Election Night

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I walked in the door, carrying the bag from our favourite Chinese restaurant, knowing for sure that I’d be too tired to cook anything real for dinner. The weeks leading up to Election Day had been busy, to say the least. Our time together seemed to pass in too brief conversations early in the morning, or late at night.

I vowed to make up for the last month, beginning tonight.

You were already home, changed into jeans and a tshirt for bumming around the house. I walked to the big leather chair that wrapped around your body and gave you a soft kiss on the lips. “Hi hon. ready for the big night,” I asked with a chuckle.

“Sure baby. Just making myself comfortable, and watching the last of the non election coverage I’m going to get tonight,” was your laughing reply.

My laugh carries over the bannister as I climb the steps to change also. You hear the thump of my keys in my pants pocket hit the floor, and then the steps as I cross the bedroom pulling on an outfit similar to yours, but without socks.

You see my bare feet, then my legs and finally the blue tshirt drop into your view. I look over the railing, to see you looking back at me and smiling. I return the smile warmly, and walk across the living room floor and sit playfully on your lap.

You push me off, laughing, and switch seats. I can feel your cute ass pushing into me, teasing me lightly. “mmmm you know that I love it when you do that baby,” I intone, nibbling lightly on your earlobe.

You jump off my lap, and swat at my shoulder. “None of that. I’m hungry, and you’ll need your energy tonight!”

We laugh and joke our way through dinner, knowing that the last month of almost exile from each other is finally done. After tossing the dishes in the sink, with barely a rinse, I grab your hand and lead you up to our big brass bed.

“But, honey, you’ll miss the election returns,” you say in sarcastic resistance.

I glare at you and come back quickly, “oh, the good stuff won’t start till after the polls close at 8. We have some time.”

I planted a deep kiss on your lips, sliding my tongue between your lips, slowly swirling around your mouth, tasting you, and savoring the almost desperate press of our lips against each other. The pressure growing until it almost hurt in a blissful embrace of love and longing.

I take a step back from the kiss, and lift your shirt over your head. Taking a brief moment to drink in the sight of your lovely breasts, standing proud and tall, inviting my mouth to them. I stop lifting your shirt, with it covering your face, and pinning your arms above your head. I lean in, and nibble gently on your nipple. My tongue swiriling around it, while it’s held in my teeth, gently teasing, slowly circling and feeling it get harder and harder.

I work across your chest to the other nipple, and tug on it gently with my teeth, biting down a little elmadağ escort harder until I hear that moan of bliss escape your lips. I pull your shirt the rest of the way over your head and let you watch as my tongue and teeth dance across the tight flesh of your nipple.

You smile down at me as my fingers work their way over the front of your jeans, unbuttoning them. I slide my tongue down your stomach, tracing a wet trail down your flat tummy. I pause to tease your navel, working your belly bar around my tongue, and seeing the little wave of pleasure that crosses your face.

I grip the zipper of your jeans in my teeth, and slowly tug it down, revealing yet another sexy silk thong. “mmmmm green. my favourite colour. I love it sweetness,” I say with a little flick of my tongue over the silk.

I push you down onto the cotton sheets atop our bed, my clothed body covering your naked form for a moment, and then rolling off. I slowly lick my way down your chest, carefully paying attention to the underside of your lovely tits, slowly licking all the way around them, working my tongue inexorably down you.

I grab your panties in my teeth, and begin to tug them down. Switching sides, pulling on them just a little more, each time. My teeth teasingly graze against the smooth flesh of your legs, licking slowly around your knees, nibbling on the back of them, gently blowing away the wet trails left by my teeth and lips.

I roll you over, onto your back, and sit on top of you. “Now, don’t go anywhere,” I say with a tone in my voice that you know and love.

I all but jump off you, race downstairs, and you hear me flipping open the microwave, the beep when it’s done, and then me taking the steps two at a time to get back to you.

“What….” you begin.

“Just relax, love,” I interrupt with a smile in my voice.

You shrug closer to the pillows, and settle in comfortably onto the bed. You can hear my footsteps as I walk slowly around the room, and the gentle click of the CD player, as I put in our CD.

You hear my jeans fall to the ground, my tshirt being pulled over my head. Then you again feel the comforting weight of me sitting atop you. The silk of my boxers brushes seductively against your firm ass.

For a moment, there’s nothing. Then, you feel it. A warm drop falls in the middle of your back. Then another, another. Soon it’s a steady stream of warmth making a trail down the middle of your back.

My fingers slide down the warm trail I’d just left, and you realise that I’ve warmed the massage oil. A contented sigh escapes your mouth.

I begin working your back, slowly kneading from the center around to your sides. Gently pushing the stress of your day from you, working in slow circles, covering every part of your back, your shoulders, your neck with the heated oil. Smoothly rubbing it into you, my fingers esenyurt escort feel as if they are everywhere on you.

I lay forward, my chest pressing against your back, and slowly drip the oil onto your arms. My lips brush past your ear, nibbling lightly.

You can feel the hardness of my cock, covered in silk, pressed between your lovely ass cheeks. For a moment, I don’t move, simply savoring you, your smell, the feel of my body against you, the nearness of you.

My fingers wrap around yours, slowly rubbing up each of them, kneading over the palm of your hand, up your forearms, feeling your bicep, your tricep, firmly working the oil into your skin, teasing you with each slow movement of my fingers over your body.

With a little kiss on your cheek, i sit up, and turn around. I lift your foot, and begin to massage it. Taking my time, slowly working on each toe, the sole, and then up to your lovely leg. Smoothly stroking your calf. I lift your leg a bit higher, and kiss your calf, the back of your knees again, tasting the oil on my tongue, and let my fingers explore higher up the back of your leg.

My hands slide between your legs, making sure that I brush the outside of your pussy with them. I have one hand on each of your legs, just below the crease of your lovely ass, my fingers between your legs, just barely brushing aginst the outer walls of your pussy. I can feel you beginning to squirm, and see the goosebumps rise on your body.

I pull my hands from between your legs, massaging up your firm, round ass. My fingers dig into the strong flesh, teasing you even further.

I slide off you, and roll you over. “Time for the other side, dearest,” I say with a lust filled grin.

“Oh, my, I think it is,” you reply.

Your hands reach down, and one of them starts teasing my cock through the silken fabric. The other reaches deep into your pussy, strokes in and out a few times, and pulls out. You offer me one finger, and sit up to take the other in your mouth. We suck on your fingers, tasting you on them, a mere preview of what’s to come.

I pull your finger from my mouth, and push you back down on the bed. I hold the massage oil about three inches above your navel, and let a few drops fall from it. I start with small circles around your navel, slowly expanding, until my fingers brush the top of your pussy, and graze the underside of your breasts. My slow, strong strokes pulling the tension out of you.

I slide my well oiled hands up, over your breasts, and push my palm against your nipples. I can feel them harden, almost instantly, in response. It’s enough to send a thrill through both of us.

I slide myself down you, my hands continuing to work over your nipples. My tongue, without warning, slips into your pussy. With long, deep strokes, I begin licking you, fucking your pussy with my tongue. My etiler anal yapan escort fingers tighten around your nipples, pinching them, they seem to get even harder under my fingers.

I can hear your breathing increase as my tongue works in and out of you. I make sure, at the end of each stroke, to slip all the way out of you, and lick up over your clit, back down, and then drive my tongue deeply into your pussy.

I can see your body reacting to me, hips arching and bucking, your hands pulling down, one slips into my hair, pulling me deeper into you, and the other begins to work your clit in time with my strokes. I keep my hands kneading your lovely tits, keeping the nipples firm and erect.

My tongue probes inside you, finding your gspot, and I push on it, slowly licking back and forth over it, teasing you, pleasing you.

I press my chin harder against you, looking for that last little bit that will do it. My tongue darting feverishly in and out of you, responding to the quickening pace of your fingers on your clit. The sight is almost more than I can handle, and as you look down, you can see me grinding my cock against the firm bed.

You work your clit harder, and call out with a shout of pure extacy, “I’m cumming!!!!!” I greedily lap at you, tasting the orgasm, feeling your pussy quiver, seeing your body tense as I drink your orgasm up.

I’m barely done cleaning your legs, when you pull at my hair again, dragging me up your body, to kiss me deeply. I return the kiss with passion and hunger, and hear you growl, “I want you inside me…NOW!”

I slip out of my boxers, letting you see my freshly shaved balls, standing hard and proud for you. I slide slowly into you at first, then move faster.

My lips lock over your nipple, sucking on it firmly, my tongue flicking over it with each thrust inside you. I can feel your hand grabbing my ass and making me move faster, harder, deeper.

With each stroke inside you, my cock pulses. I can feel the wetness from your last orgasm on my skin, how tight and strong you are with me inside you. Each stroke is bliss, chasing the crashing wave of orgasm.

I feel your strong legs grab me, holding me deep inside you. I can feel your pussy grip, and release me, over and over again, I can see the pleasure building up inside you, preparing to explode.

With one final thrust, all the way into you, you lift your hips off the bed, and let me fill you totally. Your moans of pleasure deepen, matching mine in intensity, and, at the same time, we both cry out to each other. “YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS”

I cum deep in you, and feel the rocking waves of your orgasm milking the last drops of my cum from my cock. You pull me down on top of you, the sweat and oil mixing to form a glistening layer over your body and mine.

We kiss, our lips touching, our tongues racing, our hearts pounding, me still inside you, slowly softening, feeling your body against mine.

“I’ve missed this my dearest,” I whisper through the kiss.

“Me too, baby. Glad your busy season is over,” is the breathy reply.

We collapse against each other, holding tightly for a moment, simply smiling and savoring the release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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