Doug’s Little Sis

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Before you read this story, be advised that it is adult oriented and contains very graphic depictions of a sexual nature. It is not intended for, nor should it be read under any circumstances, by persons who are not at least eighteen(18) years of age.

I love to read your comments and would enjoy hearing from you if you like this story. I even want your comments if you don’t like it, provided you are actually giving constructive criticism. Please don’t leave a comment if you are simply turned off by what the story contains. Just because you may not enjoy or politically agree with the portrayals, it doesn’t mean that others won’t.

This is a sequel, of sorts, to another of my tales, “A Friendly Fuck”. If you read it first, you would know what transpires prior to this one, and gain some insight to the characters, but you won’t be lost if you don’t. In this story, a guy cleans up with his best friends younger sister, and they have a hot time in the afternoon sun. I hope you enjoy it.



“Gross!” she wailed, “Not with my brother in the bed…” That’s what Lori had said after I invited her to join me.

I had spent the previous night with her brother, Doug, and his fiancé. This had been somewhat of a curious evening in which I had been asked to participate. Doug had invited me to take part in a three-way with him and Tina, his girlfriend, after which we all spent the night together in their king-sized bed.

The girl’s comment intrigued me, but before I could press the issue, she disappeared from the doorway. I was about to roll over and go back to sleep when I decided I had to relieve my bladder before doing so. I got up, not bothering to cover myself since everyone present had already seen me naked, and besides that, I just didn’t care.

By the time I returned to the bed, Doug was snoring again. I crawled in, and as I did, Tina rolled over to face me. She waited for me to get settled and then pushed forward to give me a tender kiss. “Thanks for last night,” she whispered.

“Yeah, you too. That was a lot of fun,” I quietly returned. “Maybe we can do it again sometime.”

“I’d like that,” Tina said, then kissed me again and ran her hand down my chest, over my stomach and into my groin. Playfully, she stroked my dick with her fingers and reinforced, “I’d like that a lot.”

Just about then, Lori stuck her head around the doorframe again. Seeing what was taking place, she grimaced and said, “My god… Would you guys knock it off.”

Tina and I both reprimanded her with a hurried “Shhhh!” and then I said, “Your brother is sleeping.”

Lori shook her head, but again my curiosity was piqued because she didn’t look away or make any attempt to move. She simply stood there watching Tina stroke my dick, which was beginning to swell under her attentions.

After a couple of minutes, Tina motioned for Lori to come on into the room by lifting her hand from my crotch and signaling with the one-fingered ‘come here’ motion. Lori bashfully shook her head ‘no’. Again Tina indicated that Lori should come in, this time waving her whole hand in a sweeping motion, then pointing at my cock. Once more, Lori declined but continued to gaze at my growing pecker.

Lori had just turned eighteen a few months before, but I had known her since I was about fifteen or sixteen; I was now twenty-two. I’d watched her grow from a snot-nosed little brat into a very healthy, and desirable, young woman. I had never considered her a prospect, mainly because she was too young. And even after her eighteenth birthday, I guess I thought of her as ‘off-limits’ because she was Doug’s little sister. But now things were different. I figured if he was willing to let me fuck his soon-to-be-wife, he couldn’t say anything about me doing his sister.

By now, Tina was starting to grow impatient and I was a bit confused. I knew that the two had become pretty good friends, and that they shared ‘girls-only’ secrets. Still, I couldn’t figure out why she even gave a shit, but I was about to find out. Leaning closer, Tina said, “I don’t know what her problem is. She wants to do you even more than I did.” With that information, I was really ready to play.

Again, Tina motioned Lori into the room, with an even more animated sweeping of her hand. I joined her coaxing by mimicking her, encouraging the girl to enter. Finally, Lori gave in and stepped through the doorway, but stopped just inside. I pursed my lips and mocked a kiss in her direction, then patted the bed next to me. As expected, Lori declined and just watched Tina grasp my now rigid cock in her hand.

Tina stroked up and down my pole a few times and then released me, urging Lori closer with another hand gesture. This time, the girl obliged and stepped over to the bed, kneeling beside it. She was visibly trembling and I reached out to console her by brushing my fingers over her hair. I didn’t really understand her apprehension, unless she was simply wary of her big brother’s presence, beşiktaş escort even though he was sleeping. Nonetheless, she continued to watch while Tina returned to pumping my rod.

After a few minutes, Lori timidly reached out toward me. As her hand neared me, Tina removed hers. Lori wrapped her dainty fingers around my shaft and began slowly moving up and down. Only moments after she had started though, Lori stopped and removed her hand from me. She looked downward and quietly stated, “I just can’t… Not with Doug here.” I guess I could understand her predicament, but I was disheartened all the same.

I was shocked when Tina said, “You did it with me while Doug was here,” in a ‘what’s the big deal’ sort of tone. The thought of the two of them getting it on sent a jolt of stimulation racing through my body.

“I know, and I’ve felt creepy about it ever since,” Lori replied. She then raised up and kissed me on the cheek, whispered, “Sorry,” and quietly exited the room.

Tina nudged me as Lori passed through the door and said “If you want her, you better go after her.”

I was still a little stunned by the fact that these two females had hooked up, and didn’t move for a moment. Regaining my senses, I stammered, “Uh, yeah… Thanks.”

I scrambled from the bed and tried to compose myself before approaching Lori, wondering what I was going to say to her. She was in the living room, just sitting on the couch and peering out the window into the bright morning sunlight. Without entering the room, I just poked my head around the corner and said, “I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Then, trying to be suave, I added, “I’m going to take a shower, if you’re interested.”

Moving into the bathroom, I pushed the door nearly closed, but still open a crack. I turned on the water and let it run to warm up, then stepped into the spray. I didn’t know whether Lori would take me up on my offer, or if she was even aware that I’d made one, but I was hopeful. After letting the water pour over me for a couple of minutes, with no sign of the girl, I guessed that she was simply too embarrassed to join me.

Grabbing the soap, I began to scrub my body to remove the previous night’s remnants, while cussing myself for missing a perfect opportunity to score with one of the cutest girls I knew. I completed my wash-down and was about to turn off the water, hoping I might catch Lori before she left, when I heard, “Would you like some company?”

Pulling the shower curtain back a few inches, I was greeted with a true vision of beauty. Lori was standing there, already in the nude. She wore very long, straight, black hair that struck her just inches above her waist. It tumbled down, over her shoulders and contrasted against her pale skin. And while her raven locks hindered my view of her breasts, they accented the presence of the coal black triangle covering her pubic mound. “You bet!” I excitedly told her.

As she started toward me, she tossed her head, flipping the long hair behind her back and revealing her boobs. Although not nearly as big as Tina’s, they looked to be more than a handful, and were sweetly rounded. Her areolas were perfectly symmetrical and her nipples jutted out from the dark, pinkish-brown patches. I could hardly take my eyes off of them, even as she hoisted a leg to step over the edge of the tub.

Even though I had considered her ‘off-limits’, it hadn’t stopped me from envisioning this sight many times in the past couple of years, as Lori blossomed. Never had I dreamed that I’d actually have the chance to see her naked. And even now, I was still wondering if it was all a dream. She was everything I had pictured, and more. I was simply awestruck by her beauty.

Reality hit me when her hand landed on my shoulder for stability, as she drew her other foot into the bathtub. She left it there after she regained her balance, and brought herself close to my body. My manhood began to grow, I think just from the raw sensuality of seeing this nubile, young beauty in the buff. Lori dropped her other hand to my stiffening member and wrapped her fingers around it. In no time at all, I had swollen to full stature in her grasp.

Lori, didn’t say a word. She just started slowly pulling on my shaft, and leaned her head on my shoulder. After a few minutes, even though I was truly enjoying her attention, I had a terrible thought; Surely she wasn’t doing this out of guilt. I had to know that she really wanted to be with me, so I broke the silence.

“If you don’t want to do this, it’s okay,” I assured her.

“But I do want to do it,” she replied. “It’s just that, for some reason, I feel awkward.” Continuing, she bashfully admitted that she had wanted to have sex with me for quite a while now. She even confessed that some of her first fantasies were about making it with me.

By now my heart was racing and my cock was throbbing in her small hand. I was flattered by her comments, beşiktaş eve gelen escort but had to wonder why she was so fixated with me. I consider myself not much better looking than average, and not what most females of Lori’s caliber would be seeking. And after some brief thought, at a loss for anything else to say, I asked, “Have you had sex with many guys?”

“A few,” she said. “But I’ve never felt like this before.”

“Maybe you’re still worried about Doug,” I offered.

“No. I don’t think so. I just didn’t want him to see me again,” she told me.

“Not trying to change the subject, but how did that whole deal come about?” I questioned her.

“Well,” she began, “Tina and me were here by ourselves. I was doing some laundry and she saw a bikini I had washed. She wanted to see it modeled, and talked me into putting it on. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were gettin’ it on, and Doug walked in on us.”

Her tale was exciting me even more, so I egged her on, “And…”

“I don’t know how or why, but I let him talk me into finishing what we’d started. After Tina got off, I didn’t hang around; I didn’t even let her get me off,” Lori told me, and then finished her story. “I was just too ashamed that I’d let my own brother watch me having sex, and with his girlfriend, no less.”

“Well, I don’t blame him for wanting to watch you. You are a beautiful woman,” I tried to comfort her. When she didn’t respond, I decided to just let the issue fade, if it would. Yet I still wanted to console her and took her chin in my hand, lifted it, and brought my lips to hers. I kissed her passionately, and then admitted that I too had fantasized about making love to her. My hope was that she would gain some solace from that knowledge.

Lori released her grip on my dick and threw her arms around me, pressing her tender young body against mine. Her breasts mashed against my chest and I could feel her rock hard nipples driven into my skin. She returned my kiss with a ferocity that, up to this point, had been missing from the, normally, bouncy teen. Her tongue darted out and pushed between my lips, searching for my own, and sending a shiver of renewed excitement through me.

I brought my hands to her shoulders and then let them slide down Lori’s arms. When they reached her elbows, I lifted them and wrapped my arms around her, settling my hands on the girl’s back. I pulled her even closer and hugged her lovingly, my ardor building more and more. I could feel her heart pounding, as was my own. I felt almost as I did the first time I ever had sex; Lustful, anxious, and nervous all at the same time.

While our tongues continued to dance with one another, I let my hands move lower and lower on her sturdy body. My fingers effortlessly slid along her wet skin, over the swell of her hips, finally coming to rest on her tight, round ass. I kneaded the soft, but firm, flesh with one of the separate halves in each hand. As I did, it seemed as though I could feel Lori’s tension melting away.

Several minutes passed while we kissed and I hadn’t noticed that the water was beginning to cool considerably. As our kiss ended, it was like we were emerging from seclusion, the world becoming real around us once more. “Oh shit!” I bellowed when I realized just how cold the water had gotten. Spinning around, I quickly shut off the shower and then the faucet.

“Damn that’s cold,” I stated as I turned back to Lori. Our eyes met and there was no longer any doubt in my mind that she wanted to be with me. I could see a smouldering wantonness in her sexy green eyes that told me she was more than willing to have sex with me. And yet, there was still an innocence about her that told me she wanted me to direct her, to take her passionately, to make slow but unbridled love to her.

I hurriedly stepped out of the tub and offered my hand to aid Lori in exiting. She took it and carefully stepped out in front of me. Tiny goosebumps covered her body and her nipples seemed to be drawn up and even more erect than before. The remaining droplets of water glistened on her fair skin and I couldn’t help but to just stand there and stare at her for a moment.

“Brrr…” she murmured, crossing her arms in front of her chest and rubbing her biceps.

Grabbing a bath sheet from a nearby shelf, I draped it across her shoulders and then reached around her, hugging her close to me again. “Here… Let me see if I can warm you up a little,” I told her as I started to briskly rub my hands over her back. We stood there for the next few minutes in silence while I attempted to restore her body heat.

I knew that she wanted me, and I certainly wanted her, but I still felt that she was going to be somewhat uneasy if we stayed at the house. We couldn’t go to her place because she still lived with her mom and dad, so I tried to think of somewhere else that we could go.

Pondering the dilemma, I recalled that the weather beşiktaş grup yapan escort was supposed to be warm and sunny for the next couple of days. I knew of a secluded spot that belonged to another friend of mine, and was perfect for a picnic, or other private activities. Pushing Lori back a bit, I said, “Let’s get dressed and get out of here.”

“But don’t you want to…” she started.

“Yeah… And we will,” I cut her off, “But you aren’t going to be comfortable here, with Doug around, and I know a place where we can have a little privacy.”

Lori smiled widely at me and uncrossed her arms, wrapping them around my torso once again to hug me. The feel of her full, firm bosom pressed to my chest made my wilting pecker start to regain some of its stiffness. I knew that if I didn’t pull away from her and get my mind focused on something else, I was going to have a woody again in no time. So, I reluctantly pushed her away, saying, “Come on… Get dressed so we can hit the road.”

“Okay,” she replied.

After drying herself, Lori picked through her clothing and found her thong style panties. She flipped them up and down in front of her to straighten them, and then lifted a foot and started to put it through the garment’s top.

“Wait,” I said, “Would mind not wearing those?”

Lori gave me a puzzled look and answered, “I guess not.”

“Call me strange if you want, but just knowing that you’re not wearing them kinda’ turns me on,” I explained, chuckling and a little embarrassed.

“I suppose you’d like for me not to wear my bra either, then,” she stated.

“If you don’t mind,” I grinned.

As she tugged her cut-offs over her naked bottom, she said, “Well, okay. But you can’t wear any either.”

“Any what, bras?” I questioned with a smirk.

“Don’t be a smart-ass,” she chided, “You know what I mean.”

“Uh-huh… And I wasn’t planning on it!” I informed her.

By now, Lori had finished dressing by pulling on a T-shirt, her still hard nipples clearly evident as they poked at the thin material. She picked up her bra and panties and looked around like she was at a loss as to what she could do with them. I knew she wasn’t in the habit of carrying a purse, so I offered, “You can leave them in my room and get them later, if you want.”

I tossed the towel in the hamper and we exited the bathroom. As we neared my bedroom, Tina rounded the corner into the hallway, directly in our path. She was still nude and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Quite surprised to see us, she blurted, “Oh shit!” And after a moment to recover from the shock, she added, “You scared the hell outta’ me… I thought you guys were gone or something.”

“We’re going,” I said, “As soon as I get some clothes on.”

“Awww… You ought to just go like that,” Tina teased.

“That would be interesting,” Lori chimed in.

“I don’t think the guy at the gas station would share your enthusiasm,” I told them.

“Yeah, maybe not,” Tina agreed, as she reached into my crotch to fondle my balls. “Thanks again for last night,” she said quietly.

“No problem at all,” I responded, and quickly moved past her to my door, even though I wanted to grab her big boobs and give them a good squeeze.

I wasn’t trying to snub her, but I didn’t want to jeopardize what I had going with Lori. I don’t think I would have though, even if had felt Tina up. As I turned to open my dresser, I saw Lori whispering something to the naked female, and then heft one of Tina’s huge tits in her hand before playfully tweaking the fat nipple. And I was even more stunned when they embraced, locking lips for about ten or fifteen seconds.

I made a mental note that I would have to investigate the exploits of the pair further sometime, and then continued to rummage through my dresser in search of a pair of shorts to wear. “Well fuck!” I complained. The only clean ones that I could find were a ratty old pair of cut off jeans that had a huge hole directly over the front right-hand pocket. I knew that if I wore those with no underwear, there was a good chance my dick would be on display as the pocket shifted.

I had no choice, so I slipped them on and pulled a tank top over my head. Grabbing my wallet as I stuffed my feet into my sneakers, I asked Lori, “Are you ready?” She nodded and stepped into my room, handing me her undergarments. I opened the top drawer of my dresser and dropped them in, slid it closed and we headed out to my pickup. As she crawled into the cab, I couldn’t resist cupping her ass in my hand. “Just thought you might need a hand,” I quipped with a chuckle.

After stopping for gas and some goodies, we were soon winding down the country roads that led to our destination. While I drove, Lori leaned against me and I put my right arm around her. We talked and joked, and it was clearly obvious that she was much more at ease, now that we were away from her brother. I saw no harm in picking up where we’d left off in the bathroom, so I let my hand drift downward, onto her right breast.

Lori looked down at my hand and then turned her face toward mine. “What do you think you’re doing?” she quizzed.

“Well, these roads can be a little rough,” I said, “I just thought I might need something to hang on to,” and then gave her boob a healthy squeeze.

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