could tell Ericka wasn’t as comfortable openly discussing the details of her sex life, so she didn’t press the topic any further. Ericka would talk about it if and when she was ready. The girls were chatting on the phone and, with the weekend fast approaching, Jen was teeing up the slate of activities, ever the group’s social navigator.

“Tomorrow after classes we’re going to hit El Patio for some margaritas, then there are a few bands playing at Cozy Cody’s. You should come with,” Jen said.

Ericka tried her best to deflect, telling Jen that she needed to stay in to work on a paper that was due the following Monday. And while that was true, the reality was that Ericka knew that Matt was coming to town and she suspected Mike would be with him based on words left unsaid by Jen.

While Ericka could already feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of another fucking by Mike, she knew she wouldn’t focus on her schoolwork if he was anywhere nearby and she had a lot of work to do on her paper.

Reluctantly, Ericka decided to simply subtract herself from the equation. Jen knew how academically focused Ericka was and didn’t push the topic, instead telling her she’d call her later that weekend.

What Jen didn’t tell Ericka was that after their talk a few weeks ago, she had told Matt all about Ericka’s burgeoning fascination with Mike’s cock and how the super cute little bookworm feared she would lose all self control around him. Matt of course relayed that all to Mike verbatim.

At that point the word was out that Ericka was obsessed by Mike’s big cock and that she’d be powerless whenever and wherever he wanted to fuck her. Unbeknownst to Ericka, Mike intended to take full advantage of that.

Friday night arrived and Ericka was at her apartment, working on her paper as planned. She lived in a large house that had two floors and an addition off the main floor. Each of the two floors and the large addition had been converted into 3 separate apartments. Ericka lived in the add on, which was a studio style layout, with the main door entering somewhat oddly into the combination foyer, kitchen and dining space.

Typically students were required to live on campus their freshmen year, but Ericka, wanting to really explore true independence and with the support of her parents, exploited a loophole that allowed her to live off campus.

Around 10pm Ericka heard a knock at the door. She figured it was one of her neighbors whom she would hang out with occasionally. One in particular was prone to bouts of late night girl talk. Assuming this was the case, Ericka didn’t bother changing from the t-shirt, thong and leg warmers she was wearing.

Ericka opened the door and saw Mike standing there. She was speechless for a moment and instantly nervous. Mike shot her a disarming smile and said “Hi!” Ericka, trying to appear cool, said “Hey” back as she tugged down on the t-shirt attempting to cover her skimpy underwear.

Mike asked if he could come in and Ericka obliged. As she turned and walked toward the love seat she had been working at in the living room beyond her kitchen, she continued tugging on her t-shirt attempting to pull it past her butt so he wouldn’t see that she had a thong on. Ericka figured she mostly failed at this as she could feel Mike’s stare.

Ericka changed course and turned and sat down on the cold vinyl chair of her dinette set, deciding it was best to try and not put out any signals to him. “Love seat might as well mean fuck seat,” Ericka thought to herself.

Ericka offered Mike a beer, but surprising her he declined.

“I’m not here to drink,” he said matter of factly.

Ericka fully expected him to say something corny next like “I’m here to fuck you”, but instead he simply continued standing in her little kitchenette staring at her and smiling. Ericka wasn’t sure what to do so she attempted to make small talk.

“How did you know where I live?” she asked.

“Jen and Matt dropped me off here on their way to another bar,” he explained.

Ericka said nothing for a moment, but her internal reaction to the revelation that Jen was effectively behind his presence was “That devious bitch. I love her.” This made Ericka smirk a little more than she could hide from Mike.

At this point Ericka knew why he was there. Despite her tiny thong being instantly and thoroughly soaked, Ericka’s responsible, pragmatic side was for the moment louder in her mind than her newfound inner slut. The former told the latter that she wasn’t into having a fuck buddy. Ericka was above that, and her two previous hook ups with Mike were a fluke. cihangir escort She argued with herself that she was better than succumbing to more reckless sex with a guy that was barely more than a stranger to her.

Mike remained standing in front of her, stoic and confident. He secretly knew, thanks to Jen and Matt, that Ericka wouldn’t be able to withstand the fact that his big fat cock was only a few feet away from her. And he was right. The steadfast position she had so proudly established immediately formed fissures.

Her mental gymnastics seemed to last an eternity, but in reality the pair faced one another in silence for no more than a minute before Ericka started thinking about that huge cock. She realized she wasn’t even looking him in the eyes, but instead was just staring at his crotch.

In a mixture of disappointment and excitement, Ericka knew that Mike was keenly aware that her deliberations with herself had failed as she could literally see the outline of his big dick going down one of the legs of his jeans as it grew before her eyes.

As if she still had a choice, Ericka then started to rationalize with herself. This guy wasn’t a stranger. While she didn’t really know him when they were in high school because he was a few years older, she knew him. She knew her friend Jen knew him very well and that her boyfriend Matt, whom she trusted, was this guy’s best friend.

Then another light bulb went off. The sex wouldn’t be reckless this time…she had a couple boxes of Trojans in her bed stand. She had bought them when she first moved into her place as a precaution. Not that she planned on having that much sex but her motto was better safe than sorry. Both boxes were still unopened as she hadn’t had sex with anyone but Mike since she was at school.

At this point Ericka didn’t take any more convincing. She knew she would fuck him if he wanted and that she’d probably even make the first move if he didn’t soon. She didn’t have to wait long. Perhaps her expression gave her away, because as soon as she had arrived at that conclusion, Mike pulled off his shirt and started unbuttoning his fly.

Before Ericka could even blink, Mike was completely naked. He stood there, his huge cock pointing her way. He was supremely confident.

Mike walked over to where Ericka was sitting and presented his cock to her. Ericka didn’t hesitate to grab it with both hands. It was the third time she handled his magnificent cock and it was still as mesmerizing as the first.

As Ericka studied him, she realized she didn’t really have a chance to explore it much the first time as she was a bit drunk and immediately jacked him until he came. The second time she didn’t even touch it. Mike simply took total control and fucked her until he came inside her.

Ericka decided she would take her time and spent several minutes exploring his cock and balls. She stroked it occasionally, but mostly just handled it. Mike still wasn’t fully erect yet and Ericka couldn’t believe how hefty it was. It literally felt heavy to her. As she did this, Ericka noticed how much foreskin Mike had. When she wasn’t touching him, the thick sheath of skin extended past the rim of his cock head by half an inch, leaving just the fat tip exposed. When she stroked him it would pull back, exposing the tip fully.

Ericka suddenly realized Mike was uncircumcised. She had never seen an uncut cock before and had never seen Mike fully flaccid so she hadn’t made the connection previously. She loved the way it looked and felt. She gripped him tightly and pulled forward. His foreskin gathered, consumed his entire tip and protruded another half inch or so. Ericka leaned forward and kissed, then gently sucked his fleshy hood. She let go and as he stiffened further, it naturally retracted.

As Ericka continued intermittently stroking him, she started to play with his balls, kissing them, and up and down his stiffening shaft. Ericka was determined to give Mike more of a proper blow job this time, so she lifted him into her mouth as she sat on the edge of the chair, taking in his head and again, little more. She tried a few more times, getting at most a couple inches in but struggled and gagged more than once, just had she had the first time. In fact, she thought perhaps that now, completely sober, she was able to take even less of his length than before. She hoped her pussy wouldn’t suffer the same fate as her throat.

The sight of Ericka struggling to suck his girth must have turned Mike on as he became noticeably more engorged. After a couple minutes of the struggle, Mike picked her up and set her on her dinette table.

“It’s ok,” he reassured her. “Most girls can’t handle it.”

“I’m not most girls,” Ericka thought.

But before she could respond, he pulled off her t-shirt, freeing her tits, removed her leg warmers and then slid her thong down her legs. Now both totally naked, Mike knelt down and buried his face into her pussy. He slipped a finger into her pussy and slowly started circling her clit with his tongue. As he did this, he slowly but surely picked up intensity and slid a second, then a third finger into her. Mike was working her clit hard and fingering her simultaneously, driving her crazy with his skill. He slipped a fourth finger into her pussy, which before would have hurt but she was so loosened by him and so wet that it felt great.

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