Encounter Ch. 02

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The sun pierced the far horizon of the ocean and began to shine on the grey cement walls and floor of the balcony they had fallen sleep on. Bill was flat on his back on the floor and Valerie had cuddled up beside him. They still remained naked and covered in each others bodily fluids.

The sun slowly roused them from their deep slumber as it began to pierce the murky night sky horizon. They opened their eyes more or less at the same time and smiled. They slowly rose to their feet and simply stretched out the debauchery from hours prior.

“Morning,” Bill said to Valerie.

“Morning,” Valerie replied.

They both headed down the stairs and into the shower and washed off, they stole glimpses until they were a bit more awake. They were tired and once they washed off, they both went straight to bed. They slept a deep sleep and regained their energy spent the night before.

Hours past and they awoke, this time refreshed and ready for the day ahead. The sun had risen a bit more in the morning sky. The bed had washed away whatever discomfort the solid floor up that staircase had caused.

Bill was awoken by a pleasant sight, Valerie had his balls in her mouth and her hand was gently stroking his member. It was erect and she was worshiping it. Bill looked toward the other end of the bed, admiring Valerie and her graceful movements.

She then proceeded to suck and fondle it was amazing and the best to wake up from a restful slumber. Her movements were mesmerising and more visible in the morning light. She sucked away getting his cock primed for insertion. Valerie stood up from the bed and then stepped toward the glass doors and stepped outside. The sun caressed her beautiful naked body as she seemingly glided over the ground. She stepped toward the railing grabbed it with both hands and slowly bent over.

She ever so slightly wiggled her ass and Bill who was watching from the doorway. Took it all in, he then walked over to her looking up and down her entire naked body as she offered herself to him. She was now going to take all of him in. Bill slide his cock inside, gently enjoying every moment as the sun continued to beam down upon them.

Bill began fucking Valerie, she cooed throughout voicing her approval of the incredible feelings he was giving her. The bodies felt warm from the sun and what they were doing to each other. The sun illuminated the house in the complete opposite manner to moon from the previous night.

It was a mesmerising site as the dark concrete seemed to shimmer with the intense light being beamed down upon them by the sun high in the sky.

Valerie screamed as another orgasm rocked through her and left her gripping tight and urging Bill to fuck her harder, as she was keen on some warm liquid inside her.

So she continued as she paused the fucking to turn around and she then lifted a leg which then allowed Bill to fuck her face to face, he grabbed her tight as she placed her arms around his neck to balance herself on one foot as the other held around Bill’s torso, whilst his meat rod continued to ram its girth inside her repeatedly and with vigour, that she got from nobody else alive.

Valerie wanted a release and Bill was committed to giving it to her, it was sometime but she got what she wanted and he spewed his thick load into her and slowly pulled out as she brought her foot back to rest on the ground. She looked down and slide a finger inside her pussy to scoop out some cum for her oral pleasure.

“Now it is a good morning,” Bill replied with a righteous smile on his face.

“Yes, indeed,” Valerie replied with zest.

“I have an errand to run, going to pick up my new car.”

“Sounds like fun, I think you have converted me into a car fan.”

“Well I am glad about that.”

“You showed their intangible value and how they make you feel and the memories you have.”

“Absolutely, why don’t we go make some more.”

The couple then headed inside and got dressed and freshened up to go. It was around mid-morning when the left. The Koenigsegg had its roof stowed away and they were exposed to the beautiful elements of blue skies and a shimmering sun placed high in the sky.

Valerie hopped in, wearing her bright yellow floral mini dress, the passenger seat. Bill then stepped into the driver’s seat. Bill pushed the buttons to start the car, it fired up with a throaty roar. He then slowly backed out of the garage and then proceeded to turn around the fountain, he then moved slowly down the drive way up to the gate. It swung up and was a more impressive sight in the sunshine.

The engine roared as the car hurtled them away from the house down the desolate road Bill drove the night before. The speed was immense and provided much delight to Valerie as her hair rustled through the wind and her eyes behind her sunglasses took in all the sights offered to her by unlimited headroom.

Bill was focused on his driving but still sneaking peeks of Valerie, which she took great pleasure maltepe escort in. the continued to drive and the sun continued to shine. They had headed quite a bit inland and enjoyed wide winding country roads which were quiet and uninhabited for the most part.

In a short amount of time, the city was upon them and Bill made his way to the dealership. The glass walls beckoned him toward the dealership. Bill parked the car outside the dealership and casually made his way inside with Valerie alongside him.

The usual nuances of car buying were conducted and all the while on the showroom sat the car in question, a Koenigsegg Regera. A mega car, a hyper hybrid of sorts with more power than some European countries. The car was finished in white, with sumptuous red leather on the inside. Now exposed to the elements with this car’s roof stowed away in the front of the car.

Once Bill was handed the key fob and he made his way toward the car. He opened the door for Valerie and she made her way inside the car. Bill hopped into the driver’s seat and began the engine.

It was quiet at first as the electric motors powered the car in silence as they left the showroom. The short distance to the open road meant the car ran in silence. Bill and Valerie enjoyed the company of one another without having to say a word.

Once the road was empty, Bill floored it and the engine erupted into life. The acceleration was breath taking, simply astonishing considering how much more power this car had compared to his previous one.

The road was simply devoured and Bill now wanted to see how it took corners. So he began to head to higher altitude. A nearby mountain with spectacular views of the surrounding area.

The silence was eerie until the exhaust note shattered it with its flame spitting crescendo.

Soon they began gain some height as Bill began to take the car up the steep mountain road, a spaghetti shaped string of asphalt. The car was incredible up the road and Valerie marveled at the sensations and how Bill was utmost focused on piloting the car up the road.

As the changing sensations of hard acceleration and heavy breaking flowed to together like a conductor bringing out the best in his orchestra. It was a drive of note, something that certainly needed to be savoured, which was something both Valerie and Bill were doing together.

The straights, curves, and razor sharp hair pins flowed by as Bill navigated them like a consummate professional. They then reached the top, Bill, eased it into a parking lot and switched off the car. Valerie then turned to him.

“Wow, that is quite impressive driving you did there,” Valerie complimented Bill.

“Thank you it was an incredible thing to do, especially considering we just picked this car up” Bill replied.

“It is most certainly run in now. I’m glad you brought me here, this view is absolutely incredible.”

“Absolutely, I wanted to show this Valerie,” Bill responded.

They both hopped out of the car and then proceeded to head toward the edge. Bill pulled out his phone and snapped a shot from the mountain, it was high enough up to still catch the ocean in the distance. Bill then nonchalantly turned and snapped an image of Valerie.

Valerie then gestured Bill for the phone and he handed it to her, she then snapped an image of him and handed it back to him. Valerie, ever the mischievous one, looked around and noticed they were alone on top of this mountain. She turned her gaze back to Bill and flashed a naughty smile which told him everything that he needed to know.

She then lifted up her dress over her head and revealed her nude body underneath. She then casually walked to the car and left it inside on the seat.

“What can be better than this?” Valerie inquired.

“Nothing from where I am standing,” Bill responded.

He then took a picture which Valerie was more than willing to pose for, with a winning smile and a killer body it was an amazing image, one which would remain vivid in Bill’s mind for rest of his life.

Bill then pocketed his phone and walked toward the car and began to shed his attire, starting with his shorts which once they were in the car, Valerie’s mouth was around his cock. He then lifted up his shirt and deposited it inside the car.

Bill began to run his fingers through her hair, gently guided her head along the length of his cock. She had no gag reflex and took Bill’s sizeable meat missile and thrust it toward the back of her mouth.

The view was now lost on them both as they only saw each other. Once Valerie felt his cock was primed and ready she stood up and began to walk toward the railing, she reached it and bent over gently swaying her ass inviting Bill toward it.

He walked over parading his proud member before sending it toward Valerie’s soaking wet pussy. He plunged straight in without hesitation, Valerie loved the feeling of the instant penetration. Now they were fucking and Valerie mecidiyeköy escort was howling her approval down toward the rocks below.

There is still no audience save for the random animals here and there and the eagle or two up above them. The silence was their soundtrack it was almost deafening as now the only thing they could hear was their heavy breathing. They fucked in peace, shutting everything else out.

Bill kept his grasp on Valerie’s hips as he thrust, it felt as though the entire landscape moved with every thrust, the sun continued its lone watch above them in the sky of blue. Valerie’s eyes were scanning the distance, spotting the ocean just before the horizon.

Even with all of that in front of her, she still only saw lust and a seemingly physical manifestation of the lust and the sensation coursing through her very existence. She was in the moment the zone gripping her tight. She surrendered to it, and simply let the wave take her completely.

Bill abruptly pulled out of her and turned her around, he brought his lips to hers and the shared a moment, and all the while Valerie’s hands were on Bill’s cock stroking it gently.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and Bill ran his hands down her back feeling her curves and the warmth form her body. His hands went slowly past her ass massaging it lightly on his way down. He gently lifted up her legs one at a time then elevating her up and gently guiding her pussy onto his cock.

They both were now each looking at the only thing they were focusing in that moment. Bill fucked her valiantly and Valerie voiced her approval all the way down the mountain. It was intense they were bathed in light from the sun and engulfed in lust as their bodies remained connected.

Bill felt his balls about to explode and Valerie felt an orgasm coming as well. They pushed harder wanting a release on top of that mountain. Valerie started to feel the orgasm coming, while Bill began to shoot his load inside of Valerie. After subsiding a bit, Bill gently put Valerie back onto her feet as her withdrew from her. Bill kissed her on the lips and they both caught their breath.

Bill slowly turned analysing the environment behind him and it remained empty just as it was when they had arrived.

“Looking for an audience?” Valerie enquired with a righteous grin on her face.

“Yes, that performance deserves a standing ovation.” Bill responded, much to Valerie’s delight.

“Hungry?” Valerie asked.

“I could eat,” was Bill’s reply.

Valerie then turned and seductively walked back to the car. She opened the door and reached in, ensuring Bill’s view of her ass was not obstructed. She picked up her dress and putting it over her head and slowly pulling down, covering her naughty parts, just.

Bill got himself dressed slowly and they then both got back into the car. They were looking forward to the wind in their hair. Bill punched the sequence of buttons and the car switched on, once he got up to speed, the engine roared into life, a visceral and almost feral sound filled the air once more.

Bill drove the car out of the city and let the engine sing as her roared back down toward the coast, as the sun was beginning its descent to the other end of the sky. Bill drove with even more focus and determination, leading Valerie to believe she had something to do with this event.

She enjoyed how he drove, and speed was very tantalising for her and she was enjoying herself. Bill enjoyed this drive even more so now. It was incredible to wind that monster of a car down those twists and turns. Eventually when they made it down the mountain and got onto open roads it was sheer joy. Bill gunned the car reached astronomical speeds on still empty, long, straight roads.

Bill slowed down as the entered a built up area, he was heading towards a nice Italian place for something to eat. He eventually found the place. It had tables outside and he parked outside as he got there. The walked up to the table and sat themselves down. A waiter came around getting their drinks and something to eat.

They sat there a while, paying all their attention to each other. They talked about all things, each other, life and what may lay among the stars. The time passed but there love for each other just grew and grew.

Hours later, the pair eventually left the restaurant, more knowledgeable about one another and keen on the night ahead. They walked toward the car and got inside. Bill started the car and left, in a short period of time, they left the city and headed back to the house.

The drive was incredible, a clear night sky, with the moon once again looming prominent in the night sky. The stars were out in force, a magnificent sight which they both marveled at while cutting through the dark.

The road winded down as the coast neared. They soon found themselves on the coast road leading toward the house. Bill floored it and acceleration was absolutely breath nişantaşı escort taking. The engine roared managing to mute the sound of the roaring ocean. The stars zipped by overhead and the scenery rushed past as if it was not there.

Eventually, Bill lifted of the accelerator and let the car slow as the gate of the house closed in. Bill hit the button and the gate lifted. He drove inside as the electric power took the car silently up the driveway and then into the garage.

Bill turned off the car and the motorised rear wing lowered back into place. It looked incredible, alongside her Lamborghini.

They made their way into the house, and admired the view from the kitchen which was offered by glass wall facing the ocean.

“Coffee?” Valerie asked pointing toward her coffee machine.

“Yes, please Val.”

Valerie proceeded to make the coffee and is it brewed, Bill look through the glass at the clear night’s sky which was a sight to behold. As the moon loomed large in the sky it shimmered off the ocean. Valerie then brought the coffee they proceeded to the lounge and to relax while watching the night sky.

“What a beautiful sight, Bill.”

“Yes, it is, and the night sky is not bad either.”

“You insatiable flirt,” Valerie responded with a laugh.

As they finished off their coffee Valerie had an idea, more like a dare. She left the room and returned naked.

“What have you planned for tonight?” Bill asked with anticipation.

“A night dive.”

“Count me in, it is very hard to say no to you, especially when you are looking like that.”

“Bill, I thought you would say that.”

Bill followed suit and removed his clothes. Valerie then led Bill up the same stairs they went up, the night before. They reached the balcony and then Valerie proceeded to open a secret door, which had a ladder behind it. Bill followed her up it and soon they were at the highest point of the mansion.

A platform then began to protrude from the edge, a diving platform of sorts. One look down saw that it lead down to the ocean. Valerie then gingerly stepped toward the edge. She took one look behind her at Bill, as he admired her glistening naked body in the moonlight. She then dove off, Bill moved to the edge to see her gracefully plunge into the water.

Bill followed suit and headed toward the water. The water was cool and refreshing. Bill came up for air and spotted Valerie nearby.

“Wow, you are only now the second person to make that dive.”

“Well, I am honoured Valerie, to follow in your footsteps.”

“Why thank, you are far too kind Bill, now let me show you something,” Valerie responded.

They swam some distance and proceeded to dive into the water and reach an underwater cave, which was bright lit as at this point in the night the moon shone its light straight into the cavern illuminating its interior.

The stepped out of the water, onto the sand which was steep as it was currently low tide, high tide would not flood this place but the beach would be a bit shorter.

Valerie walked up out of the water as Bill followed close behind her. They were secluded from the world and the moon seemed to shine only for the two of them.

“Wow, Valerie, this is amazing, and it’s fitting it has been shown to me by an amazing woman such as yourself.”

“Well aren’t you the snake charmer tonight,” Valerie responded.

“I think you will find that is what you are right now.” Bill responded gesturing downwards.

“Why thank you, I am here all night,” Valerie responded as she made her way toward his cock.

Her hands slowly ran up the length of his shaft. Bill felt his body tingling as she did this, it was something to be experienced as the hue of the moonlight made the experience feel other worldly. Valerie felt it too, the sensations of where they were and the moon shining through would be forever etched into their memories.

Valerie had now gotten a slow erotic rhythm going as she stroked the cock in front of her. Then she moved down on her knees and took his girth into her mouth she sucked it gently and could see in crystal clear vision what she was doing.

She did not neglect his balls as she gently caressed them, teasing them ever so slightly, all the while her mouth remained filled with Bill’s cock. She knew exactly how to please a man and she was now using all the tricks in her trade, so to speak.

Bill all the while had his eyes intently fixed upon Valerie’s actions. His fingers gently ran through her dark hair. She was focused and enjoying what she was doing. Once she felt it lubricated enough she rose to her feet and faced toward the moonlight. Bill slide up behind Valerie and slid his shaft into her awaiting, moist pussy.

Bill slid it in all the way in one swift motion. Valerie gasped a little and her eyes widened in response. However, she remained fixed upon the moon looming large up through the view from the cave’s natural sky light. Bill had his eyes fixed upon it as well as it proceeded to hypnotise them with its alluring sight.

It was a destination more than a simple sight. Bill continued to fuck as the pair of them subconsciously pondered this realisation. Valerie howled in pleasure, as her verbal approval reverberated of the walls of the cave.

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