Emma’s Massage

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I can tell when you walk through the door that you’ve had a long, hard day. The weariness shows in your eyes. I come to you, gently caressing your cheek, lightly kissing your lips. I tell you, “Why don’t you go take a hot bath? Then I’ll try to make your day better. No, not like that, although I would love it. I have a surprise for you.” You smile and turn down the hall to begin running your bath.

After some time, I knock and enter the bathroom, bringing a think, terry cloth robe. “This is all you need to put on. When you’re done come into the bedroom for your surprise.” With just a hint of a sly grin, I leave, closing the door behind me. You finish your bath, dry off and put on the soft robe. You come to the bedroom not sure what to expect.

You immediately see the lights off and candles lit around the room. You smile, hearing the music you listen to that relaxes you so well. I come in and tell you to lie on the bed on your stomach, taking the robe from your shoulders as I do. I stare at your beautiful body as I do. You smile at me, knowing what you do to me. I laugh gently, “no, this is for you. Go ahead, lay down.” I cover you with the robe, brushing my lips across the back of your neck, “I’ll be right back, just relax.”

I come back into the room bringing oil that I’ve heated in warm water in the sink. I set it on the table beside the bed. Then slowly pull the robe kağıthane escort down, exposing your back. I stand beside you and begin caressing your body, feeling the knotted shoulders, sensing your weary body aches and pains. Putting warm oil on my hands, I knead your shoulder muscles with my thumbs, rolling them in circular patterns.

I stretch your muscles with the palms of my hands and press into them with the heel of my palm. I slowly pour warm oil down your spine. I run my thumbs parallel to your spine, gliding down each side, pushing gently into your back. Pressing harder, deeper with each trip down your back. I spread my fingers, caressing your outer back as my thumbs press into the center of your upper back. I move up to your neck. With gentle tenderness I rub and massage your neck.

Pausing for a brief moment, you feel my breath on the back of your neck as I lean down to softly kiss you, feeling you shiver with the touch. I move down your body, reaching under the robe. I begin to deeply knead the muscles of your ass. I steal a few gentle gropes as I do, enjoying the feel of you. I slide my hands and fingers down your thighs, careful to avoid that place I enjoy touching so much. (Remember this is for you, not me). I continue to massage your ass and thighs carefully. I caress the outer part of your hips and thighs, then slide my hands down kartal escort to work your calf, pressing hard into the muscle. Slowly, being careful not to tickle, I lift your foot and massage it gently, holding it in my hand. I rub each toe, then caress up and down the sole of your foot. I repeat this with your other foot.

After laying your foot down on the soft bed, I remove the robe from your back, leaning down and kissing the back of your knees. I slowly kiss and lick my way up the backs of your thighs, sliding my hands up as I move. I gently move your legs slightly apart, reaching my tongue down to dance around your sensitive bud, but never touching it. I start to lick lower, running my tongue over your outer lips. I continue to rub and play with your lips with my tongue. Then slowly slide my tongue up the middle of your lips, just barely parting them. I get my first heavenly taste of your wonderful nectar. Stroking up again, I bury my tongue deeper. As I move it up, the caress ends with my tongue pushing against the hood enough to move it back and let my tongue slide over your clit.

I stand again, leaving my hands on your body, using them to gingerly roll you to your back, exposing all of your beauty to me. You are so amazingly beautiful in the soft candle light. I lean over and kiss your neck, your shoulders, working my way back to your earlobes. küçükçekmece escort I lick up to your earlobes and suck them into my mouth. Then gently release them. I release them and move down your body, stopping at your tummy. Bending down again, I kiss and lick your tummy up to the bottom of your breasts. I gently lift your breast and suck on the underside, running my tongue over it, moving my mouth up. My tongue spirals around your breast and closes ever so slowly over your nipple. I devour it, sucking soft, then hard and biting gently. I roll it between my teeth, scraping it lightly. After one final kiss, I release your breast and move downward again, kissing, licking as I go.

I part your thighs, burying my face between them, flicking my tongue back and forth, dancing rapidly up and down your velvety lips. I caress you deeply with my tongue, forcing it between your lips. Slowly and softly, I suck the lips into my mouth, stroking them with my tongue as I hold them there. I part your lips with gentle fingers so I can play with your inner lips and then deeper into you. I continue to thrust my tongue in, and then move it out again. I pull you open wider with my fingers, tenderly holding you open, exposing your clit. I lick up and down the side, grazing your clit playfully. I close my mouth over it and suck the hood into my mouth as I stroke your clit with my tongue. I bring you closer and closer to orgasm. As I feel you cum with my face still buried deep inside you, I lick and suck you to higher plains of joy. I slowly pull back to let you enjoy what you’re feeling. I move back to your head, kissing you deeply and passionately, whisper, “Is this how you like your massages?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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