Dinner Reservations

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We were supposed to have reservations at a five star restaurant…

You trudge through the door, letting it swing shut behind you. You slowly make the way to our bedroom, and collapse on the four poster we just bought. You kick off your shoes, and unbutton your blouse as you slowly walk to the bathroom – a long slow soak the only thing on your mind. I come into the house, and as soon as I hear Mozart’s melodies floating around I immediately move to cancel our reservations at the restaurant.

“Honey, you in the bath?” I call, and am greeted by the sounds of you franticly splashing as you climb out of the Jacuzzi tub.

“Oh, shit! Sorry, I fell asleep; I’ll be ready to go in ten minutes!”

“Don’t worry, I already cancelled.”

“But you had to pay to rent the entire room for us, why’d you cancel?”

“I thought you’d enjoy eating in more. I’m guessing you had a rough day at the office. Go back and keep soaking, I’ll take care of dinner.”

As you return to the bathroom, feeling slightly guilty, I remove my shirt, and stroll into the kitchen in my white under shirt and the slacks I wore to work. I had been hoping we’d end up eating in on our anniversary tonight, so I had planned ahead and bought a rack of lamb and fresh herbs, along with various other greens and soup items. I had been dying to try out some new recipes.

The aromatic scents slowly fill the house, and the kitchen looks like a mad scientists’ lab, with the various pots cooking on the stove. I refuse to even let you see the kitchen, sending you to the dining room with a bottle of Chardonnay I had been saving and two glasses. You enter the room and see the table already set with our finest china and the candles burning. You see the preparation I have put into this, and quickly run to the bedroom to find something more than the bathrobe you are wearing.

You return just when I have placed the first course at our places, a crawdad and hominy soup – specially flavored. I pour the wine and place it in the chiller at your elbow and we dig in. The soup is delicious, creamy and smooth, with chunks of fresh crawdad and large pieces of hominy. You are surprised at the amount of spice in the dish, but the cayenne in the dish accents it perfectly.

With the soup finished, I remove the plates pouring you more wine and ensuring you wouldn’t move from your seat. The salads come next, a very basic plain affair, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and light balsamic vinaigrette I had acquired on our last trip to Italy.

Then finally it is the main course – a roasted rack of lamb, delicately seasoned and serves on a bed of şirinevler escort steamed greens with a side of puréed sweet potatoes. The meat had been cooked to perfection, and we both clean our plates extremely quickly. As I clear the last plate, you touch my arm, and ask “What is for dessert?”

When I reply that you should just sit and wait, it is a surprise. With that I retreat to the kitchen. You become quite curious, and sneak around to the hallway entrance of the kitchen in time to see me stop whipping the heavy cream and move on to cutting the nice ripe strawberries I had bought.

“So it’s to be strawberry shortcake is it?” you ask, and I smile down at the ripe fruit, knowing full well your curiosity would get the better of you.

“With a caramel sauce, yes it is.” You walk around the counter, and stop me from cutting the next strawberry “I have a better idea,” you whisper into my ear, and slowly turn me toward you. “Forget the shortcake, I’m your dessert.”

We grin at each other, until I suddenly grab you and set you on the counter. “If you are my dessert, then I’ve got to put some topping on you.”

You smile as I remove your dress, quickly peeling the skin tight sparkling black dress off of your sexy body. “I can’t believe you had me eat that entire meal, now I have to work out for weeks to get it off!” I grin again and say “No, after tonight you will definitely not need to work out for a while.”

You reach over, and grabbing a large strawberry, you put half in your mouth, grinning around it. As I lean across to grasp it with my teeth your hands fly out and quickly have my belt undone and my pants at my knees.

My love ladle quickly stands up and bobs a salute as I quickly steal the strawberry from you. I extend my arm and grabbed a wooden spoon, bringing it over to us. You look at it questioningly, and then shocked as I bring it down smartly onto your breast. It shocks more than hurts you, and you jump when I do the same to your other breast. Your eyes question me sadly, holding hurt and wonder that I would ever do that to you.

I extend the spoon again and you cringe, then your eyes shoot open as you felt the delicate whipped cream spread over your voluptuous breasts, and you smile even more as the cool cream makes the spots feel better. I quickly spread the cream all over your chest, along with the slices of strawberry I had cut. I begin licking the confection off of you, and suddenly you grab the caramel sauce and dribble over yourself, demanding I clean the whole thing off of you.

I begin on your stomach, and move upwards şirinevler elit escort making sure every bit is clean, and you help by reaching down and beginning to lick the creamy mess off your chest. Our lips meet, and our tongues dance, tasting the sweet strawberries and cream. I back off, and grab the largest strawberry. I coat it in the whipped cream, and grab the caramel sauce.

I duck my head toward your crotch, and begin applying the caramel liberally, since your juices have made the area rather wet. I begin to feed the strawberry into your cunt, sensually rubbing it around, bringing you close to an orgasm. I pull it out before you reach climax, and feed the strawberry to you. We share it, each taking a large bite of the juicy fruit.

You push me back, forcing me to the wall. “I think I want a banana split,” you grin, and liberally apply the dessert toppings to my rigid cock.

You slowly take me in, all the way to the hilt, cleaning the toppings off with your tongue as you swallow each inch. I groan as your warm tight lips slide along my shaft, cleaning it as your tongue caresses the vein on the bottom of my shaft. You move your head more rapidly, with my hands pressing the back of your head. You begin deep throating me, increasing the sensations by slowly playing with my balls.

Suddenly, a new sensation charges up my shaft, and it takes me a second to learn you are humming, humming deep in your throat as my shaft pounds unmercifully down it. My cock becomes even more engorged, and as you feel that, you wrap your hand around my balls, gently squeezing. I cum deep in your throat like a rocket shooting into space.

I try to pull back, fearful that I will choke you with my cum, but you grab my buttocks and keep my cock deep in your throat until every drop has been milked out by your beautiful lips. We look at the dishes, at each other, then walk arm in arm to the bedroom, to continue our anniversary celebration. We slowly sink into the multitude of pillows and comforters on the bed, not caring for the mess we make as the pillows fall alongside our long forgotten clothes.

We make slow passionate love, changing positions many times, from you riding my hips, to me thrusting you from behind with such force to shake our oaken four post bed. We ride each other successively pushing ourselves to the brink again and again, finally climaxing together in a storm of flying hair and wild moans. I slow down, tired and spent after my third orgasm, and while you are still ready for more, I am spent.

I lie on my back, staring at the silken canopy when you şirinevler escort appear over me, and I catch a glimpse of a flash of metal in your hand as you cuff me quickly to the corner post.

“What the hell….?”

“You need a rest big boy, so I’m just gonna dance for you until you’re ready to go again.”

“What’re the handcuffs for then?”

“No touching unless I say so.”

“That’s evil.”

You grin over your bare shoulder at me and wink, whispering “You bet.”

A slow groove begins over our sound system, and you begin a slow, sensual dance, not exactly a strip tease, since neither of us have anything near to clothing on, but something more erotic and pleasurable than anything I’d ever seen before. You never come within an arm’s reach, and yet I am so aroused by you and your gently swaying hips, with your arms weaving some strange spell in the air, that I my tired body can’t help but rise to the challenge with more vigor than anything previous.

After another minute of your tantalizing dance, you feel pity for my poor quivering body and slowly move toward the bed. I climb awkwardly back onto the bed, exposing my cuffs obviously pleading to be set free. You climb onto the bed next to my body, and as you slowly settle yourself atop my raging hard on, I look into your eyes, wordlessly pleading for the key.

“What’s wrong?”

“Free me, PLEASE!”

“Does it look like I have the key? I don’t exactly have any pockets….”

I groan in frustration at your final tease, and then I moan in pleasure as you lower yourself down onto me, making me concentrate more on the sweet pleasures your body is conveying to mine instead of the anguish of not being able to touch the Venus sitting on my lap…

You ride me slowly, relishing every stroke my beleaguered hips can give, as you grind your pelvis to mine, pressing into me as I press upwards into you. The corded muscles in my arms stand out from the strain I am exerting, trying to just touch your beautiful body.

You don’t notice though, you’re too busy forcing yourself onto me harder, feeling your orgasm coming you push harder, trying to reach it. I relax myself as you slam down onto me, forcing me to concentrate more on not giving in to the feelings, on holding off my own pending explosion so that you may complete your goal.

With a cry you orgasm, rolling off of my body and looking deeply into my face as your body continues to shudder from the power of it. You finally come back down in time to see my hips still thrusting in the air in my vain efforts to finish. You reach out, and as soon as your soft fingers touch my shaft, I moan and explode, shooting white strands high in the air, one after another until we’re both surprised by the copious amounts.

You finally release me, kissing me tenderly as the handcuffs come undone. We lovingly wash each others bodies and fall asleep holding each other in the middle of our bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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