Drunk Neighbor

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I often sit outside my front door at night, gazing at the stars and moon. The milky way puts me in a trance as I try to imagine traveling between all the dim lights. I keep the lights off on my patio and inside the house to see better. On a full moon I don’t get to see most stars but I do see a lot of the surrounding landscapes of my neighbors and mountains.

There is a neighbor across the street who likes to sit on her patio, drink beer, have loud conversations on her phone, and be a normal pain in the ass. Most times I am lucky as she is up very late and I am usually inside unable to hear her while she raves on and on. Tonight I was up late too and she was being loud, again, so I called across to her to, “Quiet! Put a sock in it, Vic!”

She howled in her phone, “ehh gotha go Deb”, hung up and probably broke the device as it skidded across the table she tossed it on and hit the concrete patio. Kicking a few empties around as she staggered across her drinking area, Vic ( Vicky that is. Did I tell you her name was Vicky? Well it is.) almost tumbled a few times getting past her gate, across the street, and up my driveway I sat in my chair amused by her antics and couldn’t wait to hear what “piece of my mind” she was going to throw at me as most drunks do.

Her beer still in hand, Vic declared, “Youth don thin I will?”


“I will yah know. Ri’ now! Ri’ here!”

“What in hell you talking about, Vic?”

“Juw say som-fin, “I be’th juw won’ suck me dick!”

On the verge of tears, (this was hysterical) I decided to go along and see how far it would go.

“So Vicky, you came up here to suck my dick?”


“Well, I don’t know, Vicky. What makes you think I want you to?”

“Cush juw jus’ sai’ so.”

“Well, Vicky. I don’t know, normally, when I allow a chick to do that she takes off her shirt. You still have yours on.”

Vicky didn’t say a word as she barely kept her balance and sluffed off her top revealing her small tits wearing a pink bra.

Wow, she really is fucked up.

“And ucuz escort a girl takes off her pants too.”

She unzipped her jeans and tried pealing them off. Vicky plopped in an empty chair, before rolling in the dirt of my front yard, and finished removing her pants. She popped right back up (barely) showing off her matching pink high cut panties.

Now I’m not really a fan of Vicky. She isn’t ugly but not very pretty either. Her drinking helps make her seem less attractive but her body is slim, tan and not too bad to look at. She has shoulder length, straight, dirty blonde hair that frames a face with steel gray eyes and somewhat unflattering lips. Her chest isn’t much but there’s enough to have fun with, while her thin waist and slim legs are quite nice to look at. She has a flat stomach and her panty region was really starting to get to me hard. Even so, something about her just seemed nasty. But I guess I was in a nasty mood tonight.

She started to wobble towards me and I quickly stated, “Y’know Vicky, come to think of it, if a girl wants to pleasure me I insist she take off her bra and panties too.” I was half hoping she would snap out of it but wasn’t very disappointed when she reached back and unsnapped her bra. Vicky’s dark brown nipples were hard and the surrounding areolae wrapped closely around them. She started to go for her panties but I wanted that pleasure for myself. Not to mention I was pretty sure she’d have toppled over trying herself.

“Hold on Vicky. I think you need some help. Come over here.”

She stood before me, my face at her crotch. Vicky put her hands on my shoulders for balance as I grabbed her hip straps and pulled down slowly. Her shaved mons peeked out to say high. I sort of expected her to smell a bit, but I was pleasantly surprised by her sweet scent. I helped her step out of the skimpy underthing and tossed it on the ground with the rest of her clothes.

There was Vicky in all her naked glory. I actually liked looking at her and told her to turn around for me. Her ass ümraniye escort was tight and round. Very shapely.

“I don’t know Vicky. Do you think you deserve to suck my dick?”

“Fuck yea'”

“Really? What makes you think you deserve my flesh in your mouth?”

“Cuz’ I real’ wanna suck o’ it.”

“That’s it? Just because you want to huh? Well, you haven’t asked me yet, have you?”

“Kin I suck onit?”

“Is that the best begging you can do, Vicky?”

“Puhleash, pretty Puhleash, kin aw put juw cock inm’ mouph?”

“Well that was very good, Vicky. Go ahead now.”

Vicky plopped her knees right in the sand in front of me and started pulling at my pants. I doubt she felt the sand and pebbles digging into her skin, she was so drunk. I helped her pull my pants down and she wasted no time grabbing my stiffened schlong and giving it a few strokes. Promptly, my rod slid past her lips and right to the back of her throat. Wow! My cock is no monster but it isn’t tiny and was amazed as her nose smashed my belly, the tip of my junk rubbing her tonsils. She held that position a few second then started pumping her face up and down. She was very good. Her mouth and tongue felt like fine silk massaging my shaft and it wasn’t long before she had me on the edge of erupting.

I told her, “Now Vicky, a good girl always swallows. Are you a good girl?”

She glanced up at me and just moaned an affirmative.

It wasn’t long before I exploded in her mouth and as promised, Vicky slurped down every last drop. As my member became soft she continued sucking to be sure to get everything out of it. As I stood up I pulled her with me to stand. I guided her to the other chair and put her down in it. She slumped in the chair with legs spread wide, arms lolling off the armrests. I had a wicked thought and pulled out my cell phone and started taking pictures of her nakedness. I took some nice close ups as well. She was really out of it.

I asked her if she wanted to play with her tits and she didn’t’ üniversiteli öğrenci escort disappoint as her hands slopped up and started rubbing around. On her own she began rubbing her little clit. I helped her out by poking a few fingers in her wet hole and started working them in and out and around. She came soon after, shooting her jiz out of her snatch onto the sand. That was pretty amazing to see too.

Funny thing is, she passed out! Vicky was just sprawled out in the chair, her hands still groping her chest and vag. Well I just sat there taking in the scenery and snapping pictures with my phone. This event was a memorable one, that’s for sure. I considered taking full advantage of this situation but like I said earlier, I wasn’t sure I even wanted her that way. I did take my time and run my hands all over her exposed flesh. It felt very smooth and nice. I picked her up and placed her still form face down on the my truck’s tailgate. This whole time I had seen her ass only once, and I certainly wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.

Admiring her cheeks with my eyes, I let my hands smooth over her ass, rubbing, squeezing, and spreading her cheeks. Again, I considered fucking her but again I held back. Instead, I took some more pictures for posterity. I sat next to her and considered what to do next.

After some time, and some more groping, I got her dressed back in her clothes and carried her slight form back to her porch. Carefully, I put her back in the chair she was using before she came over and placed her empty beer can back in her hand that I had brought back over. I sought out her cell phone and lucky for her it hadn’t broken. I placed that on the ground under her other hand as if she had let if fall on her own accord after passing out. I made sure she wouldn’t slide out of the chair before heading back home. I couldn’t help but wonder how far I’d go if this situation ever occurred with Vicky.

I walked back across the street, considering she wouldn’t even remember coming over tonight, I couldn’t help but chuckle. When I got to the front door of my house I picked up the pink undergarments my drunken neighbor had been wearing that I “forgot” to put back on her. As I went inside my house I wondered if she’d even remember having worn underwear that day before passing out. I laughed, imagining her confusion if she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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